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The Black Haired Hanyou


          The ebony night was chilled in the mid winter season, the wind whistling through the night sky like the sullen cry of the dead. Dark clouds covered the sky blocking the moon from casting its comforting glow upon the earth.

Beneath all the chilling noise, rose the soft crunch of the snow as it was crushed beneath the weight of something. Under the foliage of night the thing tore through the snow and darkness daring anyone to try and stop him.

          The crisp wintry air stung the small child's already wind-reddened cheeks as the snow beneath his feet burned his tender skin but his speed did not slacken in the least. Zipping through the trees and under brush of the forest he sped appearing as no more then a blur of brick red and black.

          His kimono created a rustling sound as the wind buffeted around his small stature, the wind keening in his ears even as he drew them protectively against his head.

          His breath came out in great puffs of smoke testimony of the frigid air surrounding him. The cold air burned his lungs like the ice did his feet but like wise he all but ignored it.

I have to make it! I won't fail, stupid snow can't stop me! Feh! The soft clacking of the beads around his neck stood to prove his thoughts. The maroon clay spheres with the sparsely spread white, claw like beads, bounced just beneath his haori with each bounding step he took.

          Moonlight filtered in from behind the dark omniscient clouds lighting the path he'd taken through the forest of Inuyasha, from the old woman's hut. She would try and stop him again if he dared slow his pace by even a fraction and then this would all be for not.

          The white light caught his hair causing it to shimmer a lazy blue, as his mother's would have done had she been able to stand in the light. Golden eyes narrowed in determination as the small hanyou picked up the smell of ancient dirt and endless time, a sent that still haunted his mother even after so many years.

I will save you mommy! I will!

          Using power that far exceeded the natural limits a child his age could posses, he leaped into the dark out cropping of the stone well in the middle of the forest, quite overgrown with never dieing vines and growth. As he descended into the bone-eaters well he took one last look at his own time.

I'll return mommy, unlike him… I'll come home…


          The air was chilled and moist from the promise of rain soon to come leaving Kagome with goose bumps running down her bare arms and legs. The group had been on the hunt for a Shikon shard she had sensed, for nearly three days now and the weariness was beginning to affect everyone.

Geeze, you'd think he'd rest a while after fighting with that water demon but No! Stupid Inuyasha! Only thinking about that damn jewel… Kagome's dark eyes narrowed into a glare that she bore into Inuyasha's back. Her mind bringing up a mental image of the jewel she had shattered nearly a year ago.

Has it really been that long? Kagome paused in her glaring to look at her feet in thought.

          The green forest floor slightly tinged with the frost that was enveloping the countryside as they made their way higher into the mountain range. Soon she'd have to pack winter clothes into the yellow pack on her back. The over stuffed bag bounced with each step she took reminding her of its already uncanny weight and size.

If I pack anymore it'll pop! She let out a sigh as she traipsed through the forest with a Hanyou, a perverted Monk with a deadly wind tunnel, a Demon huntress with a killer boomerang, the demon fire cat, and a child Kitsune.

Kagome smiled softly but kept her head down.

          As strange as the group appeared and as strange as the circumstances around them, Kagome found that she had grown to love her new friends more then her old ones. And the thought of completing the search for the jewel shards left her feeling empty and somewhat scared.

Must be because we pretty much risk our lives for each other all the time. They've become more like an extended family …

          Raising her eyes she found she had fallen behind a bit and was now able to see all of them before her. Her vision blurred as tears pricked the back of her eyes and she found herself unable to control her emotions and walk at the same time.

          Slowly her feet stalled and she just stood there watching their movements, memorizing them, thinking, in just a few more months would she never see them again? Would she never be able to travel to the past and cuddle with Shippo? Never have another one on one conversation with Sango? Never see Miroku getting himself into more trouble then he's worth?

Never see… Inuyasha…

          She didn't notice when the first of the tears fell or when the others realized she'd stopped, all she could see was the way her life used to be, before she was dragged down the well, and realizing what she'd be missing when the adventure finally did come to a close.

He'll be gone… forever… No more, stupid girl, bitch, or even a sit… He… Inuyasha… Gone?  Kagome unconsciously gripped the front of her school uniform, her hand slightly shaking. Her heart pulled painfully at the thought of the normalcy her life would gain once that ramen gobbling, hot headed; dog demon had left her life.

