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Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging

Surrey, England.

A young boy awoke to a soft sound he didn't recognize. It was usually too dark to see in his cupboard, but as his eyes fluttered open the space was alight with a soft glow. The source of the glow and noise lay in the corner of his cupboard, something that definitely wasn't there before.

He reached out and grasped the item, slowly, quietly, carefully, and brought it close enough to identify it without his glasses. It was an oddly thin looking book. How this book got here, he didn't know, but he held it close and listened for the soft noise that had woken him.

"Harry Potter" As softly as a whisper, it almost sounded like a soft hiss. Like the tea kettle.

He responded in an equally soft, "what?"

"Hi, Master Harry. I now Open." a gust, or perhaps a light breeze, tore through the thin cupboard walls and pushed the cover of the book ever so gently across its spine, revealing the first page.

Harry hadn't read a book before. How was he to read this one? He didn't understand the words on anything around the house yet!

And yet, as he looked at the first page with all of his earnest curiosity, he understood the words as if he'd always known them. He Felt them in his head as he began to read.

Hi Harry Potter. You may not know yet, But that is your name. It is also my name. You haven't met me, and you likely won't, but you should know you can trust yourself. I can explain later how I've written this because its not very important right now. For now what is important is for you to understand a pivotal detail of our lives:

You. Are. Important.

You Matter. A Lot.

We can get into why later on. but for now just know it to be true. This book has appeared to you shortly after your fifth birthday. Typically, you don't know how to read yet. But you can read these words.

That is the first of our shared secrets. We can speak a special language only Snakes (and sometimes other stuff) can speak. This is called Parseltongue. This book is written entirely in Parseltongue. The benefit of that is how parseltongue is read; parseltongue does not have words. It is merely Understood.

If anyone else could see these pages it would look like scribbled lines, but we see the intent, the understanding, in the lines. Some of these words you may not have even heard before, but the Parseltongue will make sure you understand their concepts.

I encourage you to speak parseltongue to the neighborhood snakes, and enjoy their company. I have found the majority of snakes to be wonderful companions.

Now, to assuage some worries that may or may not have occured to you, Noone will mind you reading this book. In fact, it will be incredibly difficult for anyone to notice you reading it. The reason why is something we shall get into later on.

It is safe And recommended to carry this book everywhere with you. Noone will touch it, nothing will hurt it, and it can never be truly lost. This is yours, forever.

Harry rubbed his eyes. This is a wonderful dream, he thought. He felt wonderful, like he was soaring through the air. He shifted as well as he could to be more comfortable, as he began to read the second page.

Here is the purpose of this gift: To help prepare you for your life. To ensure you live long and happily. To aid you in your personal journey in any way it can. The first step in that will be learning about what you can do.

Harry Potter can do lots of things. I am the Harry who wrote this book. All the Harry Potters can speak parseltongue. And All the Harrys can use Magic. You may not yet know this but you should know its true. I used a LOT of magic to make this book and a LOT more magic to get it to you.

But what does that mean for you? To have magic? To put it simply, magic is power. The power to make changes to the world. The power to ease burdens and create them. To create and to destroy. In alignment with this books goals, it will teach you about magic. It will teach you how to use magic.

Lets start by finding your magical core.

Harry followed the instructions after that line with wide eyes, the widest his eyes had ever felt. Breathe slowly, close his eyes, and search for his magical core in his mind. He didn't really know how to do that, but he kind of understood.

He sat upright and breathed through his nose. In, Out. In, Out. He kept that up and allowed his eyelids to fall closed. He tried to reach for his mind, and his core. It took many monents before he suddenly lurched forwards.

When he opened his eyes, he was still in his cupboard, but it was cleaner. If he had read the book right then this was his memories. He carefully pushed open the door and crawled out of his little room.

Before him was the most breathtaking sight he'd ever seen. A grey sky rife with clouds, above a field of grey grass. It was well lit but he saw no sun. A cool breeze pushed to and fro past him. The book didn't mention how beautiful a sight this would be. He walked for a long time in that grass.

Until he reached a large door. Far too large for him to even open, not that he Could open it. The door handle rested far out of his reach and had every lock he could imagine around it. At the bottom of that door however, was a smaller door, perfectly in shape with his meager size.

He pushed that door open and stepped in.

