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Edward and Sprite

Chapter 1


I've met a lot of people in my short life. None of them were like me. None of them ever wanted what their families passed down to them. As for me, though, I was born into the farming life. I can remember as far back as six years old when I wanted nothing more than to climb up on a tractor with my dad and help him in the fields. It's all I've ever wanted to do. I loved getting my hands dirty and learning about anything and everything that had to do with agriculture. It's in my blood to learn about the different soils that we can use for better growth.

My family has the biggest producing farm in a fifty mile radius. There wasn't much my dad and grandfather didn't plant and hope to sell at the local stores and Farmer's Markets. Our biggest seller was the mulch and natural potting soil that our family was hugely known for. We're constantly shipping huge truck loads of product to businesses up and down the West Coast. We've even shipped as far east as Tennessee. Besides our potting soil and mulch, Blueberries and Raspberries are our highest demanded product.

My grandfather had been very successful with cattle, one point in time, but over the years, the cattle became fewer and fewer. They were definitely needed for the production of the mulch and soil along with our pigs and horses. There aren't many farm animals that we don't have around our ranch and my mom rarely buys anything that we can't produce ourselves; our meat included.

Years before my dad took over the family business, my grandfather had eight small houses built on the back side of the property. They were big enough for a family of four to live comfortably. It was a choice if an employee wanted to live on site or not. It wasn't an obligation that came with the job. My grandfather didn't want any of his employee's to struggle for anything if he could help it.

He made their rent very minimal, and he worked with them if they couldn't pay on time. He knew people had bills to pay and sometimes, there's bigger issues that come up in an emergency. If they were exceptional employee's, he never had a problem to help out. All he asked in return was to keep the properties clean and free from any debris.

My parents' best friends, Charlie and Renee Swan, live in the largest of all the houses. Charlie is the property manager and Renee helps my mom in the office with billing and orders. They have been friends since they were in elementary school. Friendships like theirs is very hard to come by.

Charlie and Renee have two kids; Emmett and little Isabella. They're good kids and get along great with the other kids that live onsite.

Alice and Isabella are the best of friends as well as Emmett and Jasper. The other kids are a few years older and help work the fields now and then.

Isabella is attached to her mothers hip, and at the main house just about every day. At eight years old, she's a very pretty little girl and smarter than anyone I know outside my family.

Emmett, on the other hand, follows me around as he helps with my chores on the Ranch. He's 11 and pays attention to every last detail to anything he wants to learn. Even though I'm seven years older than him, it doesn't bother me that he chooses to spend his time with me instead of being in front of a TV or playing video games. He's very witty and funny as ever. His imagination is larger than life and I'm positive he'll be a very important person one day.

I'm not a selfish person, by any means. My parents raised us, my brothers and I, to be respectful; treat others the way you want to be treated and it was okay to go out of your way to help someone that needs it.

My friends never understood why I don't go out much. I've never been one for parties. I've done my fair share of drinking. Drugs have never been my forte. I've only smoked weed if you want to consider that a drug. I'm a homebody, plain and simple.

By my 16th birthday, I attracted myself a girlfriend who became second to my job on the Ranch. She was my first love and I honestly felt like she'll be the one I marry one day. We're, nearly, inseparable. My parents even love her.

Jessica's jealous of my job on the Ranch. I hated that she feels that way because I really do love her. I strive to be like my grandparents, Edward and Elizabeth Mason, whom are my moms parents. They had the best relationship, as well as my parents. Going to bed angry, wasn't an option.

Jessica couldn't see or understand the pride I feel in being a Mason-Cullen. I had tried many times to show her and explain to her why my love for the ranch was so important, but she turned her nose up at me. I stopped trying to get her to understand, but every time she seemed to hate it more and more.

When my parents married, they decided to hyphenate our last name for a number of reasons. One being that my mother, Esmeralda, aka Esme, didn't want to part with the Mason last name. My dad, Carlisle, was the one to suggest the hyphenation. They're proud nonetheless.

