This is a fill up story. I couldn't move with Hunter in Arda and MrsHeron for a long time and I made this (and some others) to get pass my block. Now I decided to publish it. Well, enjoy.


Everyone believe Sirius Orion Black is the last Black by name to live, but they are wrong. Sirius has a grandaunt, Vesper Ethel Black. Someone, who was disowned by the family.

She is powerful witch, because of her powerful magic she was to marry within a family. More specifically her elder brother, Arcturus. Both hated the idea. However her brother couldn't do anything about it as he wasn't the Lord and she was a girl, which ment no say in the matter. Both had tried to talk to their father, Lord Black, about it but he wasn't moved by anything they said. That day Vesper took the matter in her hands. Only at ten she was determined to become a woman her family had never seen before.

In her Hogwarts years she found a witch who took her in as an apprentice. She left Hogwarts before her fifth year for the apprenticeship to become a Hedge witch. It pissed of her family to no end, but that was only a first step. In years she before her magical maturity she insult the Black in any way possible, from showing in inappropriate and revealing clothing in parties to drinking and vulgar language in public. Her master often joined her in the escapades and encourage her in the act. The icing on the cake was a ritual that ended with loosing virginity before a marriage. For someone from Victorian era it was an unbelievable act. The highest disgrace of her house, and she slept with a muggle no less.

It was the last straw. Her father called her home and give her a choice. Either she'll return home and be a good girl or she'll be disowned. Her answer was 'I thought I was already disowned. Maybe I should have done more to be free from this family'. She watched in amusement as his face turned red and he shouted in anger at her. With head held high and smug smirk on her face she left 12 Grimmauld Place.

Years passed and Vesper never lost contact with her favourite family members and their children. She become fully fledged Hedge witch and decided to travel to learn everything she could about magic before settling down in remote magical forest hidden deep in Northwest Highlands.

This forest is called Northwest Forest or Highland Forest and is more dangerous and unwelcoming towards intruders than Forbidden Forest. Witches and wizards generally avoid this forest like a plague, but Vesper had always felt home there and the forest has never been hostile towards her.

She didn't left her home often only when some relatives asked her or something happened like funerals, weddings etc. First event she was invited for was unofficial take back to the family. She reluctantly agreed to become a family member again even if it was unofficially. Since then she became known as a crazy aunt Ethel to the children. Charming right?

That is how she came to know her grandnephew Sirius. He was full of mischief and hated his mother with passion, something Vesper did too and they bonded quickly. Of course, Walburga, the screaming bitch she was, didn't like it. It was then Vesper introduced muggle method of secret writing to Sirius, because Walburga was reading through all his mail at home. Let's just say Sirius fell in love with muggle inventions.

When he started Hogwarts it became easier for them to stay in contact. She come to see him play Quidditch and on Hogsmeade weekends. She was the one who help Marauders become animagi and helped them figure out how to make their map. She was always there for them in any way she could. She thought of them as her children, her pups or in Remus's case her cub.

The day she refused to join the war in wizarding world will hunt her to her death. She has regrets about it, she blames herself for her pup's and his wife's death. For not seeing the traitor in Peter.

She hates Ministry for putting Sirius into the prison. For banning Remus from adopting James's son. For not allowing them see the boy.

She could only visit her pup in Azkaban. Only try help her cub in his situation. She shut herself from everyone except those two.

Years passed again and she met with Minister of Magic in Azkaban on her weekly visit.

"Good afternoon," Vesper greeted.

Fudge turned around and stare at her. "And you are?"

Minister examine the stranger women carefully. She was old and tall. Despite her age she wasn't hunch, but stood straight as if she was much younger. Next to notice was the black paint that covered upper half of her face and the white rune written on her forehead. Her hair were gray with age and braided in a viking style braid. She had simple green tunic, leather brown pants and boots. A fur was slung over her shoulders like cloak and was held by a large pin. She held a staff in one hand and basket in the other.

"A visitor." She looked into the cell behind him right at Sirius. "His visitor."

He heard a sharp inhale of breath behind him.

