Sunshine and Shadows

Chapter 1- A Young Fool's Path

20 points to anyone who can tell me what the theme for my titles will be. This is a terrible, nasty little plot bunny that has been burrowing about in my head for weeks. It was either kill it, or put it on cyber-paper. So, for better or worse, here it is.

This tale will contain a scene of terrible rape. Leave now, if that hurts you.

Well, it should hurt you. I mean, rape is an awful crime. But if reading about rape bothers you, please leave now.

The sea breeze carried the sounds of screaming gulls and chattering sunbathers to Ginny as she leaned her elbows upon the stainless steel surface of the cantina counter. Despite the crowd of beach goers, business had been slow at the tiny refreshment stand, but the day was just beginning and the heat would increase as the day aged.

This was Ginny Weasley's third summer in the employ of Florean Fortescue, running the tiny ice cream parlour located in the resort town of Bagnor Regis on the English Channel. Florean had several of the silver units with their trademark canopies all along the British coast hoping to cash in on vacationing wizards and their families. The picturesque resort town had long been a summer playground for the magical community, but this early in the season, the crowds were mostly comprised of young, single witches and wizards. The families would come in droves as the summer progressed. While mind numbing, the work provided the recent Hogwarts graduate with needed funds and removed Ginny from under the gimlet eye of her mother, Molly. Indeed, the young witch reflected with a wicked smile, if Molly saw her daughter now, there would be hell to pay.

Ginny was taking advantage of this unique brand of freedom by shedding the traditional witch's summer garb and was wearing a plunging halter top in bright lime green and yellow with a pair of frayed denim shorts that revealed more than it concealed of the young witch's body. A bill cap in the Fortescue colours covered Ginny's Weasley-red hair; a thick pony-tail poking out from the rear of the hat trailed to the middle of her tanned back. With her Muggle sandals of electric green, Ginny turned the heads of males, wizard and Muggle alike, as she made her way to and from the refreshment stand each day.

Yep, Molly would have set the rolling surf aflame with her tirade before snatching her half-naked daughter home by the hair.

That is why Ginny was careful to conceal herself beneath modest robes before apperating to the Burrow each evening after closing up.

Pushing out her bottom lip, Ginny puffed at the fringe of red that dangled into her eyes and watched an overweight Muggle woman chase a screaming toddler down the pebbled beach. 'I don't know why Florean insists I open the shop this early,' Ginny groused internally. 'The business never really gets rolling until midday, but he isn't one to let the chance at a knut or a crown slip away.' With a sigh, Ginny reached beneath the counter and pulled out a large canvas bag containing her class books. Besides slinging sodas and dogs for Florean, Ginny was also enrolled in night classes at The Centre for Animal Care in Edinburgh, where she hoped to one day gain her license as a veterinarian to the wizarding world. Only able to afford two classes a semester, Ginny often complained she would be as old as Minerva McGonagall before she would be qualified to take her exams. Opening a particularly thick book which sprouted multi-coloured scraps of torn paper as book marks, she set herself to study unaware that eyes the colour of winter dawn were once more following her every move.

Draco had noticed the youngest Weasley his first day in the resort village and his heart had climbed into his throat at the idea of the woman being this close. Over successive days, the wizard had observed the comings and goings of Ginny Weasley with concealed delight, for since his final year at Hogwarts, Draco had been fighting a growing attraction for the slender, waspish witch. During that time, his only access to Ginny's attention had been through baiting the girl unmercifully, often under the eyes of his fellow Slytherins. He had been pleased to see that the little red-head gave as good as she received and had managed to secretly hex him several times before graduation had called a halt to the mutual abuse.

"Draco, dearest," Pansy Parkinson whispered into his ear, pulling his attention back to the pouting witch who was soon to bear his name. "spread this on my shoulders."

Draco gave Pansy a wolf-ish grin. "With pleasure." He rose from his lounge chair.

The coy witch released the clasp holding the tiny scrap of material to her abundant chest, a false blush moving over her high cheek bones, before lowering herself to the towel Draco had earlier spread upon the pebbled shore.

Pouring the scented oil into one large palm, Draco rubbed his hands roughly over Pansy's bare back.

"Mmmm." The witch moaned as his hands laved the glistening substance over her freckled skin.

"Do you like that?" The young wizard asked, while his gaze returned to the red-haired witch at the cantina.

