Chapter 1:

"Sometimes mortals can be more horrible than monsters."- Rick Riordan


I never envisioned this quote could hold so much truth until now. I never imagined that humans would be the monsters and vampires would be the saviors. I never imagined how much one girl could change my life in an instant.


"Is she dead?" Emmett asks.

Rolling my eyes, sometimes I can't believe his stupidity. Obviously, she was alive - well as alive as a vampire could be. While I love my brother, he isn't the smartest person on the planet. Taking a second look though, he does actually have a point. The girl does look dead.

"Should we try to wake her?"

"I-" my voice is frozen, seemingly lost for words. "I don't know what to do."

While Emmett's mind is a chaos of quick and changing thoughts much like his personality, the ability to read the girl's mind does not exist. Her mind is blank. Empty. Quiet.

It is a first.

Still, though, I prod her mind with as much force as possible, looking for the answer we are both searching for.

How did you end up like this?

Naked, caked in dirt with a litter of scars, the only ounce of clothing worn is a tightly locked collar around her neck. Her body is tiny, face and ribs sunken in as if she hasn't fed for months. Years even. The girl must be starving. She doesn't look capable of even sitting up on her own much less hunting.

"Maybe we should call Carlisle. He'll know what to do." Says Emmett.

I nod, knowing he is right. It's better in larger numbers. Although this vampire seemed incapable of posing any sort of harm, our strength was not to be trifled with. It was the uncertainty that was the most unsettling. We could never be too careful. Plus it could not be ignored that the girl was in desperate need of aid.

Dialing his number, he picks up before the end of the first ring.


"Carlisle, you need to come, it's an emergency. We're just east of the river." I speak before he has a chance.

No doubt he can hear the urgency in my voice as no further questions are asked.

"I'll be right there."

The line went dead then.

I breathed a (not needed) sigh of relief.

We spoke softly, staying a safe distance away from the girl as we waited for our father for all intents and purposes to arrive. Really, it was mere minutes it took Carlisle but it felt like an eternity. My shoulders loosened as his thoughts drew loud and the quick pads of his feet neared, slowing to a stop in front of us.

Edward. He thought, looking between us both, frozen on the girl. Who is this?

"We'd just finished up hunting when we happened upon her." I answered his thoughts. "She's hurt Carlisle. We need to help."

With wide eyes, he motions for us to stay back, cautiously approaching her still body. Kneeling down he reached out a hand. He brushed away, brown strands of her hair, uncovering her face. Her nose was pointed, face heart shaped and undeniably she was beautiful, more so than vampire standards. However, before he could do anything else, her eyes opened.

The three of us tensed, instantly, as her growls started up. Teeth bared, her body vibrated with growls rumbling deep within her chest. They were warnings: stay away.

She sounded feral, like a dying animal and I couldn't stop my dead heart from breaking. She attempted to move away, only her limbs were too weak, her body falling back to the ground with every attempt.

Carlisle stepped back a few feet, taking note of her black eyes full of hunger or fear (probably both).

We could use Jasper right now. I nodded to Emmett's thoughts. We hadn't thought she would wake up.

Alice must have seen this coming. She had to. But why she didn't say anything…

"Miss?" Carlisle attempted to communicate with her. "Miss? My name is Carlisle. I- we're - here to help you-"

"Carlisle." I whispered.

Her growls increased with ferocity, desperate for an escape from the three of us. The look of pure terror in her eyes at the sight of Emmett's large muscular build also could not be missed. Quickly, we realized there was no reasoning with her in this state.

"Edward, what is she thinking?

I admit my discovery much to their shock and curiosity. I already knew Carlisle's scientific mind was coming up with an abundance of theories while Emmett's were full of jokes unneeded at the moment.

"Enough about this." I huff. "Perhaps we should focus on our task at hand."

"You're right." Carlisle agreed.

Turning our attention back towards the girl who was staring at me unflinching, I had to look away.

"We're going to have to bring her back to the house. I'm sure Alice has seen but it'll be a shock for the others." Carlisle heavily breathed, golden eyes narrowed in concentration. "Edward, you stay in front and Emmet, you go to the back. I don't think she is going to give us an easy journey."

In a flash Carlisle had her scooped up in his arms. She thrashed, nipping at anything she could get her teeth on and never ceased on the now angry growls increasing with fear.

Alice was waiting on the porch when we arrived, her eyes shone with worry.

"Bring her to Edward's room." Was all she said.

My room? I poked through her effectively guarded mind much to my frustration coming up with nothing but riddles. Surely, the basement was safer and more secure but at this point we knew not to question her decisions. Alice always had a reason for everything.

The rest of the family was notably absent, the house empty as she was brought up the stairs to my room at the end of the hall. Placed on the couch, as soon as she was out of Carlisle's arms, she hurried to the ground. Just barely having the strength, she forced herself underneath the couch. Of course it was the furthest, tightest place possible and the hissing and growling only increased at the sight of the now four of us.

My face crumpled at the sight of her. Who would do this to a person? What has made her so terrified? Only she had these answers and communication with her was virtually impossible.

