Dragă - Darling
Prețios - Precious
Unul tânăr - Young one
любимец - Pet

A short male carried the human female further into the wilderness of the mountains they found themselves on. He would have eaten her if it weren't for the fact that he watched her pop out of thin air right in front of him and she already knew of vampires which intrigued him more. Who could have been the one to let her know?

As he traveled faster than any human could see, he braced her head to make sure she didn't get hurt in the process. He had to tell his friend what he just saw. Up further on the mountains, he came to a stop outside a cave that was inhabited by himself and his two companions for the time being.

"Awe Stefan, brought back a little snack for us," came the voice of his longtime companion and friend.

"No, Vladimir," Stefan said, a little protective of his human he found, "You will not believe what just happened."

"What, she offer herself up like the old days," Vladimir bantered.

"No again," he was dry and humorless at the moment, "She fell from thin air and knew exactly what I was."

Vladimir looked from his oldest friend to the human in his arms. He stepped closer and moved her hair from her face. His fingertips grazed her cheek, "Interesting. She just appeared?"

"Yes, it was something I've never seen in all my years," Stefan walked the female over to a flat rocky surface. He motioned with his head for Vladimir to lay out something for her to lay on which he understood. They had been together for so long they could guess what was on each other's minds.

"You know what this means," Vladimir got excited.

"That we have something the Volturi does not?" Stefan asked, but knew that was the answer.

"We could do so many things with a human that can teleport. Imagine if she were a vampire," Vladimir seemed to salivate at the idea.

"No, not yet. Something is telling me to wait," he reasoned, "Besides it would be best for her to control her power before turning."

"Why do you say that," Vladimir looked from the human to his companion.

"Look at her neck, Vladimir," he delicately turned her head from side to side, "She has been bitten and marked. She has a mate."

The two men looked at each other understanding what it was like to once be mated. Both having lost their mates a long time ago to their enemy. The only reason they didn't die was because they sought revenge on them for the killing of the only lights in their lives. Stefan pulled back and looked to his friend, "What should we do?"

"Wait till she wakes to get answers," Vladimir suggested.

Stefan nodded before looking around, "Where's Ekaterina?"

"She went on her own little hunt. She will be back later," Vladimir stated. The two of them sat down quietly staring at the female in front of them for any signs of movement besides the rising and falling of her breathing.

Caius and Demetri searched everywhere along those woods in search of Amara. The only thing was, was her scent didn't linger anywhere except for inside the truck. So that meant she didn't just run off and Caius' mind didn't play a trick on him like he had hoped. He was becoming desperate and hurriedly rushed back to the wedding.

The party was in full swing when he arrived filled with bright and cheerful faces. His face felt like it was stuck in horror. Not only had he seen what could have been his mate's final moments, but he watched her disappear. Caius went in search of the one vampire he knew he could trust because Aro did. He, at a human's fast pace, found Carlisle sitting with his wife and the Denali coven. His eyes blown wide open he swallowed his pride to say these next few words, "I need your help."

Carlisle looked taken aback by the vampire in front of him, one being there and two asking for his help. He simply nodded, "I'll be right back, Esme."

"No," she stopped him, "We go together."

He wanted to argue, but knew not to fight his mate on this. Carlisle and Esme followed behind the ruling vampire, catching the eyes of their "children" in the process. Taking that as a cue to follow they all slowly exited without drawing any attention to themselves. Even the Denali coven made a retreat from the crowd.

Once in a secluded area Caius turned around seeing the Olympic and Denali Coven there waiting for him to speak. What he didn't expect was the groom and bride to make an appearance just seconds later. "What's going on," the human girl asked

Caius didn't know where to start, "There's been an accident."

"An accident, like you bit someone or what exactly," Bella couldn't stop herself from worrying. She didn't want her new family getting in trouble.

Caius would normally be mad at a lesser being questioning him, but he was too shell shocked to care. "No, there was a car accident," he found his mind replaying what had just happened. He whispered, "Amara.."

"Does she need medical attention," Carlisle asked, ready to help if necessary, but something told him it wasn't by how Caius was acting.

He shook his head. He thought of the truck rolling, the light taking her away before he could help her, and then the vehicle sliding into a tree. Edward looked at Caius, "Impossible."

