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Invisus Veritas, Part One

As Harry Potter left his Defense Against the Dark Arts N.E.W.T. class, he was in a sour mood.  The one and only Professor Serverus Snape was teaching their class, while the regular classes got McGonagall.  Another thing that upset him was that Ron wasn't there, because he didn't qualify for that class.

"Oh, come on, Harry!" Hermione Granger urged.  "It's not that bad!  Snape has to give us some slack, because all of us got and 'Outstanding' in our O.W.L.'s!"

"Not that bad?!  Geez, Hermione, what the hell do you know???  Snape is the most foul, evil thing on Earth-"

Harry's criticism had stopped short, because he saw a girl about his age staring at him.  She had been in their Defense Against the Dark Arts, and he had never in his life seen her before.  "Who are you?" he asked.

"Are you talking to me?" she asked, a little nervous.

"Yeah, you.  I've never seen you in my life, and you look about my age, and I know all of the kids here." Harry replied, Hermione looking anxious (she had an Arithmancy book in her arms).

"Apparently you don't.  I'm a sixth year." She answered haughtily, smoothing her straight waist-long black hair and staring at him with big brown (almost black) eyes. 

"A sixth year?!  That's what I am!!!!!!  How come I've never seen you before?  What House are you in?"

She looked down, partially embarrassed.

"Oh I see.  You are in Hufflepuff, and you didn't want to be.  But that's okay, um, uh- what's your name?" Ronald Weasly quickly said, who had just joined them and had been listening in on the conversation.

The girl glared at him.  "For your information, my name is Sylvia, and I'm in Slytherin!" she snapped at him and walked off towards the Potions dungeons.

Ron looked at Hermione, who looked as if she was controlling the urge to kick him in the you-know-where.  Harry stared at the two in shock.

"Sylvia in Slytherin.  Why haven't we ever seen her before, even though she's in our year?" Harry asked the two.

"Well, if Ron hadn't been so rude to her by bursting in like that, we could've found out why she was never around." Hermione said deadly to Ron.

"God Hermione, it's the first day of school, and you of all people are in a bad mood!" Ron said incredulously.

"Well, I have lots of homework, and it's Defense Against the Dark Arts, taught by Snape.  Get it?"

"Ohhhh, it's going to be hell!" Harry moaned, and as you all know, Harry isn't the type of person to complain out loud (notice the tiniest hint of sarcasm there.).

"But, this Sylvia really freaks me out!  We've never seen her before, and between the three of us, we know every single 6th year here!  And we don't know her!  That's what's really bothering me…..But she takes Arithmancy, and I have it next." Hermione said to herself.

"Hoping to be her study buddy?  I'd like that…." Ron commented.

Hermione glared at him.

"Uh, Harry?  You wanna go and do our homework?  We can do it outside by the lake.  Really relaxing……." Ron commented, trying to get away from death by Hermione Granger.

Hermione looked up.  "You two have homework?"

"Well, yeah, so do you." Harry pointed out.

"Yes, well, I didn't expect you two would actually be doing it right now.  Good job." She paused, looking at their slightly put out faces. "But, I'm off to Arithmancy, and I'll let you know if I catch sight of Sylvia." Hermione finished, and then ducked out of the Common Room.

"Barking mad," Ron commented.

"Right.  C'mon, we have Transfiguration to do."

Ron raised his eyebrows.  "Now, now, don't got all 'Hermione' on me."

Harry laughed and the two of them walked outside to do their homework by the lake.


Harry knew that sooner or later, he'd have an encounter with Draco Malfoy.  After all, he had landed his father in Azkaban (not like he didn't deserve it).  Harry just didn't know how or when it would be.

"Potter!  Are you and Weasly doing homework on this sort of day?" sneered Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy had grown taller and into a very good-looking young man.  His peroxide blond hair was longer and slicked back, and his big, full icy blue eyes shone with excitement.

"Why does everyone want to know about us doing homework?!" Ron exclaimed.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry asked dully.