The year I turned 17, I found myself with two tag along's. Both of the Swan kids were my little helpers. Emmett claimed it was because his little sister has a crush on me. It didn't bother me and I made sure that Emmett didn't tease little Isabella about her crush. She's, also, another reason Jessica's jealous. I had to reassure her numerous times that Isabella's 10 years younger than me and there isn't anything to fuss about.

Half way through my senior year of high school and a month after my 18th birthday, I received my acceptance letter to Cornell University. I was determined to make more of myself and provide better opportunities for the Ranch, so I decided to major in Agricultural Science. My college career is expected to be six years or more. My parents are proud and encourage me as long as I'm home for summer vacations.

I'm currently standing in one of the horse stalls taking a break after mucking most of the morning until I heard Emmett and Isabella's voices filter in as they seemed involved in a serious conversation.

"You're too young, Iz." I heard Emmett tell his baby sister. "Edward's a man like me."

"You're not a man, Memmett; you're a boy like Jasper and Jake," Isabella said in a sassy tone.

I heard Emmett huff. "I am a man; just ask dad. He says I can be whatever I wanna be when I grow up."

"You're not growed up, yet," Isabella argued. "And Rosie Hale don't like you; she likes Seth."

"You'll see," he fired back. "She's gonna marry me, one day."

"Yeah, well, I'm gonna marry Edward one day. Alice said she dreamed it and she's gonna marry Jasper."

I laughed quietly to myself. That was the first time I'd heard Isabella, openly, admit that she has a crush on me. I shook my head at the thought of little kids and their dreams.

I stepped out of the stall. "Who's gonna marry who?"

Both of them jerked around, startled that someone was even in the barn.

"Oh, hey, Edward. We were just looking for you," Emmett said.

"I'm right here, so who's gonna marry who?" I was wiping my hands on the towel that was draped over the gate before I knelt down and opened my arms for little Isabella to come running to hug me.

"Eh...nobody," Emmett replied. "You know how little kids are with their imaginations."

"I do," I stated as I wrapped my arms around Isabella. "Hi, Sprite. I missed my hug this morning."

"We had chores at home to do first. Momma said we had to do those before we could come here." I released her and stood up. "Daddy says you're going away to college soon and we really should bug you as much as we can before you go."

I laughed. "Is that so?" I chuckled, again and mussed up her hair. "I'll have to remember that." I turned to go back into the stall then remembered something. "So, who's gonna tell me about who's getting married?"

"Jasper and Alice," Emmett said. "And I'm gonna marry Rosalie Hale."

I raised my brows at him. "Does she know this?"

A small smile spread over his face. "Not yet. It'll take a while, but I'm sure she'll come around."

I laughed. "Isn't she older than you?"

"Yeah, but only by two years. Age ain't nothin' but a number, baby."

I barked out with laughter. "If you say so, buddy. Why don't you two go fill the buckets so we can feed the chickens, next."

Emmett and Isabella made their way to the other side of the barn where we kept all the feed for the animals. My dad was already out in the field getting it ready to plant a new crop of strawberries. He usually replaced the plants after a few years of growth and he wanted them done before I have to leave in a few weeks.

I finished mucking the one stall and made my way to find the Swan kids. They had the four two gallon buckets full with the chicken feed and stood patiently waiting on me.

Emmett went one direction with one bucket, leaving the other three for me and Isabella to take. She was sticking to me like glue and remained quiet, which isn't normal for her. She could talk your ear off if you let her.

"Why are you so quiet, Sprite?" I tossed feed out as I looked over at her.

She shrugged her shoulders. "No reason."

"Somethin' has you thinking. Maybe I can help," I offered. "I've got a good ear to listen."

She remained quiet as if she were mulling it over in her head before she spoke. "Emmett says you're gonna marry Jessica?"

I looked at her surprised with my brows raised. That was definitely news to me. "What makes him think that?"

She shrugged her shoulders, again. "He says you do it with her."

I was completely confused. "Do what?" I asked curiously.

"You know." She had a habit of shrugging her shoulders. "What a man and a woman does when they're trying to make a baby."

