Chapter 1

It was a nice sunrise in the state of Alabama, unlike the sunset the sun wasn't a mango orange, it was arising from what looked like the mountains, and was a pastel yellow becoming more neon than usual. Everything was calm, all the businesses were staring to open there doors, not out of norm Waffle House and Piggly Wiggly's were first to open. All the men who worked at the battlefield were getting to work, and everything was starting to liven up. Everyone could tell this would be a nice day.

"Jake! I thought I told you to clean the dishes yesterday! Now I am doing what you should be doing, and that isn't right. You promised you would do it after you came home from pool last night, this is not acceptable." Screeching at high tone Melanie had just woken up to find the mess Jake hadn't cleaned up. This was not to her surprise but she was not in the mood to clean dishes, she was now a grumpy lady who was 8 months pregnant. Melanie had gotten to the last plate just as Jake walked in. He gave her a nice hug and kiss. "I am sorry I didn't do the dishes sweetie I had to go to the shop last night after my pool game with everyone else. I wrote down some ideas I had for some of my new pieces of work, but I thought about doing the dishes while coming home, does that count?" Jake said in a very soft voice, to coax Melanie to let his sorry ass of easy. "Ok Mr. but next time this happens, you are in deep dung, you hear that. Anyway I have some news; I thought we should name the baby Sarah." Melanie began to smile. "Melanie honey, I like it but I think that we should name her- Oh never mind I think Sarah is a nice name. But I have one question; do you think she will be as stubborn as you?" Jake Smiled and began to laugh hysterically, as if it was some kind of joke. Melanie wasn't mad she just laughed and they finally just kissed and made up. They rambled on about the name of the baby it must have taken five hours for them to decide then they both decided on a name they liked and left it right there. Emily is what they came up with. They decided it wasn't necessarily a Yankee, or a Southern name it was both. Soon to come Emily.