Caius looked up at the younger mind reader. Desperate for someone other than himself to explain what just happened. "What," the young blonde male asked wondering if they had a newborn on their hands to worry about. He instinctively pulled his short mate closer.

"She just vanished right in front of him," Edward said in disbelief.

"Like poof, gone," the hulking young vampire questioned next to his lethal looking beauty of a mate.

Edward bobbed his head, "Yes Emmett, gone."

"What exactly happened," the male blonde asked another question.

All eyes fell to Caius. He stood tall and explained, "We might have had a disagreement with our mate so I was chasing after her. Instead of pulling over, she sped up and there was a curve in the road. As soon as the truck began turning over I remember pulling the door off and going to grab for her, but there was a light and then she was gone. I have Demetri searching for her, but her scent isn't anywhere, but within the truck."

"How could that be possible," Bella spoke up.

"I think I can explain," Eleazar stepped forward.

Caius looked to the former guard, "Please if you have any idea as to how she vanished I'd appreciate it."

"She has a gift," he started, "I just didn't know the extent of her gift. She can create portals and move from place to place."

"How is it possible that she can do that as a human," Tanya inquired.

Eleazar shrugged and shook his head, "That I do not know."

Caius stood there silent. Was that how, or should he say why, she appeared before him the very first time? He thought back to the first time he saw her naked and covered in the stench of a mutt and human males. How he redeemed that with marking her with his scent instead by taking her against the wall. He remembered how she disappeared then, as well. He thought of how Marcus described her leaving as well the first time they met.

"This isn't the first time she's disappeared," Edward said, "She's done this before."

"When," someone asked.

Caius took a moment to think about the time it started, "Early March of this year."

"But she was here around that time, it's when she gave me my tattoo," Bella made a point.

"So you're saying she can jump continents," the blonde male asked, flabbergasted.

"It seems so Jasper," Carlisle answered.

Jasper's mate had been silent this whole time. She finally stopped staring off into the distance like she had been during the whole conversation. She turned to her mate, "I can't see her future anymore. It's like a shroud has been placed over her."

"Really Alice," Bella seemed surprised before looking like she had the answer, "What if she is with the wolves? Remember when I am with them you can't see mine either."

Alice shook her head, "This feels different than that, Bella, but we could always ask them if she appeared with them."

Caius felt lost and hopeless without his brothers and even more so without his mate. He tensed, how was he going to tell his brothers? Marcus wouldn't react well at all to the thought of their mate being lost or worse. Aro will not blame himself outright, but he will never live this down. It will eat at him to know that he was the reason why their mate wasn't with them. Caius felt like he had a lot to be blamed for as well. He shouldn't have gone after her like he did. He should have been patient with her. She just needed time and answers.

"Are you wolves still here," Caius needed to know.

Bella shook her head, "You can blame me for that. Jacob found out about our honeymoon and kinda went berserk over it. The pack had to get him away."

"I need to speak with them immediately," Caius sounded crestfallen, "I just don't think they will speak with me."

There was silence between everyone, though there were glances between the Cullens. "We will help," Carlisle spoke for his family after getting everyone's nod of approval.

Caius hated it, but he thanked them. The Denali coven offered to help search for her, so he directed them to where Demetri was. Bella held onto Edward, "I need to be there, I could help."

The new husband sighed, "Let's get ready to leave for our honeymoon so our guest don't question what is happening and before we go we'll ask the pack what's happening."

Caius didn't have time to waste on the frivolous need to see to their human guests, but he would have to sit and wait. Carlisle went and touched his shoulder to offer comfort, he was lucky Caius didn't rip his arm off. "You'll find her, Caius. I have no doubt."

"I hope you're right," he huffed.

Amara couldn't open her eyes quite yet, but she felt soft warm fur enveloping her body. She didn't hear anything around her like before, such as the running water. There was a complete stillness around her. The surface she was on was hard on her back which drew her mind into question. Where was she?

The last thing she remembered was the truck, a pair of red eyes belonging to a face she didn't recognize and then blank. She moved her hand to her head and rubbed her throbbing temples. She couldn't think too much because the pounding in her head was overwhelming. She went to sit up, but stopped at the sound of a voice with a thick accent.