I choked on my own spit and began coughing. I'd never heard her speak like that. "Oh, Lord!" I had no clue what to say. "Um...I'm not sure you should be talking to me about this."

"Well, momma and daddy says you gotta love the person, and I know what it is. It's when the boy puts his thing inside the girls thing and he humps. I've seen the cows do it."

"I really can't talk to you about this. I think you need to talk to your parents."

"Do they know you do it with Jessica?"

She was killing me. "Um...no. It's not something that should be openly shared with other people. It's a secret that the man and woman keep together."

"Do you love Jessica? I've seen you kiss her and tell her you love her."

That was something I could answer. "Yes, I do love her; she's my girlfriend."

"So, that means you're gonna marry her, right?"

I wasn't sure where all this was coming from, but I had a pretty good idea. "I don't know, Sprite. I leave for college soon and she's going to a different school than me. We won't see each other anymore; only when we come home on summer break."

"Oh," she sighed. "Jessica don't like me. She told me so the last time she was here. She says I'm a pain in the ass and I needed to leave you alone 'cause I bug you too much."

I was surprised, again, at what she said, so I squatted down in front of her. "Don't listen to her. You can be around me all you want; you're my Sprite."

She threw her arms around my neck. "I love you, Edward."

"I love you, too, Sprite and I'm gonna miss you most of all when I leave." Out of nowhere, she pulled back and planted a quick kiss right on my lips. "Wow...thank you, but I think it'd be better if you just kiss my cheek."

She nodded before picking up her bucket and went back to feeding the chickens.

For the rest of the day, it bugged me as to why Jessica didn't like Isabella. I knew she'd been a little jealous, but not enough to actually go behind my back and say something.

Later on that evening, after I showered from my long days work, I hopped in my truck and headed out to go pick up Jessica. We were trying to spend as much time together, as we could, before I leave for college.

When I pulled up to her house, she was sitting on the porch with her parents. She didn't give me time to get out and greet them before she came running towards my truck. "What's the hurry?"

"Just go; I'm tired of sitting here all day, doing nothing."

"That's not my fault. You could always come help us out." I glanced at her a few times as I reversed my truck to turn around.

She looked at me like I grew another head. "Are you seriously insane?"

I kept my eyes on the road as I pulled out of her driveway. "Uh...no. There's nothing insane about my job."

"That's not your job. You do it because you feel obligated." She turned her head to look out the window. "There's a difference in a job you want and a job you feel you have to do."

I could feel my brows touch my hairline. "Where the hell is all this coming from? You're being awfully shitty with me."

I could feel her eyes on me a moment later as I drove. "I'm sorry. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Well, whatever your issue is, don't take it out of me. I didn't do anything to garner your attitude."

"Just..." She sighed heavily. "Can we go to the barn? I want some alone time with you."

"Sure." I knew exactly what she had in mind. She could never really come right out and say she wanted to have sex.

When I pulled in behind the barn, she hopped out and made her way inside without waiting on me. There was a furnished room on the back side of the barn that was split into two areas. One side being an office and the other was living space for an unmarried employee. No one has used the room in a while, so that's where me and Jessica usually ended up when we wanted alone time.

As I stepped into the room and shut the door behind me, I noticed that Jessica already had her shirt off and undoing her bra. I wasn't about to complain because it'd been well over a week since the last time we'd had sex, so I was all for it.

Apparently, I wasn't fast enough to undress because a moment later, she was completely naked and pushing me down on the bed.

As soon as I kicked my sneakers off, she was yanking my jeans down my legs. She was so rushed that I'd barely had time to get an erection.

When she climbed over me to straddle my hips, she started pinching her nipples. "Slow down," I tell her as I reach up to cup both of her breasts.

She propped herself over me as she leaned down to kiss me. "I'm so horny."

"Just slow down," I repeat to her. "There's no rush."

I was only semi-hard when she reached down and gripped me. She pumped me a few times before she decided to slide down my body and sucked me into her mouth. She very rarely sucked me off. This was probably the fourth time she'd ever done it.

