This is my first Merloch/Sara fic (actually its my first ever fic on so please cut me some slack I tried to make it good so heres the first chapter enjoy!


Chapter 1

Sara walked home from school as her long pink hair was ruffled by the wind.

Tony had been sick today and Flint had had to help Uncle Bernard with some important business so they had stayed home .

Of course Tony would be thrilled to know he'd missed school today considering he'd missed a whole load of tests, difficult math equations and english essays due to the fact that Miss Iknow had come to school quite angry and put off this morning for a reason unknown to the student body.

Sara pondered over this as she turned the corner wondering why Miss Iknow had been in such a bad mood. Even though now that she thought about it there were only a few rare occasions Miss Iknow was actually in a good mood.

As she thought about it another thought suddenly crept into her mind, there hadn't been any missions recently and she was kind of missing them.

It had been the boring same old same old.

Also since there hadn't been any missions recently they all hadn't been together and had proper fun like they used to, the days had just been wasting away one by one.

But she knew what she really did miss and she fought with her mind to keep the thought out of her head but she couldn't because she truly did miss him.

It had been ages since they had last seen each other, the last mission was who knows how long ago and that used to be the only time she'd see him, when it used to be the missions.

Well apart from the time when she, Flint and Tony had visited him and given him the roses, after Bindi had become Bindimaster. Sara had now reached the Goodmans house, the door had been left ajar but she didn't notice.

She had to many thoughts on her mind.

She entered the house to find Gillian Grey, Uncle Bernard, Tony, Flint and, her stomach lurched, him all staring wide eyed at the computer monitor.

There was complete silence apart from the sounds of Uncle Bernard furiously tapping at the keyboard. '

'Wh-whats going on,'' she asked cutting the silence.

They all turned their heads noticing that she was home.
* TBC...