Chapter 1

( Konoha)

After retrieving Tsunade Senju as the new 5th Hokage after the Sandaime's death due to him fighting Orochimaru. The Senju lady now turned 5th Hokage decides to carry on her duties as the new Hokage.

She's now at the hospital. She wants to give Naruto Uzumaki a checkup one of these days. So she decides to check in on his medical files and history.

"Ah. Tsunade-sama. What brings you here to our medical archives?" The Head Doctor of Konoha says surprised by her appearance.

"I'm here to look at one. Naruto Uzumaki's medical information and files." Tsunade would say calmly with the Head doctor going tense and sweat lightly.

"Uh... Im afraid I can't... show you that information... it's classified by the third-" The Head Doctor says but Tsunade spoke up in a hard tone.

"I am the Godaime HOKAGE. are you telling me the new Hokage that I can't have access to my Shinobi's medical records?" Tsunade would say with a stern glare that it made the Head Doctor pale lightly.

"N-No Tsunade-Sama!" He answered.

"Then show ME!" She barked as he complied now leading her to the medical records room and wold direct her to Naruto Uzumaki's records her eyes widened slightly in disbelief at the amount of medical files stored in so many cabinets as she turned towards the Head Doctor who was sweating slightly.

"What is all of this?" She asked calmly

"This... is all Naruto Uzumaki's medical files... Tsunade-sama..." He says with her doing a double take looking at every cabinet filled with Naruto's medical records.

"WHAT!?" She shouted in rage as she grabbed the first cabinet going through it reading each medical record of Naruto as she looked appalled by all the injuries and suffering Naruto had went through. She went from one page to another in shock and disbelief. As it would soon turn to Pure Anger as she turned to the sweating Head Doctor as she grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and brought him to her face that was a pissed off Expression.

"Does my Sensei know about these records?" She asked seeing him nod frantically

"Start talking!" She demanded.

"He wanted Naruto's medical records classified! He strictly told me no one can have access to them and I promised him I wouldn't say a word to anyone!" He says frantically with her honey brown eyes narrowing.

Glaring at the Head Doctor she would toss him through several walls as other doctors would look horrified and instantly flinched when they saw Tsunade's glare directed at them all. Scowling she walked out of one of the holes in the walls and decided to make a trip to the Hokage Tower to look for some answers.

( Hokage Tower)

Now in her office. She looks at her Sensei's diary.

Glaring as she reads every sentence regarding Naruto Uzumaki. Tsunade was down right furious. Seeing that her Sensei never told Naruto about his parents? Including Kushina Uzumaki his mother? And about the Uzumaki Clan? The Uzumaki Clan was removed from the History of Konoha? Meaning no one from Naruto's current generation has no knowledge about the Uzumaki Clan that also helped found the Village? Just the Senju and Uchiha?. She saw the part about the Uchiha clan massacre how Itachi was ordered to kill all Uchiha's even the women and children who could have been spared! With the exception of his brother being left alive.

She gripped the diary tightly trying to restrain herself from tearing it in half.

The next part she read was about how Naruto was seeking for help in training for the final part of the exams. Since his Sensei Kakashi didn't bother to train Naruto and gave the boy to Ebisu.. so it seems Kakashi is favoring the Uchiha brat to train him for the whole month and not spend a little time to train Naruto who also made it in the preliminaries.

Putting the Diary down she went through the Team 7 Record seeing all of their mission reports and Info.

She sees everything that Kakashi has trained Sasuke but sees little in what he trained Naruto with, only tree climbing and teamwork exercise. Meaning Kakashi hasn't trained Shit with Naruto but only Sasuke.

She's livid at the fact Kakashi has become so negligent with Naruto's training. Stating that the boy was talentless and had no skills as a Shinobi because of his performance in the preliminary exams.

"Maybe if the lazy Fucker, actually taught Naruto something instead of stunting his growth his potential would increase and would become just as good as the damn Uchiha brat!" Tsunade snarled in thought. She's going to have a LONG talk with Kakashi and team 7.

She then went back to her Sensei's diary reading more info. This time it was about her perverted Ex teammate making visits and bringing reports to their Sensei. As she saw earlier in the diary that it was stated that Jiraiya was Naruto's godfather. And that perverted fucking idiot never thought to be responsible for Naruto and raising him! While Naruto lived a lonely life!?. As she read Jiraiya's report of teaching Naruto for the finals... all he taught the Uzumaki boy was water walking and summoning... but here's what made her blood boil. Her perverted Teammate thrown Naruto off the cliff with no formal training in chakra control so he can summon a massive toad using a type of chakra that he has never had training in.

"I'm going to tear that perverted excuse of a lifeform a new asshole. When I see him." She thought very livid.

As she looked back to where Naruto would live at. Seeing he lives somewhere in the slums of Konoha in a apartment building..

She would have to look at the state of his apartment later. But right now. She's going to focus her energy and time on Naruto Uzumaki.

"Neko!" Tsunade called out as the Anbu captain appeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Yes, Hokage-sama." Replied Neko, who was Yugao. From her sensei's diary Neko and Itachi were Naruto's guards at a young age.

"Bring me Naruto Uzumaki." Tsunade says in a stern tone of voice.

"At once Hokage-sama." Yugao would vanish in leaves to go retrieve Naruto to her leader.

She was going to have some words with the boy and help him. Then she's going to have some words with Team 7 and Jiraiya.

To be continued

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