"Don't get up if you're in pain," the male said. Their accent sounded Slavic which caught Amara's interest.

Her eyes popped open and her head tilted in the direction of the voice. She saw the same short brown haired vampire from before staring at her, but now there was another with him. This vampire was ashy blonde with grayish lashes. Each of them had the vampyric beauty about them, but neither were as pretty as her mates. Their eyes though were eerily similar. She leaned herself up on one elbow finding that there was fur underneath her as well as on top. Maybe that's why she felt so warm?

"Who are y'all," she found herself asking before anything else was said.

"I believe it is us," the dark haired male started.

The blonde finished, "That asks the questions."

"What is your name, dragă," the dark hair one asked.

"Amarantha, you," she asked in return.

The ash blonde shook his head slowly, "Not until you tell us how you got here, prețios."

Amara sat up fully keeping the fur wrapped around her. She didn't want to tell them the full extent of how she got there. They didn't need to know about Caius. "I remember being in a truck, driving recklessly and I took a curve a little fast. Next thing I know the truck was rolling and I was dropped on the ground near water."

"You were running from something," the blonde stated instead of asking.

She looked into his eyes wondering if he could read minds or if he was just that good. She gave him a nod of her head. "Was it something or someone," he pushed further. Her heart rate picked up and eyes widened. The blonde grinned knowing the answer to his question.

"Vladimir," his companion scolded him in a low voice so the human could not hear them, "Stop toying with her."

"She is simply marvelous to mess with though. Listen to her heart flutter. It's like music to my ears," he sighed.

"Was it you mate," the dark haired one asked.

"How did you-"

"Your neck," he stated, "You have the markings."

"Why run from your mate," the blonde wanted to know.

"I-I was lied to and didn't want to talk to him to be lied to more," she was bitter about that. She wore it on her face.

"So you teleported away from him," the blonde's statement made Amara's head snap in his direction.

"Is that what I did," she cross-examined the vampire.

"How else would you explain being here?"

Amara looked around the rocky surface of the cave they were in, "Where exactly is here?"

"We're currently in the Urals. I found you on the outside of Perm," the dark haired one answered.

"Urals? Perm? I've never heard of that before. Where in the US is it," she honestly felt clueless.

This caused both men to look at one another and have a laugh. They started speaking in a language she couldn't follow before one of them turned to her and explained, "You're in Russia, Amarantha. Far from the United States."

"Russia," her voice barely audible. How could she be here? She should be dead or seriously injured. Not cozy inside a cave with two vampires who have yet to identify themselves. She was in denial at this moment. She couldn't be here. She was asleep and dreaming, she was sure of it. It was like every dream before she had started to take her medication regularly and met her mates. She deemed those as nightmares most nights. Dreaming about odd places and then waking up with strange bruises, scratches or injuries. She just always explained everything away. But teleportation? Why the hell would she fly in a plane if she could teleport?

"Yes, you seem to be quite a ways from home," the blonde said, shaking her from her thoughts.

Amara just nodded in agreement with the vampire. She definitely was far away if what they said was true. "Now, unul tânăr, you asked for our names earlier, I am Stefan and-"

"I am Vladimir. We have another companion we recently added. She should be back shortly," Vladimir said.

Amara wished for a fire just about then. She could feel the cold on the parts of her not covered by fur that caused her to shiver. The two vampires watched her some more and spoke in their native tongue amongst themselves. She was beginning to feel more self-conscious than normal. She wanted to ask why they've kept her alive, but felt like she shouldn't test the water just yet. She would have appreciated them more if that weren't so blatantly speaking about her.

Just then a woman came into the cave. She was slender, yet stocky in the chest. She had chestnut hair that was pulled into a long braid and Eastern European features. Her eyes were a deep red but different unlike the others burgundy colored eyes. "Who brought back a snack," the woman asked.

"She's not a snack, Ekaterina," Stefan began.

"She is a guest," Vladimir finished.

Their answer shocked Amara. She surely thought she was at least dinner for one of them. Why else would they keep her alive?

"Ekaterina, this is Amarantha," Stefan began the introductions, "Amarantha, this is Ekaterina."

