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This story starts a little before the end of the season three episode, Sateda, and dialogue from the episode was written by Robert C Cooper.

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This is a bad idea, John thought to himself as he watched Ronon pacing back and forth. A really bad idea.

He looked around at the shattered remains of the nearby buildings and felt a shiver up his spine. He had seen the destruction twice before. Once when Elizabeth sent a MALP to Sateda after they first encountered Ronon on P3M-736 and a second time when John helped Dex escape an Ancient memory device. Both times John had been at a distance. The destruction remote.

This was different. He was standing on Sateda, seeing what the Wraith had wrought first-hand. He smelled the rust and decay after close to eight years of abandonment. He heard the occasional crash of stone as part of a building collapsed somewhere behind them. John glanced at the burned-out hospital where they had found Ronon and rubbed a hand over his chin.

Was that where Melena had died? John wondered. It looked similar to the building John remembered from Ronon's memories of the attack. Was that why Ronon was determined to follow through with this reckless plan?

"It is something he feels he must do," Teyla said in a low voice as if reading John's mind. She glanced at Ronon, alternately glaring at the sky and pacing on the other side of the alley and added, "We must honor that."

John checked the clear magazine for the P-90 and shook his head. He was risking all of their lives on what boiled down to a revenge play. How was he going to explain this to Weir? he wondered.

"Sheppard?" Rodney said over the radio.

John glanced at Teyla and tapped his earpiece. "Go ahead."

"A dart just entered the atmosphere. It's heading your way," Rodney reported.

"Understood. You and Beckett hold position in the jumper. Do not try and engage that dart."

"This is a stupid idea. You know that, right?" Rodney said, and John heard the fear underlying his frustrated tone.

Trust McKay to get straight to the point, John thought to himself. He glanced at Ronon and found Dex watching him from the other side of the alley with narrowed eyes.

"We can pick you up and be gone before that dart lands," McKay added.

John considered Rodney's plan for a few seconds before he shook his head. As bad as this plan was, he knew Ronon had left him no choice but to see it through.

"Negative," John replied. "Stay where you are, and stay cloaked. I'll radio when we're ready to leave."

"Assuming you're still alive," Rodney grumbled, cutting the transmission.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Rodney," John muttered, watching Ronon glaring at the sky.

"There," Ronon growled, pointing at a spot high and to John's right.

John looked up, saw the dart in the distance, and walked over to Ronon. "We can take this guy together," he offered one more time. "You don't have to do this alone."

Ronon looked up from loosening the buckle for his holster and glowered at John. "I meant what I said, Sheppard. He's mine." He removed the holster, wrapped the leather strap around the particle weapon and shoved it into John's hands.

"Aren't you going to want this?"

"No," Ronon replied, flexing his hands.

John studied Dex for a moment, then stepped back, shaking his head. He has his reasons, John tried to convince himself and stuck the particle weapon into the crook of his arm.

The dart flew lower, and Ronon glared at John.

"All right, all right, we're going," John said. He checked the dart's position, then glanced at the nearby buildings. He jerked his chin at a nearby two-story building and said to Teyla, "Up there."

Teyla nodded and led the way to a door and up the two flights of steps to the flat roof. "You do not approve," she said as she settled against the corner of the roof.

"No, I don't," John replied. He lay on his front and sighted Ronon through the scope for the P-90, then to the probable location where the dart would land. "After everything we've been through in the last year, I thought Ronon understood by now what it means that we are a team."

The dart buzzed the alley, and John hissed in a breath when the culling beam activated. "Not good," he muttered and sighted on the dart as it hovered at the open end of the alley.

He was ready to shoot down the dart when the beam cut out, and the dart rose into the air, leaving a Wraith standing fifty feet from Dex.

Unlike most Wraith commanders John had encountered, this one was nearly bald, with only a thin knot of hair gathered on one side of his head. He stood at the end of the alley, snarling a challenge.

Ronon replied in kind, and the Wraith broke into a run, taunting Dex into an attack as he barreled down the alley.

"Don't fall for it," John muttered as he aimed the P-90 at the Wraith.

Ronon pulled a knife from the small of his back, and John grimaced as Dex charged the Wraith with a flying leap.

The Wraith caught Ronon on the downward side of his leap and used Dex's momentum against him as he threw Ronon into a door.