"Oh yes." Pansy sighed, arching her back against the pressure.

To further appease her, Draco allowed this slick fingers to travel along Pansy's ribs, just barely grazing the sides of her breasts.

Pansy moaned once more.

Draco let his eyes drift shut and in his mind, the woman sighing under his touch became flame haired and tiny. His movements slowed as he permitted the vision to grow more vivid. A slender back, tapering to a narrow waist. Slim, almost boyish hips that melted to thighs, legs so long... Bending, Draco pressed a kiss to the back of a neck, where in his head, red hair spilled to one side.

Pansy rudely shrugged him away, demanding in a whine, "Fetch me a soda, Draco. Make sure it has plenty of ice. For the life of me, I can't understand why these Muggles insist on drinking the stuff lukewarm."

Startled from his reverie, Draco hesitated, then blessed the lazy whore before him. He wiped the excess oil from his hands and rose to his feet. "Whatever you wish, my pet." He purred.

With studied grace, Draco walked over the tiny, hot stones, his sandals creating a rolling, crunch where he trod.

Ginny was deep into a chapter on difficulties arising from breeding kneazles to unmagical domestic felines and did not register the approach of a potential customer until a well-known drawl pulled her sharply back to the present.

"So Weasley, upholding the family tradition of hard work and all that tripe?"

Ginny's head jerked up and her eyes narrowed to brown slits when they fell on the form of Draco Malfoy leaning casually against the metal counter. "Someone has to foot the bill for those too lazy or too stupid to be employed, Malfoy." she replied in a bored tone.

"Or too rich to find salaried slavery necessary?" Draco responded with a leer.

"Give it up, Malfoy." Ginny snorted. "So what, you were born rich. You merely inherited what generations of Malfoys stole before you. I suppose that just means you are too lazy or too stupid to go out and steal your own fortune."

"Ooo, she's good!" Draco applauded silently.

The two stared hatefully at one another for a long moment before Ginny closed her book and tucked it under the counter. "What do you want?" she snapped, dragging a order pad and a pencil before her.

Draco allowed his eyes to wander in an insulting manner over Ginny's body, lingering on the enticing dip of her navel. He licked his lips suggestively. "Depends on what you are selling."

Her fingers tightened around the pencil with enough force to snap the slender piece, before Ginny managed to paste a nasty smile on her face. "Didn't realize you had to pay for that, Malfoy. Figured you for a rapist, actually."

Draco's features froze and anger boiled up in his chest. "I have never..." Biting off the rest of the words, he directed his attention to the menu hanging behind the counter. "A soda. Extra ice, if you have it." he snapped.

Ginny regarded Draco for a second before telling herself that she must have imagined the flash of hurt that had crossed his features before the angry scowl set up residence. "Sure." she said, tossing her pencil aside. "What type of soda you want?"

"I don't give a damn. Just make it cold, fizzy and quick, Pansy is waiting."

"Oh, Pansy is here? I was wondering what had the gulls so stirred up." Ginny moved to the cup dispenser, yanking a styrofoam container from its metal sleeve. Throwing the lid of the ice maker wide, she reached inside for the plastic scoop. Despite his ire, Draco kept his eyes fixed on her round, denim clad butt as Ginny leaned over the bin, filling the cup to its rim with slivery chips of ice.

Slamming the lid shut, Ginny turned to the drink machine and pushed the mounded container against a small, black lever. A foaming stream of brown hissed from a tiny spout. As the cup filled, Ginny inquired in a lighter tone. "So, what are you and Pansy doing in Bagnor Regis? Figured you more for the Riviera."

"We will honeymoon on the Riviera, on Father's yacht. Right now, I am here at the invitation of the Goyles, who own an estate on the outskirts of this charming little burg."

"I read about the upcoming nuptials in the Daily Prophet." She gave an exaggerated shiver. "Scary thought, that." Taking a plastic condiment bottle from a low fridge, Ginny directed a red stream into the cup, then returned the bottle to the ice box. The cherry she attempted to place in the beverage insisted on rolling off the mountain of ice, so she negligently bored a hole through the brown mound and crammed the cherry inside, its stem protruding into the air.

"How so?" Draco inquired with a somewhat bored tone.

"You know, society actually giving its blessing, knowing that you and Pansy will reproduce yourselves." She set the filled cup on the counter and tossed a straw down beside it. "One large cherry Coke. That will be four sickles, two." She informed him.