You may or may not notice some kind of defense, or series of locks, on your core. For now thats okay. In fact its probably for the best until you have proper control over your magic. Now that you've interacted with it I want you to try to feel your magic as often as you can remember to do so.

I didn't have this book growing up. I had the spiders in the cupboard, the snakes in the yard, and my magic. I hope you appreciate the gift in front of you!

Now, lets talk about what you can Do with your magic. You can't do much yet. But you Can start to help yourself. When you are doing chores think of your magic and let it help you. If you are in danger think of your magic and defend yourself. When you feel sad or angry feel the differences in your magic and allow your core to calm you.

These are all natural magical impulses a child may experience. You are going to try to do this consciously. Lets start by feeling your magic and pulling it into your hand. I want you to close your eyes and picture your magic swimming from your core up your arm, coming to your palm, and slowly pushing out of it.

Harry closed his eyes. He felt his core- His Magic!- and pulled it ever so gentle down his arm. He felt it reach his palm and encouraged its release. The following blast of wind etched itself into his memory for all time.

His magic burst from his hand in a whirl of green and grey smoke. It felt like it was dancing on his skin. It felt like Energy, like Happiness, a lot like when he stole a candy last Christmas. The sudden blast had made him afraid for a second. All he felt now was Awe.

Harry had felt nervous about doing this for a long time, but the book assured him it would be okay. This would lead to his first first real friend, the first living thing he could count on. He'd been put to work in the garden for around a month now.

He took a deep breathe to ready himself. He thought of the snakes he had seen in books at school. He spoke, in a whisper, "Hello? Is anyone there?"

For a quiet minute he questioned whether there were any snakes at all. Britain was on an Island after all how could the snakes even get here?

But he trusted his book, so he waited. It didn't take much longer for his patience to pay off.

From a bush too close for comfort a redish pair of eyes eeked out and met his own gaze.


An awkward pause.

"..Hi, my name is Harry."

"Greetings speaker. I am the breeze in the underbrussh. You may call me Breeze."

And a fitting name it was. Breeze was a mottled grey all too similar to the grass of his mind. Along his back rested a zigzag pattern of reddish brown. Harry recognized Breeze as an Adder from the books he looked at in school.

"Why have you sought me out speaker?"

"..I.. seek a friend. A companion to hunt alongside me."

Harry had practiced the words his book told him to say. According to it, most snakes were somewhat posh, or formal. Harry didn't really understand that but he was intent to respect it regardless.

Breeze closed his eyelids, and tasted the wind on his tongue for several moments. Just as Harry began to doubt himself, began to question if Breeze would strike him, the adder spoke again,

"It would be an Honor to hunt alongside you speaker." And with that Breeze crawled forward and dipped his head before Harry, then wound his way up Harry's arm to rest along his shoulders.

"You are warm and strong speaker. We will finish many hunts in our time."

Harry knew he should respond, or get back to the chore, but instead his focus was brought to keeping the tears out of his eyes. He had a friend now. A companion he could speak to at any time.

Harry would say he was used to odd sights by now. Magical Book, His Mind, His Magical Core, Talking Snake. He was not prepared for said talking snake to be reading the aforementioned magical book.

"Breeze? What are you doing?"

"Your other you recognized me as your chosen serpent, speaker. He is wise beyond your years and tells of many secrets."

"..Alright then. Is it.. uh.. good reading?"

Harry was surprised to find out snakes could chuckle.

"Yes it is, dear speaker. It tells me of your goals, your strength, your potential. It has shown me your depth. I was wise to honor your request. Rise speaker, we will see now about enacting a ritual your other you highly recommendss."

After reading over what they needed, Harry scoured the walls of his cupboard for a nail he knew from experience carried and edge enough to cut. He cupped his hand around it as best he could and followed the books instructions on how to clean it with it with his magic. He reached for his core, and thought of the idea of cleaning. He held onto that concept and focused his intent on the nail. He pulled his magic from his core, to his hand, and he smiled brightly when he felt the power release from his palm.

A soft glow from under his hand purified the nail to make it safe for his needs in only a few seconds. He pulled his hand away after the glow ceased and found the nail remarkable shiny. Following the books words, he pricked his thumb, index, and middle fingers upon it. He winced from the sharp pain, but thankfully it really wasn't that bad.

