Pokémon- Bound To The Dragon's Heart

By: Pichu Star

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Notes: This fic is Ash/Latias, though the romance isn't going to be terribly apparent until much later. May also have some Brock/Misty, although that's entirely experimental at this point. (I'm still slaving over this fic as I revise it…) This story takes place a few months after Pokémon Heroes, the fifth Pokémon movie, and after Ash starts the Silver Conference.

Dedication: This fic is dedicated to Koriku for giving me this idea, poking at me to do it, and being a good friend of mine here on the site!

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Chapter 1: Fulfilling An Ancient Prophecy

Across oceans.

Over mountains.

Through forests.

The Pokémon searched everywhere.

Yet… he could not be found…

For months, the young Dragon/Psychic Pokémon had searched. She had left her home on Altomare Island, finding too late what had really drawn her to him…

The red and white Pokémon finally stopped to rest on a large rock near the Kanto Sea, looking sadly into the water. She really had no idea where she was going. Where he might be…

/Might I be of some assistance/ asked a deep, strong telepathic voice in her mind, startling her. She looked up, and saw a majestic, silver and blue Pokémon floating above the water. Frightened, she ducked behind her rock. The imposing Pokémon laughed.

/Do not be afraid, Latias/ the Pokémon said, approaching her. /I sense you are still young, for a Legendary Pokémon, yet you have already discovered your mission./

Latias poked her head out, her gold eyes filled with worry. How do you know my name? she thought, still too young to have been gifted with telepathic speech. Fortunately, her thoughts were picked up by the other, who smiled.

/I know a great many things/ he told her/for I am Lugia, great guardian of the sea./

Lugia? Latias thought.


Feeling more relaxed, Latias floated up to the Legendary Psychic/Flying-type. What do you mean, I have found my mission? she asked.

/I believe you already know what I speak of./

You mean… finding him?

Lugia nodded. /Few Legendaries are given this path to follow, young Latias. The journey may be hard, but the end results can be amazing. Do you feel up to it/

Yes, replied Latias, hardly needing to hesitate. It is not wrong… is it?

/To follow your feelings for a human? I do not believe so, though some other Legendaries may disagree./

Latias nodded, but still looked sad. But… I don't even know where he is, she thought. Where do I look?

Lugia laughed again. /I was wondering if you would ask./ He lifted a wing, pointing along the shoreline to a forest in the distance. /Past those woods, lies the mountain tunnel humans call Victory Road. Follow it until you reach Indigo Plateau. There you may begin to find your way./

Latias flew up in excitement. Thank you! Thank you, Lugia! she exclaimed in her mind. However, Lugia stopped her from leaving with his wing.

/Be careful/ he warned. /There are some humans you can trust, but many others you cannot trust as well. If they knew of your existence…/

I'll be careful, Latias thought. I won't allow humans to know who I am unless I know they truly can be trusted.

/And even then, limit whom you tell./ Lugia finally flew backwards, allowing her to pass. /Good luck to you, Latias./

Thank you, great guardian, and good-bye! Latias told him, flying off in the direction he had indicated. Her eyes glowed white for a second, and she vanished.

Lugia remained motionless for several more seconds, sensing Latias' invisible form flying further and further along the coast. Finally, he dove back into the sea from where he had first come, thinking on Latias' destiny.

/As it was written in legend long ago, the Chosen One of humans and a child of the Legendaries shall come together to help bring peace between humans and Pokémon…/

That night, one person at Indigo Plateau's Pokémon League gazed up into the night sky from outside, the soft breeze ruffling his spiky, red hair. Smoothing it back with a gloved hand, he turned his gaze to the Dragon Amulet he wore around his neck, which was glowing with green light.

"Lance Scott of the Dragon Masters, your assistance is needed…" came a strange, raspy voice from the amulet, speaking in an ancient tongue no normal human or Pokémon could hope to understand. It sounded like a series of growls and snarls. Lance's brown eyes turned an eerie gold color, and his shadow cast behind him changed to that of a human with dragon wings and a tail.

"Where is it needed?" asked Lance in the same language, his chest heaving as he snarled out the complicated words.

"Do not fear. You need not go anywhere. It will soon come to you."

"What will come, great one, if I may ask?" questioned Lance respectfully, stiffening as he heard someone approach. But he relaxed as the person came into view in front of him, revealing himself to be Will McCaran of the Elite Four.

The voice paused in its reply, as if noticing Will also. "Remember the ancient legend… the child of the Legendaries destined to join with the Chosen One of the humans will be of the Dragon-type," it said. "She is on her way as we speak…"

Will's eyes lifted at this. His irises were glowing an odd purple color. /I sense her also, great one/ he said, using his psychic powers to not only understand the voice's language, but also to respond to it with telepathy. /Is she of the Psychic-type as well/

"Yes, she is… Which means you may be helpful in this as well," the voice growled. "Lance, you will need to protect both her and the Chosen One when time reveals them to you. Ho-Oh and Lugia both predict great dangers to come for the two."

Lance nodded. "I understand. I shall be ever vigilant for both the child of Legendaries and Chosen One, great Rayquaza, lord of Dragon Pokémon."

"I trust you both to that," replied Rayquaza's voice. With that, the green light faded from the amulet, and Lance's eyes and shadow returned to normal.

Will smiled jokingly. "That Draic you were speaking there… It sounded like a choking Grumpig," he teased.

Lance frowned, looking a bit winded. It took a lot of energy to speak directly with the Legendary Rayquaza. "I'd like to see you try it, Will," he teased back. "But this is no time to kid around. The very balance of the world may be decided with this prophecy coming to pass."

"Understood, O mighty Dragon Master," Will responded with a smile. "My eyes will be peeled for any sign of this child of the Legendaries."

"As will mine."

A couple other notes… This fic has a lot to do with destinies and prophecies (don't we all love those?), which may or may not spill into other fics of mine. I can promise you however that this fic ties into my Pokémon Colosseum fanfic, though that definitely won't be apparent until later in both of them. So with that in mind… please continue…