Umbridge looked at the newcomer strangely before plastering a smile back on her face.

"And what is your relationship with this criminal, Miss?"

"None of your business." The woman said and swiftly passed them to get to the cell.

She leaned her staff against the wall and sit on the floor before the call. Black reached his hand towards her and she grabbed it.

"You are late," He said hoarsely but happily.

"And you're cold." She told him. With her free hand she produced a thick blanket from the basket and put it over his shoulders.

"Always a mother hen." He laughed but pull the blanket closer to his body.

"Excuse me," Fudge finally got himself back together. "He is a very dangerous criminal. Therefore only family members are allowed to visit him."

"I know." The woman answered him flatly.

He sputtered again. "But there is no living Black other than him."

She looked at Black and exclaimed in overdramatic voice. "My dear, you have disowned your beloved aunt!? How could you!? The disgrace! The affront! Oh, my heart! I can't bare this!"

Black was laughing.

"You are his aunt?" Umbridge shouted her question.

The women stopped her dramatic performance and glared at the secret.

"And you are toad dressed in pink." She said. Black was now howling in laughter and some aurors were chuckling . Umbridge stared at the woman in disbelief.

"How dare you? Do you know who I am?"

"A toad who found her fudge."

Umbridge started to shout some obscenities in her anger. She had to be dragged out by aurors.

Let's just say Umbridge banned anyone from Black family from visiting Sirius Black in Azkaban, but Vesper isn't officially part of Black family and she was visiting Sirius as his blood relative. Despite this she couldn't see Sirius because he escaped the prison before the week was up. Throughout the year Sirius didn't contacted her and she was worried. On the other had her cub got a job and was writing her about Hogwarts and Harry. When the school year ended Sirius finally visited her. He told her everything that happened and she invited Remus to stay with her and Sirius for a while.

Both her boys had left after few months but kept in contact. And at the start of next summer an unexpected visit happened.

A fireplace in Vesper's hut's living room flare to the life. Harry Potter dropped out with a large trunk and empty owl cage following, next came Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, lastly came out Sirius Black.

They all looked around curiously. The room was cozy. It had two armchairs and small table between them. There was some basic furniture and things for daily use laid here and there. On the floor before fireplace was boar skin instead of a rug. Walls were bare except for nice tapestry, wich pictured various magical creatures in woods. Behind the armchairs were door probably leading outside. There was a broom, a staff and a bow with quiver of arrows leaned on the side of the door. Behind the fireplace were two doors one on each side. One were closed and other lead to the kitchen, big kitchen from what they could see.

"Sirius, are you sure this is a good idea?" asked McGonagall.

"Positive. Aunt Ethel would love to have Harry here. She may even teach him thing or two," he said still grinning.

"Are you seriously making decisions for me? What a disrespectful child have I raised?" a sarcastic voice come from the kitchen.

"Auntie," Sirius exclaimed like a child and run into the kitchen. Harry stared after his godfather before entering the kitchen. Albus and Minerva followed the younger males to the kitchen.

It was big room. It looked like a cross between kitchen and potion lab. From ceiling hung dry plants and walls were covered by shelves stocked with potion ingredient and cabinets with kitchen equipment. There was table big enough for whole Weasley family and behind it was stone stove. The room had two windows on the wall to their left and door in middle of the wall on their right. So far their thoughts of this place was like they stepped in medieval times. It was even more behind than magical world.

An old woman was standing next to the stove, hugging Sirius. They break apart and turned to Harry, who was standing near the table.

"Oh my, little Prongslet." The women move towards Harry and cupped his cheek. "The last time I saw you, was when you were just a toddler. You grew up into a nice young man." She stroked his cheek gently, motherly almost.

"You knew my parents?" Harry asked.

"Yes. Lily was such a sweet thing, I couldn't believe she married James." She removed her hand from Harry's cheek. Her tone was lighthearted and joking. "She could do much better. I don't know what she saw in him."

"Maybe that's why you're still single." Chimed in Sirius.

"At least I had some long-term relationships unlike you, young man."

Their bickering made Harry smile.