Just after he said that, something occurred to Harry: Malfoy was in Slytherin, and was bound to know about Sylvia.  It was strange; he just couldn't get his mind off of her.

"Hey Malfoy….." Harry began.

"What???  I came here to get you pissed at me, so that Professor Snape can dock points off of Griffindor!" Malfoy pointed out to Harry like he was a child.  Ron nodded at Harry earnestly, agreeing with Malfoy.

"No, it's just that I need to ask you something really important-"

"No, Potter, I most certainly do not want to go to lunch with you and your friends and talk about girls."

Everyone laughed at that.  A crowd was gathering, so Harry decided to make this quick and painless. At least, for him.

"How much do you know about a sixth year Slytherin named Sylvia?" Harry asked.

That wiped the smirk off of Malfoy's face, along with the other Slytherins.  "Sylvia Epans?" he asked, fidgeting with his hands.

Harry and Ron had never seen Malfoy act like this before, and Ron let out an enormous laugh.

"Shut your poor mouth, Weasly." Malfoy snapped, glaring at him.

Was what Harry asked actually offending Malfoy?  The great, evil, Muggle-born-wizard-hating, mortal enemy Draco Malfoy actually showing emotion that was not about himself???  How could this be?!?!?!?!?!

"Well, you know her name.  What else?" Harry asked eagerly.

Malfoy suddenly pulled himself upright and back into his '"leadership" position.  "Yeah, I now who she is.  She is an embarrassment to all Slytherins!"

Ron suddenly doubled over and then shot up, glaring at him with eyes that were not his own.  "Slytherins are an embarrassment to themselves and everyone around them, Draco."

Malfoy and Harry's eyes widened.  "Watch it, Weasly, or I'll have your naked ass hanging off of the North Tower like a flag." He hissed.

Ron didn't seem to get the picture.  Or rather, what was inside Ron didn't seem to get the picture.  "Stuff it, Draco." He laughed.

"Weasly, just the person I've been meaning to see.  You see, Weasly, my cauldrons need cleaning, and you are the perfect one for the job!" announced Professor Snape menacingly.

"But Malfoy was threatening me!" Ron said in a whiny voice.

"10 points from Griffindor."

Ron's face grew red.  "BUT IT'S ME, F-"

"SHUT UP WEASLY!!!!!!  If I ever ear you talk back to me, I will have you expelled!" he raged, and then flounced off, probably to clean his robes, muttering something like, "She is dead."

Harry and Malfoy stared at Ron in amazement as Ron burst into tears and kept screaming, "It's me, not him, ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, Ron stopped and sat up.  "The Imperius Curse!!!!!!!!  Someone was controlling my thoughts!!!!!  I couldn't-"

Malfoy stared at Harry and Ron as if he couldn't believe that this was really happening.

"C'mon, Ron.  Let's go."  Harry tugged at the sleeve of Ron's robes, and the two managed to walk away without any conflict.


"Hermione, I swear- I was going to say something after that!  I'm not sure what it was, though.  Whoever was possessing me had a temper, because I'm pretty sure that they were going to say fu-"

"Ron!" Hermione scolded.

Harry stared at his dinner, unable to eat anything.  All he could think about was Sylvia.  Something caught his eye.  "Sylvia!  Hi!  Wait up!" he called to the girl standing alone, and walked toward her.

"Oh, it's you.  What do you want?" she asked, annoyed.

"Actually, I was wondering why I haven't ever seen you before."

"So, all you care about is solving the mystery?  Well guess what, Potter?  I'm not telling you!" she spat.

"Please, don't be rude, I just- how do you know my name?"

She looked at him, smirking. "I happen to belong to one of the most feared Pureblooded families in history; I think I'd know your name." She replied, and then widened her eyes in horror; she had just given away vital information.

"But-Epans-I don't recognize it."

"Because you've fought Lord Voldemort four times and you've heard of most of the Death Eaters doesn't mean that you can go off, telling me what I-" she started to say, and then saw something behind Harry that made her squeal and run away.

