This is my first attempt at writing with Todd, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  I know that this is really short, but I couldn't find a good way to extend it without destroying the story.  And I kind of like this.  So, with no further ado...


Crimson Cutie

                She tries not to let anyone near her for reasons I can't understand.  Or, more correctly, reasons I understand far too well.  She's beautiful and she can't understand it.  I'm ugly, and that's all she'll ever see of me.

                I'm nothing to her.  I'm a freak.  A bug.  A Toad.  I don't count, and I never will.  I'm beneath her notice.  Hell, I'm kinda glad.  If I weren't, she'd probably beat up on me or something.  As it is, she still beats on me whenever I try to get her attention.

                Her personality is so abrasive and hating...yet so much of it is an absolute front.  I know.  My whole life is based upon putting on a front.  Trying to get someone to love me, instead of using me.  I know that, underneath that bitchy exterior, she's just as scared and upset as any other kid our age.  Maybe even more so.  She's hurting, that much is obvious.

                Of course, the others are too incredibly dense to see it.  They're too caught up in their own problems.  Her brother doesn't even know how bad she's hurting.  I do.  I feel the same way.  No one's ever loved me.  Sure, I've looked up to people as "parents" and thought that I was a son to them, but it never lasts.  They always decide that they're better off without me, as soon as their done using me.

                With her, she had parents.  Real ones.  And her dad had her locked away.  I don't know too much about her mum....And she had a brother.  A brother who should have protected her, but was too scared to do anything.  He's such a coward.  If I'd had a gem like her in my family, I'd have dug in my heels and protected her.  They treated her like people have treated me--when it's too much trouble, get rid of it.

                Maybe that's what she  To not feel like she has to protect herself and not let anyone in.  I can't give that to her.  Not unless she lets me.  I would love to, but I can't.  She is who she is and nothing will ever compel her to accept love, friendship or protection.  She can't trust anyone.  I get that.

                I know that the others can't understand what I see in her.  When she actually notices my existence, she seems to hate me.  But I know something that the others don't.  You see, whether she's even aware of it or not, she doesn't hate me.  She's actually glad that I notice her.  It makes her feel better, knowing that, even if she's not prepared to accept it, someone cares about her and nothing she can do can change that.

                I love her and, maybe someday, she'll at least view me as a friend.  Until that day comes, however, I'll just keep "bugging" her and calling her pet names.  Just to let her know that, no matter what, she'll always be my crimson cutie.