He brought his hand to Breeze who had coiled up in the appropriate manner to bow his head towards Harry. Harry brought his hand to Breeze's face, and softly stroked his thumb along Breeze's right cheek. With his middle finger he stroked the left. With his index finger he drew an S upon Breeze's forehead.

"Humble serpent, I ask for your allegiance, your will, and your wisdom. I offer my strength, my future, and the promise of hunts to come.."

Harry took a deep breath and placed his hand before Breeze for the next part of the ritual.

"I grant you all boons, speaker, and accept all gifts. May our shared might carry us into soft glory."

Breeze swung forwards and bit into Harry's hand. The blood on his face glowed softly and a flash of light filled the space momentarily. Harry thought he should feel pain in his hand, but it didn't hurt, and when Breeze released him there were no marks.

He suddenly felt tired beyond any fatigue he had ever felt before. He felt more than saw Breeze swaying in exhaustion as well. They both passed out in the cupboard.

Harry carefully sidestepped the other students in the hall, eyes focused entirely on his book. He startled for a moment when he felt a rush of excitement, then satisfaction. No doubt Breeze had caught himself a mouse to eat in the fields across from the school.

He missed the reassurance of Breeze's scales in his pocket. After the ritual Breeze had grown well beyond his previous size and was just a bit too large to comfortable conceal. It was made up for by the presence of their bond. The link between them carried over their feelings to eachother, and according to the book, would allow for much more later in life. Harry felt it was entirely worth the trade.

For a few years now I've told you about how magic works, what it is, and how you can start to exercise your magic. Now we start a different but related topic: the other magic users. Among the many of you and I that I've sought out, all of them have had magic and participated in a magical society.

The most prevalent of these societies is the Wizarding World. This consists of secret magical societies in various countries. Sometimes it is only a handful of countries, other times it is Every country. You shouldn't have to worry about any country other than magical Britain for a long time though.

Typically, magical people are called wizards or witches and use a magical focus called a wand. In magical Britain, wizards and witches are often invited to a magical school at age eleven. Most often this magical school is called Hogwarts.

On your eleventh birthday a letter should arrive from Hogwarts. Be sure to collect it before the Dursleys notice. You will need to write a response and hand the letter back to the Owl that delivers it. Yes, an Owl.

I've enchanted this book to identify more of your worlds details over time. That will be much easier once you arrive at your magical school, particularly since they are almost always strong magical places. You should be around Nine years old now, if my estimates are correct, so you don't have much longer...

Harry was in fact only eight years old, but that just meant he was progressing faster than the other Harry expected, which could only be a good thing. He absently stroked Breeze's back in the light of the garden as he read.

...Now let's circle back around to accidental magic and what means what concerning it.

Harry stood in front of the bathroom mirror. He brought all his magic to focus on one goal: change his hair to red. Red was apparently an easy color to picture and achieve according to the book. He had struggled for hours this week attempting to achieve the change.

Just as he thought he saw a tinge of brown in his black lockes he lost focus and crumpled back against the wall with a sigh. This was the only time he had truly struggled with what the book instructed and it frustrated him endlessly. Breeze patiently reread the section of the book on accidental magic to help find whatever advice Harry may have missed, but Harry was sure he hadn't missed a thing.

Why Red of all colors? Red was Anger, and Danger. Harry didn't want to be angry or make people scared. Why couldn't it be a cool color. Like how his mind was all grey. He glared at the book, continuing his mental rant, I bet if I could picture grey hair it'd change in an inst-

Breeze softly lapped at the air then turned toward Harry. Once again Harry was shown snakes could chuckle.

"Breeeze c'mon I want to focus on this ability. I really hope that accidental hair growth wasn't a fluke. I want to be this Metamorphigus thing it sounds awesome!"

Breeze's serpentine voice practically dripped with mirth as he responded, "Speaker. The Mirror."

Harry gasped at the sight of his hair turned the grey he had been picturing. After a triumphant grin and as close a hug as Breeze could manage, he settled back in front of the mirror to admire the new look.

"..What Freakish thing have you done now boy."