"So, you want to hid Harry here because you believe he is not safe with his relatives?" Vesper asked.

"They abused him." Sirius insisted. "I can't leave my godson with abusive relatives."

"Were they arrested?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Yes. Now Harry could stay with Weasleys but it isn't the safest option."

"Sirius, I would love to have Harry here, but this is the Northwest Forest. Not the safest place for a teenager." She pointed out.

"But when Remus and I stayed here we were fine."

"Yes, because Remus is werewolf and you left the house only in your animagus form. They thought you are just another animal." She explained.

"And what about you. You lived here for years and you are fine." He changed.

"This forest took me as one of his inhabitants the first time I entered it. But, I have to fight for my life from time to time like every animal here."

"Can't you just protect Harry somehow?" He pleaded.

Vesper leaned back in her chair. "He would have to become my apprentice to have some kind of protection without me by his side all the time. He would have to learn how to fight and kill. But only if he wants to. I won't force him into anything." She looked at Harry. "Harry do you want to become my apprentice and learn how to cast magic without wand. Learn the ways of our ancestors and how to fight with weapons?" Her face was serious.

Harry was thinking hard about it. He looked at his professors for help but their faces betrayed nothing about their thoughts. He looked to his godfather, who only smiled encouragingly. The memories of the night when Cedric was killed came back. He couldn't see his friends dying before his eyes ever again. He needs to be stronger and the woman is giving him a chance to become stronger.

"Yes. I want to be your apprentice."

Time break...

The apprenticeship was hard but Harry enjoyed it. Vesper or aunt Ethel as he started to call her, taught him how to use knives, bow, sword, staff and hand-to-hand combat. Everyday they trained together. She pushed him little over his limits ever time and he could see the results. He was still thin but no longer scrawny he had muscles now. His stamina increase as well.

She give him time to focus on his homeworks and helped him when he struggled with it. She also gave him whatever time he needed with Hedwig. The bond between the two of them were never better, because he usually didn't have time for his owl familiar.

What took him by surprise was that the apprenticeship allowed him use his magic freely.

"Well, it would be useless to have an apprenticeship with a witch without being able to use magic." She reasoned.

She taught him casting spell without wand just with his hands and sometimes runes or other things. She give him books and scrolls to study and even let him inside her library.

In middle of summer came another big surprise.

An owl flew into the kitchen by open window. Harry and Vesper were currently making some magical trinkets. Harry started to learn about them, when his hair grew more and he took up Vesper's habit of braiding them into his hair. Vesper stood up and took a letter from the owl. She broke the seal and read it.

"Well, your aunt and uncle are in prison for abuse. Your cousin was placed into a care of his paternal aunt. You are supposed to be placed into a care of your blood relative or godparents. Seeing as your godfather is escapee and your godmother was tortured to insanity, the Ministry dig up your family tree. They found out about the apprenticeship and that you live with me. All in all they appointed me as your new guardian and new magical guardian."

She put the latter down on the table and they stared at each other for a minute.

"Err... welcome to the family, I guess." She told him.

Two days later they celebrated Harry's birthday. They had cake and Vesper give him a sword made by goblins. It was the best birthday Harry had since the celebration with Weasleys.

Some time near the end of the summer dementors tried to enter the forest, however the forest was not happy with it. Its magic droved the foul things away. Then the members of the Order of the Phoenix came.

Harry woke up because of some noise. Hedwig was out hunting and wasn't back yet, so it wasn't her. It came from downstairs. He got up to see what's going on. When he opened the door he saw Vesper in the hall way with her staff. She motioned to him to hide. He closed the door and took his sword. He stood in his room listening to the noise.

He heard voices then surprised shouts and some unfinished spell incantations before loud thuds were heard. It sounded like many bodies hitting the floor. Then someone nocked on his door. He relaxed his stand and opened the door.

"Prongslet, do you recognise any of those people? I know Remus but I can't remember meeting anyone else." Vesper was standing over five unconscious people.

"That is professor Moody, he was- uhm. He was supposed to be my teacher last year."

