A/N #1: This is a Self Insert into the character of Laxus Dreyar. SI has both Laxus' and my own memories. Warning: This is going to be a Massive AU, especially for characters and arcs that came after the Tenrou Time Skip. If you don't like it there's other fics. Otherwise, ENJOY!

Porlyusica's Treehouse, Magnolia Town's East Forest


My eyes shoot open at the unwelcome roar that ripped me from my slumber. Then again, it was more of a nightmare that I had awoken from. I had been driving home after a long day when some maniac in a truck ran a red light and smashed into my car, flipping it out from under. My last thoughts were of panic from being unable to breathe, my lungs filling up with blood before everything went black.

"Be silent, you pink haired harpy." a voice growled. "You're making a scene over nothing. The boy will be fine."

"No thanks to you!" came a quickly fired retort. "If Makarov hadn't brought him here when he did, Laxus wouldn't even be breathing!"

I squinted my eyes at the incessant arguing. I had a splitting headache and my body felt like warmed-over death, an uncomfortable burning sensation overriding my senses. Slowly, I moved my eyes over my body, unable to do much else.

I immediately noticed a problem. Last I checked I was a full grown man, but as I scanned my appendages to see if I lost any limbs from the accident I saw that I was in a body that wasn't my own.

The body of a child to be exact, rather young at that with how small my arms and legs were. I was also wrapped head to toe in bandages. Suppressing my initial reaction of freaking out, I instead scanned the room to make sense of my situation. The result caught my breath in my throat.

I saw three figures. The two arguing were a tall pink haired woman in a crimson cape and a tall black haired man in purple and black robes and noticeably tanned skin. With my head as fuzzy as it was, I didn't immediately put two and two together and recognize the pair. But that didn't matter when I saw the third person sitting next to them.

A short balding man with white hair only on the outer rims of his head. A white tunic with white fur lining the edges and a shining crest sported proudly on the left side of his chest. A crest that marked its bearer as one of the most formidable wizards who walked the continent of Ishgar.

Makarov Dreyar, Guild Master of Fairy Tail and a member of the Ten Wizard Saints.

"Master Makarov? Is that really him?" I thought to myself while laying eyes on the legendary wizard. "What on earth is going on?"

Focusing back to the other two people, I soon realized that the woman was Porlyusica, the reclusive healer for the Guild. Which meant that the man was none other than Makarov's wayward son, Ivan Dreyar.

My headache quickly cleared up due to the bombshells, and clarity soon reached me, "That means I must be Laxus. He's the only person that both Makarov and Ivan would be present for." My suspicions were soon confirmed as Ivan and Porlyusica name dropped me several more times as they went at it.

"Am I in an isekai? I don't know whether to cry or laugh that truck-kun did me in." I decided to find humor in the situation, if I had died in my original universe then there was nothing really to be done about it. Besides Fairy Tail wasn't a terrible universe to wind up in, helluva lot safer than say Attack on Titan or something.

Actually the more I calmed down and thought about it, the more I grew excited. Growing up, I was a big fan of Fairy Tail, at least in the beginning before I lost interest after some questionable story decisions by the mangaka. The concept of Dragon Slayers was the coolest shit to me as a teenager. I mean who doesn't like Dragons?

Plus you know, it was a universe where people could freaking use Magic. The chance to shoot fireballs or lightning bolts out my hands was definitely an appealing one to me. So imagine my luck that I wound up in a character that was the best of both worlds.

Laxus Dreyar, S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail, grandson of a Wizard Saint and the Lightning Dragon Slayer. A bonafide badass, the man's power is held in high regard oftentimes being compared to even Gildarts. High praise indeed considering Fairy Tail's Ace had over twenty years experience on the Dragon Slayer. At the very least, Laxus was definitely a serious contender for strongest within the guild. Immense magical power, a physical monster, and a wielder of my favorite elemental power.

Yes, I fucking love lightning. Fire is a close second. Yes, I'm aware they're very flashy and overused powers by anime characters. I don't give a shit. Goddamnit I've been given a chance to shoot lightning from my fingertips and so help me I'm gonna enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite the Laxus that was first introduced in canon, someone in their mid twenties and already an accomplished mage. I'm still a little kid, probably the version shown in Laxus' flashbacks of happier memories with his grandpa when they still had a close relationship.

But honestly, that's no problem at all. Now that my head is clear, I'm noticing that I have all the memories of the original Laxus, which aren't all that many to be frank. It's a good thing for me to start out as a young Laxus so no one notices anything out of the ordinary. Like why one of Fairy Tail's strongest doesn't know how to use Magic properly. This Laxus hasn't learned Magic yet, so it gives me more than enough time to adjust to my new setting.