Teyla hissed in a breath, and John was ready to shoot the Wraith as it closed on Ronon, but before he could do anything, Ronon was up and lunging toward the Wraith again. Dex lashed out at the Wraith, landing a few blows, but the Wraith brushed them aside, and John could tell that the last two days had taken their toll. Ronon launched another desperate attack, and the Wraith stood firm.

He's toying with him, John realised as the Wraith tossed Ronon into a roof support as if he were a rag doll.

Dex landed hard and lay still as the Wraith closed the distance between them. Ronon tried to stand but fell back with a groan as the Wraith picked him up and dragged him back into the street.

"Teyla," John said, shifting his aim to keep the Wraith in his sight.

"John, you must not do anything. Ronon needs to do this himself."

"His stubborn pride is going to get him killed!"

"Be that as it may, we cannot interfere."

John glanced at the particle weapon next to him. "I could use his weapon instead of the P-90," he suggested.

Teyla shook her head. "We promised Ronon we would observe only."

John growled low in his throat as the Wraith threw Ronon to the ground and punched him several times. Ronon's face was a bloody mess, and John grimaced when he saw the trail of blood on the ground as Ronon tried to crawl away.

The Wraith caught him easily, flipped Ronon onto his back, and raised his feeding hand.

"That's it," John growled and sighted the Wraith in the scope. "I'm ending this. Now."

He tightened his finger on the trigger and was ready to fire, Ronon's feelings be damned, when the last thing he expected happened.

"What the hell?" John muttered, lowering the P-90 as the jumper decloaked directly behind Ronon and the Wraith. "Rodney, what the hell are you up to?"

"I did not believe Rodney was such a skilled pilot," Teyla said.

"He's not," John replied, his tone a mix of surprise and pride as he watched the jumper hover a few feet from Ronon and the Wraith.

A moment later, a drone shot out of the jumper, taking the Wraith center mass.

"Let's go!" John ordered.

He scooped up the particle weapon and was at the head of the steps leading back to the alley when the drone exploded.

John hit the exterior door hard enough that it bounced against the opposite wall and ran to Ronon lying on his front in the middle of the alley. Teyla was only a few steps away from him with her P-90 raised, scanning the sky as the jumper carefully backed into the alley and the rear hatch lowered.

"Ronon!" Teyla called. "Colonel, we must hurry!"

"Here!" John said, shoving the particle weapon into Teyla's hands.

John pulled Ronon to his feet, and the three of them ran into the rear section of the jumper just as an energy beam hit the ground behind them.

"Go!" John ordered and pounded on the sealed bulkhead between the rear section and the cockpit.

The jumper slewed to one side as another blast nearly hit them. The ship rocked back and forth as it slowly gained altitude, barely clearing the roofline as another energy beam hit the building a moment later. The rear hatch sealed, and John held his breath, waiting for the hive ship to blow them out of the sky, but it never happened.

"Ronon? Are you all right?" Teyla asked, bending over Dex.

John saw more blood dripping on the floor of the jumper and knew the answer to that was 'no'. He was about to suggest Ronon lie down when Dex slumped onto the bench seat.

Teyla dropped the particle weapon on the other bench. "Ronon?" she said again, resting a hand on Ronon's arm.

Ronon glanced up at her, and John saw a bloody scrape across Dex's forehead and a cut along his cheek. He kept one arm wrapped around his chest as blood dripped from his leg.

"M'fine," Ronon growled.

John shook his head, but before he could call Dex on the lie, the bulkhead door opened, and Rodney and Beckett walked into the rear section, looking pleased with themselves.

"Is everyone all right, then?" Carson asked, glancing from John to Teyla and then Ronon.

"We are okay," Teyla replied.

John's snort of disbelief was cut short when Ronon pulled himself to his feet and scowled at McKay and Beckett.

"Which one of you killed the Wraith?" Ronon growled.

"That would be me," Carson admitted, nodding and raising his hand.

Ronon's scowl deepened, and John had to give Beckett credit. Carson didn't back down in the face of Ronon's ire.

"My idea," Rodney chimed in with a pleased smile.

Ronon clenched his fists and took a step toward the pair of them.

"Ronon," Teyla admonished.