"Ah, yes. I remember you talking about it. Everyone else?"

Harry shook his head.

"Well. They all will have a headache when they wake up. Why don't you make some pain relievers for them? Your last potions were nearly perfect, I'm sure you can do it."

He grinned and rushed passed her down the stairs to the kitchen. Vesper only chuckled and levitated the visitors before following him.


Harry finished the potion and Vesper declared it perfect, now he was pouring it into five mugs. Vesper was filling her pipe with tobacco. Smoking pipe was her favourite bad habit, Harry had discovered.

They heard shuffling in the living room. Soon five figures rushed into the dimly lit kitchen.

"Good morning." Vesper greeted as she lit her pipe and inhaled the smoke before letting it out. Her eyes settle on the five intruders. Harry had to admit she looked intimidating, like a season soldier, who was rudely awoken from his slumber after a long day of work. "Could you please sit down and explain, why the hell did you barged into my hut in middle of the night?"

No one protested and did as were told. Harry finished pouring the potion and brought the mugs to the table. After they exchanged instructions and pleasantries the guests have explained why are they there and that they want to move Harry to safer location. Vesper refused to let Harry go without her until the end of the summer. So it was settled, Harry and Vesper went to packed while others wait in living room.

Vesper run passed the visitors once before she disappeared in doors on the other side of the fireplace. Harry came soon after her.

"Where did she go? We have to hurry." Growled Moody.

"That's a library, most dangerous place in this hut. Aunt Ethel has to secure it or the magical energy may harm to the hut or the forest."

Moody just mumbled something incoherent.

"Also she said you should go ahead. We will travel in different way to the Grimmauld Place."

"How does she know where the headquarters is?" Moody pointed his wand at Harry.

"Dumbledore told her in case we have to hide."

The door to the library opened.

"Prongslet! Keep your biting book away from my grimoire. I don't want to find out what would came out from their combined magic." Vesper was holding The Monster Book of Monsters at arms length while it was trying to bite her fingers off.

"Sorry. It must have sneak out when I was packing." Harry took the book.

"What are you all still doing here?" She asked the Advanced Guard.

"Waiting for you, girl." Moody growled.

"Do not call me girl, young man." She growled back with venom in voice. "I was master of my craft while you were still a snobby brat."

She was hostel towards him but that was because he was hostile to her and showed what he thinks of her and her craft. She doesn't care what he thinks but he could no comment about it, like everyone else.

"I doubt it. I know your type. You only scam people." He retorted.

"Now, now." Kingsley Shacklebolt stepped between them. "No need to start to fight."

"Hpm." Vesper went to the library again.

After a minute the door opened again and she returned with arms full of books and scrolls. She shut the door with a foot.

"What is that?" Asked Tonks.

"Study material." She put her burden on one of the armchairs.

With a wave of small trinket above them they disappeared. Then she stepped to Harry and braided it into his hair. It was a a wooden moon with an interesting design carved into it.

"Don't lose it." She said softly as she finished the small braid.

"Um, Ms Black?" Tonks started.



"That's my name. Vesper."

"Right. Anyway. How will you travel to the headquarters?"

"You will see." She grinned mischievously.

In the headquarters...

The Advanced Guard return without Harry. When Molly didn't saw the raven haired boy anywhere she was furious with them.

"Where's Harry?"

"He's coming, Molly. Don't worry." Said Remus.

"Did you lost him?" She shrieked.

"No. Aunt Ethel is taking him here."

"I don't trust this Ethel you're talking about." She said.

"Molly. I assure you, she's trustworthy." Said Dumbledore as he approached them.

Molly was still unconvinced.

A noise was heard from the hall, like there was a moving bush. Moody, Tonks and Shacklebolt ran into the hall wand drawn. There were branches growing out of the floor. They were growing to a shape of an egg. When it was as tall as a man it opened revealing Vesper and Harry standing there. Vesper tapped her staff once on the floor and the branches vanished.

"And that's how you transport yourself comfortably." She grinned at Harry. "I will teach it to you once you finish your Occlumency shields."

