A/N: Okay, so I feel like crap for not having anything to give you guys with the latest sequel status update, and I also rambled a bunch about Corruption of Champions 2, so I decided that I might as well write an omake of sorts and publish it as a separate fic for anyone interested. While there's no OUTRIGHT explicit content, I'd still classify this as NSFW, and urge minors NOT to read it.

Seated around a table in the Frosthound inn at the heart of the village of Hawkethorne, six girls and four men regarded one another.

"Okay," Ruby said. "Let's just recap again, because I'm still having trouble believing this."

The fair-skinned human man at the table sighed, and spoke up. "I'd just left the inn with Cait after being unconscious for a week, and we saw six colored streaks of light fall down from the heavens. Five of them, which I now know were you, landed pretty close, but a pink one went so far north that it went past the horizon."

"Neo…" Yang spat out.

"We fell from the sky," Weiss started, "Ruby got attacked by and then made friends with a feminine half-wolf mage-"

"I resent that," Berwyn interrupted, lupine tail flicking with indignation behind him.

"Noted," Weiss continued, "Blake…"

"I ate some berries in the forest and grew a cat-tail," the faunus grumbled, the appendage in question waving behind her before she grabbed it to hold it still with a scowl.

"Hey! Don't diss the tail. These things can do all kinds of stuff in the bedroom," Cait chided with a salacious grin, the pink-haired catfolk priestess somehow the happiest person at the table.

Weiss swallowed and lost the fight to prevent her face from flushing. "I… tried to scramble some eggs I found in the Foothills, and they…"

"Gave you a bigger ass?" Cait finished.

Weiss shifted rather… comfortably in her seat, before giving up and slamming her forehead into the table, where she remained unmoving. "Not so funny now, is it?" Berwyn mocked, to which the Schnee only replied by raising her head a few inches before letting it drop with another thunk.

"I got sexually assaulted by a bunch of bimbo-bee girls before beating the crap out of them and running into Brint," Yang picked up the slack and gestured to the massive minotaur as she spoke, who gave a grin and a "Hey," in response. The table all turned to regard Jaune, an orange amulet hanging from his neck.

The knight sighed. "I… came across a temple, solved some puzzles, and found an amulet that takes me to the Astral Plane of Keros, the trickster god, in my sleep, where I met a Kitsune woman named Kiyoko who's trapped there because her body died, and apparently the only way to help her get out even temporarily short of an audience with her god is to… have-sex-with-her," Jaune finished quickly, face flushing.

Ruby put her hands in her face and groaned. "So besides being on a fantasy world where everyone has a ridiculous fixation with sex," a glare from the silver-eyed huntress silenced both Berwyn and Cait before they could take exception to that, the Champion and Brint quietly snickering beside them, "was that everything?"

The human rouge at the table cleared his throat, "One: technically, Vesperans are more closely related to hornets than bees, and two: the week before you arrived Cait and I fought some members of a demon-worshiping sex-cult who kidnapped her sister in the middle of a blizzard, and after that a portal opened up and a succubus with a giant horsecock came through and promised to fuck my soul out before setting off to corrupt the entire world."

Ruby joined Weiss in planting her forehead on the table.

Far to the north, Neo crouched in the branches of a snow-clad tree, silently panting in exhaustion as the party of multi-tailed fox freaks finally gave up searching for her and left in a generally northern direction. She wobbled for a second, cursing in her head as her balance shifted, turning to glare at the pink-and-brown fox-tail coming out her ass and scowling further as she felt the likewise color-schemed vulpine ears atop her head flick around to pick up sounds of their own volition. Words could not describe how pissed she was that she'd had to cut holes in Roman's hat just so it could stay on her head comfortably. Her heterochromatic eyes, which were now likewise slit like a fox's, could see far better than her old ones, but that didn't help when her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten in two days, not being able to trust anything after the first berries she'd munched on transformed her into this. This snowy forrest was a completely fucked hellscape, full of inhuman creatures ranging from those offbrand faunus-looking fox sex-vampires to racoon people with nuts the size of watermelons, to a literal drider straight out of myth that wanted to pump eggs up her ass, and anything that didn't want to outright kill her wanted to fuck her instead. She'd already lost count of the amount of times she'd bloodied Hush to defend herself, and her prospects were getting more grim by the second the longer she went without eating.