"You are still the mouthy little bitch!" Draco snarled, pulling coins from a pocket and throwing them down on the counter with a loud clang.

"And you are still the arse- hole-in-training we all know and love." Ginny purred with a smirk. "Give my regards to Pansy, will you? I know how much it will mean to her."

'Like hell I am letting Parkinson learn that you are here and working as a waitress to boot.' Draco thought as he took his purchase. 'That bitch would have a field day!'

"See you around, Weasley." Draco saluted her with the paper wrapped straw.

"Not if I see you first, Malfoy." Ginny chirped back airily, wiping the counter top with a damp rag.

Making his way once more over the beach, Draco reflected on his heart's reaction to Ginny's stab about rape. He had experienced many women since becoming sexually active, but all had come willingly to his bed. The Dark Revels he had attend with Lucius Malfoy had, mercifully, been free of that particular form of sick entertainment, though Draco knew that Muggles and magical folk alike were often brutally raped and killed for the amusement of Voldemort's Death Eaters. He wondered how much longer he and his future victims would be spared that moment.

Draco stifled a groan when he spotted Crabbe and Goyle standing over the half naked body of his intended. The trashy witch had turned over and was reclining on her elbows, breasts exposed and gleaming in the hot sun; the two mindless body guards running their piggy eyes over Pansy's bare chest. Not that Draco gave a rat's ass. Pansy could walk the town stark naked for all he cared. That she had shared her body with both of the leering goons on many occasions did not effect Draco, except that in a few days, he would be calling their whore 'wife' and be expected to sire a child in her much used body. His stomach clenched.

Would that he could just wed her and never lay eyes on her ever again! Let someone else endure her embrace on the honeymoon. However, the Parkinsons must have their gold and the Malfoy's their well placed connections. Sacrifices must be made. That Pansy was equally indifferent to Draco was of no concern to either family. The two of them had been pledged at birth.

Tied together from the cradle to the grave.

What a pleasant thought.

"Draco! Draco, did you know that the Weasley chit is working in town? As a servant, no less! Gregory just told me." Pansy's voice rivaled that of the circling gulls, Draco mused while handing her the drink. So much for keeping Ginny Weasley's presence a secret.

"Do cover up, my love." Draco growled low as he reclaimed his place by her towel. "You will be a Malfoy in less than a week. Time to scrape off the gutter slime and act like a lady." He yanked a skimpy cover up from her tote and threw it over her breasts. With a moue, Pansy complied.

Squinting up at the hulking forms of Vincent and Gregory, Draco asked nastily, "Don't you two have anything better to do?"

The young men exchanged confused glances before Crabbe answered for them. "No."

Malfoy waved a hand dismissively. "Go...somewhere. Build a sand castle. You are casting a shadow over my couch and it annoys me."

"Sure. Draco. No problem." Goyle responded and both heavy set wizards awkwardly plunked themselves down on the cobble sand and began to scrap it into a pile.

Holding back an impatient sigh, Draco returned his attention to Pansy.

"And yes, I know about Weasley. She prepared that beverage for you. She also sends her best wishes for a long and happy union." Draco's tone gave the lie it's intended slap.

"I don't believe you!" Pansy snarled, not catching the joke. "That ugly little bitch never liked me. Probably hoping something terrible will happen to upset the ceremony." She thrust the cup back at Malfoy. "Here, she probably poisoned it."

"For Merlin's sake, Pansy! I watched her make it. I wouldn't give you anything I didn't believe to be completely safe." Oh, that lie will come back to haunt you for sure, Malfoy old son!

"I don't care." Pansy said, gathering up her things. "I am going in. I don't want to blister."

"If you kept more clothes on, that would not be an issue."

"Draco," Pansy laughed. "You are such an old fashioned wizard! I am going to have to liven you up a bit. Here, give us a kiss. I am meeting mother in Barcelona for lunch and then shopping. I may not be back until tomorrow."

Draco placed a quick kiss on Pansy's puckered lips. "Enjoy yourself."

With a flirty wave, Pansy set off up the beach to the hidden apparition spot.

Her leaving managed to wipe all thoughts of Pansy from Draco's mind and as his eyes wandered over the rolling waves and wheeling shore birds, he brought the straw to his lips, drinking deeply.

