Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN NEWSIES OR ANYTHING NEWSIES RELATED…thought you should know…I am also broke…


Keep smiling. That's what they tell you when you are down and out.
When your stomach has been empty for days and even a bed underneath
a bridge sounds like luxury. Just keep smiling is the only advice
they ever give. My heart hurts from caring so much and I don't think
I can take the pain anymore. Keep smiling is all they tell me. Well,
I can't anymore. It hurts too much.

Chin up. No matter what happens you are to keep your chin up and
your pride high. Even though you smell of sweat and smoke while you
bake in the sun while others pass you by with homes and families to
go to. As hard as it is, you are to keep your chin up and the hard
times will pass you by. I am still waiting. Perhaps the hard times
are stalled, refusing to leave. It doesn't matter how I think or
feel, as long as others see that I still have my pride. I am tired
of keeping my chin up. I am now forced to look down from the shame
life has given me.

Hang in there. If they tell you that you know you are showing signs
of wear. They tell you to hang on because they can see you on the
brink of disaster, pain consuming you. They know there is something
wrong with you and there isn't a thing they can do to help you. Yet,
they seem to think repeating one cheesy phrase over and over will
make things better. I'm tired of hanging in there, and with each day
that passes by I can feel my grip loosen.

Mush Meyers. They seem to think I am always happy, always smiling,
chin in the air and a firm grip on life. Mush is the clown, the
child, the one who thinks nothing of life except for the good it has
to offer. They know nothing of me, the real me. Perhaps I don't want
another day of being the clown, the positive thinker. Perhaps I want
to get away, somehow, and never come back. Perhaps I am just tired
of being Mush Meyers.

Well, there you have it. Now I have to figure out something else to
do with my time.