Where the hell am I? Is this the same hallway that I have just come from? It...can't be...

What I see is limited, since there is no longer a bright grey hallway, but darkness pierced occasionally with rays of bulb light. And by what little light shines, I make out bloody walls, yellow and decaying with the stench of death whiffing up my nose. The bodies of deceased guards are still slumped against the now-rotting walls, which to my total amazement and sudden shock are falling apart, bit by bit, in front of my eyes; but as I take notice of the corpses, there is something wrong with the scene. For example, I do not remember the body with the dangling eye sitting so close to the door I had just exited. Similarly, others are lying intact, yet I remember seeing them in torn pieces. Ghostly creaks and thumps echo through the hall; where they originate, I do not know. Only the walls hold my attention, and now as I listen, they crinkle with the crumbling wallpaint and whatever else may crawl behind or inside them.

All this haunt me like a never-dying apparition waiting for sweet revenge upon me, tracking my every step, writing down my every word. Fearful shivers travel through my chilled veins and I shrug them off as best as I can. Yet the stench that drifts from the walls and corpses worsens the tremors, and the more I struggle to rid them the more they shake. I shake my head vigorously and blink, trying to clear my eyes of the visible, foggy stench, before taking a step forward. I think I see something twitch out of the corner of my eye, but I'm not too sure; the scene in which I am the sole living being could be playing twisted tricks with my senses.

I progress down the hallway, watching the bodies fearfully, stepping gingerly over puddles of crimson and holding my breath as much as I can to keep the stench out of my head. It is ten paces past the elevator when Angelo suddenly barks.

I jump a mile high at the sudden brisk sound. I have forgotten that he is curled up in my tightened hood all this time, never emitting a sound, witnessing the conversation in the office and the strewn mass of blood- covered bodies in the hall silently. Still he keeps barking, and I turn around to see why.

And before me, a corpse struggles up, moaning tortuously.

As I stare in unspeakable horror, one side of the base of his neck splits. The fleshy fissure spreads down to the waist, giving a split upper body over stumbling legs with a sickening ripping sound. His head, with the dangling eye, shakes violently, as though trying to shake out a demonic entity out. The jaw splits, revealing missing, plaque-covered teeth, and saliva flows out of the gaping mouth and down his chin, dripping off to the floor.

The optic nerve attached to the dangling eye, while I took a step back, moves and bends up, aiming the horrid dented viewer at me. Instantly I freeze, terrorized by the fact that it is looking, STARING at me intensely, as though I am prey and it is predator, terrorizing me with the supposedly impossible action it has done, actually moving with a will of its own. Blood drips from the bottom of the eye, down to the dust-covered floor. It stares, a blink impossible, sending tremulous chills down my back.

The...THING groans and reaches its putrid hands towards my neck. I immediately turn and run as fast as my legs can, and Angelo buries his head into my jacket hood. Slipping on a blood puddle, I fall and land on my hands, shooting darts of pain up my arms. Checking quickly to see if they are broken, which they were not, I get up and run again blindly to another door, grey and old. My hand grasps the handle and tries to turn it, but it would not budge. Panicking, I look back at the advancing, shuffling monster and shake the handle with cold fear, sweating despite the lack of heat. Angelo sticks his head out again and growls, and struggles to escape my hood, but with the drawstrings tightened, he cannot do so. He whines, and in doing so, I hear a loud rip and feel weight coming off my back. I whip my head around.

Angelo is now struggling and biting the hands that grab him, letting out a guttural howl as the fingers clench. Shouting, I rush up and punch the monster in the face, sending it reeling backwards. It releases Angelo, and I scoop him up quickly. With a roar, the corpse shakes its twitching head and charges at me. I bow my head and shoulder-butt him, my hands full of brown fur, nose and ears. It flies back, crashes to the floor with limbs akimbo, and lays still.

My breath heavy, I stare at the corpse as the nauseous smell of blood drifts around it, mingling with the existent odors from the other corpses. Surely, the others wouldn't rise up; if they do, then I want to wake up now.

My stomach churns and I have to crouch down and get my breath back. Angelo stands by and waits patiently as I sweat and heave, breath stilted, mind foggy.

"What the hell was that?" I say to Angelo and myself. He cocks his head. "What the hell...."

Right then I hear it again: the voice. Who...?

I try following it yet again; this time, I am sure where it comes from. It comes from behind that door which I have just tried, but how to open it? I put my whole weight against it and push against it.

And it opens suddenly and sends me falling, and I yell. Not far behind, Angelo falls too, and both of us fall into yawning darkness, nothing light to help us....