"Perhaps we should give her some space, allow her to get comfortable. The others will be home soon and we need to have an explanation." Carlisle said.

Reluctantly leaving the room, I chanced one last look. Curled under the couch in a ball, just barely was I able to stop myself from running to her. Protecting her. It would do no good now.

Leaving her to be, two hours pass by before Jasper, Rosalie and Esme come home. They'd taken their hunting trip up into the Canadian Rockies the past weekend, the rest of us opting to stay back.

The air, thick with dread, was evident as they walked in. Weary expressions instantly marred their face, taking note of the newcomers' presence. Noses flared and aware of her strawberry scent, looks of confusion spread throughout the room.

"What's going on?" Esme eventually broke the silence, flitting quickly to Carlisle's side.

Esme was a caring woman, maternal toward all her vampire children even if she had not birthed them. Her compassion carried over towards strangers as well, always willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

"Edward and I were hunting when we ran into a vampire. She was barely alive by the looks of it, obviously abused in some way. We brought her back here with us. The girl needs serious help, we couldn't just leave her." Emmett spoke up, uncharacteristically solemn, which only spoke to the magnitude of the situation.

Jasper was nearly doubled over in pain, gripping on tightly onto his wife's hand in the love seat. It was a blessing, his ability as an empath to control emotions but the curse was the brunt force of others' he was forced to endure.

Pain, fear, terror… the list goes on. I delved into his mind unapologetically, unable to combat the growing need to take care of her. To understand her silent mind.

"Alice, you didn't see this beforehand?" Rosalie asked.

Alice sighed, shaking her head. "It was sudden. Emmett and Edward weren't planning on crossing the river until the herd of elk passed. Only when they decided at the last minute did she appear. You know how subjective the visions are."

Carlisle continued, relaying everything we had discovered so far. It was a surprise to see a vampire in such a state because our kind were virtually indestructible apart from fire.

"Do you think she will get better soon?"

I looked up at Rose, momentarily surprised she even cared at all. As cold as my blonde sister attempted to be, it was all a farce. Yes, she had the vainest mind I'd ever encountered consumed with nothing but her beauty and Emmett. However, at the same time, her caring nature for those less fortunate never seemed to fade.

"We don't know anything." Carlisle shrugged. "It's hard to be sure. Perhaps she will heal physically but I'm more concerned about her mental state. The way she was when we first approached… we are going to have to tread carefully to figure out what has happened to her."

I couldn't hear this anymore. I didn't want to believe that she was permanently damaged. Nobody was.


We attempted to try again. Knocking on the door, alerting her to our presence before we entered. Emmett stayed back, knowing his size alone would worsen her fear even further.

A soft cry was heard then a hiss and a growl. We shared a look, approaching slowly into my room. Jasper was with us this time in hopes he could calm the climate.

Still in the same position we'd left her in, her knees were cradled to her chest, hugging herself as tightly as possible at the sight of the three of us. You could see everything, from her rib cage to the dark circles underneath her eyes.

"Miss?" Carlisle whispered, introducing himself again. "My name is Carlisle Cullen. These are my sons, Edward and Jasper. We mean you no harm. You are safe now."

Dammit she was terrified.

We watched as her lip curled up, teeth bared in defense. It was pointless, as said before, trying to reason with her. Nothing would be accomplished from talking, she was obviously way past that point.

"Can you try to calm her down?" I asked Jasper.

Nodding, a moment later calmness spread throughout the room, floating throughout the house. It should've worked but needless to say, it did not.

She continued to react in fear, further pushing herself pointlessly into the wall attempting to disappear.

"I'm pushing as much serenity as I can towards her," said Jasper frustrated. "There's not much more I can do-"

"I know." Carlisle sighed.

We can't continue to stand here all day and she had to come out from under the couch at some point. As much as I hated to admit… the only way she'd come out was by force.


Son, what are you doing?

I ignore their questioning minds, walking forward as her dark eyes narrowed into what could only be described as complete and utter fear.

I stop abruptly, feet away with my hands in the air.

Son, this isn't a good idea.

I shake my head in response, communicating to let it go. I was determined to make this girl see that we meant no harm.

She is still growling but they are labored and weak. However, it is still warning enough. Her eyes never leave my body, watching my every move. I hate the fact that I am the cause of her pain at the moment. Everything I do is slow and hesitant. I don't want to startle her even further. I sit down then, eyes focused on her own.

Carlisle and Jasper are anxiously standing by the door watching our every move; prepared to step in if she attacks.

She's not going to though. I know it.

Slowly, I reach my hand out, unflinching as her teeth come dangerously close.

She tries again, her teeth just grazing the skin this time. It's hardly more than a scratch yet my family's thoughts are incredulous.

"I am not going to hurt you." I whisper firm.

She cowers away at the sound of my voice, nothing to indicate that she actually understands what I'm saying.

"My name is Edward." I point to myself.

She stares blankly.

"What is your name?" I point to her

The girl doesn't answer. I wasn't expecting one. She just stares with her big black eyes.

"You are safe now. There is no reason to be afraid."

Please. Believe me! Believe us!

How can I make her understand?