Harry turned around and saw no one.  Except for Snape, who was glaring after her.  Snape saw Harry staring at him, and looked at him, gave him his own murderous glare, and then took off in Sylvia's direction.

What was it about Snape that scared her?  Uh, never mind that question.  EVERYTHING about Snape would scare him.

He stood there (Stupidly), and then acted on impulse (once again, most likely stupidly); and took off after Snape and Sylvia (Yup, definitely stupid).


"Sylvia Epans.  You do realize why I let you finally join the rest of the school?"

"Yes, I do.  I am older, more responsible-"

Snape coughed.

Sylvia pursed her lips and continued, "-and I play an important part in the future."

"Sylvia, your behavior today has been out of control!  Do you realize that your actions could affect my teaching career?  It took a lot to redeem myself, and I don't need a student screwing it up!"

"And Young Miss Sylvia Epans isn't important at all."

"How DARE you use that tone of voice to a teacher?  You have not been brought up well at all!  50 points from Slytherin!"

If Harry had any more feeling left in his body, he would have gasped.  Snape NEVER took points from his own House.


'Before you say anything, address me as Professor Snape, and not one of your foolish nicknames you have for me.  You are a disgrace to Slytherins and a horrible one at that.  I hate you." Snape glared at her.  "I hate you even worse than Mr. Epans."

Harry stared at them in shock.  Who was Mr. Epans???

"I hate you, too." Sylvia said, and then lunged at him, trying to get her hands around his neck.

Snape glared at her, and then said a spell that made her pass out immediately.  He then carried her over to a bed right in that room.  In fact, that room was a bedroom.  It looked like it had recently been slept in….Was that Sylvia's room?

Snape then started walking away, and Harry ran behind a statue until he disappeared from sight.

Harry then snuck back to the room, Sylvia snoring, thinking about what had just happened.  She has a temper.  Remind me to never ever get in the way of Miss Sylvia Epans.

"Like what you saw, Potter?" a voice drawled out behind him.  "When Epans gets real bad, he has me help him restrain her.  That's what the chains are for, not for some kinky game, if that's what you were thinking."

Harry spun around.  "Malfoy, what are you doing here?"

"Same thing you are: Only I have permission to be here, because I watch the show and then report to my father.  It gives him and the other- people- pleasure."

"Does it give you pleasure, watching a poor girl be scolded by Snape?" Harry asked, a little cautious of an actual conversation with Draco Malfoy, his biggest enemy…well, maybe just a little behind of Voldemort, but not much.

"Well, I may be what you might call evil, but she is completely innocent.  I can't hate her too much."

"You hate the innocent."

"No, I just hate Mudbloods."

"But you hate the Weasly family."

"The Weasels?  Well, they might as well be Mudbloods, the way that they act.  It's disgusting."

"But- what is she?"

"Something that your so-called heroic mind could never comprehend. Only true Slytherins could do it.  Not, I know all about the whole You-Know-Who thing, but that's not what I'm saying.  You need PURE Slytherin blood, as much of a Slytherin you may be.  Any good-doer would just feel bad for her, while we look deeper and can actually relate as to why he hates her, and not just for the main two reasons.  And also, while we see why he hates her, we know why he loves her at the same time.  Your puny brain could never comprehend that sort of thing."

"Once again, what is she?"

"Sorry, I'm only allowed to tell Dark Wizards." He replied sarcastically.

"Malfoy, if I was to- call it a truce, would you consider discussing Slytherin logic with me?  You are the only person who could help me with a problem that I have been having?  Even Ron and Hermione can't help me."

Malfoy stared at him in wonder.  "Why?" he asked in astonishment.  He was in such surprise, he didn't even know how to respond.

"Well, I really want to understand Sylvia's problem, and I know care how long it takes, I just want to know!  You really must be smart and cunning to be a Slytherin, and a- erm- good one at that." He added casually.