Rodney glanced at John as he stepped back from an angry Dex closing on him.

John unclipped the P-90 from his tac-vest, set it on the bench seat, and took a step, preparing to pull Ronon off Rodney or Carson.

"What? Don't tell me you're not happy that he's dead," Carson said.

Ronon bared his teeth and glared, first at Beckett and then at Rodney.

"It was all Beckett's idea!" Rodney exclaimed and retreated another step.

John wasn't sure who was more surprised, McKay or Beckett, when Ronon pulled Carson into a bear hug a moment later.

"Thanks, Doc," Ronon said, releasing Carson.

Rodney stared wide-eyed at Ronon. "Him you thank?" he grumbled as his fear morphed into indignation.

Ronon reached out, and John saw McKay flinch as Ronon rested a hand on Rodney's shoulder. He kept his grip on Rodney, turned, and glanced at John and Teyla.

"Thank you. All of you," Ronon said.

His legs gave out a moment later, and John and Rodney jumped forward, each grabbing one of Ronon's arms, trying to break his fall as Dex passed out.

McKay groaned as he took some of Ronon's weight, and John felt the itch at the back of his skull flare.

"Lie him flat," Carson ordered.

John took most of Ronon's weight as he and Rodney laid Dex on the floor between the bench seats.

"I need the medical kit," Carson said, all business as he knelt beside Ronon.

Teyla found the backpack on the other bench seat and handed it to Carson.

John watched as Beckett checked Ronon's vitals, then glanced up at Rodney, standing near the cockpit. "Who's flying the ship?"

"Me," Rodney replied.

John gave him a sideways glance.

"Oh," Rodney replied and disappeared into the cockpit.

John waited until McKay gingerly sat in the pilot's seat, then turned back to Carson and Teyla kneeling on the floor beside Ronon.

Carson opened the medical kit and pulled out two pairs of latex gloves, several antiseptic wipes, and sterile bandages.

"I could use some help," he said, glancing at Teyla.

"Certainly, Doctor Beckett. How can I assist you?"

"Put these on," Carson replied, handing Teyla the other pair of gloves. Once she had the gloves on, Carson gave her the wipes and bandages, found a pair of scissors in the backpack, and slit Ronon's trouser leg from hem to thigh.

"Och, Ronon lad," Carson whispered as he probed the edges of the jagged laceration in Ronon's thigh. "Hand me one of the wipes," he said to Teyla.

Teyla opened the foil package and handed Beckett the antiseptic cloth.

Carson cleaned the wound, then rechecked it, frowning as more blood oozed from the ragged gash.

"I need to get that bleeding stopped," Carson muttered, digging through the pack again. He found a pressure bandage, opened it, and tied it around Ronon's leg with practised ease.

The muscles in Ronon's leg twitched as Carson tightened the straps, but he didn't wake up.

Carson opened another antiseptic wipe, switched places with Teyla, and cleaned scrapes on Ronon's face.

"How's he doing?" John asked Beckett.

Carson glanced up from inspecting the scrape on Ronon's forehead. "Considering he was nearly beaten to death by a Wraith, he's doing better than I expected. He's a bit bloodied and bruised, but I think he'll live. Once I get that sorted," he nodded at the pressure bandage around Ronon's leg, "I'll see about removing that tracker."

John nodded, at a bit of a loss as to what he could do to help now that they had found Ronon and the Wraith were dealt with.

"No, no, now what?" Rodney muttered from the cockpit.

John glanced toward the front of the ship, wondering what had McKay nervously pressing tiles on the control panel.

"Rodney?" John called. "You're supposed to be heading back to the Daedalus."

"Yes, thank you," Rodney retorted.

John glanced out the cockpit windscreen as the star field shifted. He didn't see any immediate cause for concern and left McKay to fly the ship while he stayed with Dex.

Beckett finished taping a bandage over the scrape across Ronon's forehead, checked the pressure bandage, and nodded. "That seems to be holding," he muttered, stripping off his gloves. "Now, let's see about that tracking device."

He found the handheld medical scanner in one of the medical pack's front pockets and glanced up at John. "Let's get that armour off and roll him onto his front. Careful as you please," Carson directed.