Uncle Vernon's deep voice rang from the end of the hall. Harry froze as he instantly recognized his mistake. He had been practicing his metamorphagus abilities and left his hair a startling shade of blue. He quickly slammed his eyes shut and forced it back to black, but it was all for naught as Vernon stomped towards him with a mighty, grumpy frown.

"I know what I just saw boy. You keep that freakishness to yourself, you understand me?? I won't have you corrupting my son with your foul heresy. You hear me?"

The words were quiet and harsh, the quietest he'd ever heard his uncle. Harry matched his uncles volume,

"Yes sir. Sorry Uncle."

Vernon straightened up but did not avert his glare. He practically growled out, "If I find out you've messed with my family in your freak ways I'll have you sent off. I give you food and a roof over your head. Do not forget that kindness boy." Vernon stomped away.

Harry shook like a leaf, his magic fluctuating wildly with fear, as he stared after his uncle.

Harry was on his way to leave school for the day when he heard a familiar voice.

"Sod off. Just because my family can afford to feed me doesn't make me fat compared to You Piers."

A slapping sound startled Harry from his eavesdropping, and he moved towards the voices, following even more slapping noises.

Near the schools entrance, a boy named Piers stood over Harry's cousin Dudley. Dudley was crying freely but silently.

"I'm surprised you can talk at all with how much fat hangs off your lips, Dudders. Maybe next time you should leave them closed so I don't have to hurt you again. But, you aren't smart either, so I guess you won't listen to me, huh?"

Piers and Dudley had been friends once. A couple of months ago, though, Vernon had to fire Piers' dad over a huge issue at work. Ever since then, Piers had taken out his father's anger on Dudley. Before all that, Dudley and Piers had often made fun of Harry, but nothing physical like this.

Harry ran over and got right in Piers face before he even realized he was moving.

"Maybe you aren't so smart after all, Piers. If you had a lick of intelligence, you'd be working on not being last in class."

Piers flushed with anger, "Oh yeah, Book Boy? Why don't you read this!"

The sentence was almost ridiculous enough that Piers' punch landed, but Harry's magic had pulled his body out of the way as he scowled in confusion. Harry got a hold of himself and pushed Piers backward onto the ground in response.

"You can't even throw a hit, Piers. Why don't you just stay on the ground until you find your brain again."

Piers growled but glanced behind Harry seeing something that made his face pale.

Harry wheeled around to see his teacher standing stock still with a deep frown on his features.

"Boys. This is hardly the place for roughhousing. Go home. All of you."

All three boys complied quickly, Dudley and Harry walking at the same pace to their shared home. It was silent for a minute or so, aside from the odd sniffles Dudley gave.

"Thank you." Dudley murmured as they turned onto their street. "You didn't have to do that."

"Of course I did. You're my cousin, Dudley. I wasn't going to let that prat pummel you."

They walked on in awkard silence for another minute.

"I'm sorry for being mean to you, Harry. You didn't deserve that. Now I know how that feels."

"I appreciate the apology, Dudley. If Piers comes at you again, I'll stop him, okay?"

"Okay. Yeah."

Harry and Dudley reached the door and knocked, waiting for their Aunt and Mum respectively to open the door. When Petunia opened it to let them in, she sucked in her breath sharply at the sight of Dudley.

"Oh my Dudders, what happened!? Why are you bruised? Oh, come in, sit down now!"

Harry followed behind them with a slight frown. He felt somewhat jealous of that attention. Nevertheless, he went to his cupboard to read.

Around dinner time, Harry waited for the expected knock to let him know he could come and sit at the table. He wasn't expecting his uncle to swing open the door and drag him out by his arm. Breeze had to stay hidden, they both knew, but he hissed in warning despite himself. Thankfully, Vernon didn't seem to notice.

"Come here, you rotten boy, you will explain to me at Once these bruises on my son- MY SON you rotten, loathsome Bastard-"

As Vernon dragged him into the kitchen, Dudley jumped to his feet despite his mother's hands on his shoulders.

"Dad, stop it!"

"What's this boy? Has this freak controlled you somehow? Do not talk to me like that!"

"Dudley dear, sit down, you need to eat to heal." Petunia's pleading went unheard in the shouting match between Vernon and Dudley.

"No, Dad, I already told you it was Piers! Harry helped me! Why won't you listen!"

"Why won't I listen?? because that's ridiculous, son! Piers is your friend, and this Brat is nothing but a snake in our home!"