A spark of determination lighten in Harry's eyes.

A twin shouts of 'Harry' came from upstairs and before he knew it, he had arms full of Hermione. Ron was standing not far away grinning. Vesper chuckled, which drew attention of the two to her.

"Harry, who's that?" Asked Ron.

"Ehm. Ron, Hermione meet Vesper Ethel Black. She is my new guardian and my mentor. Aunt Ethel, these two are my best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger."

"Nice to meet you two." Vesper smiled at them.

"Black, like Sirius Black?" Asked Hermione.

"Yup. Sirius is my grandnephew."

The two of them gapped at her. Then Molly let presence known.

"Harry, darling." She threw her arms around him. "How are you? Have you been eating well? My, you are still too thin. Come, dinner is ready." Then she turned to Vesper still distastefully. "You as well Mrs Black."

"Please, it's Vesper."

"Then call me Molly."


After dinner Vesper was stuffing her pipe again.

"Thank you for the dinner, Molly. It was the best meal I had in years."

"Why, thank you." She was smiling before shooting the kids away.

The adults stayed and secured the room. Vesper was observing them curiously. She lighted her pipe and started to smoke. They will tell her what are they doing anyways.

They took their seats again and Dumbledore took the one at the head of the table.

"Let us begun the meeting of the Order of the Phoenix." He declared.

Vesper's eyes widen and she chocked on the smoke.

"What? I'm not a member! Why didn't you send me away?" She stared at Dumbledore.

"I wanted to offer you a membership." He told her.

Her eye twitched. "You could have asked before they sealed the room."

"Perhaps, but as a Mr Potter's guardian there are some things you need to know too." He reasoned.

"We could have a meeting between us where you could explain everything to me. Your action," she pointed her pipe at him, "makes me think that you are senile."

There were sharp inhales of breath around the table.

Dumbledore just chuckled in good humour. "Not more than you, old friend."

"From my point of view, we are acquaintances not friends."

"Oh? But I have seen you as a friend since you took Harry in as an apprentice." His eyes were twinkling.

"Whatever. What do you want from me? I'm just an old hag that lived last forty years in a forest."

"I want just wish that you'll look after Mr Potter and help him in any way possible."

"You act as I wasn't doing that already." She resume smoking her pipe.

Rest of the meeting went well. They exchanged informations and decided on their next move. Then they ended it and everyone went home. Without Molly knowing Vesper took Harry to the side and explained the situation to him. She knew Harry was frustrated with the lack of information and fed up with the way they treated him. Yeah, he wasn't a child and he needs to know what is happening. However she made him took a magical promise not to tell his friends anything until the time comes. It was a way to keep them safe for now. Harry hadn't had the option. Lack of information would only serve as a disability in a long run.

In following weeks Molly made the kids clean every centimetr of the house. She tried to make Harry to join them but he was too busy with his apprenticeship. Vesper didn't let him slack off. At the dawn they got up and went to train. Then practicing spellcasting, wandless, with runes, rune circles, wand, dry flowers, symbols, what ever was on the plan that day. Practicing potions was important part. Harry practiced this every single day and he was getting really good at it. Studying plants and animals and what they symbolisms. He leaned that old spellcasting heavily dependent on the symbolisms and it changed from culture to culture. On the end of every day he was tired but satisfied with himself.

There was another thing too. Since they arrived to the Grimmauld Place Vesper made Harry to take a potion that can restore his sight. They were in relative safety so it was the best time to do it. By the end of the summer break Harry didn't need his glasses anymore.

When the September come around Vesper found out how chaotic the Weasley family can be.

She decided she doesn't want to do anything with that and help Harry pack his things. When they finished she took him out and into a muggle world. They had breakfast in nice café near the Kings Cross and when was the time they headed inside.

They both had muggle clothes on, which made Vesper look her age. She hated it.

After they entered the platform 9 3/4, Vesper quickly transfigured her clothing back into her usual outfit and her hair fell from a bun into a mess of small braids and loosen hair that somehow kept from her face. Her staff appeared from a thin air and she looked at Harry in question.