John nodded. He found the buckles on each side of the breastplate, released the straps, and with Teyla's help, pulled off the armoured breastplate. Once they had Ronon's leather vest off, John took Dex's shoulders while Teyla guided his hips. They turned Dex over, and John hissed in a breath when he saw the ragged incision in Ronon's back near his spine.

"They wanted to hurt him," John growled.

Carson probed the edges of the badly-stitched incision and nodded. "Aye," he agreed with a frown.

"What?" John asked.

Carson glanced up at him, and John knew he wouldn't like the answer.

"From the varied depths of the incision and the fact that the cuts are uneven …" He paused. "Ronon was most likely conscious when the Wraith inserted the tracking device."

John clenched his hands into fists. Suddenly, death by drone seemed too good for the Wraith commander.

"There's only so much I'll be able to do to minimise the scarring." Carson pulled off his gloves and reached for the medical scanner.

"Not all of these injuries were made by the Wraith," Teyla said, running gentle fingers over one of the scars on Ronon's back.

"No," Carson replied. "I suspect some of them were self-inflicted."

Teyla looked up at Carson in shock.

"The original tracking device," Carson explained in a gentle tone. "Ronon most likely tried to remove it himself." he glanced at the scars. "He's lucky he didn't permanently injure himself in the attempts."

Teyla rested her hand on Ronon's back and ducked her head. "How awful," she whispered.

"Aye," Carson replied with a sad smile and turned on the medical scanner.

Beckett had barely started his scan when John heard an alarm sound in the cockpit. He turned, glanced through the open bulkhead, and saw a bright light flash past the windscreen. At the same time, he heard Rodney yelp and saw the starfield dip and twist as the jumper changed course.

"Rodney?" John called and hurried into the cockpit. "What's going on up here?"

"The Wraith," Rodney replied through gritted teeth. "They found us."

John glanced at the HUD and saw a red dot closing on the jumper's position. A yellow streak appeared on the HUD between the red dot and the jumper. A moment later, an energy beam flashed past the cockpit windscreen.

"I thought I told you to cloak the ship!"

"I did!" Rodney replied.

Rodney jerked the controls to the left and down, and John saw the planet sail past the windscreen as another energy beam from the hive ship passed over their starboard side.

John watched it dissipate in the distance and glanced at the HUD.

Rodney jerked the controls back to the right, and John tugged on McKay's jacket sleeve.

"Move," John ordered.

Rodney looked up at him and nodded. He scrambled out of the pilot's chair and stood between the two front seats.

John settled in the pilot's seat, glanced up at the HUD, then set a twisting course away from the hive ship closing on them from the planet.

"The hive just fired again," Rodney reported.

"If we're cloaked, how did the Wraith find us?" John asked as he dipped the jumper away from the incoming energy beam.

"The cloak hides Ancient tech from the Wraith. It doesn't hide Wraith tech."

"The tracker," John said with a glance into the rear section.

"Exactly," Rodney replied, gripping the back of the co-pilot's chair as John swung the ship around on a different course. "I didn't think they would lock onto us this fast. I guess they've improved their tracking technology in the last seven years."

"Colonel?" Teyla called from the rear section. "What is happening?"

"That hive ship found us," John replied, pulling back on the controls. "Carson, you need to get that tracker out of Ronon. It's only going to take one shot from that hive ship to blow us out of the sky."

"That's not going to be possible, Colonel," Beckett replied.

"What? Why?" John demanded with a glance into the rear section. "You removed the last one easily enough."

"This device isn't like that last one," Beckett replied.

Great, John thought to himself. What else can go wrong today?

"Head back toward Sateda," Rodney said.

"What?" John exclaimed. "You want to head toward the hive ship that's shooting at us?"

"Yes," Rodney replied. "I have an idea."

"It better be a good one," John said, making a wide arc as he turned the shuttle around.

He glanced at Rodney and frowned when he noticed McKay was still standing instead of sitting in the co-pilot's chair. John had done his best to ignore the itch at the back of his head for the last two days, but now he was aware of the building headache too.

"When was the last time you took your pills?" John asked.

Rodney glanced up at the HUD. "For this to work, we'll need to be close to one of the poles," he replied, never looking at John.

"Rodney?" John drawled, rubbing the back of his head.


"Where are the pills Carson gave you?"

"You want to worry about that now?"

"Yes," John replied.