Vulpine ears twitching, Neo picked up the sound of light footsteps in the snow and glowered, cloaking herself in herself with her semblance. She watched a relatively diminutive, blue-skinned woman, looking like a straight-up elf, cautiously creep through the clearing below her, and she debated what to do. Then her damned stomach growled again, Neo cursing up a storm in her head as the elf froze, slanted ears twitching as she looked around for the source of the sound. Mulling over her options for a second, Neo decided that yes, she was that desperate, and at the very least, the waifish looking girl was alone, looked physically weak, and as far as she could see, didn't have a massive dick or ovipositor that she'd want to stick into her. She typed a quick message on her scroll's notepad before taking a breath and steeling herself

Jumping down, she deliberately made enough noise on landing to alert the girl, who spun around and visibly cringed, half raising a bow but not pulling back the arrow already placed next to its string. She held up her scroll, the elf girl pausing as she looked at the words on it, before squinting and reading them. Relax, the words read, I'm not here to rob, fuck, or kill you. My name is Neo.

"E-Etheryn," the girl replied in a sheepish voice. With blatant nervousness in her tone, she continued "I'm looking to go south, out of the Frostwood. Can, can you help me?"

Neo sighed, and then typed some more, before holding her scroll up again. I'll take you there myself if you show me what I can eat around her without mutating my body further.

The other girl perked up, becoming slightly more confident. "Oh! I can do that easily enough!"

Neo put her scroll back in her pocket, a tired smile finally reaching her eyes. She could handle dealing with this obvious nervous-wreck of an elf if she could get something safe to eat within the next hour, no problem. She held out a hand, and Etheryn hesitantly reached out and shook it.

(Months Later)

Kasyrra looked up at the party arranged to oppose her, sighing as she stepped away from the machinery she'd set up in the Winter Palace's throne room, raising her massive, rune-carved battle axe, multi-foot arousal blatantly visible for all to see. The arch-demoness gave a grin. "Well, I was wondering when you'd all catch up," she greeted.

"Enough," the Champion said. "I'm stopping you here and now, Kasyrra!" Besides them, RWBY, Neo, Etheryn, Brint, Berwyn, Cait, a half-taeleer ex-cultist by the name of Quintillus, and Jaune fanning out to face down the demoness. The blonde knight placed a hand on his Amulet of Union, and blue flames rushed out, coalescing into the nine-tailed form of the Kiyoko, the orange-haired kitsune woman standing next to him as her hands lit up with blue fox-fire. Both of them gave the other a smile and a nod.

"I sincerely doubt that," the source of the world's corruption said. "However, I have been looking forwards to the Outworlders in specific arriving. I've had a project that I've been working on for months now, and I'm dying to show it off to them. Come on out and say hello to your friends, honey!" Kasyrra called out, and from behind a pillar, a figure strolled out.

Ruby froze, face going slack as she struggled not to drop Crescent Rose. Her expression slowly shifted to horror as she took the sight of the new woman in. Demonic, a full blown succubus, gold eyes lighting up as they met the silver orbs of the huntress, prehensile tongue flicking out as she licked her lips, obscenely wider hips and rear swaying with each step, an short skirt and a strap of leather on her far-more-huge chest barely keeping her modesty and doing nothing to hide the bulge visible at her nethers, she flexed the demonic wings that sprouted from her back, tail with a spade-shaped growth at the end the same color as her purple skin. But Ruby could still recognize that orange hair with an ahoge at but a single glance, and she had to actively fight the urge to faint at the horrific sight before her.

"I found the poor thing dead while I was journeying north, her soul all kinds of messed up, yet still in her body, which in and of itself was suffused with even more magic than you, dear Champion" Kasyrra spoke as she ignored the blatant horror the Remnant-natives were experiencing. "It took me months of work on the side to put her back together and make some improvements, but she told me so many lovely things about the world you came from. Once I'm done here, I'm definitely going to have to pay Remnant a visit. Corrupting Salem might be the greatest challenge I've ever faced," and no-one could miss her equine appendage rising and hardening as she shuddered and grinned. "I'm looking forward to it," she finished in a husky voice. "But I'm getting ahead of myself," the arch-demoness said with an airy sigh. "I have to mention though, this girl has by far been my favorite piece of work to date, and as a reward for being so wonderful, I'm more than happy to let her play with her friends. Go ahead, dear," she finished, waving the copper-topped succubus forwards as she turned back to her machines.

"Sal-U-Tations!" the corrupted, demonic visage of Penny Polendina greeted. The party squared up for a fight as the girl gathered corrupted power in her hands, forming pink crystalline blades in a mocking parody of Floating Array behind her. Ruby felt a tear roll down her cheek, and she steeled herself for what she was about to do.

What the fuck is wrong with me, that I put this together in three hours?