Bound to the Dragon's Heart
By: Minty-Fivestar

Hello and welcome to the story!

To new readers: My name is Minty-Fivestar, formerly known as Pichu Star. I began writing this story in my high school years, over ten years ago, before real life intervened and I stopped working on it for a very long time. But I've recently been inspired to go back and work on my old stories, so I'm giving this one a revamp! It's a story about what happens if Ash and Latias's time together did not end after the 5th Pokémon movie. As you'll soon discover, the two are destined for much more! It also ties into the overall "canon" of my Pokémon story-verse, though reading my other fanfics is not essential to enjoying this one.

At the time I started writing this story, Ash and friends were still using their Johto-era Pokémon, consistent with what they had during the fifth movie. This will not be changed. While I will generally try to keep the Pokémon used throughout the story limited to generations 1-3, I may or may not throw in a few references to Pokémon from later generations just to keep things relevant. Please don't pitch a fit if a character calls a Pokémon from generation 4+ a "newly-discovered" Pokémon, because to them in this time period, it is. Also, because the rest of my story-verse is more strongly based on the video games, you may see some crossover in the interpretation of various characters and places.

To returning readers: Thank you so much for coming back! I have gone through and done major rewriting of the first twelve chapters; as a result, I highly encourage you to reread everything from the beginning to see what has changed and refresh yourself on the plot. It's a LOT different than the original; hopefully that means it's better than ever!

I genuinely hope all of you will enjoy the story. While I no longer watch the anime, this story is an homage to the original series that I used to love so much, and I've had a lot of fun writing it.

Disclaimer: Pokémon and all related characters, places, concepts, etc. belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, and all other rightful owners. I do, however, own this story and my original characters and concepts. Do not attempt to steal or use ideas from my stories without permission. I will find out, and I will take action to have the work taken down and you hopefully banned from whatever site you've used it on. I've sent DMCA takedown notices to sites where I have found stolen content, and I will be happy to do it again.

Notes: This story primarily focuses on an Ash/Latias pairing, with the interpretation that Latias genuinely transforms into a human. It takes place a few months after the fifth Pokémon movie, and before Ash starts the Silver Conference. A few original characters of my own creation will also have important roles in this story. If you do not like any of that, I suggest you hit the back button on your browser and go find another story. :)

Psychic speak/telepathy will be indicated by use of brackets []. Use of italics will generally be used to indicate a character's thoughts.

I have bumped the story up to a T rating from its previous K+ rating, as I deal with slightly more mature content (sexual innuendo, very mild cursing, and overall more intense scenes of romance/action). However, these changes should hopefully not be too offensive, and I only make the rating change to be safe. Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Chapter 1: Fulfilling an Ancient Prophecy

Across oceans.

Over mountains.

Through forests.

The Pokémon searched everywhere.

Yet… he could not be found…

For months, the young Dragon/Psychic Pokémon had searched. She had flown for miles and miles, wishing she had not waited all those months before realizing the truth within her heart. She had left her home on Altomare Island, discovering too late what had really drawn her to him…

The red and white Pokémon finally stopped to rest on a large rock near the sea, looking sadly into the water. She really had no idea where she was going. Where he might be…

[Might I be of some assistance?] asked a deep, strong telepathic voice in her mind, startling her. She looked up, and saw a majestic, silver and blue Pokémon floating above the water, imposing wings stretched wide. Frightened, she ducked behind her rock. The Pokémon laughed.

[Do not be afraid, Latias,] he said, approaching her. [I sense you are still young, for a Legendary Pokémon, yet you have already discovered your mission.]

Latias poked her head out, her gold eyes filled with worry. How do you know my name? she thought, still too young to have been gifted with telepathic speech. Fortunately, her thoughts were picked up by the other, who smiled.

[I know many things,] he told her, [for I am Lugia, great guardian of the sea.]

Lugia? Latias thought.


Feeling more relaxed, Latias floated up to the Legendary Psychic/Flying-type. What do you mean, I have found my mission? she asked.

[I believe you already know what I speak of.]

You mean… finding him?

Lugia nodded. [Few Legendaries are given this path to follow, young Latias. To seek out a human as their avatar, their partner… their chosen. The journey will be challenging, but somehow I suspect the bond between you and the one you seek is already strong. Am I mistaken?]

You are not mistaken, Lugia, replied Latias, hardly needing to hesitate. But… it is not wrong… is it?

[To follow your feelings for a human? I do not believe so. Though some other Legendaries may disagree.]

Latias nodded, but still looked sad. But… I don't even know where he is, she thought. Where do I look?

Lugia laughed again. [I was wondering if you would ask.] He lifted a wing, pointing along the shoreline to a forest in the distance. [Past those woods, lies the mountain tunnel humans call Victory Road. Follow it until you reach Indigo Plateau. There you may begin to find your way.]