Rodney met John's gaze, then crossed his arms over his chest. "I left the bottle in our quarters back on board the Daedalus," he admitted in a low mutter. "With everything else going on, I didn't have time to grab them."

John stared at him for a moment, then focused on his flying as another energy beam shot past their starboard side.

"Once Beckett is done with Ronon, you need to let him take a look at you too."

Rodney grunted. "If you can't get that hive ship off our tail, it won't matter."

John checked the position of the hive ship and altered their course before the Wraith tried to fire on them again.

"What's this idea?" he asked, hoping to distract McKay from the literal pain in his ass.

"We hide in the magnetosphere," Rodney replied. "The jumper is still cloaked, so the Wraith won't be able to see us. The charged particles from the solar winds hitting the edge of the planet's magnetic field should be enough to disrupt the signal from the tracker. Hopefully, that will be enough to fool the Wraith into thinking we were either destroyed or got away."

John thought about that for a moment, then shook his head. "That doesn't make any sense. The trackers would never work if a planet's magnetosphere blocked the signal."

"Those Runners trying to hide on planets don't have a cloak," Rodney retorted. "We do."


Rodney blew out an impatient breath. "Fine. See if you can keep up. Solar particles become positively charged when they hit the magnetosphere."

"Right. That's what makes the auroras."

Rodney nodded. "Those positively-charged particles then bounce off the cloaking field. The combination of the particles interacting with the magnetosphere and the cloaking field creates an interference pattern, scrambling the signal from the tracker. Simple."

John snorted. "You call that simple?"

Rodney scowled. "All we have to do is hide in the strongest belt of the planet's magnetic field. Just keep the jumper in a low orbit on the sun side of the planet, near the pole."

John hissed in a breath as another energy beam sailed past the port drive pod. "You better be right about this."

"Trust me," Rodney replied.

John kept one eye on the HUD and the other on the planet growing larger in front of them. He settled the ship into a low orbit a few minutes later and glanced at Rodney.

"You're sure about this?"

Rodney nodded. "As long as the hive ship doesn't spend much time trying to find us, we should be fine."

John narrowed his eyes. "Why? What part of this plan of yours did you conveniently forget to mention?"

Rodney sighed and shifted his weight off his left leg. "The magnetic field should hide the tracker, but we're going to be exposed to high levels of solar radiation too."

"How high?"

Rodney grimaced. "High enough that the jumper won't protect us for more than half an hour at most. After that …"

John grimaced and glanced out the windscreen as the hive ship sailed past, randomly firing its weapons. The hive banked and flew back toward the planet, and John saw Rodney duck as one of the beams came too close to the jumper.

"Come on, come on," Rodney muttered as a few hull sensors blinked yellow and an alarm sounded in the cockpit. "We're not here. Go away already."

"Colonel?" Beckett called.

"Not now, Doc," John replied through gritted teeth as another one of the energy beams from the hive ship passed by them with only a few hundred yards to spare.

John made a few minute adjustments to their position and watched the hive ship fly past the planet's opposite pole, change course, and head back toward them. "They can't pick up any sort of distortion pattern in the magnetic field, can they?"

"How should I know?" Rodney replied through gritted teeth.

A few hull sensors flashed from yellow to red, and John glanced at Rodney. "We can't stay here much longer. The 'gate on Sateda was destroyed, and we can't outrun a hive ship. Any other ideas?"

Rodney shook his head. "Not with the tracking device still active."

"Take over," John ordered and stood. "I'll go help Beckett with the tracker."

Rodney grimaced as he sat in the pilot's seat, and John walked into the rear section of the jumper.

Ronon was still lying on his front, out cold. Teyla sat beside him, holding his hand. Beckett crouched at Ronon's side, running the medical scanner back and forth over the fresh incision in Ronon's back.

"Colonel?" Teyla asked.

"That hive is still out there," John told her, "Rodney figured out a way to scramble the signal from the tracker, but time is running out." He turned to Beckett and said, "We need to get that thing out of him. What do you need?"

Carson glanced up from the scanner, his expression grim. "I need a fully equipped OR and a set of detailed X-rays."

"We don't have any of that, and that hive ship isn't leaving. Why can't you remove it like you did the last one?"

Carson shook his head and turned the scanner so John could see the screen.