Malfoy sniggered at the pathetic attempt of a compliment.  "Potter, do you realize that we are not always the way we make ourselves to be?  You, for instance, are a hero to most of wizard kind; I won't deny that, but when you are all along at night and when you are not surrounded by fans, you wonder who you really are.  Wizards may seem like they are all big and bad, especially Purebloods, but we know that we are even closer to human than Muggle-borns are, because we have pressure.  I suppose that you know all about that from your award-winning personality uncle, aunt, and cousin." Malfoy grinned.

"See?!  This is exactly the sort of thing I want to know!"  Harry exclaimed excitedly.

"Alright.  On a few conditions: One, no one knows about this, ab-so-lute-ly NO ONE!!!!  Two, out of this room, we act like normal: We hate each other.  Three, you tell me about your own logic."

Harry stared at him.  Something was odd about the riles that he set up.  Number Two made it sound like they didn't really and truly hate each other….  "Okay, well, I agree, but it's not going to be easy."

"Don't worry, just let me handle all of it.  Professor Snape is under my father's influence, or WAS, at least…"

Harry nodded.  "When do we meet back here?"

"Oh, believe me, you'll know."


"Harry!  Where'd you go????"  Ron and Hermione exclaimed.

"I tried to get Sylvia to talk to me, so I followed her up to the Slytherin Common Room, and then Snape came up behind me and yelled at me for an hour or so.  I didn't get detention, though.  He really hates Sylvia."

"Really?  Ugly old git." Ron said.

"Ro-on!" Hermione scoffed.

Ron glared at her.  "You're still going to be all, 'But he's a good guy' still, after what he's done and what we've found out about him?!"

"Ron, I believe in Dumbledore, and you know that Dumbledore is always right."

"Not always." Harry muttered to himself, remembering last June.

"Harry, what do you mean?" Ron asked in surprise.

"Well, Dumbledore is just as much as a student as we are.  He doesn't know everything, and doesn't always act for the best." Harry said, unable to stop himself.

"Harry, I've never heard you act like this!  What's going on?" Hermione demanded.

"Nothing.  I just am feeling-" Harry stopped short.  What's wrong with me today?  This is weird.

"You guys, my head hurts.  I think I need to go to bed." Harry said, and got up, leaving Hermione and Ron, staring at him in shock.


The next day, Harry sat in his Potions class in complete misery. 

Snape kept giving Sylvia and him looks of utmost loathing, and constantly corrected their so-called mistakes.  Malfoy was also in the class, and Harry had no idea why, because all he seemed to do was just fool around and probably be a Dark Wizard the rest of his life. 

Harry started thinking about Malfoy's job interview.  "Yeah, I am a Dark Wizard.  My grades?  Well, my father bought my way into the N.E.W.T. classes, really, I am not very bright."

Harry started to laugh, and then stopped immediately when he saw Snape staring at him as if he was toxic. 

"Potter, you received an 'O' in your O.W.L.S. That is the sole reason you are here.  Now, if you dare make any other noise rather than asking me questions about potions you don't understand –which I imagine you will-, then you will be out of this class immediately!" Snape spat, enjoying Harry's look of horror.

Malfoy laughed.  Hermione quickly squeezed his hand for support.  Ok, get yourself together, Harry.  Just breathe.

"Now, as I was saying, N.E.W.T. Potions students have expectations to hold up to.  You must do all of your work perfectly.  If you do not have an average grade, then you will find yourself sitting in your Dormitory at this time next term.  Now, I expect that all of you bought your new cauldrons.  Your old ones may not hold the type of potions that we will be making.  We will be attempting to make Veritaserum, Wolfsbane, and Polyjuice Potion, just to name a few.  These potions are some of the hardest potions to make, especially the Wolfsbane and Veritaserum.  Now, what kind of potion ingridient is the most difficult to break down?"

The class sat in silence. 

Except for Hermione, who raised her hand.

Snape ignored her.  "Well, since no one knows, perhaps Miss Epans can tell us."

Sylvia looked up from her notes and swung her long hair back.  "Professor Snape, Mugroot is the most difficult ingredient to break down."

"And why is that, Malfoy?"

"I do not know, Professor." Malfoy said honestly.

Harry smiled.

