Notes=Kaito loves to dress in drag as himself on normal days. He gets beat up for it and someone trys to kill him saying "its not right" Shinichi finds him half dead(the case Shinichi ends up with and how the 2 meet). Shinkai couple.

Chapter 1

Kaito P.O.V

I woke up with a ice pack on my forehead. "How are you feeling Kuroba?" said Hakuba. "Like someone beat the shit out of me" I answered. "Yeah well you and Anzua are the only witnesses and she's too afraid to say anything." Shinichi said. "Can I talk to her?" I asked. Shinichi nodded.

I made one of my toys I make appear out of nowhere that I use(the animal toy Nakamouri-keibu that he gave in the princess episode) to cheer people up and handed Anzua one. "For a nice Oujou-chan. You shouldn't have to witness such a scene." I said with a smile.

She smiled softly. "You're as good as Kid-sama" she said. "You're a fan I take it?" I said. She nodded. "Kudo-kun the guy is my husband. He's against the LBGT community and drag queens. Says he will stamp them all out or kill them if he cant."

"We'll handle it. Thanks Anzusa. Kuroba that was amazing! Can you go sit down until we need you again." Shinichi asked. I nodded.


Shinichi P.O.V

I approached him. "He's arrested and didn't charge him with anything. Why?" I asked. "I can't stop how someone thinks of a person. Everyone is human. It honestly doesn't matter nor do I care what he thinks of me. That's what matters no matter how many laws business men pass or anything. I honestly don't care. I will just be me no matter what they do. So Kudo Shinichi I should thank you. Thank you for saving my life." he said.

"Your welcome. Want to grab lunch somewhere? Know a great diner." I said. He laughed at this. "I would love that." he answered.

Notes=This is a one shot and some of you may not like that.