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To Hiro-tyre: When I insinuate it's the beginning of death, it is for the Sindar and Teleri in Arda.  Before this, they knew no death.  Perhaps they knew that Elves captured never came back, but death, that was not even in their vocabulary probably.  Morgoth had retreated into Angband and times were semi-peaceful.  I hope I clarified myself a bit better.  I also feel bad because midway into writing this I did come across the Finwë being the first of the Noldor to die, so until now, the story is a mix of both the forgetting of Finwë's death (*hits self with Silmarillion*) and the fact that the Sindar never knew (in my opinion) death until then.

Chapter 10

                  Finrod's face tightened.

                  " My sister bears the light of the Two Trees in her hair, more so Laurelin, than Telperion's silver rays."  Finrod glanced at Celeborn sharply.  "Then again, I am sure you have noticed every detail about her."  His eyes gleamed cruelly.  "I have seen that if you wed my sister, your fate will be the same as the Trees.  Morgoth will suck the very life, essence from your soul."

Celeborn took a step back, schooling his face to make sure not a bit of the agitation he felt showed.

                  " Your words are false, Finrod.  I perceive they come out of anger and naught else.  It would do both of us well to forget we had this conversation."

Celeborn turned to walk away.  Finrod yanked the Sinda by his collar to face him again.

                  " You will not wed Nerwen.  You will not propose.  She deserves better than a Moriquendi."

Celeborn's steely eyes matched the dark shadows of the cave.  He lifted up his chin.

                  " Release me, Finrod.  I will not be pressed to act in any way that we will regret."

Finrod's grip tightened and he leaned in menacingly.  A hand gripped Finrod's shoulder, gently yanking him back.

                  " Findaráto, brother, Artanis will have your head if she sees you."

                  " She can have it."  Finrod replied, never taking his hateful eyes off Celeborn.

Orodreth forcibly took his brother off in another direction.

                  " You fool!"  Orodreth hissed.  "You will cause for Thingol and Melian's wrath to fall upon the House of Finarfin also."

Finrod glared over his shoulder at the unmoving silver haired Elf.

                  " Let it fall then.  I will not see-"

Orodreth shook his head, speaking in a firm tone he reserved for his children. 

                  " Artanis is not yours to be controlled."


                  Celeborn idly sharpened his sword, not really concentrating on the task.

*What a day…

He sighed, letting the sword and whetting stone droop in his hands.

                  " What is it?"

                  Celeborn glanced up at her, drinking in the full vision indeed she was.  Her long shimmering golden silver strands hung free cascading past the swell of her hips.  Her clingy dress was in the rarely seen fashion of the Teleri: sheer and nearly improper to wear in public.  Her skin peeked out from behind the dress glowing alluringly.  His eyes trailed upwards to hers and he stared into a deep blue speckled with bright twinkles of unseen starlight.

                  Galadriel stepped forward worriedly, her mind already deeply enmeshed in his thoughts.

                  " Please, do no listen to them, no matter what they have said."  She dropped to her knees.  "Celeborn."

Celeborn just gazed at her.  She lifted her hands to cup his face.  He sent her a small comforting smile.

                  " Galadriel."  He pulled her to her feet, eyes gently delving into hers before he knelt upon one knee.  " I have waited a long time for you."  He fished in his robes, fumbling through the pockets.

                  Galadriel smiled, kneeling beside him.  She stilled his hands, reaching into the pocket of his inner tunic and puling out the pouch.

                  " You put them there this morning when you dressed."  She whispered.

Celeborn laughed a little.  He pulled a dainty silver ring out of the pouch.  His eyes searched hers fervidly.

                  " I would do anything for you.  I would ignore the threats of the Noldor and ask this."  He ran a finger down her cheek, quieting a protest he saw rising up in her.  " Would you marry me?  Become my other half and fill this longing in my soul?"

                  Galadriel threw her arms around him, rare tears floating to her eyes.

                  " I would marry you tonight and go where ever you would."

Celeborn smiled into her hair, before puling back and holding his hand out to her.  She quickly filled it with hers, allowing him to slide the ring on.

                  " As tempting as that sounds-" he began.

                  Galadriel leaned in, her body pressing against his.

                  " And why does my lord refuse?"  She whispered huskily.

Celeborn closed his eyes, swallowing to keep his mind straight.