Harry transfigured his clothing into his school uniform but had his outer robe hung on one arm. His trunk was safely storaged in one of his hair accessories. He already had his hair in hairstyle similar to his mentor's with difference that he had a half ponytail.

As they moved through the crowed witches and wizards were looking at them strangely. Some were pointing at them and whispering. Somehow, no one recognised Harry so far. Probably because he changed so much. He hadn't had his glasses, his hair were unrecognisable, he was taller and more muscular. Also he lost all his baby fat in his face so his features were more prominent. Not to mention he had a wicked looking witch by his side, who had her arm around his shoulders.

Unsure "Harry. Harry, is that you?" came from somewhere on his left. He stopped and turned to the source of the noise. It was Neville.

"Neville." He greeted happy. "How are you?"

"Blimey, Harry. You changed a lot." The shy boy blurred out.

Harry laughed. "Yeah. Thanks to my mentor and her hellish training."

"Oh, you haven't seen hellish, yet?" The hand on his shoulders squeezed, her voice teasing.

He grinned at her. "Aunt Ethel, this is my friend from Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom. Neville meet my mentor and guardian, Vesper Black."

"N-nice to meet you ma'am." The boy stammered.

"Nice to meet you too." She said then she looked at Harry. "Prongslet, why don't you caught up with your friend while I'll put your luggage into the freight wagon?"

"Alright, thank you." He smiled and touched the accessory his luggage was in. With a flash of magic it appeared before him.

She clapped Harry on his shoulder and took the trunk and owl cage before walking off.

"Is that really your aunt?" Neville asked when she disappeared.

"Distant blood relatives. You could probably say she's my aunt." He admitted.

The boy only started. Harry laughed.

Weasleys arrived very late. They nearly missed the train. When the kids boarded, the train left the station. Vesper felt lonely again. She got used to having Harry around. However, she has a meeting with Amilia Bones about Sirius's case. No one knew about it. And besides she will see Harry throughout the year and on holidays.

The meeting went well and Mrs Bones promised she'll look into it. Next she has to return to her family home and destroy one thing. The locker of Slytherin. She managed to convince Kreacher to let her help destroying it. It helped that Regulus liked her very much. She was done with it with one Avada Kedavra and was on her way beck to her hut.

It took only two weeks before she took Harry for the weekend. But there was something he kept from her. He hid his right hand from her. When she found out why she was inrage. She stormed Dumbledore's office with Harry in toe.

She raged for a good hour and Dumbledore had to calm her down. Next day the blood quills were taken away by aurors and Umbridge was nearly removed from Hogwarts. Parents weren't happy with the minister worker, who cut their kids open. Only thanks Fudge she was able to secure her place there.

Vesper decided she will take Harry every week like her mentor did. After few weeks Harry didn't show up at the meeting place.

The door to the Great Hall bang open. An unpleasant looking Vesper stood there. She had her protective painting on her face, sword at her hip, bow on back and staff in hand. She looked like a cross between viking, Celtic woman and witch.

With confidence she headed to Gryffindor table and stopped right behind Harry. She heard whispers all around her.

"Prongslet, what are you still doing here?"

Harry turned and looked her in the eyes.

"Professor Umbridge took most of my things, like my sword, your books and the things we made. She also prohibited me from leaving the castle." He explained calmly.

"And why did she did all this?" Vesper asked cooly.

"She said that the books are full of dark magic and didn't believe me that I have an apprenticeship with a Hedge witch."

Vesper look towards the teachers table and immediately saw familiar eye watering pink clad toad.

"Is she the pink fat toad?"


Vesper took out a bundle of clothes from her bag and threw it at Harry.


He quickly left the room.

Vesper walked up to the teachers table and glared at the toad. She could see as her eyes widen in horror.

"You!" The toad cried. "You are the woman from Black family." She stood up so quickly that her chair fall down. Vesper stepped closer. "Get away from me dark witch."

"Return my apprentice's thing and I won't turn you back to your original species."

"No. You teach him dark arts. I won't allow someone to learn evil magic. Who knows what would he do to ministry."