After a stare down, the Slavic looking female spoke, "You could at least start a fire for her if you want to keep the food alive."

"She's not food," Stefan stressed again before getting up and stalking over to Amara, "Are you cold?"

Shivering, Amara nodded, "Starting to be."

"Vladimir, will you collect wood," he asked his friend. Vladimir left in an instant.

"You look delectable in your dress," he started while dragging two of his fingers over her rosy cheek. He grabbed her chin, tilting her head so their eyes met, "But we'll need to get clothing for our new travel companion."

'He's deadly,' echoed in her mind, but she couldn't help the blush that crept its way upon her cheeks. He was very close. She could smell mint on his breath.

It reminded her of Marcus. She felt sorrow then. He must think she's the worst mate ever. Especially after having left the way she did. She was selfish only thinking about Aro and Caius. She loved Marcus and felt the longing to be in his arms in her heart. Did he know about Victoria though?

'Of course he knew. How could he not,' her inner demon made an appearance, 'They all knew about it and chose to leave you out of the discussion about it.'

'Maybe it was for my own good,' she thought sadly.

'Or maybe it was another way to manipulate you,' it fought back, 'They have you wrapped around their fingers. When's the last time you had your own thoughts?'

She couldn't believe she was agreeing with it for once. When was the last time she thought for herself? She had been being waited on hand and foot the last few months and had her mind molded by a doctor of their choosing. Did they know she could teleport? They probably did and just refused to tell her.

She felt a fury build inside her. When her and Stefan's eyes met next he saw the fire within her burning bright. It had been a long time since he and Vladimir felt anything, but vengeful. With Amarantha and even Ekaterina he now felt a sliver of hope. Hope for the oncoming future.

There was a lone wolf standing by Luke's truck sharing its thoughts to the rest of the pack. It wondered if Luke was okay because of what he just stumbled upon. Luke quickly perked up at the mention of his truck being totaled on the main road there. 'Amara was in that truck,' he linked to everyone, 'Is she still there? Is she okay?'

'I don't see her anywhere, but it smells horribly like leech here.'

The wolves decided to meet close by until the putrid smell of death wafted in the air. Luke, a long with the pack he was a part of, came to a stop where a gathering of Cullens and the one vampire king that showed up were.

Luke growled at Amara's mate upon sight knowing he had to have caused this accident. He needed to know where his friend was. It was making him aggravated being so close to Caius. Luke watched as Sam stepped forward and looked at the mind reader. The wolves heard Sam say, 'What happen to Amarantha?'

Edward relayed the question to the others gathered. Caius sighed clearly out of patience and hissed, "She's missing that's all that matters. Now is she with you or not."

Luke snarled at Caius and bent low to pounce, but Sam commanded for him to stop. Sam spoke again, 'She isn't with us though she was supposed to be. What happened to Luke's truck? Why is it totaled?'

Again Edward being the parrot for the group repeated what Sam said. Carlisle was the one to break down what happened to the wolves present. Starting from the chase, the crash, and the light. It took all of the wolves and a command to keep Luke away from Caius at that moment.

Caius taunted the beast, "Why hold back, mutt? You're so close to doing what you want."

'I'll kill you for ever getting near Amara,' Luke's mind screamed in rage, but all that came out was vicious snaps of his jowls and a snarl.

Edward chose to not translate that.

'Luke if you can't control yourself I'll need you to leave,' Sam said to him.

Luke whined at the thought of his friend just being out there in the middle of no where suffering because he couldn't protect her like he said he would. What caused him to calm down though was the fact that she was more than likely still alive and well considering what his truck looked like. If she had stayed she would have been dead.

"We need your help searching for her. Her scent doesn't leave the truck, but we hoped that with more of us looking we would stumble across her more quickly," Carlisle explained.

Sam stayed silent as if to weigh his options. It was Luke's pleas that solidified his choice. 'We'll help, but this is the last time,' Sam stated.

Edward repeated what Sam said. The vampires, except for Caius, thanked them and they all spread out in their search. Luke was having a hard time concentrating on anything, but the well being of Amara. He was nearly panicking when Sam told him to go to Emily's and wait till they finished searching. Luke was reluctant to leave the search party, but did when it became an order. Luke howled at the moon feeling despair.