And felt heaven explode in his mouth!

Clamping down on an ecstatic groan, Draco sucked once more on the device, filling his mouth with the tingling sweetness. What had Ginny called this potion? His mind fumbled for the memory as his taste buds did the happy dance.

Cherry Coke! Large cherry Coke! That's it!

Never, in all his privileged life had Draco's tongue bathed in such liquid perfection as now. The combined flavours of maraschino cherry and caramelized, carbonated water waltzed over his palate and down his throat, leaving an almost sexual satisfaction in its wake.

One more reason to admire and desire Ginny Weasley. She could brew paradise in a white Styrofoam cup.


The days that followed the appearance of Draco Malfoy were maddening for Ginny; the hateful git appeared at her cantina several times a day, often flanked by Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, demanding a large cherry Coke, a plate of chips, ice cream or a dog. Sometimes, he materialized under the shade of the canopy for no other reason than to heckle the witch if they were alone, or jeer evilly at her should other, more civilized, customers be present.

Their verbal exchanges were as blistering as the coastal sun. Draco would go on about the Weasley's poverty, all the while raking her body with his sliver-blue gaze. For her part, Ginny wielded her verbal blades with the precision of a female Severus Snape, gouging Malfoy about his lack of intelligence, ambition (unless being an Evil Overlord was an up and coming field of employment), and about his father, Lucius Malfoy.

"You leave my father out of this!" Draco had demanded one afternoon following a particularly nasty remark from Ginny.

"There are a great many things I would love to leave your father out of." Miss Weasley had retorted hotly. "Water, air..."

Draco had stormed away, Crabbe and Goyle quickly following, juggling their paper plates and drinks.

The street lights were just beginning to gather their fluttering, buzzing idolaters as Ginny began shutting down the stand. Her hair, damp with sweat and the grease that had floated on the muggy air from the fry baskets hung in a clump down her sticky back. With hands discoloured by snow cone flavourings and her skin smelling heavily of onions, she shrank the money bag holding that day's receipts and pushed it deeply into a pocket of her shorts. Certain that all was in readiness for the next day's crowd, Ginny pulled the key chain that held her miniaturized wand and opened the back door. Keeping a firm grip on the tiny splinter of wood, she surveyed the amber lit parking lot and closed shops, checking for danger. The majority of the shops were closed by now, and this stretch of the beach was fairly deserted except for the occasional couple out for a late stroll in the waves. In the distance, the lights from the pier glowed yellow-white.

More than one clerk had been attacked and robbed in the time she had been working for Fortesque, so Ginny was cautious as she stepped from the trailer and quickly made her way across Clarence Road to the drop point that would take the cash bag right to Fortesque's home. After that, Ginny would proceed to the apparation zone, don something better suited to Molly Weasley's taste and apparate home. A quick wash and it would be off to Edinburgh.

The waste bin outside the shop selling inflatable beach toys and wind chimes made from shells belched with satisfaction when Ginny made her deposit. Florean would be tickled with today's take, she thought. The crowds had been larger than normal, now that the season was picking up. Ginny considered asking the shop owner for some additional assistance at the cantina. She had worked herself to near exhaustion today and it would be helpful to have another person to run interference for her where Malfoy and his two pets were concerned. His almost constant presence at the shop and the lustful glances he tossed her way were beginning to take a toll on Ginny's nerves.

If he were only as beautiful on the inside as he is .... Ginny derailed that train of thought immediately. Ideas like that one had precipitated the biggest row between she and her brother, Ron, that Ginny could remember. All because of a stray comment that had slipped from her lips during one of the tirades against Slytherins, Malfoy in particular that Ron and Harry Potter were indulging in one evening just prior to the seventh year's graduation.

"If I ever catch that turd alone, I'm gonna shove that pointy chin of his right up his arse!" Ron was snarling.

"Well, he would feel right at home, now wouldn't he, mate?" Harry replied, equally pissed with the Slytherin Head Boy.

Hermione Granger had simply rolled her brown eyes at Ginny and the two girls carried on with painting their toe nails in lurid, flashing lacquer.

"I can understand Snape taking that bastard's side in this, after all they are both sorry gits, but Professor Lupin?" Ron bellowed, chunking his detention notice into the crackling fire place. "You would think, Lupin would have stood up for us."