Her movements were hurried and impatient. The more she rushed, the more turned off I became. "Are you not horny? You're not getting hard."

I sat up to pull her back over me. "Slow the fuck down. You wanna fuck, we'll fuck, but you need to chill."

I felt her relax and release a huge breath. "Okay," she relented. "I'm sorry."

We stared at each other for a few moments before she lowered her mouth to mine and we began to kiss slowly. The more I got into the moment, I started getting hard and ready to take her the way she wanted it.

I reached down and slipped my fingers between her soaked lips. She began to grind against my hand as I thrusted two fingers inside her. Lately, she seemed more forceful with sex than usual.

Before I registered what was happening, she pushed my hand away and forced herself down on my erection. It felt so damn good that I couldn't help the groan that escaped me.

Then I realized that I forgot something and pushed her off of me. "I don't have a condom on."

"You know I'm on the pill. You do this every time we have sex; I'm covered."

"I don't care. No condom, no sex." I moved to reach for the bottom drawer of the night stand where I had put a new box a few weeks prior, but she jumped up before me.

"I'll get it," she said. I heard rustling then the tear of one being torn away from the batch. "I'll put it on."

I leaned back and watched as she gripped my hardened cock. She stroked me a few times before finally rolling the condom on. A few seconds later, she was seated on me in a flash as soon as the rubber was in place.

I gripped her hips as she began to ride me. She was slow at first until I started thrusting up into her. For some reason, I wanted the moment done and over with.

When she started moaning that she loved me and was ready to cum, I started fucking her harder, but my orgasm wasn't even close.

It took another five minutes before I realized I needed her in a different position, so I had her turn around on all fours and grip the foot board of the bed.

In this position, I knew it wouldn't take long as soon as I shoved my cock back inside of her. Moments later, I was exploding inside the condom.

Jessica pushed against me and moaned loudly. "Oh my God, I needed this."

When my release finally eased away, I pinched the edge of the condom as I pulled out. When I got up to throw the condom away, all I wanted to do was get dressed and go home. I couldn't do that to her, though, so I climbed back into the bed next to her.

She snuggled in next to me with her head on my chest and started tracing her fingers through the sparse hairs between my pecks.

We were quiet for so long that I started to fall asleep until she finally spoke. "Would it be so bad for you not to use a condom? I mean, I'm on the pill."

"I'm not taking any chances," I replied firmly.

She raised up on her elbows to look down at me. "What chances? I've only ever had sex with you, so it's not like you'll get some kind of VD from me."

I sat up and dropped my feet to the floor and reached for my jeans. "Pregnancy, Jessica. How many times do we have to go over this?"

"Just..." She huffed. "What would be so wrong if I did get pregnant? I mean, we're together, right?"

"Are you seriously asking me this?" I yanked my jeans on then reached for my shoes. "That's the stupidest fucking question you could ask me." I turned to look at her. "I leave for school in less than a month, first of all, and secondly, I sure as hell don't want a kid, right now."

"Do you not love me, anymore?"

I chuckled ."Yes, I love you, Jessica, but now I'm questioning your motives behind the fact that you're continually wanting to fuck with no condom."

"Would you stay if I were pregnant?"

"That's it, isn't it?" I yelled as I stood up to yank my t-shirt over my head. "Get dressed; I'm taking you home."

I heard a loud sob come from her. "Please don't," she cried. "I just asked hypothetically."

"No you didn't." I grabbed my keys off the small table by the door. "I'll be in my truck."

I was absolutely livid. As much as she could deny it, I knew she was wanting to get pregnant on purpose.

I waited longer than I wanted to before she climbed into the truck. Her eyes were red and starting to swell from crying. "Before you ask me, again, the answer is NO, I wouldn't stay."

She sobbed loudly. "You'd leave if I was pregnant?"

"Did I stutter? And we're done."

"NO!" She screamed. "I didn't mean it. You...you don't mean it. You can't mean it."

"I do; I don't trust you anymore," I said calmly.