Harry stared at the floor. He should've known, regardless of the truth, that Vernon would do this. Punish Harry first, think never.

"Vernon, dear, we should listen to our boy. He's much too strong of heart to be, be controlled or any such nonsense, surely?"

Vernon spluttered, "Well, yes, I don't mean to, uh, hm. I don't trust this freak!"

"He's not a Freak dad! He helped me, he stopped Piers, I swear it!"

Harry tuned them out now. He wasn't sure if Dudley would get through to Vernon, but he did appreciate the effort. Harry had put two and two together that Vernon was angry at Harry for having magic and that having magic was what made him a freak. That didn't matter to Harry, though. He had his book, and he had Breeze. Those were Important.

Vernon let go of Harry and murmured a weak apology, and told him to sit. Harry did as he was told, and glanced at Dudley long enough to offer him a grateful smile.

Here we are Harry. Your letter should arrive alongside the morning post, be ready to get it. DO NOT LET THE DURSLEYS SEE IT. Unless of course you got lucky and got the friendly Dursleys. Hadn't thought of that before now. Extremely rare.

The book should have enough of a reading on your world now for my next gift to you. The next pages will be very special. You will need to tap the corner, where the little square is, and say, "I solemnly swear _ is up to no good." You'll understand that later, don't worry. Fill in that blank with the name of someone you want to learn about.

The book will tell you My experience, the common experiences, and the differences your version of that person has shown. For a trial run use it on the Dursleys. Enjoy!

Harry was sure he would enjoy it. He was bubbling with excitement over his incoming letter. The years since he got his book had been spent Yearning for this. For now though it was time to try out the gift.

Harry pressed his thumb to the corner,

"I solemnly swear Dudley Dursley is up to no good."

The pages filled with writing and a timer appear in the box where his finger had been, reading three minutes.

Harry had become quite the fast reader over the years, and that limit was not a real problem.

What was a real problem was how Unfortunate other Harrys were. Dudley stayed a bully for most Harrys, if not a downright Enemy. That was rather sad, Harry thought.

In the two years since he had saved Dudley from Piers, he had grown kinda close to his cousin. Not anywhere near enough to share his secrets, of course, but enough to call Dudley his friend. They had faced down Piers and a few other would-be bullies over the years, and stopped several other kids from being bullied.

Dudley had even convinced Vernon to give Harry his second bedroom, so Harry was out of the cupboard. Being closer to Dudley had brought Harry closer to Petunia, and he could say his aunt had at least tolerated him now. Vernon still raged at the slightest hint of magic though.

Harry used the pages to learn about Petunia, and Vernon, and even Piers. Apparently Piers dad getting fired was rather rare too. He couldn't think of anyone else he could bother to read of, so he sat his book down on his secondhand desk, and tried his best to fall asleep.

Harry shook awake with a shiver as he swore he could Feel the new direction life would be going. He practically ran down the stairs, as quietly as possible, to snatch up the letter. He froze for a moment at the bottom of the stairwell when he Did Not see a letter. Only then he heard the soft whistle of the postman, and saw the normal set of letters fly through the mail flap.

He waited anxiously for a few moments. He listened as the postman strutted away, then he heard a flap of wings, and watched the mail door. His jaw practically unhinged when not one, but Two letters came through.

"Aunt Petunia. Uncle Vernon. Dudley. I.. have something important we need to talk about."

Petunia paled immediately as she seemed to figure out what he wanted to talk about. Vernon merely grumbled while Dudley looked a bit confused.

Harry braced himself with some deep breaths. The book did not cover what he should do here, but he would do his best.

"Aunt Petunia, I think you've figured out part of the talk. I've recieved my letter."

Petunia somehow seemed to get even paler. She sounded like she was choking on the words as she spoke next, "I Understand Harry. Would you mind not talking about this in front of your cousin?"

Harry looked at the floor, took another breath, then raised his eyes back to meet hers.

"If I could, I would. The problem is that I am not the Only One who got the letter."

and with That, Petunia fainted, and the screaming started.

Harry sat on the couch flushed red with anxiety and fear. Vernon had raved like a madman for some time before exploding and running out of the house. Harry kept his hand in his jumper pocket where Breeze lay carefully still to provide moral support. Dudley still looked confused, and hurt by Vernon's loud screaming. Petunia was just now beginning to come around to sensibility.