"Well if you two had not been out prowling after hours, you wouldn't be in detention." Hermione said with a sniff.

"If that prat, Malfoy hadn't challenged us to a duel, then we wouldn't have been out after curfew, now would we, Miss-Live-by-the-Rules?" Ron retorted snidely.

"You would think after what had happened to us our first year, trusting Malfoy to show up for a duel would be the last thing you expected." came Hermione's tart reply.

"I can't believe I am sitting here listening to you make excuses for him!" Harry cried, his eyes blazing in anger and surprise at Hermione's lack of compassion for her two best friends.

"I am not making excuses for Draco Malfoy!" Hermione yelled, equally incensed. "I am simply tired of hearing you two attempting to make excuses for your behaviour."

"Turn coat!" Ron muttered under his breath, then said in a louder voice. "Tell her Gin, tell her what a royal shit Malfoy can be!"

Ginny shrugged. "Well," she began, "he does seem to spend an awful lot of time targeting Gryffindors, you three in particular." The young girl kept her brown eyes on the paint brush she was moving over the nail of one toe.

"Yea!" Harry agreed. "He seems to have singled you out for quite a bit of nasty doings besides. I have heard you two fighting at least three times a week."

"He does, but I don't get the feeling that his heart is really in it, you know?" Ginny replied. A few seconds passed before the red head realized that a dead silence had fallen over the group and looking up, found three sets of eyes regarding her in disgust and amazement.

"His heart's not in it?!" Ron bellowed, coming up out of his chair. "The bastard don't have one so far as I can tell! He torments you constantly. He has hexed you, for Merlin's sake! And you sit there and tell us his heart's not in it?"

Ginny rose up defensively. "It's not like it happens all the time." Her voice competing with Ron's to shake the dust from the high stone ceiling. "He can be quite sweet, actually."

Ginny thought Ron was going to strike her, so rigid did he become. Hermione must have felt the same, because she got to her feet and placed herself between the siblings. "Now Ron, I am sure that Ginny didn't mean it that way. Right, Ginny?

Ginny glared at Hermione, then back to her brother who was breathing heavily. "Yes! I did mean it! Don't you dare go and try to change my words just to make Ickle Ronnie-kins happy. I happen to enjoy my fights with Draco!"

"You're mad, that's what you are!" Ron barked. Harry tried to pull his angry friend back to his chair, but Ron twisted out of his grasp. "No sister of mine is going to stand here and tell me that she enjoys being hexed by that piece of garbage! He's a Death Eater, for crying out loud! What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that I am going to my dormitory and climb in bed. The conversation down here has become infantile." With that, Ginny flounced around and would have made it to the stairs leading to the girl's tower had not Ron dodged around Hermione and grabbed his sister's arm in a painful grip.

"What has he done to you?" He demanded, his face pushed close to Ginny's. "Has he been hitting on you, 'cause if he has, I will kill him!"

Ginny tried to pry Ron's fingers from her arm, but he shook the girl roughly, yelling, "Have you let him touch you?" His eyes raked over her body with a look of distaste.

Harry had to speak up. This was going too far. "Ron, let up. You are blowing this way out of proportion."

He was too late. Ginny's open palm impacted Ron's cheek with the sound of a exploding Dungbomb. "You crazy git! Don't you ever speak to me like that again. You are not my keeper and I don't have to answer to you about anything, ANYTHING I do!"

The conversation had gone steadily down hill from there.

It was a memory that Ginny did not like reliving.

Tossing her book bag over one shoulder, Ginny manuvoured through the thinned out crowds milling the sidewalks and headed to the secluded alley that had been set aside for apparating and disapparating. The sound of voices began to dim as she made her way along an empty stretch of sidewalk, the street lamps casting everything in shades of umber and black. Her wand was out and she was parting her lips for the disapparating spell when another voice intruded on the quiet.

"Accio wand!"

Ginny's wand flew from her fingers like a frightened bird, only to land docilely in Draco Malfoy's outstretched palm. "Where you off to, Ginny-girl?" he drawled, one corner of his mouth turned up in a smile.

For a split second fear ran through Ginny's blood like scalding water. It was just as quickly replaced by a comforting rush of anger. "Give me back my wand, Malfoy!" she growled, advancing on Malfoy where he leaned casually against one brick wall of the alley. She made to snatch the slender device from him, but Draco quickly raised his arm above his head. Being much taller than Ginny, the wand was now very much out of her reach.