I sat and listened to her cry and I expected my heart to break from the sound, but it wasn't reaching my "Give a shit" button. "I was gonna end things before I left anyway," I told her. "Now I don't need to worry about what to say because you helped me out."

She reached inside the glove compartment and pulled a tissue from the pack I kept in there. After blowing her nose, she continued to cry, but not as loud, so I started the truck and backed up to leave.

When we were almost to the main road, she spoke. "I might be pregnant now."

I slammed on the brakes, put the truck in park and got out. I punched the bed of the truck leaving a dent that I was sure I'd have to explain to my dad along with my swollen and scraped knuckles.

My mind was a jumbled mess and my vision started to blur from the fury coursing through my veins. How the hell did I let this happen?

I heard the truck door close and foot steps scraping across the gravel. I had my hands gripping the edge of the truck bed and my head down between my arms trying to calm myself.

When I felt her hand on my back, I jerked away from her. "Don't touch me," I growled. "Just don't fucking touch me."

"We need to talk about this," she said as she tried to step in front of me.

"Get away from me," I demanded.

She stepped away and leaned against the tailgate. "I needed to tell you before you left." I heard her sigh. "I love you so much and I wanted to find a way that I could make you stay."

"You did this on purpose?" My heart was starting to race, again, and I could feel it in my head. I was on the verge of a panic attack.

"I stopped taking my pill as soon as you told me you got accepted to Cornell. I thought you only applied to U-Dub, so when I found out that Cornell is in New York, I panicked." She walked around to stand in front of me. "I love you, Edward, with my whole heart and I don't wanna be without you."

"What else did you do?" There had to be more to her story.

She put her hands over her mouth as she cried. "The condoms we've been using, I put holes in them with a needle. When I didn't get pregnant that first couple of months, that's when I volunteered to buy them. They've all had holes."

I roared with anger and lunged at her. "I fucking hate you, now! You better hope you're not pregnant. I swear to you, Jessica..."

I let that sentence trail off because I wanted nothing more than to punch her lights out.

"I haven't gotten my period, yet, this month. That's why I think I could be pregnant, now."

"Get in the God damned truck! I'm taking you home!"

When I climbed in, I slammed the door and waited for her to follow. It didn't take long before I pulled into her driveway. I didn't bother to put the truck into park. "Don't call me unless you're pregnant. If you are, we'll go from there. Otherwise, we're done; nothing else needs to be said."

"You're just gonna drive off like we haven't been together the last two years; like I never meant anything to you?"

I was boiling mad and trying my hardest to hold my temper. "Get out of my truck before I wake your parents and have them get you out."

"I can't believe you're doing this," she said spitefully.

I turned to look at her. "Me?" I pointed to myself. "You're the sneaky little bitch trying to trap me into something I don't want or need, right now, so you better get your fucking story straight before you start laying blame on anyone but yourself."

"You're gonna regret this," she said as she opened the truck door and got out. "You're gonna go home and realize you just ended the best thing that ever happened to you."

I raised my brows as I looked over at her then remembered what Isabella told me. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "You know what, I was tempted to let the shit you said to Isabella slide, but after this fabulous bombshell you just dropped on me, I advise you to stay away or I'll make sure Charlie and Renee know how much you truly love your little cousin."

Her face turned red from anger. "I knew that little brat would say something. She's been nothing but a thorn in my side ever since she told me she was gonna marry you."

I laughed at her. "Awe...I'm sorry that a little eight year old can feel like a threat to you." Then I sneered at her. "Get fucking real, already. She's eight!" I screamed.

Jessica slammed my truck door and stomped her way up the steps and into her house.

I couldn't pull out of her driveway fast enough.

Before I went back to the main house, I stopped at the barn and gathered all the bedding, even the pillows, and the box of condoms. I made sure the used condom lay on top of the pile of rubbish as I dumped it in a fifty gallon barrel before dousing it with gasoline.

As soon as I pulled the matches from my pocket, I waited a split second, waited for the anguish to hit me, but it never did. That's when my last night with Jessica went up in flames.

Thank you Peeps.