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Jean sat uncomfortably under the professor's scrutinizing gaze. She shifted in her seat and waited patiently for him to talk.

" erm- wh-what did you want to talk about, Professor?" Jean asked. She knew that Xavier was a very strong telepathic, so it wouldn't help if she read his mind. Plus, the fact that he was glaring at her right now was pretty damn scary.

Xavier tried his best to look threatening, despite the fact that his head was shiny and that he had no eye-brows…

" I know of your 'plans' to separate young Remy from Rogue…" Xavier started. Jean's eyes widened as she mentally smacked herself for projecting, especially in the presence of a telepath who bet $150 for a different man.

Jean was about to apologize and deny everything when Scott stumbled in.

" Hello, P-profess-ss-ss-ssor. J-j-jean."

Scott looked awful. Disheveled and stuttering… almost as if he had been in the path of a raging wolf- or Wolverine.

"Scott! What happened to you?!" Jean asked, trying to get Xavier's mind from her. She didn't try to read his mind, in fear of Xavier lashing out at her.

" Oh, I erm… ran into Pietro… literally."

Xavier narrowed his eyes, remembering what the topic had been before Scott had arrived. " You two should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Scott froze and blinked. His lips began to tremble and his eyes went teary. " B-but what did I do?" he asked.

*Stop sniveling! * Jean said telepathically.

"Rogue's love life is not any of your business to meddle in," Xavier explained, propping his elbows on his desk. " It would not be wise to put itch powder in Remy's underwear to try and get Rogue to ditch the poor man."

Scott frowned. "Why not? He did it to me!"

Xavier smiled evilly. " My dear boy, what makes you believe that Remy had anything to do with that being poured into your uniform?"

Scott blanched and shut his mouth. Jean stared at Scott and gave him a bewildered look. " You were going to put- OH! So that was the reason why I saw you scratching your crotch this morning!"

Scott blushed and Xavier couldn't help but laugh. Jean continued, " That's a horrible plan! I knew Professor didn't know of mine! Besides, Remy doesn't wear underwear."

Scott turned green and glared at Jean. (That rhymed!) "Too much information." Xavier watched, amused at how many colors his student could turn into.

" Turn blue next!" he suggested.

Suddenly, Logan opened the doors and surprised them all by saying that dinner was served. Jean couldn't help but wonder why Logan was dressed up as a French maid.

"Woah… did Logan turn into the butler?"


At the dinner table, the students were wary of the dish that was served to them. They knew that Rogue was a very good cook. They had often tasted her southern dishes- though they were a bit spicy- she would often serve them large lemonades as drinks.

"Well, mes amis, Bon Appetit!"

Sam Guthrie dug in, loving the spiciness. He had complimented Remy and Rogue multiple times. The other students were not so- caring. They had one spoonful and had to retreat to Rogue's lemonade as soon as the spoon hit their tongue.

" Well… that certainly was a- spicy dish!" Xavier commented nicely, his eyes teary from the Cayenne Pepper.

A large silence occupied the dining table until Jubilee stood up. " I can't stand this anymore! Rogue, why don't you like Pietro?!"

Rogue stared at her friend with shock and was about to retort when Scott stood up. " Hey! Don't speak to Rogue that way! Pretty soon we're going to be married!"

" Married?! If Rogue is, like, going to be married to anyone it's, like, Remy!" Kitty yelled, standing up and hitting the table only to end up phasing through it and hitting the floor. " Like, Ouch."

" Vatch vat you're zaying about mein shwester, zere Katchzen!" Kurt yelled. " If zhe iz going to end up vith someone, it should be vith a nice country boy!"

Jean protested and began yelling as well. Remy sat back in his chair, smirking at Rogue's horrified expression.

" Not de way y'thought y'd be spendin' y'time bein' able t'time, eh chere?" he asked.

Rogue nodded numbly. " Ah think Ah should do something!"

" Stop!!!"

Everyone went quiet and faced Xavier. " If anyone is to end up with Rogue… it's Remy!"

There was a slight pause until the shouting began again. Soon, people started throwing the gumbo.


Remy shook his head in denial. "Non, non, non… not de Gumbo!"

Rogue sighed and pulled the saddened Cajun below the table. " Ya want a death wish?! A food fight is bound to become a power fight!"

And, true to her word… the dining room soon became a war zone covered with Gumbo, ice, burning chairs and other broken furniture.

Xavier had wheeled himself out of the dining room before he got hurt. Ororo and Logan were making out in one corner of the room, covered in Gumbo. Kitty phased through the walls, leaving the gumbo behind. She smirked at the usefulness of her mutation and bounced off towards her room.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and they all stood still. Kitty phased through the floors and grinned at her gaping teammates.

"I'll get it!" she bounced.

" Who would come to the mansion at this hour?" Jean wondered, trying to pry the shrimp from her hair.

