It was already evening since the café Poirot closed its doors for their customers. As always it had been a busy day for the beautiful waitress, but she was glad for that. Due to the ongoing stream of customers, she didn't need to think about today's special day. Then today will marked the 2-year anniversary since her co-worker Toru Amuro stopped working at Poirot. A lot has changed since then. Azusa got a new co-worker, who wasn't as popular as her last one, but he still helped her a lot during the busy hours. She herself was now in charge of the café as a second in command after her boss. She even got a new haircut and was now rocking a short bob, which highlighted her heart shaped face more than ever and makes her whole personal lovelier than it already was. It was still unusual for her but with each passing day she got to love her new hair more and more. Her boyfriend also liked her new haircut, and she couldn't be happier than she already was. And Toru Amuro, he vanished just as fast as he appeared on the first day. Now he was just a faint memory from the past. But sometimes Azusa couldn't help herself and think about the past. One some days she really missed her ex- co-worker and wished he never quit. On afterthought she wouldn't want to change anything at all as she is now happier than she could imagine to be. If it wasn't for Toru Amuro to quit his job, she would not have the chance to meet her boyfriend.

The sun was already setting as the green-eyed waitress made her way to the front door of the café to turn the closed shield around. Wearing her dark orange hoodie underneath the Poirot's signature navy apron, she started to clean the inside of the café. While Azusa was summing and mobbing the floor, the last sun rays illuminated the inside of the café and kissed her face though the big window of the little bistro. This resulted in a lovely atmosphere and makes her face glow in a soft warm colour. She was so focused on her task that she didn't notice the shadow that started to approach the front door of the little café underneath Kogoro Morris detective office. Azusa was just about to turn around and head back to the dressing room as she heard the soft sound of the front doors bell. Suddenly startled the brown-haired waitress quickly turned around and was about to say that the shop was closed when she stopped in her tracks. In front of her stood a handsome man in his grey suit with a loose tied and a bouquet of beautiful, arranged flowers in his hands and a smile on his face. Still shocked to see the person in front of her, Azusa didn't know what to say. But she didn't need too then the man started to talk.

"I know that I am running a little late, but the day is still not over yet, so I technically still made it on time" tried the distressed man to explain with a small smile on his handsome face while scratching the back of his head. While a little dumfounded and also happy of his sudden appearance Azusa didn't know what to say. After seconds of just looking at him, a loving smile started to form on her face and little tears started to appear in her eyes. "You really remember" she whispered and started to slowly walk toward him. "Of course, I do! Did you forget that I was working as a detective and undercover information seeker? he taunted her while griping her arm and pulling her towards him before lightly tapping her head with the flower bouquet. A little flustered of his sudden action she started to pull away from him. But knowing him she knows that she didn't have a chance to flee from him since he was so persistent. With loving eyes and a smile on his face the blond-haired man started to look her in the eyes and quietly said: "Happy 2-year anniversary Azusa". After these said words, he started to lean towards her face and slowly kissed her on her luscious soft lips. The said woman was still overwhelmed by her feelings that it took her a while to respond to the kiss. But after a few seconds she started to wrap her arms around his neck in order to pull him closer to intensify their kiss. Their kiss was passionate and full of love for each other as they embrace each other. After a few more seconds they slowly started to pull apart while still looking into each other's eyes. Being the first one to break the silence Azusa started to speak "I know that you will never forget our anniversary, but you have been so busy the last few days that I thought you will this time".

"Have a little fate in me Azusa will ya? Even if I am busy, I will still find a way to spend the rest of my day with you? How did you think I was able to wear 3 heads back then? said the security police officer with a little smug on his face. While pouting a little bit about the past of her boyfriend she couldn't help herself but finding herself turning her head to the right direction.

"U still showed up but pretty late and the day is almost over "said Azusa while creaking an eye open while looking at her handsome boyfriend. "I know I know but the reason why I was late was because I couldn't find a flower shop to give you this beautifully arranged bouquet" said the police officer while handling her said bouquet with an apological smile.

"Liar" said the waitress with a coy smile on her lips while accepting the flowers "You and I both know that it will only take you one single call to get me the flowers", "Well that may be true, but I wanted to personally handpick the flowers by myself for my beautiful girlfriend" said the former ex undercover officer with charming smile on his face. "Well, if that was the case then thank you for the gorgeous flowers, Rei "said the green-eyed beauty while smelling the said flowers. Looking up at him she replied with the most beautiful smile "Happy anniversary Rei" while planting a peck on his delicious lips. A big smile started to form on Rei Furuya lips while he watches his girlfriend looking up at him. He never thought he would be able to experience such happiness after losing his four friends a few years back. Growing up without any parents it was hard for him. But after meeting Hiro, his best friend, he got to experience what it would feel like to be cared for. After losing Hiro and his other three friends from the police academy he though we would never experience this feeling ever again. Thus, he almost forgot how it would feel like to be loved and cared for. Only years later to find that seeking emotion in this beautiful woman right in front of him. He still cannot believe that she belongs to him now. Even after all he did, she still wants him with all his flaws and imperfections. She just doesn't see his outer shell but also his inside, where a broken soul just wanted to be loved. After meeting her while his undercover job in Poirot he knew that she could be dangerous…. dangerous for his heart. While working together and getting to know her and see her everyday he couldn't help himself but find himself falling in love with her with each passing day. I mean who wouldn't fall for her hard. Azusa Enomoto is everything that a man would want a woman to be. She is hardworking, caring, funny, sometimes too observance and also beautiful on the inside and the outside. Rei couldn't be happier than having such an amazing woman by his side.

"Re…Rei …Rei? Are u listening?" being interrupted by his thoughts he quickly refocused and look at her. "Sorry, I was just spacing out a little bit but could please say it again love?", "I was telling you that I am done with the cleaning and that we should head home now. Or is it that you don't want to get your anniversary present?" said the waitress with a mischievous smirk on her face while turning a little bit red just at the thought of what she is planning to do. Being as observance as a detective could be, Rei didn't miss the undertone in her question and started to slowly walk with a smirk on his face. "Oh… and what is it that you want to give to me A-Z-U-S-A?" said the blond-haired man without missing any chance to tease her a bit more as he loves seeing that lovely reddish shade on her face. "W…. Well, you will find it out w when we get home "stuttered an embarrassed Azusa to her boyfriend of 2 years. "Then lets head home "said an overexcited Furuya while leading his woman to a white RX-07 car.

And well…. Touru Amuro did disappear but instead this amazing man made his appearance in my life.