When he got to Emily's he shifted back to human and put on some pants. He walked in with his head hanging low. Emily came to the door, light flipped on, expecting it to be Sam. Her smile didn't fall from her face when she was met with Luke instead. She noticed his downcast spirit and came up to him and enveloped him in a hug.

"What's wrong Luke," she inquired while holding him.

He couldn't stop himself from letting the tears fall. He left her all alone which caused this to happen. He was the worst friend possible. Luke went into detail as to what was going on and Emily just held him tighter. "You can't beat yourself up for this, Luke. You know Amara wouldn't want you to do that," Emily comforted the big wolf.

Luke just broke down, for once not carrying the burden of being the rock, but the one that needed the rock to lean on. Emily was his rock for the moment and he was grateful for her at the moment. "Let's get you something to eat," Emily said with him still buried within her chest, "That should help you feel better."

Luke followed Emily inside for much needed comfort food.

Vladimir had gathered and started a toasty fire for their new human pet. She sat by it and warmed herself. She was very different from the women of his and Stefan's days of ruling. Very different from the mates they once had. Her shaved sides of her head showing off her tattoos, her body seemingly covered with tattoos as well. She had piercings that he had never seen. She was thicker than he preferred his women, but he knew Stefan didn't mind her being big. They both thought if she was running from her mate that maybe she would willingly join them and help them stay on the run from the Volturi. Maybe even help them rebuild an army to go against their enemy. With the power of teleportation, they could be unstoppable.

They already had stumbled across Ekaterina who was a sort of anti-tracker. She kept the Volturi's tracker from finding them which made them feel a little safer with her around. They've convinced her to join them against the Volturi with ease. She only needed to be told she would be collected like an object for power for her to side with them.

Vladimir watched as Stefan came back with something for the human to eat. It was a rabbit the vampire caught for her. She looked at it confusion on her face. "It's for you to eat," Vladimir pointed out.

Her brows rose in surprise, "Oh, uh, thank you. I, uh, don't really know how to prepare this without utensils and spices though."

Stefan took the rabbit outside, mumbling something about having to do all the work himself. She got up to quickly follow him, "Hey, wait! Let me learn how you do it."

Her outfit had ridden up showing off a little of what was underneath the dress. Her legs were covered in art and scars. He had questions for her. Some pertained to what was on her legs, but most were about her power. How long had she been teleporting? Did she ever notice the strange things happening around her? When did it happen most? How could they trigger it? He was excited for what was to come.

Amara was outside the cave watching as the vampire in front of her skinned the rabbit with his bare hands, empty it of its entrails, and slid it on a stick for her to roast the rabbit. She had only ever had rabbit once and it was in a stew. This would be a new experience for her and probably not a pleasant one. He handed the skewered meat to her and she walked back to the cave with him. She could feel how the short man leered at her and it made her heart race in not a good way.

She knew he could hear it, how uncomfortable he made her feel with his unwavering stare. She sat near the entrance where the fire was and started to cook her rabbit, turning it every so often. She wished she was able to talk to the female, but she left in search of clothing that was more suitable for the environment Amara was now in. For that she was thankful.

Having been lost in thought, Stefan had come up beside her and turned the rabbit. "Oh, thank you," Amara uttered, "I was lost in-"

"Thought," he stated.

She nodded glancing into the flames of the fire. "Tell us about your mate. Why did they bite you so many times and not let you change," he asked.

"I'd rather not talk about them. It's kinda personal, but I wasn't changed because I wasn't ready in their eyes," she turned the rabbit.

"Not ready? I don't understand," Vladimir cut in, sitting a good distance away from the flames.

Amara turned slightly to Vladimir answering, "I haven't been the most mentally stable human being out there."

The two vampires shared a look. Stefan grabbed her hand and examined her arm closer, "Is that where these scars on your arms come from?"

"And your legs," Vladimir asked.

Amara felt uneasy. How did they see so much in such a short amount of time? She looked at her food before answering a simple, "Yes."

Stefan released her arm back to her after tracing the raised scars there with his finger tips. It felt oddly soothing for them both. Amara turned the rabbit over the fire again, the smell not completely unpleasant to her. "So why don't y'all tell me of yourselves."