"As I said before, this tracker is different from the last one."

"Different, how?"

Carson sighed and glanced at Ronon. "The tracker I removed a year ago was subcutaneous. It was a simple matter of creating an incision near the tracker and pulling it out. This one, however." Carson held the scanner wand over Ronon's spine. "It's different. It's like it's burrowing into the muscles in Ronon's back."

Teyla hissed in a breath.

"How is that possible?" John asked.

Carson shook his head. "We know that Wraith technology has organic components. It's possible the Wraith designed this tracker so that it couldn't be removed even if the poor soul found someone willing to make the attempt."

"Are you telling me there's no way to remove it?"

"No," Carson replied. "I can probably remove it, but it will not be easy. The device has burrowed into the muscle near Ronon's spine. And if you look here," Carson changed the image on the screen, "there are several … tendrils, for lack of a better word, that are spreading out from the tracker. One is already twined around Ronon's spine."

"What would be the purpose for such behavior?" Teyla asked.

Carson grimaced and fiddled with the medical scanner.

"Carson?" John pressed.

"The tracker needs a power source," Carson said with a sideways glance at John. "Most people don't realise that the human body produces electricity."

John stared at Carson and felt his anger rising. "You're saying the Wraith have created a tracker that uses the victim as a battery?"

"In essence, yes," Carson replied. "Which is why I dare not try to remove it here. One wrong move on my part could result in Ronon becoming paralysed." He glanced up at John and added, "Or worse."

"How could things get any worse?"

Carson blew out a breath. "In addition to the tracking signal, the device is giving off some sort of regular electrical pulse. I don't know why."

"Could this be an additional measure to prevent someone from removing the device?" Teyla asked.

"It is a possibility we have to consider," Carson replied.

John grimaced. Caldwell was not going to like this, he thought to himself.

"All right, we'll -" he started to say but was interrupted by a shrill alarm from the cockpit.

"Sheppard!" Rodney yelled.

John hurried back into the cockpit. "What's -"

"It's the radiation," Rodney said. "We can't take much more of this."

John glanced out the windscreen and then up at the HUD. Most of the hull sensors were showing red, and the dot representing the hive ship was closing on their position again. He pulled Rodney out of the pilot's seat, scanned the panel, and pressed two of the tiles.

"Hang on," he said, gripping the steering yoke.

"What are you doing? That hive ship is still out there!"

"I know that," John replied, "but the hull integrity is going to fail in about two minutes. Do you want to stay here?"

Rodney grimaced and gripped the back of the co-pilot's seat. "We won't get far before the hive catches us."

John clenched his jaw. He knew the odds of them getting away from the hive were nil, but he wasn't going to sit and wait for the radiation to burn them all alive, either. At least, this way, they would make the Wraith work for their kill.

"If we send a message to Caldwell," John said, "he could have the Daedalus meet us half -"

"Look!" Rodney pointed out the windscreen, and John saw a flash of light in the distance. "I think the hive ship is leaving," McKay added.

The flash vanished a moment later, and John glanced at the HUD, searching for the hive ship. "I think you're right," he said when the scanner showed the clear space around them.

"Finally," Rodney said, resting his head on the back of the co-pilot's seat. "Now get us out into open space before we are all irradiated. I'd still like to have a kid someday."

John shook his head but did as Rodney suggested.

They cleared the magnetosphere, and Rodney blew out a breath of relief when the alarms stopped, and the warning lights on the HUD slowly changed from red to yellow and then winked out.

"Way too close," Rodney muttered. "Did Carson get the tracking device removed?"


"What?" Rodney exclaimed, staring at John. "Why not?"

"Because," John glanced into the rear section. He pursed his lips when he saw Carson and Teyla easing Ronon onto his back. "The tracker is too close to Ronon's spine for Beckett to safely remove it here."

"Oh, that's just great" Rodney pushed off the co-pilot's seat and glanced into the rear section. "We manage to get away from one hive ship, only to have who knows how many more come looking for us?"

"Calm down," John retorted. "Once we get back to the Daedalus, Beckett will have a better idea of how to remove the tracker."

"Assuming we don't get blown out of the sky before we get back to the Daedalus and that Caldwell lets us land," Rodney grumbled and eased into the co-pilot's chair.