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Love is a Very Painful Thing

Chapter 8 (the final chapter *sobs*)

By: Rumi-Chan

/human to bitbeast/

//bitbeast to human//


Tyson's eyes narrowed dangerously, "You and me, Rand! One match will decide and seal our fates! If I win, you WILL give me back everyone's souls back!" Rand smiled sadistically, "And what if I win?" Tyson paused and thought, "Then you'll get me." Rand bared his slightly fanged teeth, "Deal."


Tyson bit his lip as he and Rand prepared to launch their beyblades. 'I can't lose this! Kai and the others are depending on me!' His heart ached and his eyes stung as he thought of Kai.

3! Tyson merged his thoughts with Dragoon

/We have to win, Dragoon! We can do it! I have faith in us! /

Dragoon was equally motivated, //We'll kick that sorry Rand's ass! //

2! Tyson wished for Rand's loss

/Rand! You'll never get away with this! I will beat you with everything I have! /

//You took away everything that mattered to my master, you filthy human shit! But now, I will avenge Dranz! For her sake, I WILL! //

1! Tyson hoped for the best.

/Are you ready Dragoon? We're going to give Rand everything we have! /

Dragoon gave a thumbs-up to his master //I'm ready when you are! //


Tyson and Rand launched their beyblades into the dish, and Dragoon immediately went on the attack. "You show him what you're made of, 'Goon!" Tyson encouraged. Rand sneered, "Feh! He's no match against Black Dranzer!" Tyson snarled, "You watch! Dragoon doesn't need power! As long as Dragoon and I are together, then we are UNSTOPPABLE!" Rand hollered, "Shut the hell up! I don't need to hear about your 'honor'! There is no honor in beyblading! It's all about power and winning!"

Tyson screamed, "You're wrong! You're wrong!" Rand growled, "What's wrong, Tyson? Is it starting to sink in?" Black Dranzer smashed into Dragoon. "There is no honor, it's all winning, Tyson, and you know it!" Black Dranzer smashed into Dragoon again. Rand laughed psychotically, "Succumb to your fear, Tyson! Let your fear distract you! It'll be easier to defeat you!" Tyson sank to his knees, trembling.

Dragoon cried, //Master Tyson! You have to do something! I cannot hold him much longer! //

Tyson didn't do anything. He whimpered as he sat on his knees, silent tears erupting from his storm blue-gray eyes. Rand smirked, "Are you scared, Tyson? Afraid you're going to lose everything?" Tyson whimpered, "I don't know anymore..."




Tyson shook, "I'm sorry, Dragoon. I'm so sorry." Rand smirked. 'Perfect!' he thought, 'This is too easy! He's so defenseless!' The black aura returned, "It's time, Tyson! It's time for your soul to become mine! Soul Extraction!" Tyson prepared for the feeling of excruciating pain, but it never came. In fact, something was shielding him. Tyson slowly opened his eyes. "NOOOOOOO!" he screamed!

Dragoon was shielding him. Dragoon was protecting him. He roared in pain.

//Master..I...I...// Dragoon's voice faded. He was gone.



No answer. Silence. Emptiness. Void.

Tyson's pupil dilated. A strong wind picked up. "You heartless bastard," he started, "First you made me give away my love blindly, then you betrayed me! You stole my friends' souls, my koi's soul, but most of all you stole my bitbeast!" His rage grew and grew. "I hate you! I hope you burn in hell!" Tears were falling freely now.

Dranzer slowly opened her eyes. She felt Tyson's anguish, his sorrow, and his rage. //Dragoon? What's going on, what happened? // she asked frantically. Nobody replied. Dranzer looked dumbstruck. //Kami, no! NO! NO! DRAGOON! ANSWER ME! 'GOON! // Pearls of sorrow streaked her face, as she screeched and rose from her bit.


Meanwhile, Draciel was by her fallen master's side. //Max. // was all she could say. Driger was nuzzling Rei's face, trying to wake him up. All of a sudden, something jolted through them. The two beasts gasped. //Dranzer!//

Dranzer was making furious swipes at Rand's blade, trying to get Dragoon out. //Dragoon! I'm going to get you out of there if it's the last thing I do, damnit! // A look of hope washed across Tyson's face, "Dranzer." In a few moments, Draciel and Driger were already at the scene, prepared for battle. "Driger! Draciel!"

Driger smirked //He might've gotten our masters, but he forgot one thing. That we have the power to come out of our own FREE WILL! // He then bounded over to help Dranzer. Rand was getting stressed, "Dragoon! I command you to come out!" Nothing happened. "Dragoon! I command you to show yourself this very instant!" Tyson laughed, "Sorry, but Dragoon obeys me and ME ONLY! Why don't you use Black Dranzer instead, since he's supposedly the best and all!" Rand's eyes reduced to slits, "You will be sorry that you ever mocked me, Kinomiya! Black Dranzer! Attack!"