"Potter?  Does it ring a bell in your abnormally large head?" Snape asked cruelly.

Hermione quickly tapped a piece of parchment and something appeared: It's very large and extremely hard.  You need to dilute it in toad acid in order to use it correctly.

"Um, well Professor, it's really big, and hard to break.  In fact, you can't break it, so you need to dilute it in toad acid before you can use it correctly."

"Well Potter, apparently you've been doing your homework.  Or maybe Miss Granger helped you worm your way out of this hole.  Either way, you are correct.  I expect 6 inches of homework about Mugroot due to me by Friday.  You have four days.  You are now excused.  Except for Miss Epans.  Oh, and you too, Potter."

Malfoy's eyes widened in surprise, and then said, 'Oh Professor, I need to speak with you about my schedule."

"Wait outside the classroom.  I need to speak with Potter and Epans first."

"Okay sir."

Hermione gave Harry and odd look and then walked over to the doorway to wait for him.  Malfoy followed and "accidentally on purpose" crashed into her, spilling all of her books.  "Oh no!" Malfoy said in an extremely false voice, and then said, "I would help you, but I don't want a Mudblood's books dirtying up my hands; I just washed them."

Hermione glared at him with such force, Malfoy actually looked kind of scared.  She reminded him of McGonagall, whom he had detention with tonight.

"Don't you ever call me that.  I am sick of your stupid remarks, and it's about time that someone stood up to it." She said and walked off, extremely upset (Maybe she was PMSing?)

"Now Potter, I was not truly honest in our little confrontation a few minutes ago.  You did not receive an 'O' on your O.W.L.S., instead, you received an 'E'.  I only allowed you to be here was because Minerva McGonagall practically beat me to a bloody pulp when I told her I wouldn't let you in.  I do not want to be a bloody pulp.  Therefore, I must take you into the class."

"You should be a Logic teacher." Harry said, nodding.

"I am not finished!  This is why I am having Miss Epans tutor you.  She has had private lessons in every single subject since she was 9, and is now at N.E.W.T level.  She is as qualified as I am."

"But-Professor-I have to do other homework!  I have no time to teach a-"

"Loser?" Snape suggested evilly.


"Hey!  Don't I have any say in this?!" Harry asked.

The two of them turned to him.  "No." they said menacingly.

"Okay, I am locked up in a dungeon for my entire life, and when I finally get free, you still manage to find a way to make my life miserable?  This. Isn't. FAIR!!" she bellowed.

Snape snapped out of his calm state. "Detention and 30 points from Slytherin."

"You bastard." She said hotly.

"Look who's talking." He replied.

Her eyes filled with tears and then left the room.

Harry stood there dumbfounded.  He especially was shocked when Snape let a single tear fall onto his papers.

Then he seemed to notice Harry.

He stood up so quickly, his chair flew behind him.  His eyes were rigid, and his face was extremely white.

He grabbed Harry by the scruff of his neck, and pulled him towards his face.  "Never-EVER repeat or wonder about what happened just now.  If I find out that you did, I'll kill you.  And that is indeed, a threat."

The only time that Harry had seen Snape remotely like this was the time when he looked into his Pensive and saw his father beating up on him.  Why was it that even though Snape was a step away from murdering him, Harry managed to feel sorry for him?

"I won't say a word.  Please put me down."

"Fine.  Your tutoring will start on Thursday at 3 in my office.  Don't be late." Snape replied, still as white as a ghost.

As Harry left, he saw Malfoy standing there, grinning at him.  "Enjoy the show, Malfoy?" Harry asked.

"Did I?  Oh, it was fabulous!  I really think that Snape really likes you!"

"Where's Hermione?"

"Oh, she fell down.  I offered help, and she ran away." Malfoy said as innocently as he could (I'm sorry, I am just trying to picture that, and it's funny as hell.)

"Fuck off, Malfoy." (Oh dear, here comes the language)

"Shut it, Potter.  Or Snape'll kill you.  Plus, I don't think language is your style." He replied coolly and strolled into the classroom.  "Hello Professor.  That Epans girl isn't really good for your health.  Neither is Potter, for that matter." Malfoy began.