Clearing her throat, "Right. Well. I.. suppose I should have been more prepared for this possibility. Lily warned me, all those years ago. and here we are. Well."

She continued to mumble off into nothingness.

"Aunt, may I explain this to him? please?"

Petunia merely nodded and found the floor particularly interesting to stare at.

"Harry I don't get what's going on. Why was dad angry at us? What did you mean by the letters?"

Harry gulped, and began the explanation,

"Dudley, I am going to be blunt. Magic is real. My parents were magical. Your mum didn't have enough magic to practice it, but somehow, You Do."

Dudley looked Harry in the eyes for several long moments. He looked at his mum, who was just nodding and staring at the floor. He thought of the things his dad had said, and came back around to look at Harry.

"Thats why he says those things? because you have magic? and now.. I do too. and he said those things to me too." Dudley began to curl in on himself on the couch.

The three sat in silence for a long moment. Petunia then rose and walked towards Harry.

"Harry. I know I haven't treated you as well as I could have. But please. Please keep Dudley safe. Every year your mother would come home with another dangerous adventure behind her and it scared our parents to death. I don't want Dudley to be hurt. But I know he needs to- to explore that world. As she did." Petunia then moved to give Dudley a hug, then to the kitchen.

"So.. what happens with the magic Harry? what do we do now?" Dudley had taken a solemn tone, but it was clear he didnt quite understand yet.

In response Harry handed him his Hogwarts letter. "There is a school for magical children. The name is kind of silly but its a good school, its where my parents went. Its sort of like a boarding school, and its in Scotland."

Dudley nodded and opened his letter gingerly. Harry did the same.

Petunia drove Harry and Dudley into London, though she clearly didn't want to leave them there. Harry knew how to get into Diagon Alley from his book, and had explained as much as he could to ease her fears.

"Don't worry. We'll head straight to the bank and I'll get more than enough to cover me and Dudley. and I'll keep him close." Harry tried to be as confident as possible to reassure her.

Petunia hugged Dudley tightly and whispered motherly things to him. She then surprised both boys by hugging Harry.

"Please see that you do. Make sure to write to me as well. I'll be on the lookout for those owls."

Petunia returned to the family car as the boys turned to enter the Leaky Cauldron.

Harry had long since used his metamorphagus abilities to hide his scar since the book had warned him of its fame. He still felt extremely nervous about being recognized, so he kept a tight grip on Dudley's sleeve as they made their way through the pub. Despite his nerves, they made it through unhindered.

Harry tapped the appropriate pattern on the bricks as Dudley stared in awe.

"Welcome, cousin, to Diagon Alley!" Harry even managed a pleasant smile. Dudley began raving in whispers about how amazing this whole place was. Both boys had their heads on swivels to see the shops and the people. Harry had read all about this but reading was Quite different from seeing.

They made their way to the unmistakable Gringotts, an imposing marble building standing well above the rest of the shops.

Harry pulled Dudley into a side street to offer the same advice the book had given him:

"The bank is run by Goblins. Yes, Goblins. They're not bad guys, they're just like us. Now, I've been told that they have a kind of warrior culture, think like the Romans from school-"

"Like Sparta?"

"Exactly, they are very proud And very dangerous. We both need to treat them with the Utmost respect do you understand?"

Dudley nodded attentively.

"Thanks Harry. I really don't know how I would get through this stuff if you weren't here."

"No worries Duds. I'm pretty glad you're coming with me, too."

Harry led them back to the bank and through the doors. If the Outer building was unmistakable and imposing, then the inside was Unforgettable and downright Empirical. The marble pillars were inlaid with gold designs, the guards wore austere armor that covered every vulnerable inch of skin, and the tellers towered above them on gilded podiums. The floor beneath them looked like glass but lit up beneath their feet as they looked for an available teller.

They found one in short order and waited for him to be finished writing something with a quill and ink. After an agonizing minute of scribbles and silence, the goblin spoke in a tight drawl,

"Good Morning young wizards. Muggleborns I presume?"

Harry bowed his head in what he hoped was a respectful fashion and then spoke up. "My friend here is, but I'm a half-blood sir. I'd like to get my vault key and acquire funds for our school supplies."