Yet, Black Dranzer's futile attempts to attack were no use. Driger slashed the blade and it slowly stopped rotating as Tyson walked up to the blade. He looked at Rand and said, "I will show you how it feels to be afraid. This is for all Rei and Max, who like me, were stupid enough to trust you!" He put immense pressure on the black blade. "This is for my Kai, who got his ass kicked just because he wanted to protect me!" The black beyblade started to crack. Rand screamed, "NO! Stop! STOP!" Tyson failed to listen, "And this, this is for you! SAYONARA!" He put all his weight on the blade, and it cracked right down the middle. Rand hollered, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Everyone was free. Bright lights mixed with the rising sun. Max and Rei's souls bounded home, Dragoon returned to his blade, and Kai was finally alive again.


Kai opened his eyes and groaned. 'I'm alive! That means...' he looked over, and saw Tyson, breathing heavily, his eyes half-lidded. "It- is-FINISHED!" Tyson managed to choke out, before falling into Kai's arms. Kai stroked Tyson's hair lovingly, "Ne. It's over, Ty-Koi. It's over." Tyson smiled at Kai, "I feel like taking a little nap, Kai." Kai kissed Tyson softly on the lips, and wrapped his arms under Tyson's knees and back. "Sleep," he cooed as he Tyson headed home.

Together at last.


Tyson's POV:

I'm sitting by the window, and I stare at the clear blue sky before me. To tell you the truth, I really don't know where Rand went. After his blade cracked, he disappeared. I have no clue where he went, but I'm glad he's gone. For good.

Yet, the past few days taught me many things. Love is a very painful thing. You can love someone so much, yet, when they don't return your love....that's the painful part.

Love hurts. It hurt me, and it hurt Kai. But I'm happy that I love him and he loves me back. Why? To love and be love is the greatest thing in the world.

And not even a sick bastard like Rand can EVER tear that apart.




YAY! Finally finished! Now, on to the sequel!

Kai: I don't know how much of this I can bear

Tyson: Don't make me make you sleep on the couch tonight! Be supportive! How many times do I have to tell you that!

Kai: At least Max doesn't make Rei sleep on the couch....

Tyson: *snorts* You'd be surprised....

Anywhoo, here's a preview for you! A preview of Seventy-Two Hours! The sequel to Love is a Very Painful Thing!


-Seventy-Two Hours-

Hi! My name is Tyson! My life couldn't get anymore perfect! I have a devoted husband, a beautiful child, and friends who honest and true. Until HE came. Now Kai, Rei, Max, Kenny, Emily, and I have only 72 hours to rescue my daughter, Aiko, before it's too late.

*scene plays a little girl and a little boy playing with a ball. The ball rolls away from her, and the two totter along to get it. A man with jet- black raven hair and ice blue eyes retrieves it for them, and the children smile*

"Konnichiwa! I'm Aiko Hiwatari! And this is my friend Garu!"

Be careful of whom you speak to....

*scene switches to a part where Tyson is thrown across the floor*

"MOMMY! I don't wanna go! Let me stay! PUT ME DOWN!"

"AIKO! Don't take her away! She has nothing to do with this!"

The cloaked figure replied, 'Oh, yes she does. She is the child of Kai Hiwatari; she is very important."



Be careful of whom you trust.....

Kai snarled, "I trusted you! I trusted you to leave my family alone! You promised me that this would NEVER happen!"

Every single minute is precious....

*scene changes to find Tyson, Kai, Rei, Max, Kenny, and Emily sitting in a room, planning a way to rescue Aiko.

"We only have seventy two hours!"

"I know; that's not a whole lot."

"What are they going to do to her, Kai?"

"I don't know Ty. I don't know...."

And some people....can change....

*scene switches to Aiko staring at Rand*

"Anyone can change, even you Mr. Rand! My mommy says that everybody has some good in them!"

Rand's eyes were downcast, "I'm sorry, kid. But I can never change...never have and never will."

Now is the time to see where your loyalties really lie....

*scene is at the Abbey in Russia*

Boris roared, "Damnit! Answer me! Are you with BioVolt or with Aiko?"

Rand looked at Boris dead in the eye, "With Aiko."

And sacrifices.....are made.....

*scene shows Boris pulling out a handgun*

"Give me the child!"

"Like hell I will!"

*a gunshot is heard, followed by a second gunshot*

"NO! Mr. Rand!"

Sometimes....seventy two hours....isn't enough....

And saying goodbye..is even harder...

*scene shows Rei and Max*

Rei took Max in his arms, "I'll come back, so don't worry."

Max, "Please Rei, please stay here!"

Rei smiled sadly, "I'll be gone for only a little while."

Max looked defiant, "I want to come with you!"

Rei shook his head, "No. You're going to stay here with Kenny and Emily. Remember, you have to take care of Garu. The last thing I want is you hurt, Max. I need you to stay here, Max. Please."

Tyson and Kai have to face one of their toughest ordeals yet..........

..........and sometimes, seventy two hours just isn't enough....

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