Hey! Who am I kidding! That jerk will find some way to annoy me! Heck I promised I'd be by his side as long as he needed me, he won't let me back out of that promise… yeah he'll be back for me like always dragging me back to my word.  She smiled a little in the memory of his arrival to bring her back when they fought Yura of the Hair, his gold eyes ablaze with more then a little annoyance and caution. He'd changed so much over their adventures together, almost softening enough to trust her with out question. Her smile no soon touched her lips when it turned sour and sad.

No… he wouldn't… C'mon Kagome, you know he loves Kikyo. You are just in the way… give it up girl… give him up… He told you just as much, he chose her… not you, and when the jewel is complete she'll come back and he'll ask me to leave his side… for good…

          The thought only caused more tears to fall down her now rosy cheeks. The thought of giving up almost to great to bear, but knowing that they where in love long before she was even born, hell before her great grandmother was even born, was enough to make her realize the futility in her actions to win his heart. Her own heart sank lower but happy with her own decision to stick by him until the end, Kagome returned to the real world slowly.

When her head was once again leveled she barely bit back her startled scream when she was confronted with several pairs of eyes.


          "Kagome? Are you alright Kagome?" Shippo asked while tugging on her skirt. Embarrassment quickly flooded through her system turning her face a lovely hue of red.

My god girl! What have you been thinking?! Oh man now they're going to want to know and Inuyasha is going to make some stupid comment about my wimpy emotions… Kagome glared at that thought, the pain changing from sorrow to indignant anger. My wimpy emotions! HA! At least I know what my emotions are! That little…


          At her lack of response Shippo had turned back to the others for advice. After staring dumbly for a few moments arguing silently on who was going to question the girl Inuyasha took control.

          He snorted at the others as he made his way over to Kagome stopping a few feet from her, his glare of annoyance still intact as he tried to catch her eyes.

          "Hey! Kagome! What's wrong with you now?" His voice was sharp and condescending and seemed to snap her out of her dazed like trance, almost instantly.

There we go, wonder what's bugging her this time…

Inuyasha could smell the salty content of her tears and felt a driving urge to comfort her but refrained from showing any feelings in front of their companions, it would only cause more problems and questions, mainly about his love life, which he had no desire to delve into at the present moment.

          Kagome's head shot up and her eyes met his with chilled precision, her dark brown eyes crystallized and hard. The look she turned on him was feral, filled with malice and rage that seemed focused solely on his cute fluffy head.

Oh shit! I know that glare…. Hey is that fire really burning behind her or is it just me…? 

          Inuyasha swallowed the lump that swelled with in his throat as Kagome inhaled swelling her lungs to their full potential before letting loose her cry of command.


          Birds flew from the trees and burst into the sky like a dark cloud covering the strangled yelp that preceded the crash that had startled them from their resting place.

          The trees quivered as the tremors receded further away shedding some of their leaves allowing them to filter to the ground in low swooping arcs dancing on the air before landing calmly on the back of Inuyasha's Haori and Hakama. 

          His arms and legs spread in the classic "sit" position, his face planted firmly in the dirt, and his hands flat against the ground twitched periodically against the subduing spell the pray beads forced upon him. Inuyasha could feel the strain on his muscles and the pull upon the dreaded chain around his neck.

God damn it… stupid girl, I didn't do anything! I'm gonna get her back good… just you wait Kagome, you've had your last happy go lucky sit with me…

          Inuyasha struggled to lift his body from the ground but the rosary gleamed with power holding him captive, only enough leeway for him to pry his face from the dirt. Tilting his head back he growled low in his chest baring his right canine at the girl above him.

          "What the hell was that for you wench?!" Inuyasha screamed up at her seeing a bit of pain still with in her eyes. As he expected Kagome's shoulders hunched and she lowered her head, hands curling into tiny shaking fists at her sides. Kagome's face tinted red with her anger completely replacing the saddened look from her eyes. Inuyasha almost smiled, but held it back changing it into a smirk.

This is going to hurt…

          His ears flicked forward as she released a tiny growl from her throat causing the hairs along the back of his neck to rise and a tremor to race down his spine. He'd never admit to her how much their spats affected him, nor how he used them in order to sway her emotions more times then not.

          Inuyasha watched as her lip curled back in a snarl bearing her own teeth at him, an act so primal Inuyasha almost howled in triumph.

          "Inuyasha…" Her voice took on a deep, earthy, tone and Inuyasha actually jumped at it, eyes slowly darkening ignoring the warning held in that tone.


          The scream yanked him back into perspective his eyes widening in shocked anger as once again his face slammed into the sold forest floor. Dirt was shoved up his nose and into his mouth in the impact briefly reminding Inuyasha how much he hated dirt and Kaede.