Kitty opened the door and the rest of the students ran towards the foyer. They stood there, gaping at a red-haired boy. He wore a black sweatshirt with a flame imprint on them, baggy pants, and was playing with a silver lighter.

" Um, like who are you?" Kitty asked.

The boy grinned, flashing a set of pearly whites, catching the attention of half the female population. Jean recognized him and decided to voice it out.

" Hey! You're one of Magneto's lackeys! Pyro!"

Rogue and Remy heard her and decided to climb out of the table. They made their way towards the foyer as well and Pyro smiled at their direction.

" What do you want, bub?" Logan asked, showing off his claws with a loud SNIKT.

" Yeah, I'm here for Rogue," St. John said.

Rogue smiled sexily and walked towards the boy. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a long kiss. The group stared, dumbstruck. Even Xavier had no idea what was going on.

" Hey babe, you ready to go?" John asked.

Rogue smiled seductively. " Ah just have to introduce ya… Everyone… This is St. John. Mah boyfriend."

Kurt looked at his sister strangely and then looked at Xavier who was near tears. " Erm.. I only have two questions… one… vhy are you crying Professor?"

Xavier pointed at St. John and started stammering. " Y-you're not supposed to end up with Rogue! Remy is supposed to end up with Rogue!"

Suddenly, Xavier turned into a blue woman who began crying uncontrollably. Scott looked at Mystique and then searched the team for Xavier.

" Where's the Professor?"

" He's out on vacation and left me here to watch over you," Mystique hiccuped. " You don't really think that Charles would just bet $150 on who's supposed to end up with my daughter do you?"

They all shifted back to the girl who was now in one of their enemy's arms.

" Oh Ja… my second question… vat happened to you going out vith Duncan?" Kurt asked.

Big Mistake. Jean perked up, hearing her boyfriend's name and looked around, when the information sunk into her brain.

" You were going to agree to go out with MY Duncan?!" Jean yelled.

Rogue laughed and ended up being balanced by both Remy and St. John. " Where th'hell did ya get that information?" she asked Kurt. " Ah was only joking!"

Jubilee sighed and looked at herself. " Wow… all that fighting and betting for nothing. We all lost our money."

Rogue smiled. " It just goes ta show ya… There's no such thang as a free lunch..." she said. Looking at all the confused faces in the room she nodded. " Ah don't get it either, but it sounded cool… "

Jean sighed. " Well… that'll teach me to bet and cheat."

Remy grinned. " Y'can't win if y'try t'cheat, Red."

Evan raised his eyebrows in doubt. " Right, like the time you cheated on Poker and won my videotape of Rogue in shower?"

Rogue stood there in shock and Remy blushed.

" You have a vid of th'sheila in th'shower?!" St. John asked. " How much ya want for a copy?"

Rogue elbowed the Aussie and glared at Remy. " Remy will burn it. I swear," Remy promised, holding out both his hands.

" I still don't approve of this," Logan said. " But…"

Ororo whispered something in his ear and he cleared his throat. " Er… have fun at your date, Stripes. All of ya… Get to bed!"

After grumbling about how much money they all lost, they trudged towards their bedrooms, leaving Rogue and Pyro to go outside and start their date.

Ah. Young Love… it's a grand thing….


As Rogue and St. John got outside, Rogue sighed and sat on the grass when they were far away from Logan's hearing range.

" Thank ya so much fo' comin'," Rogue said as she waited for Remy to arrive.

" No worries, Sheila. Just a little debt I owe Remy," Pyro explained. "But, if you ever get tired of that bloke, you have me number."

"Remy don't t'ink de fille be needin' dat, Allerdyce," Remy said.

They turned around and found Remy walking up towards them. " Thank y' Johnny, y' a real friend."

They watched Pyro leave the grounds and Remy smiled. " Didn' t'ink dat Remy's plan would work, eh, chere?"

Rogue blushed and outstretched her arm. Remy pulled her up and wrapped her in his arms. Remy sighed contently and kissed Rogue's neck. " Remy t'ink he be fallin' fo y'."

" Took ya that long ta figure that out?" Rogue teased, laughing as Remy tickled her sides.

" Ah think Ah'm fallin' fo' ya too, Swamp Rat," Rogue whispered. " Jus' don' break mah heart…"

Remy faced Rogue and stared into her eyes. " I don' even wan' t'know if I wan' t' Chere…"

Rogue felt touched, knowing Remy was serious. They stood in silence, content with each other's presence. As Remy held her hand in his, he knew that they would make it.

" Je t'aime, ma chere."

" Ah love ya too, Remy."


"Pay up Charles, I cannot believe you thought your student Scott would win!"

" Oh shut up Erik. Here's your damn pixie stick."


Author's Note: awww…. Sorry I just HAD to add that in… lol! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they ALL lost!

Rogue: well… THAT was stupid.

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Rogue: * blush*

Remy: women can never say no t' de LeBeau charm.

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Rogue: nah… he was always lahke that…

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