"We used to be the ruling vampires in this part of the world," Vladimir's eyes became distant, "The humans knew of us and so did the vampires. Whoever step foot in our territory were expected to pay tribute in some way."

"We never hid what we were. We knew we were monsters, but we lived like gods," Stefan shrugged.

"Until our enemy overthrew us, that is. Now we are cursed to roam forever in fear of them finding us. Now humans don't even know vampires exist and can't know without fear of death," Vladimir came back to the present.

Amara couldn't help but think, 'Why can't vampires get along?' "I know. Are y'all going to kill me," she asked.

"No. I was serious earlier when I said you weren't food, Amarantha. You're special," Stefan turned the skewer.

"Special in what way," she was skeptical. This can't be good if a vampire thought she was special other than her mates.

"You're gift, dragă," he got closer, "We are going to help you gain control of it."

"But," she knew there was something they wanted, just not what.

"We need your help in return," Vladimir spoke.

"How can I help vampires? I'm just a human," Amara's head shook slowly in disbelief.

"A human with a very useful gift, don't forget," Vladimir said.

"We help you with your gift and keep you from your mate and you help us by keeping us from our enemies," Stefan nonchalantly suggested right next to her.

Amara picked up the rabbit to test the meat and set it back down by the fire to continue to cook. They seemed innocent, well as innocent as a vampire could be, and up front about everything so far. They would protect her from her mates which was what she wanted, right?

She felt misplaced, but found herself agreeing to the vampires' request. This made them happy or it seemed so. They smiled, and held a certain gleam in their eyes. Amara took note of that look and stored it away.

When the rabbit was done cooking she began to eat meagerly. It wasn't the best tasting meal she's ever had nor was it the worst. During the time she ate, Ekaterina came back with gifts in her arms. "Here, любимец, I got you some goodies," her thick Slavic accent that was slightly different from the men made it almost hard to understand her.

Amara placed the rabbit down, through with it already. She rubbed her hands together to rid them of any grime. "What did you get," she stood up, curiosity coursing through her.

The female vampire handed the stuff in her arms to her which was a scarf, fur coat (that would be hers), boots and pulled off a duffle bag stuffed to the brim. "I got you clothes, food, and drink. These men don't know how to take care of humans."

"We started a fire," Vladimir defended.

"And got her something to eat," Stefan pointed to the half eaten rabbit.

Ekaterina just shook her head and opened the duffle up pulling out some thermal underwear, mittens, a hat and some regular dark gray cotton looking pants and red shirt. "It's not the most fashionable, but it will be warm," the vampiress said.

Amara looked at what remained in the bag and saw a lot of MRE looking packs, a big bottle of clear liquid, and toilet paper. There was also a squished pack of cigarettes in the corner. "Where did you get all of this," she asked, nervous about what the answer might be.

"My meal. They didn't need their belongings anymore. Now get dressed so you'll stop shivering," Ekaterina said with annoyance in her voice.

Amara slid the oversized fur coat off and immediately regretted it because of the cold bite in the air of the mountain they were on. She was about to slip out of her dress when she felt hungry eyes fall upon her. Glancing up she noticed the male vampires sitting there just watching, waiting for her to continue. She cleared her throat before finding courage to speak, "Um, do y'all mind leaving for a bit? It's a human thing, but we like privacy at certain times in our life and undressing is one of them."

Vladimir stood so quick she couldn't process the motion with her eyes, but Stefan took his time to leave. His eyes were the ones that left Amara's skin to feel like insects were crawling all over. He slowly left the cave leaving Ekaterina and Amara alone. "You were only talking about them right," the chestnut haired female asked her.

Amara nodded before asking a question of her own, "Will you unzip the dress for me?"

She didn't receive an answer. She just felt when Ekaterina undid the zipper. She let the expensive dress fall from her body revealing her actually matching underwear and strapless bra set to the other female. She felt Ekaterina's eyes on her too, but she didn't think much of it. She'd stare too if a female was getting half naked in front of her. Amara put on the thermals and the clothing on top feeling much better with just that on. She found a pair of socks and was putting them on when the two men came back.

