Konnichiwa minna! Here is a nice Tyson X Kai fic for you! Don't like yaoi or shounen-ai? Then, don't read! Plain and simple!

Pairings: Tyson X Kai, bits of Tyson X Rand (OC), Max X Rei, Kenny X Dizzy

Summary: Three years ago, Tyson was dumped by Kai. Three years later, Kai comes back from Russia and visits his old friends again. He sees the changes in Tyson, and the sparks fly! Look out Rand; it looks like you've got some competition!

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Love is a Very Painful Thing



No response


The voice became more demanding.

"Kai! Answer me, damnit!"

Kai looked at the slightly smaller boy who had his hands on his hips.

"Ch. What do you want, Tyson?"

"Kai, I really have to tell you something, and it's really important, so can you please listen?"

Kai sighed and looked out of the window and sighed, "Hn. What is it, baka?"

Tyson blushed a bit before saying, "Well, um, I really like you a lot, and I just wanted to know if you wanted, you know, to go out sometime?"

Kai's eyes widened in shock, and a tint of pink flushed his face. He quickly regained his cold composure and sneered, "Tyson, you idiot. How could you ever think I could like you like that? Your childness makes me want to retch." After saying that, he quickly left the room.

Tyson just stood there, motionless, before sinking to the ground on his knees. Soon, crystalline tears fell down his face. It hurt so much. It hurt so much to be rejected by the only person you could ever love.

That evening, Max and Rei came back from shopping and found Tyson on the couch, his eyes puffy and red from crying. They immediately rushed over to their friend and asked what was wrong.

Tyson simply said, "You know, it hurts so much to be rejected by the only one you could ever love," and started to sob again. Max put a comforting arm around his friend and sighed. Rei gave Max a knowing look. The two nodded and knew that there could be only one person who could do this to Tyson.


Meanwhile, Kai was already on a flight to Russia. As he looked out of the window he mouthed the words, "I'm so sorry, Ty."

//End Flashback//


Well, that was chapter one of Love is a Very Painful Thing! Or it was the prologue at least. Well, what did you think? Review please! Domo Arigato! Please don't flame me! Constructive criticism please!

Kai: You made me so cruel.

Rumi-Chan: Yeah, and?

Kai: I am Kai, Master of all Evilness! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rumi-Chan: *glares at the Bladebreakers* Did you give him coffee?!

Rei: Sorry, but he said he would kick us off the team if we didn't make him coffee!

Kai: HAHAHAHA! You will bow down before me! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Rumi-Chan: I'm going to buy more coffee, and stash in my room, WHERE YOU CAN'T GET IT! *points to Kai and the rest of the Bladebreakers*

Everyone except Kai: *sweatdrops* HAI!

Kai: Worship me!

Rumi-Chan: *thwaps Kai on the back of the head* Shut up already!

Kai: *glares* How dare you smack the 'supreme authority'!

Rumi-Chan: Hot air.*glares back*

Kai: SAY WHAT?!?!