                  " I would like to journey to see Círdan for there my parents and brother dwell there at the moment."

Galadriel twined her arms around his neck.

                  " What better a way than to introduce your wife?"  She lowered her voice.  " Finrod will fight this to the public vows.  He will do all he possibly can to stop this."

Celeborn shook his head though indecision reigned in his voice.

                  " I think we would regret being hasty."

Galadriel looked down stubbornly.  Celeborn lifted up her chin.

                  " Go speak with Finrod."  He held out his hand.  "Leave the ring here; and go to him just as a sister.  I would wish to see love again between you two, not this strife."

Galadriel smiled, placing the ring in his hands.  She kissed him full on the lips.

                  " I love you, Celeborn."

Celeborn squeezed her hand, putting her ring onto his pinky.

                  " I never doubt that."


                  Galadriel silently entered her brother's study.  The room was dark, only a fire lit in the fireplace that illuminated the barest outline of her brother.

                  " Go away, Altáriel."

Galadriel stubbornly continued forwards.

                  " I think we should talk, Findaráto."  She sat on his desk.  "Why do you hate my Celeborn?"

Finrod sighed, staring into the flames.

                  " I hate him because he will take you away from me."  His eyes turned slowly to her.  " And you will finally have that soul mate, the other half of you."

                  " Why will you not wed?"

                  Finrod sighed, his thoughts turning as dark as the room in an unnaturally brooding mood.

                  " An oath I too shall swear and must be free to fulfill it and go into darkness.  Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son should inherit."

Not until that hour had such cold thoughts ruled hi, for indeed, she whom he had loved was Amarië of the Vanyar; and she went not with him into Exile.  Finrod turned coldly back towards the flames.

                  " Go away, Artanis.  Go back to your Teleporno."


                  Galadriel stood, watching the Dwarves from the shadows.

*Finrod fears losing me and in that process, he drives me away.  He thinks that if I have Celeborn, I will want him no longer.  He does not understand that I love them both; that I want them both to stand beside me.

                  " I remember his face when you were born.  He was so mad that it was a girl.  He tried everything to stay away from you, but you would not have it.  You followed him around, dragging that little silver blanket inscribed with the Trees behind you.  You were his shadow and he fell in love with you.  I do not think he ever planned to see his little shadow fall in love and wish to follow someone else."

Galadriel leaned into Orodreth's arms.

                  " I love them both so much.  It pains Celeborn for him to know that he is driving strife between us; but he also cannot stop loving me."  She looks up at her brother.  "And when he is sad, so am I."

                  Orodreth hugged her, laying his head on her shoulder as Finrod exited his office and paused to listen to their words.

                  " Finrod loves you, Artanis.  He will never stop loving you.  He is just being a jealous brother right now.  He is filling Atar's place and his own all at once while remembering Amarië.  It is hard for him.  Do not ever stop telling him you love him.  He will come around."

Galadriel turned, burying her face into his shoulder.

                  " I just want it all back to normal, Orodreth.  I just want him happy with me again."

                  Finrod could not help himself.  He walked by Orodreth, gathering his baby sister into his arms.

                  " Oh, Altáriel."

Galadriel curled in his arms.

                  " Please do not be angry with me."

Finrod brushed her hair behind her ears.

                  " I love you too much to let you go without a fight, Artanis."

Galadriel shook her head.

                  " Please, Finrod.  Just like him a little.  He loves me.  Is that not enough?"

Finrod shook his head.

                  " Love is not enough for me to just give you to him.  I want to make sure he will never hurt you."

Galadriel sighed.

                  " You will not take my word."

Finrod moved away.

                  " I must be sure myself."

Galadriel just gazed at him, shaking her head.

                  " Never forget I love you, Finrod; and I will always be one step behind you."

Finrod watched her walk away.  He sighed, glancing at Orodreth. 

                  " What?"

Orodreth shrugged.

                  " If you wanted to tell her that Celeborn was acceptable to your standards, that was the moment."

Finrod just narrowed his eyes and walked away.  Orodreth sighed.

*Pride, dear brother, will eat you alive.


                  Celeborn undid the braids from his hair, wincing as he ran a brush through them as he waited for Galadriel's return.  The door opened softly.  He glanced up into the mirror, turning so he could see her true expression.  She smiled slightly, sitting beside him and holding out her hand.

                  " My ring, herunya (my lord-Q)?"