Latias flew up in excitement. Thank you! Thank you, Lugia! she exclaimed, ready to zoom off immediately. However, Lugia stopped her from leaving with his wing.

[Be careful,] he warned. [There are some humans you can trust, but many others you cannot trust. If they knew of your existence…]

I'll be careful, Latias thought. I won't allow humans to know who I am unless I know they truly can be trusted.

[And even then, limit whom you tell. The world is full of perils, and there are no shortage of humans who would seek to use you or your friends for selfish ends.] Lugia finally flew backwards, allowing her to pass. [Good luck to you, Latias.]

Thank you, great guardian, and good-bye! Latias told him, flying off in the direction he had indicated. Her eyes glowed white for a second, and she vanished.

Lugia remained motionless for several more seconds, sensing Latias's invisible form flying further and further along the coast. Finally, he dove back into the sea from where he had first come, thinking on Latias's destiny.

[As it was written in legend long ago, the Chosen One of humans and a child of the Legendaries shall come together to help bring peace between humans and Pokémon…]

That night, one person at Indigo Plateau's Pokémon League gazed up into the clear night sky, leaning against the railing of his office balcony. It was late, and the normal chatter and activity around the Indigo Plateau had now given way to silence. His balcony had the perfect view of the forests blanketing the mountains around the plateau, and as he smiled, the soft night breeze ruffled his spiky, red hair. Smoothing it back with a gloved hand, he closed his eyes and tilted his head. There was a tugging at his thoughts, and with the familiar sensation came an equally familiar voice, echoing in his mind.

Dragon Master… my chosen… your assistance is needed…

Lance Scott, the Pokémon League Champion of Indigo Plateau, and Blackthorn City's chosen Dragon Master, opened his eyes. Where normal brown irises had once been, they now were tinted with golden light. The mark of the dragon who he was bound to.

"Where am I needed, Rayquaza?" he asked. While he could easily converse with the Legendary Pokémon through thoughts alone, the Dragon Master preferred to speak aloud when called upon. It helped him focus on the topic at hand, and believe that the conversation—one of many over the years they had been bound together—was real, and not just in his head…

Do not fear. You need not go anywhere. Your charge will soon come to you.

This was unexpected, but the secrecy of his Legendary partner was not particularly surprising by now."What will come, if I may ask?" questioned Lance respectfully, wondering what Rayquaza was referring to this time. The sound of his office door opening and closing behind him made him stiffen in surprise, but he relaxed when he turned and saw the person who had entered. It was Will McCaran, member of the Elite Four, Psychic Pokémon master… and Lance's best friend.

Rayquaza's voice paused in its reply, as if he somehow had noticed Will also. Remember the ancient legend that speaks of the child of Legendaries, he said. It turns out that she is a Dragon Pokémon… and she is on her way as we speak.

Will's eyes lifted at this. Behind a pair of purple sunglasses, his irises were glowing an odd violet color… indicating the use of his own psychic power. For Will was not merely a trainer of Psychic-types; he knew their power because it was also his own. [I sense her also, great one,] he said, using his psychic powers to not only "hear" the conversation between Rayquaza and Lance, but also to respond to it with telepathy. [Is she of the Psychic-type as well?]

Yes, she is… which means you may be helpful in this as well, the Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon growled. Lance, you will need to protect her, and help her to seek out the Chosen One of humans that she is bound to. Ho-Oh and Lugia both predict great dangers to come for the two.

Lance nodded. "I understand. I shall be vigilant for both the child of Legendaries and Chosen One, Rayquaza. I know how important they are to all Legendary Pokémon."

I trust you both to that, the dragon hissed. With that, Rayquaza's presence faded, and Lance's eyes returned to normal.

Will smiled politely. His own eyes had stopped glowing also, returning to their normal violet color. "Another assignment from Rayquaza, it sounds like," he observed.

Lance sighed and nodded. Of all his friends and associates at Indigo Plateau, Will was the only person to be intimately aware of his role as Dragon Master—the pureblood avatar of the Legendary Dragon, Rayquaza. Many knew of Lance's title, but few really understood what his duties entailed. For Lance, it meant a great deal of responsibility serving the Legendary Pokémon, and ensuring the world was kept safe.

Sensing Lance's anxiety, Will put a gentle hand on Lance's arm. "Look on the bright side," he said. "You won't be alone. I'll be able to help you with my power this time. If this Pokémon is a Dragon/Psychic-type, we can both communicate with her."

"That does help a lot, Will. Thank you," Lance replied, relieved. Ever since accepting his role as Rayquaza's chosen, life had become a lot more complicated. It was good to have a friend at his side to support him.

Turning his attention back outside, Lance wondered just who was coming to meet him. Somewhere out there… the child of Legendaries was searching for her human chosen. And he had to help her.