They stopped and took in their new companion. The pants seemed snug on her thighs and hips, but the shirt was loose and flowing. Her hair was still adorned with the sparkling jewels and pulled back. Around her neck was the necklace she had been wearing earlier only it was tucked into the shirt. Each wondered where it came from.

They went back to sitting while she put on her new shoes. She straightened herself up to her full height once they were in place. To her they felt a little big on her feet, but at least it was something warm. She noticed that the sun was bright outside, but she felt so tired. She picked up her dress and tried folding it. Ekaterina came up to her and took the garment. The vampire looked at the beautiful gown before tossing it on the fire.

"Hey, what are you doing," Amara went to jump and get it off the flames, but Stefan moved in front of her to keep her from catching on fire.

"We are to protect you from your mate, yes?" Stefan asked, his timber smooth.

Amara just nodded.

"Then we leave no trace behind. I'm sorry that your beautiful dress had to be sacrificed," Ekaterina stated.

Amara grumbled, "I could have carried it,, but fine I see your point."

She felt Stefan's icy hand release her waist that he held onto and moved to grab the bottle and cigarettes from the duffle bag. She plopped herself down and lit a cigarette with a burning twig from the fire pile. She poked at her burning dress with a long stick while taking a drag from the cigarette in her mouth. She didn't even want to think about only getting to wear such a pretty dress once.

She opened the bottle and brought it to her lips and to a big swig thinking it was water. The only thing is that it wasn't. She instantly felt the burn of liquor flow down her throat causing her to choke. Amara set up and began coughing. "This isn't water," she gasped out.

Ekaterina shrugged with a chuckle, "No, it's vodka. Kinda like water, just doesn't freeze."

"Stereotypical Russian," Amara wheezed. She would more than likely need to do her own pillaging from now on if she wanted to survive with these three.

She caught her breath from choking and inhaled some smoke and took another drink this time expecting the burn. She didn't grimace as hard the second time drinking the liquor. She sat by the campfire a little bit before finishing her smoke and tossing the filter into the flames. She felt the effects of the alcohol and the fact that it would be the early hours of the night to her, so she decided to lay down. She got comfortable on the furs again this time she heard someone say sleep well before she drifted off to sleep.

The phone rang once before it was picked up. "Have you spoken to her," Aro said as his greeting.

Caius stared at the phone unsure how to proceed. His eyes were pitch black with worry and his heart felt as if it were ripped from his chest. She wasn't anywhere on the territory. Demetri was now searching out wider while Caius remained in Forks.

"Caius, I know you're there. You are the one that called," Aro spoke through the speaker.

"Aro," Caius' voice didn't even sound like his own. It was painful. His mind raced with the possibilities of where their mate could be or the dangers she was in.

"Yes," the chipper voice of Aro cut through his thoughts.

"She's gone," he sounded dead.

"What do you mean gone," Aro's demeanor changed immediately.

Caius felt his lip tremble, "I chased her while she was driving away and there was an accident. I tried getting her out before the truck went into the tree, but when I went to grab her there was a light and she was gone. Just gone.

We can't find her anywhere. Now humans are all over the scene and her scent is going away. Luckily the wolves and Cullens helped before the humans came along. Demetri is looking further away. It's my fault that she's gone, all my fault," he finished trailing off.

There was a commotion over the phone before the sound of a very painful roar from Marcus. Apparently he had been there listening in. "Aro, let me go," the eldest of the three vampires growled.

"No, you'll rip my head off," Aro ground out, "We need to stick together for Amarantha."

"Keep her name out of your mouth," Marcus roared, "You caused this. She could be dead.. She wouldn't be gone if you just kept her informed about Forks and her friend."

"You're right, you're right," Aro admitted, "But I can't change the past. Just the future."

"Let's get our mate back before any of our enemies catches wind of her being gone," Caius stated, "She is defenseless without us."

"We will decide on your punishment when she is back with us, Aro," Marcus hissed out, "Now let me go."

"Okay, fine," Aro released Marcus. Caius didn't flinch at the cracking sound of marble and then a door slamming shut. He knew by the sound that Marcus got a hit in on Aro.

Aro regained the ability to talk and questioned, "So you said she disappeared?"