The goblin hummed and produced another sheet of paper, "Name, half-blood?"

"Harry Potter, sir."

The goblins hand scratched errantly and he looked down at them unimpressed.

Harry blushed at bit in embarrassment before revealing his scar from under the skin he shifted to cover it.

The tellers eyes narrowed slightly and then he came down from his podium and met them face to face. He was still taller than both boys if only by a few inches, and his muscled figure was plainly visible despite the jacket all the tellers wore.

"We will need to test you to prove your claim, Mr. Potter. Please follow me."

The book had warned him that this was likely, so Harry nodded and remembered to breath deeply to calm himself. Harry and Dudley followed the goblin through the banks halls until they reached a small meeting room.

The goblin walked over to a desk and retrieved a bowl, a small knife, and some paper, before setting them down on the table at the room's center.

"I will require some of your Blood, Mr. Potter. I dearly hope that is not an issue?"

"No sir, please continue."

The goblin sniffed at that and picked up the knife. Harry offered his hand and the teller accepted it for making a cut in Harry palm. He motioned for Harry to hold it over the bowl. Harry allowed the bowl to fill up nearly halfway before he was motioned to stop.

Harry brought his hand to his chest and willed his magic to heal the cut as the goblin began to test his offered blood.

He finished a chant with his hand over the bowl, then poured Harry's blood over the paper. The goblin stared at it for a moment then cleared his throat.

"Forgive me, Mr. Potter. Please understand that we have had many an aspiring young wizard claim to be you. I am delighted to Truly make your acquaintance after all these years. My title is Senior Teller, my name Rorus Sharpwind. We have Much to discuss."

Harry was prepared for a lot today. He was Not prepared for the most boring, obscenely technical breakdown of the Potter's finances.

"When you come of age Mr. Potter you will be allowed full control over the aforementioned properties and accounts. At that point you will be risen to the status of Lord Potter and you will be entitled to your various other inheritances at that time." Rorus was grinning profusely, sharp teeth glinting as he wrapped up the speech he'd thrown them into.

Dudley had zoned out at the word Financial, which Harry honestly couldn't blame him for, but even Breeze had been snoring softly in his pocket for the better half of an hour. Harry had kept calm and collected despite his inner fatigue, and for that he was somewhat proud of himself.

"I thank you graciously for your time and information, Senior Tellor Sharpwind. I admittedly may need a refresher when I come of age, but it Is good to have an idea of whats to come."

"Of course Mr. Potter. Bear your fatigue with pride; most adult wizards would have passed out twenty minutes ago. But, let's return to your original purpose here. We'll head down to your trust vault immediately to collect money for your needs. A junior teller will meet us there with the Appropriate key. Follow me."

One key and a bagful of gold later, Harry and Dudley were on their way back onto Diagon Alley. Dudley jaw dropping open like it had been unlatched at the sight of Harrys vault made for quite the memory to tie off their Gringotts experience.

"This is all just.. Mental Harry. Flipping Mental." Harry only grinned in response as he led them to the next stop, Ollivanders Wand Emporium.

Now, the book had been quite descriptive of the shop. It was supposedly identical in nearly every single world. A dusty dingy shop that looked more like a library than a store, featuring one creepy old wizard. But the description given did not match this shop to even the most miniscule of details.

The inside was expanded to nearly twice the size of the Gringotts main hall in width. The walls are lined with boxes and jars. Staff members busied from place to place with boxes and jars in hand, some were speaking to customers, and some still were standing over tables, working on something. Harry took a close look as they walked towards the main counter and realized they were actively building wands.

They arrived at the front desk and greeted the older man there. Harry recognized his description immediately, glad that the book was right about one thing at least.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Ollivander."

"Oh, Mister, please. Mr. Ollivander is my father, call me Jackie."

As if in response to the statement a polished leather jacket appeared on the mans shoulders, as he grinned at the boys.

Nevermind, book was All wrong.

"I take you two are here to have your wands assembled?" Jackie did not pause to hear their answer, "I will remind you that the Wizard does not choose his wands makeup. The ingredients choose You! Come, come, I'll be building your wands today sirs."

Harry and Dudley nodded dumbly and followed the eccentric man over to one of the walls.