"No. Not right at this moment, I think." He smirked down at Ginny, the silver eyes laughing at her futile attempts to snag his elevated hand.

Her face flushed with heat, Ginny backed away with a huff. Crossing her arms angrily over her chest, she glared at the gloating expression Malfoy wore, wishing she could smack it clear across the alley. The sound it would make colliding with brick would be most satisfying.

"Ok Malfoy, what do you want?"

"Nothing much. Thought we could talk."

"Talk? You want to talk? We have been talking, or more like bitching at each other for nearly a week now. Aren't you tired of it yet?"

"Are you?" Draco inquired.

"Truly, yes. I am also tired from working my tail off all day. I am ready to go home. I have classes tonight." Ginny's voice sagged, played out by the stresses of the day. "So, if you don't mind?" She held out her stained hand, impatient.

Instead of relinquishing her wand, Draco seized Ginny's hand and pulled the startled witch closer. He examined the grimy palm and flipped it over to view the back. "What have you been up to, Weasley?"

Ginny pulled, but Draco increased the pressure of his fingers. "It's snow cone flavourings. I haven't had time to use a proper cleaning charm.

Pulling his wand, Draco muttered a few words and Ginny felt her skin tingle with the force of his spell. "Let me see the other one." He ordered.

Rather than argue, Ginny obeyed and the sharp pleasure of his magic was repeated.

Ginny pulled from Draco's touch, checking her hands carefully.

"Did I miss a spot?" He demanded dryly.

"No, just wanted to make sure I still had skin left, is all." Ginny replied with a grin. "I have never felt a cleansing charm like that before."

The murky light leaking into the ally could not conceal the flush that crept over Draco's face, nor could it hide the hardening around the young wizard's eyes. "My father has rather high standards when it comes to personal hygiene. I learned early on to be thorough."

"Hmm." Ginny murmured, then held out her hand. "I am going to be late and mum worries enough as it is, so if you don't mind?" She gestured impatiently with her fingers. "Thanks for the scrub."

"You doff those rags and I will give you the full treatment." Draco teased, missing the spark of fear that flared in the deep brown of her eyes. He increased Ginny's anxiety by tucking her wand in the back pocket of his low-slung shorts. "Come on, Weasley, skive off class for one night. I promise to make it worth your while." To Ginny's eyes, his grin had become feral, predatory, as he slid closer, cutting off the meagre light and Ginny's escape route with his heavier body.

The sound of Draco's voice was nearly drowned by the sudden roar of blood in Ginny's ears. Struggling to hold the welling fear at bay, Ginny produced a brittle laugh. "Get over it, Malfoy. I'm not interested. Go hook up with Pansy."

Draco's form totally eclipsed even the stray glimmers of street light now and Ginny could barely make out his features, but she could detect the harsh line that appeared between his brows. "I don't care to 'hook up' with Pansy. S'bad enough I will be spending the rest of my life with the b...." Draco bit off, lifting his hand to stroke the backs of his fingers tenderly along her cheek. "I am a man being given a life sentence, Ginny-girl. Won't you help me spend my last hours," His hand crept along the side of her neck, his thumb gently caressing the pale shell of Ginny's ear in passing. "With someone I genuinely," Draco's other hand slid, unhindered, around Ginny's narrow waist, the feel of her sweat-damp skin under his palm causing his heart to race. "respect."

All of this went unheard by the shattered young woman as images of another young man raped her mind. Black hair. Eyes, frigid and hard with decades of carefully nurtured hate. And the hands........


So cold! Like a corpse!

His lips had barely grazed her cheek when Ginny rebelled.

"No!" Her choked scream took Draco by surprise, and he was unprepared for the rain of fists pouring down on his head, shoulders, chest, anything that could be reached by the sobbing, whimpering woman twisting in his arms.

"No! No! No! No! No!" Ginny chanted, her voice high and fragile. She caught Draco a stinging blow along one cheek as she attempted to climb up and over his body.

"Ginny!" Draco whispered harshly. "Ginny, calm down. My god, woman! Shut up!"

He shoved her roughly from him, pulling his wand as Ginny sank to the filthy concrete, her arms wrapped tightly around her upraised knees.

"What the f..." he snarled, only to halt his words at Ginny's mewling plea.


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