Rickard felt his legs burning and felt it nearly giving out, yet despite the pain he persisted on running. He pushed the leaves of the forest away as he escaped away from the sights of a nobleman's and his guards to whom he stole a light purse from, A light purse meant either it held little in actual coins or that it held golden dragons. He prayed for the latter to come true.

The orphan came to a stop and puked out what little bread that he ate for breakfast, He sighed and pulled out the purse that he stole from the noble. He emptied out the purse to discover that in only contained merely six copper stars and a single silver star. He silently muttered a curse to himself, "Damned inbred bastard,"

He sighed and prayed for nearly half an hour to the Crone and to the Mother for their guidance and for their mercy, He had been more religious than most in his age and position this was due in part with to the Gods helping him to sense where to go for safety and who to rob. Though he hadn't the foggiest of idea of why they had helped him with committing his crimes he still thanked them profusely.

After his prayer, he opened his eyes to see himself lost within the darkness of the forest. He contemplated on which direction that might lead him to a bakery when he sensed something, which urged his curious mind to go forward to as far as a league or so. Despite his tired and hungry bodies protest and a part of his minds reluctance to trek to the destination his spirit forced him to. He trekked forward without any clear path, only a feeling.

He walked by an enormous walked to the point that he had finally given in to his bodies and demand and laid down near a patch of grass and a boulder to sleep.

He awoke to sounds of a growl and saw what seemed to be a gigantic brown bear glaring back at him and he panicked away and ran away from it, He ran along with his worn-out sandals and nearly tripped away from the stones and branches. He ran away so far that his that he thought he heard his heart beating away. Despite all of his efforts he unluckily tripped and fell due to a branch which bloodily scraped his knees.

This was it, all of his sin's have grown and it seemed that the God's have ran out of mercy for him and the Stranger personified in the bear had came to collect.

He stared at the bears eyes, He didn't want to die! He wanted to rise above his station!

He tightened his hand's and closed his teary eyes, He wanted to live!

After what seemed to be an eternity, He slowly opened his eyes to find the Bear frozen in place. He didn't know and didn't care to know as for the reason for why and he took the chance to ran with a limp within his pacing into the same direction to where the presence that he felt yesterday was. He ran for what seemed to be nearly half a league before he stopped to see a pack of wolves looking at him with hungry eyes and were now moving to eat him. Just his luck, He ran forwards without looking only to bump into a man who donned a black cloak and hood.

"Hello there, Young one." The stranger said with a calm smile,

Rickard exclaimed to the stranger in hopes to save him, "Run! There are wolves and bears here!"

"You need not worry, they will not hurt us." The man so calmly explained as if it were fact, and flicked his hands at the pack of wolves who stopped and wandered away.

The man removed his hood for Rickard to see what seemed to be a young man with a blonde hair, and blue eyes. A bastard of the lannister's perhaps?

"My name is Luke Skywalker, What is yours, Friend?" The man now-named Luke asked,

"I-I-" He could no longer find it in himself to stand, let alone speak, After the long hours of trekking and after the tolls of his hungry body.

"Do you need help?" Luke grasped his shoulder,

Rickard fell unto the ground and collapsed.

I don't care if this bad, i just needed to release this idea out.