"Now. Do either of you know how to reach your magic?" Harry nodded, Dudley shook.

"Very well. You, grasp your magic with the intent to let it lead you to the right wood for you. And I shall teach your friend here to do the same."

Harry gave Dudley what he hoped was a supportive smile and turned towards the wall of boxes. He tuned out Jackie's explanations and reached for his magic. Breeze slithered from his pocket and up onto his arm but Harry ignored it for now. He felt the grey fields, the grey skies, the locked door. Reached for his magic and let it point him to his wand materials.

The softest wisp of green and grey twisted from his hand and up into the shelves. Breeze followed after it to get the box for Harry while Harry focused. Soon enough Breeze brought down a box Harry's magic had been circling around.

This was just in time for Jackie to pluck it from his hands, pat Breeze on the head, and gesture to Dudley.

Dudley stepped forwards with his hand held out, eyes closed in concentration. After a few moments, a whisp quite like Harry's came out of Dudleys palm and reached up into the shelves, though a bright yellow replaced the green in Harry's magic. Harry was surprised to see Dudley performing this as well, and it made him swell up in pride for his cousin.

Dudley's magic circled a box near enough to them on the shelf that Jackie grabbed it without issue. "Ash for you Mr. Potter, and Holly for your friend. Now on to Cores!"

Harry stared at Jackie as he pulled both boys to the other side of the room, frantically panicking over how Jackie had recognized him. Jackie seemed to sense his thoughts, glancing back at him, or rather glancing back at his scar. Harry flushed in embarrassment as he realized he had forgotten to hide it again after Gringotts.

Jackie bid them to repeat the magic, and they did. Breeze grabbed Harry's jar and Jackie used a spell to summon Dudley's.

"Ooo this is cooking up to be quite the day boys. Next, I'll show you how I craft the wands from these ingredients."

Jackie brought them to a desk with many drawers and shelves. He pulled several things from several drawers, and put all four boxes in from of him. He cast several spells silently around them and the table before opening each box. He took the slabs of wood first, and several of the instruments he retrieved began carving into them. He then took some stones with odd carvings on them and dropped them into the jars.

He gave the pair a Winning smile as both jars suddenly resembled blenders. Jackie held his hand atop both as the stones ground the ingredients into a fine powder.

"Wand-crafting is a lot like Potion brewing dear fellows." Jackie spoke with a remarkable amount of confidence considering his hands were holding two violently shaking jars. "The form of the ingredients is not so important. The meaning and magic behind them, infinitely important. When your magic sought these ingredients, it blessed upon them an impression of your intent, and your will. These wands will serve you well in your truest purposes."

The jars came to a sudden halt and Jackie ripped their lids off. The dust of each jar flowed freely to the woods they had chosen, which Harry now noticed to be somewhat wand shaped now. Jackie cast a few spells upon them and began to use the silver instruments from before to carve little symbols Harry couldn't identify.

"Your hands please sirs?"

Both boys nodded and provided their hands, which Jackie quickly pricked with identical needles causing them both to yelp back. Each needle had a tiny bit of their blood and he eeked out the blood onto their respective wands, causing both to glow softly.

"And there we have it. For you, Mr. Potter. Ash and Nundu Fur. Dangerous, Studious, and Mysterious." Jackie had taken a reverent tone as he presented the grey wand to Harry.

"And for you, Mr. Dursley, Holly and Sphinx claw. Loyalty, Bravery, and Curiosity. He presented the brown wand to Dudley who accepted it with wide eyes and a lax jaw.

"Follow me to the counter where you can pay for the services rendered. But before we do, push a bit of your magic into your new Wands!" Jackie was practically shaking with evident excitement.

Harry opted to see Dudley use his wand first. Dudley held it tightly and gave it a little swish. A small parade of sparks and ribbon shot out of his wand bringing a excited smile to his face.

Harry brought his attention to his own wand and magic, reaching for his core and letting it flow to his wand. Thanks to his practice, it felt natural, easy even. With no small measure of Awe he watched a greyish mist ooze forth from his wand.

His excitement was cut rather short when he noticed Jackie's rapidly paling face.

an: and ill end it there on a cliffy. 99% of this was pumped out between 10pm and 4am. its probably not as well written as id like but i hope the ideas presented are interesting enough to be enjoyable.