Chapter 5

( With Naruto and Shizune)

During the same time while Tsunade dealt with the meeting Shizune true enough took Naruto to his favorite ramen stand.

"So how are you doing Naruto-kun." Asked Ayame the ramen waitress while her father was in the back cooking ramen.

"I'm doing great! Ayame-Chan! You won't believe what's happening with me! I'm going to be trained by Tsunade Senju! The new Hokage!" Naruto would answer as Ayame looked surprised that he going to be the Hokage's student.

"Oh? What happened with your old team?" Ayame asked out of curiosity and before Shizune or Naruto could answer that Tsunade arrived.

"Team 7 is disbanded." She says shocking Naruto and Ayame. Shizune had already known this.

"Disbanded what do you mean?" Naruto asked since this was the first time he'd heard of this.

"To put it blunt. Both of them are regular civilians now. I terminated their shinobi registration and license. Not Kakashi though. He's been demoted to Chunin. Come to the Senju estate and I will tell you more." Tsunade would say as Naruto and Shizune picked up their ramen in To go style and walked off with Tsunade to the Senju Estate.

( Senju Estate)

Now at the Senju estate with Tsunade explaining to Naruto about why Team 7 was disbanded for 5 minutes.

"I see… guess that explains why they are disbanded." Naruto muttered.

"Yes. They were wrong to you. And Kakashi has been very negligent in your training. I can never understand why Kakashi never did his job especially when he should have known you was his sensei's son." Tsunade would sit sipping on some tea sitting on a chair facing Naruto who looked bewildered

"What? Kakashi-sensei knew my father? And was his student!?" Naruto questioned seeing Tsunade nod.

"Yes. I'd like to believe Sarutobi Sensei also told Kakashi to be silent about your heritage…" She answered

"I don't understand? If he knew I was the son of the Yondaime... Why didn't he- you know train me more!? Instead of teaching Sasuke this and that!?" Naruto demanded Angry with his former sensei.

"He was probably following orders from Sarutobi at the time.. Or probably the council who are no longer in control." Tsunade would say with a frown.

"Which is why Naruto today. I'm going to train you and teach you. Come outside." Tsunade would say now getting up with him following her.

As they were outside the Senju estate in the back which has a private forest and training area Naruto looked on in awe. As he glanced up at Tsunade.

"Ready for your training Naruto?" Tsunade asks looking at the boy with a determined look.

"Ah yeah! I'm ready for this!" He says with a determined grin while she cracked a smile as well.

"For the first lesson. I will be teaching you more chakra control and to learn how to use chakra enhanced strength like me. But know this. That's not the only thing I will be teaching you. I will be teaching you what both my grandfather and granduncle taught me. The same with Mito Uzumaki. " She would say with him paying attention and so on she would begin his training for the day.

( Later on)

It was now 7 in the evening. As both Naruto and Tsunade trained for three hours. He was doing fairly in his training with her. Now it was time for dinner.

"Go fresh up and eat dinner. First thing in the morning I'm going to have you do more chakra exercises. Understand?" Tsunade would say with him nodding.

Naruto said nothing as he went in the senju estate to go fresh up while she watched him. Shizune walked up to her sensei.

"So how did it go?" Shizune asked with Tsunade facing her.

"He's doing well for the most part. I plan to have others train him." The busty Senju replied.

"Who do you have in mind?" Shizune asked.

"I'm going to have Mitirashi Anko teach him tracking and interrogation skills. Yugao will teach him Kenjutsu since she is the best-known Kenjutsu user here. You can also train him. Show him what I taught you Shizune. Teach him the art of medics. He could save a lot more lives with medic jutsu to heal himself and those he cares about including other lives while on Missions." Tsunade would answer

"Starting tomorrow I'll have a word with both of them." Tsunade added. Determined that she was going to make and mold Naruto into a proper Shinobi. One that would make both his parents proud.

( The next day)

The Hokage Tower.

"Do you two both know why I have called the two of you here?" Tsunade asked facing Anko and Yugao in the office.

"No.. Hokage-sama" Both would say in unison.

"Let me tell you two why. As you both know Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki is my new apprentice. And I plan to mold him as the perfect Shinobi. I want his potential to be brought up on a perfect scale. While I am training him but he will also learn from the two of you. Shizune my other apprentice gets to train him as well. Yugao the reason I want you to train him is to teach him Kenjutsu in which his mother was quite an Ace at, and right now you are the current Kenjutsu specialist with the loss of Hayate, sorry for your loss. Anko. I want you to teach him interrogation skills, be more intimidating, teach him tracking skills as well." Tsunade would explain with both women in the room nodding.

"So where is the brat now Tsunade-sama?" Anko would ask twirling her kunai.

"He is currently with Shizune right now. She is giving him a lesson on medic Jutsu 101. Later on the two of you will be training him. You two are dismissed for now." Tsunade would say as both would nod and leave the room. After they left the Anbu commander appeared.

"Report Dragon." She says facing the Commander

"We weren't able to interrogate much of the Root Anbu, they had seals on their tongues. It seems that Danzo didn't want any chances of his operatives to fall in enemy hands or our hands to spill or leak any vital information and secrets. However as per ordered. I have sent scouts all over the village to find the Hidden Root base and it's been found Lady Hokage." Dragon would say with her frowning that Danzo wasn't taking any chances of letting anyone find out about his dirty secrets

"I see. Gather 4 platoons of your Anbu and take me to the Root Base. I want to know what else Danzo has been keeping from us." Tsunade says getting up from her desk.

"Right away Hokage-sama." Dragon says vanishing in a swirl of leaves to do just that command while she gets ready to go and see Danzo's base. Find a way to remove all those seals off their tongues. She would normally have Jiraiya do something like this since he "Self Proclaimed" himself as a Seals master. But he is on punishment right now and she intends to keep his ass on that stretcher in the hospital for all that he's done to Naruto. She will figure it out herself. Once those seals are removed she could have all those Root Anbu re-educated to only follow orders for the HOKAGE. Then she will discover what more secrets Danzo kept in the dark knowing he's probably no doubt committed treasonous things behind her sensei's back and those other two elders Homura and Koharu probably have protected Danzo's secrets and schemes.

Once again she has to Clean House.

Maybe it's a good thing for her to be Hokage and give this village a sharp kick in the ass.

Lots of things are going to change for the better around here. Naruto's training and such is her top priority. And the village is second on her list.

to be continued

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