"Well. You have no right to took his things because in apprenticeship people are allow to learn old ways, that the ministry thinks it's a dark arts is non of my problem. I warn you, if you want to ban this you have to ban learning old magic in old magical families and they won't allow it. So, returned the damn things." Vesper was gripping her staff so hard it was sparkling with magic.

Umbridge took all her courage and retorted. "If I return it, he'll use it to corrupt other students and plan to take over the Ministry."

"Alright then." She looked to the door where Harry appeared dressed in outfit similar to hers. "Prongslet, pack all your belongings. You won't return here."

That caused an uproar, but she ignored it.

"Now, return the things or I will inform the aurors of your thievery. You are on thin ice, already."

Umbridge turned unhealthy red and stormed off. Dumbledore then started to reason with Vesper about her decision, but she didn't listen.

"Until that woman starts to act according to the law, Prongslet won't attend this school."

Harry returned and was immediately surrounded by his friends. They didn't want him leave. Umbridge come back with all the things she took from Harry. She wasn't happy with the boy leaving because he won't be under her control.

Harry didn't tried to argue with Vesper. He knew she was angry and won't be persuade by anyone right now. He let her half hug him, then she raised her staff and slammed it into the floor. Branches started grew from the floor and in a second they were gone.

It took two months before Vesper let Harry continue his education in Hogwarts. Umbridge stopped pestering Harry because Vesper made him claim his lordship for his own protection in eyes of law. Potters are very old and powerful family and ministry has to carefully about them or Harry can ruin the economy.

When he returned he was few months ahead the actual schedule. It was then when Hermione convinced him to make secret tutoring club. Those kids then had the genius idea to meet in Hog's head.

"Are you all stupid?" Every students in the pub turned to her.

Vesper stood there smoking her pipe.

"Hog's head? Really? Why didn't you met in Three broomsticks? Here you can't be more obvious. By tomorrow the toad will ban all clubs and alike."

The students started at her disbelievingly.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Terry Boot.

She ignored him and turned to Harry. "I taught you better than this, prongslit. Use your brain for god's sake. Also you forgot this." She threw the wooden moon to him and exited the pub. She decided to go sit in Three broomsticks and have a glass of Fire Whiskey.

At Christmas Harry did something stupid. He didn't raised his Occlumency shields and got vision. Yeah, he saved Mr Weasley but Vesper was angry with him. Thankfully rest of the holidays was peaceful to some extent.

Later in year Harry got ban from Quidditch. Vesper just told him 'you are an idiot' and give him more ethic and self-control lessons.

Then it happened. Umbridge found the DA. Harry managed to escape but Neville was taken away. Dumbledore escaped and Umbridge become headmistress. From then on Vesper had to pickup Harry every time she took him for a weekend. Harry refused to leave Hogwarts permanently and Vesper understood him.

Near the end of the year Harry forgot to put his shields again. Voldemort slipped him a vision of Sirius being tortured. In the end he and his friends broke into the Ministry.

At that time Vesper was with some members of the Order of the Phoenix. The members were trying to convince the werewolf village in Highland forest to either join the light side or not join any. She was enjoying watching their struggles and she wasn't the only one. Some werewolfs were having fun too. They got a message that Death Eaters go broke into the Ministry.

They arrived in time to help DA members defend them from Death Eaters. They were in room with the veil. They fought and she gave most damage to the ranks of Death Eaters.

She heard Harry screaming at her. Then she felt like she was on fire. She looked down and saw a massive burn on her stomach. She knew she'll die soon. At least Sirius will be free and Harry knew enough to learn on her own. He will get all her things, books and magical instruments. He'll grew into a strong wizard one day. With a smile on her lips she fell into the veil of death.

She woke up in a white holy place. However she didn't felt dead. She sit up and examine her injury. But she had none. There was no burn only smooth skin. Then she noticed that her hands and stomach look younger. She clasped her hands on her face only to feel young unblemished skin.

How is it possible. She's 92 years old for crying out loud. She could only think one thing.

"Oh, shit."