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            She laughed.  "Can a dead person do this?" she raised her wand, looked at Hermione, and said, "Niahramael!"

            Hermione screamed as the tattoos disappeared from her face and she slowly had her own face return to her.

            Harry yelled out and tried to run towards Hermione, who was sobbing on the floor, but Aebriwya held him back, grinning.  Lily had made Hermione normal again.

            "You served your purpose well, mawaya diethaerah.  But you are done.  And you know…too much." She laughed bitterly and cried, "Avada Kedavra!"

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            Harry sighed and rolled over on his bed, staring at the ceiling  It had been a month after that horrible day, and Ron and Hermione had really warmed up to he and Sylvia after they realized that Harry had mostly been telling the truth.  They attempted to be friendly to Draco, but he just laughed and continued talking to Sylvia, who had taken some pretty bad emotional damage after they left the cave.  Draco had been pretty cold to Harry after hearing Harry and Sirius' conversation, and mostly ignoring him, except to sometimes give him a glare and once, he even said, "Pass the potatoes." to him.

            Everyone was completely shocked when they found out about Dumbledore, but everything seemed to add up correctly, although they five left out the part where Severus was also Harry's father and Sylvia was Harry's sister, for obvious personal reasons.  They also did not include the soul mate portion of their story, mainly because Draco and Harry did not want to be heard about as close friends, especially since Draco had been ignoring him for a month.

            McGonagall was appointed temporary Headmaster and since he wanted to be near Harry, Sirius took on Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Most students were happy with it, after all, his name had been cleared and he was a great person, but some had their complaints, like most always do.

            Sylvia had suddenly become a role model for everyone, and she became very popular and eventually later known as Harry Potter's partner-in-crime, as she was just as bad as Harry, Hermione, and Ron when they wanted to cause trouble.  She also became the part-time Potions Master, impressing everyone on how much she knew beyond NEWT level.

            Remus was offered a full-time Auror job, as long as he was careful and was watched closely at the full moon.

            Harry looked into his mirror and started thinking about Draco. Why was he acting like an ass? he wondered.

            Ron walked into the room.   "Harry, what are you doing?"


            "About your crush, who you still won't tell me who it is?"


            "Why don't you just go talk to her?"

            All Harry could think of was to think, Its not a she  "You know what?  That is precisely what I'm going to do." And he stood up and walked out or the room.  Ron smiled and said, "Hermione, you can come out of the closet now."

            Hermione squealed and jumped out of the wardrobe in their room and tackled Ron to the bed.

            "Hey Draco!  Can I talk to you real quick?" Harry said, seeing him in the library.

            Draco looked at the book.  "Sure.  I'm only cramming for exams, because they aren't important.  So speak."

            "Come over here." Harry demanded.

            Draco sighed and followed Harry into an empty prefect bathroom.

            "Draco, why have you been ignoring me?"

            Draco took in a deep breath and mimicked, "I need someone who's brave, not who wants to get all mushy.  'I understand that, but don't you think that Cho would be more suitable than Draco?' 'Maybe.'"

            Harry laughed.  "You didn't hear what I said after that, you twit!  'But I want him more.'  I was talking about you being brave!"

            Draco looked at him in shock (and definitely embarrassment).  "Seriously?"

            "As serious as I'll ever get."

            And then Harry's mouth went to Draco's.

            Their first kiss was sweet and gentle, no forcefulness that Draco had felt when sleeping with the female Slytherins.  But kisses cannot last forever, especially when you have Sylvia Snape as your sister and best friend.

            "OH GOD!  What are you two doing?!" a voice asked with a very sarcastic edge.

            Harry groaned.  "Sylvia!  How'd you get in here?!"

            "Um, you left the door open." She jeered.  "Is there something you two want to tell me?"

            Draco grinned.  "You were right all along. I was worried that they whole you admiring my muscles didn't work."

            Harry stared at them.  "Wait, you set that part up?"

            Sylvia nodded.  "I even kissed his cheek, hoping that you would walk in at the last moment, but you didn't and I had to scrub my mouth out.  Harry, how can you kiss him?!"

            Draco smiled and took Harry's hand.  "We had to try it.  I wasn't sure if you liked me back."

            "I don't believe you two." Harry said.

            The three all had a good laugh and walked out of the bathroom, talking about where their lives would lead them next.

            Seven Years Later:

            Sylvia became one of the more popular Ministers of Magic, and is now currently dating George Weasley (she already dated Fred, Neville, Dean, and Seamus, but she and George have lasted the longest).  They started flirting at graduation ceremony, but George was already seeing Alicia Spinnet.  George dumped her a year ago, and he and Sylvia have been happy ever since.  She misses her father very much, and she believes that she can still talk to him.  Once, she got in an argument with him (or so she claimed) when she chose wheat over rye bread.  But she now devotes her life to making sure that he would be incredibly proud of her if he were alive today.

            Ron and Hermione got married immediately after graduation and had 8 kids (must run in the Weasley blood).  Hermione is the Arithmancy teacher and Ron is (you guessed it) Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and very much enjoys it.

            Remus became one of the better Aurors in history and has had two wives, both Aurors and divorced him because of time management.  He is currently single and likes long walks and romantic dinners.

            Sirius turned out to become Headmaster a few years ago and finally admitted that he may have felt something for Severus, but he won't say any more than that (Harry, Sylvia, and Draco didn't need any more).  All of the kids love him, and if the parents had any problems with him, the mothers melt when they see his face and charm the fathers' worries away.  He is now married to Ashii Black (…) and the two make a great team.  Ashii teaches Transfiguration, as she is a Metamorphmagi and specializes in that category (Hey, a girl can dream, can't she??  …::Remember Mary Sue::… tribute…wait, I hate Mary-Sues…they disgust me…oh well, get over it).

            Draco and Harry are stilltogether and madly in love.  People were slightly scared about two enemies becoming lovers, but they got over it.  Draco became a savvy investor in the Wizard Market, while Harry fulfilled his dream to become a…stripper! (Wait…wrong fic.  Scratch that)  Harry became an Auror and worked beside Remus.

            Severus may be dead, but he is not forgotten.  Lily and James all decided to forgive him and the three party hardied like there was no tomorry (not together though) all day and all night and everything they see is just blue, like them, inside and outside…etc.


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