Celeborn smiled, pulling it off his pinky and placing it back on her finger.  She caressed his cheek softly.

                  " Galadriel."  He warned, catching the glint in her eyes.

Galadriel shrugged, removing her hand.

                  " What I said earlier, I still stand by.  I would wed you tonight."

                  Celeborn gently pushed back a piece of her unruly hair behind one of her ears.

                  " Melmenya."  He whispered.

Galadriel shook her head.

                  " I thought it through.  I am not rushing into anything I would regret."

Celeborn remained silent, his eyes downcast as he thought.  Galadriel leaned forward, hesitant for once.  Her eyes flickered up to his and then she pressed her lips against his.  Celeborn tried not to respond, but bodily instinct gave way after a couple moments.

                  Galadriel shuddered at the tender kisses he placed upon her neck.  She arched her neck, allowing him to continue his exploration.  He pressed a kiss just below her ear.  Galadriel's eyes flew open with a small gasp.

                  " Teleporno!"

Celeborn chuckled against her lips.

                  " Nerwen!"

                  Galadriel pushed him back before rising.  Celeborn watched her go in a mix of confusion and fear.  She glanced over her shoulder as she undid the back of her dress.  A strap fell revealing her glowing skin.  Celeborn pressed his lips together and his decision was made.  He rose and locked the chamber door.  He shed his outer tunic before approaching her.

                  " You have seen this before, Celeborn."  She whispered seeing his hesitance.

                  Celeborn felt her nimble fingers unbuttoning his other tunic.

                  " We have never started like this with the intent of bonding."

Galadriel paused, giving him a gentle kiss as she pushed the shirt of his shoulders.  His face flushed as she began on his leggings.

                  " Stay."  He moved away.  "I can handle this myself."

Galadriel shook her head with a small smile.

                  " My bashful warrior."

Celeborn sat on the bed to pull off his boots so he could then slip off leggings.  Galadriel curled around his back beginning an assault on his warm flesh.

                  " Galadriel."  Celeborn groaned.

                  Galadriel smiled.  She had won.  She gazed down at his passion filled surrendering eyes.

                  " I would be yours tonight, my lord, and for all nights to come whether they be beautiful as this one or we be like the Dispossessed wandering."

Celeborn's light eyes darkened into deep pools of opaque black.  He met her lips gently, nibbling tentatively.

                  " And I will be yours until you no longer desire me."

                  Galadriel sat back, seeing he had slipped off the rest of his clothes.  She leaned into the pillows invitingly.  Celeborn slowly crawled towards her.  Galadriel leaned up, pushing back a piece of his hair as he settled between her long legs.

                  " I love thee, Celeborn.  I will always desire you."

                  Celeborn's lips gently met hers again.

                  " Are you sure you want this?  Now?"  He whispered, never one to force anyone.

Galadriel nodded.

                  " I do."

Celeborn positioned himself and slowly began to enter her.  Galadriel arched at the unfamiliar intrusion.  Celeborn paused once he was fully sheathed within her.  He brushed back a piece of her hair worriedly.  Galadriel smiled mischievously, tightening around him, causing Celeborn to moan.

                  A sudden knock at the door surprised them just as Celeborn began to move.

                  " Galadriel?  It is time for dinner, sister."

Galadriel groaned softly, her legs tightening around Celeborn's waist.

                  " Ignore him."  She whispered.  " Lie still."

The two barely dared to breathe.  Finally the voices of her brothers died away.

                  " They will return."  Galadriel whispered.

                  " Then we will have to save all our tender moments for the road."  Celeborn sighed.

Galadriel smiled, leaning towards his ear.

                  " Love me, Telperionnya (my Celeborn)."


                  Celeborn threw his things into a bag quickly.  He glanced at the gold ring glimmering on his index finger with a small smile, closing his pack.

                  " Why do you pack, my lord?"

Celeborn whirled around, sword drawn at the sudden intrusion.  He relaxed.

                  " Galadriel, you will kill me before our marriage is a day old."  He glanced at her bag.  " That is all you need?"

Galadriel nodded.

                  " The rest I have marked to be sent to Doriath."

Celeborn picked up his bag, taking hers also.  He paused for a quick, luxurious kiss.

                  " Let us go then, Hervess."  He smirked slightly.

Galadriel flushed slightly and leaned in, kissing him soundly.

                  " Lead on, Herven."