          "Stupid… bitch!" Finally finding freedom from the binding spell Inuyasha leapt to his feed spitting out the dirt and glaring down on the girl below him.

          She just stood there returning his angry scowl hands resting on her hips, her smooth pale skin a drastic contrast to the dark forest green skirt below them. Her steady glare matching his own she bit out at him taking a forceful step forward, forcing him to take a step back.

          " You deserved it, for being so mean you jerk!"

          Inuyasha, annoyed with loosing his placement above her shot forward standing on his toes leaning down to yell right back into her face.

          "Like hell I deserved it! You're the one acting all crazy, moping and silent and then sitting me for seeing if you where alright! Feh! See if I bother talking to you again!" Inuyasha stuck his nose into the air and crossed his arms across his chest turning his back to her, slightly hurt.


          Kagome's bluster left her lungs As Inuyasha's words sank in her eyes blinking in comprehension.

He was worried about me? Slowly she looked back at the rest of the group their small worried smiles confirming the Hanyou's innocents.

Okay, so I was wrong ... but…  Kagome's glare returned though not a vehement as before. Her eyes focused on Inuyasha's head as the dim light caused his hair to shine in a metallic beauty.

He could have been nicer in his questioning… But that's just his way of doing things…

          Kagome shook her head and walked up to Inuyasha placing a hand on his shoulder. She felt his shoulders stiffen after her hand had completely settled on him and cringed at her own careless words.

 I'm getting just as bad as him…

She glanced up at his head as a soft rustling wind danced off his hair and fur on his ears. His ears twitched forward and Kagome smiled softly recalling how soft they where.

          "Inuyasha, I'm sorry… you just interrupted my train of thinking and… well I'm sorry okay?" Kagome cocked her head to the side in question and waited to his response. After a while her calm face slowly darkened her eyes alighting in vivid anger at being ignored. She had apologized, in front of everyone no less, and he ignored her.

          "Hey, Inuyasha are you-"

          "Shut up, will ya!" Inuyasha didn't even turn to face her as he snapped his order. Kagome pulled her hand from his shoulder slowly hurt at his actions and extremely embarrassed as the gaze of her friends curious eyes burned into her back painfully.

Why that little…

          "Inuyasha! What the hell are you playing at I said I was sorry! What more do you want from me! Geeze, you'd think-" Kagome's tirade was cut short as Inuyasha spun back and placed two fingers over her lips, firmly silencing her.

          Kagome felt her cheeks redden at the feel of his callused fingers gently resting against he smooth skin. His eyes had averted back to the forest around them searching urgently.

          "Something is out there… and I can smell demon…" His nose twitched up catching the hidden smell that drifted in on the breeze as his snowy ears flicked back in forth trying to discern a location.

          Kagome's heart pounded in her temples and she slowly turned her head to investigate allowing Inuyasha's hand to drop back to his side. Sango and Miroku stood ready back-to-back eyes glancing about, when Kagome felt it. An ora she knew all too well enveloped her mind sending warning signs through her mind. Hurriedly she turned in the direction the ora was emitting from.

          "Inuyasha! A Jewel shard, behind you!'' Kagome's cry echoed into the wind that swept up apparently from nowhere just as a dark shape leapt from the treetops above the group.

          Inuyasha had barely turned in Kagome's direction when the dark shape brought its clawed hands back, his rust colored haori billowing in the wind around him.

          "Iron Reaper Soul Stealer!" The words rebounded in Kagome's head freezing her heart as the creature tore into Inuyasha's back, the sound of his shredding Haori haunting her memory.

          A small yelp escaped Inuyasha's lips before he ducked back and reared around to take a swipe at his attacker.

          The dark shadow used Inuyasha's momentum and thrust to spring upwards and spin into a flip landing in an all to familiar crouch. Kagome's eyes froze on the small demon as it slowly rose. His midnight hair billowed in the breeze a very familiar haori and hakama whipping in a low buffet around his small body.

          He stood no higher then Souta, his pale skin gleaming against his dark hair. As he turned to face Inuyasha Kagome caught sight of a small canine fang as it glinted from beneath a smirk and her heart stopped completely as the small demon flicked two perfect dog ears that rested atop of his head, silvery white near the base but as the ears extended upward the fur darkened leaving the tips as dark as his hair.

In… Inuyasha? He looks… just like… Inuyasha… Right down to his gold eyes…

          Those same golden eyes met with Inuyasha's as the small child stared up at the much taller Hanyou.

          "So you're the ones with the other Jewel shards."

Who… is he?

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