Sure, get on his good side, Malfoy….

Harry ran down to his next class (Charms), and he saw Ron looking out the doorway, waiting for him.

He quickly apologized and took a seat.


"I swear, Sylvia Epans is the craziest person in the school.  During Ancient Runes, she burst into tears, because she got a 100% on the review, while I got a 103%." Hermione said and then took a drink from her goblet.

"Um, Hermione, put yourself in her shoes.  Wouldn't you be bursting into tears?  She sounds like your new best friend, crying about getting a 100%.  Hey, I'D do anything to get a 95%!" Ron replied, shoving a biscuit in his mouth.

"That's because you are not academically correct.  She then screamed at me, and called me a Mudblood." She replied, glaring at Ron.

CLUNK! Went Ron's pencil.  "She said THAT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!"

"Well, she is a Slytherin.  And a Pureblood."

"Really?" Ron asked.

"She told me when I asked her how she knew my name, and that was her excuse."

"Well, looky here!  The Mudblood, the Muggle-lover, and the Hero.  Can I get your autograph, Loser Potter?" Sylvia said behind them.

"What's your issue today, Epans?  Sniffed the wrong Potion?  I keep telling you to use the red one, but noooo…. No one listens to Draco Malfoy."

She spun around.  "Oh, it's you, Draco.  I thought it was someone important."

His ears reddened.  "Oh, and I'm not important?"

"Not in my book."

"Well, in MY book, I am the one who makes fun of people.  You may have loved listening to me tell you stories about how is mistreat the freaks, but ONLY I do the talking around here." He said very loudly, so everyone could hear.

The Great Hall stared at the two, who looked like they were about to fight.

She turned pink.  "I'm a Slytherin, just like you.  I think you should be happy that I am taking an interest in making fun of the 'freaks'."

"You aren't even supposed to be in Slytherin.  You r daddy just paid a whole bunch so you could be in it.  Plus, I hate you." Malfoy added pointedly.

She smacked Malfoy with all of the strength she could muster.  "How dare you?! My father-"

"-Only cares about his reputation." Malfoy finished.

Sylvia stared at him, tears now beginning to stream down her cheeks, and then walked away, not before saying a bunch of really bad words.

"Is that even a word?" Hermione asked Ron, raising her eyebrow.

"I never knew it could be used like that." Ron said.

Almost the entire room thundered into applause for Malfoy.  Even the Griffindor's cheered.

The only person who didn't clap was Harry.

"I hate the git, but he knows what to say!" Dean Thomas said, clapping.

Malfoy blinked, grinned, and then sat down to the table that was clapping the most: the Slytherins.

"Why did Malfoy help us?" Hermione asked.

"Well, he hates her.  He doesn't want her taking Slytherin for granted, that's for sure." Ron said.

"I guess he has some dignity when it comes to Slytherin, as much dignity that House has…. What do you think, Harry?"

"Not sure."

He suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from the palm of his hand.  When he looked at it, he noticed two things: One, his hand was bleeding, and Two, it looked like words were written backwards.

He grabbed a piece of parchment, and pressed his hand down.

It read:

Tonight at nine 'o' clock.  Same place, tell no one.

Harry quickly stole a glance at Malfoy, who was grinning at his.  Harry mouthed. "Ow, that hurt!" Malfoy's grin went even wider.

"Harry!  You're bleeding!  What's the matter?"

"Nothing, Hermione."

Ron looked at him and then asked, "So, are we going to work on our homework tonight?"

"You mean copy off of me?" Hermione asked rudely.

"Only if you want to."

"Well, I'll be doing homework, anyways.  Harry, what about you?"

"Uh, actually, I need to, um…."


"Snape is having me tutored.  I am behind on Potions…"

"Like, really and truly Remedial Potion?" Hermione asked.

"You could call it that."

"And you will be stuck with Snape??" Ron asked in disgust.

"No.  Sylvia Epans."