Alice is always right, with her ability or just with her eyes tinkling when pointing out true statements playfully, but how much I wish right now how wrong she is. Besides any of our family members, I am the one who knows best about her weak points of vision because that was the only thing that delayed our first meeting and made her wait years just to see me. Sometimes I wish I could go back and meet my old self to punch his face and say that somebody, who is too precious for this world, is willing to wait for these last broken pieces of a lost soul.

We will be fine; Volturi won't do anything that makes her face look sick from not being able to cry and how cloudy her emotions were. I can't—no, I promise her I won't ever do my trick on her. She wants to feel her emotions without any interference, and she always says if it hurts her, let it be. I think she saw how we were losing the battle, but when her broken eyes glance at mine, it makes me realize I will take a big part in it because she knows how precious she is to Volturi, and I'll always be a standing wall to them. My vow to always be with her will be broken in this war. I don't want to think about what Volturi will do to us—to me—but right now, Alice's thundering emotions are my priority.

"Alice, love"

Her trembling hands were still before rushing to hug me tightly. She let my hand brush her shaking form, and I could feel how her body finally grumbled down to earth and let me catch her remaining hope. Since the last vision, she has kept herself close to me, always within arm's reach before she breaks down on my lap, my shoulder, my chest, and between my palms. I can't make my power big enough to calm her and make her feel safe again, but I hope my love will be enough for now because she needs to know I still love her on this journey.



"You need to hunt, darling." This was my third time saying it.

"No, I just need you," was her answer for the third time too.

Looking at Alice's darkening pupil makes me worry sick, but I can't help but believe that we will be fine every time she closes our argument by pressing her soft lips into mine.