But man oh man do I have plans. I'm gonna be so OP it's gonna be awesome.

"Ivan." came a voice tinged with danger.

My heart froze for a second.

One word spoken so softly immediately brought all argument to a halt. The man in question flinched minutely, but turned to face the man who spoke his name with such power.

"I have tolerated a lot of stupidity from you." Makarov said caustically. "But you've soundly exceeded my expectations. Explain yourself."

Ivan could practically feel the force of his father's will pressing down on him, even though the man had released not one drop of his monstrous magical power. It was an experience Ivan had detested his entire life.

No matter how much he struggled, a bottomless chasm served as the insurmountable obstacle in Ivan's attempts to escape the shadow his father engulfed him in. Although one of Fairy Tail's two S-Class Mages and a powerhouse in his own right, it was not enough.

It was never enough. The sheer despair would break a lesser man.

But it had yet to break Ivan, and so he matched his father's contemptuous glare, years of bitterness racing to the forefront that gave strength to his rage.

"I saved his life. You should be thanking me, old man." Ivan snarled.

Makarov saw red for a moment, but stopped himself from throttling his idiot son. "Saved his life? You almost killed him before he even turned six." Makarov ground out.

Ivan refused to back down. "You and I both know the boy's affliction was a growing problem. Had I not taken action, he'd have succumbed eventually. Maybe not this year or next, but I doubt he would have reached adolescence. Your feebleness to do what needs to be done is the only stupidity I see here."

"And what if he dies?! What then?!" Makarov thundered.

"Laxus shares our blood, he won't perish so easily. But in the unlikely event he does, then that's all he was worth." Ivan said coldly.

Makarov paused for a few moments, taking a good look at his son. The man before him couldn't be his child, couldn't be a member of Fairy Tail. Porlyusica stood to the side of the quarrel, looking appalled.

"Do you truly believe that?" Makarov asked quietly.

Ivan's eyes flashed dangerously. "Laxus is the latest in a bloodline of powerful wizards. For him to be brought down by his own power is a fate unbecoming. You'd have him deny his potential just to frolic around with weaklings. He should be striving for greatness!"

"There is more to life than power, Ivan." Makarov warned. "Strength alone will not satisfy the soul. I've warned you-"

"Spare me the lecture you old buzzard. My goals are my own." Ivan had been subject to many lectures of the sort and he had no patience for it. "You possess the honors of Wizard Saint and Guild Master yet you insult my toil for prestige. A hypocrite to the very end."

A wizened and experienced wizard Makarov may be, but even he was still cursed with the legendary Dreyar trait of putting his foot in his mouth. He couldn't help the venomous reply, "There's a very simple reason you fool. You're not good enough."

Veins exploded across Ivan's face as his visage darkened in sheer fury, the walls of Porlyusica's treehouse abode cracking in response to the S-Class Mage's furious release of magical power. The owner in question backtracked at the sudden escalation.

Makarov snorted contemptuously, thoroughly unimpressed, and raised an eyebrow in challenge. Father and son had come to blows several times past and it always had one outcome. But before Ivan could make a decision he'd regret, a faint coughing noise dispelled the tension in the air.

The raw power that permeated the air was like a stranglehold on my lungs and I struggled to breathe. Makarov rushed to my bedside in relief, "Laxus my child, have you awoken?! Thank goodness you're alive!" The elderly wizard immediately enveloped me in a hug.

Witnessing my miraculous 'recovery', Ivan controlled his temper and quelled his cascading energy, skulking to a corner to watch the proceedings.

"What the hell was that?!" I thought in sheer terror, ignoring Makarov's hug. I eyed the seething man in the corner and gulped in apprehension. "I don't remember Ivan being that strong!"

From what I remembered from canon, Laxus and Ivan's relationship was essentially non-existent. The man had implanted a Dragon lacrima within his son out of pity but then years later desired to retrieve it for profit, uncaring of the fact that it would result in Laxus' death. Eventually the two fought during the Grand Magic Games which resulted in Ivan's defeat and incarceration and that was the last that was heard from him.

Their fight was a joke at best, Laxus easily dominating not only his father but the clowns from his guild he'd gathered to ambush the Fairy Tail mage. But this Ivan was on a whole different level of dread than I could have imagined.

"This guy… he's bad news. He's definitely gonna be a problem later. Damn it! The original canon never expanded much on Laxus' past. Is this Ivan's actual power and Laxus was just superior in the future? Or…."

Or was this an alternate version of Fairy Tail? If it was, then most of my future knowledge was going to be useless. Suddenly I was a little less sure on whether Fairy Tail was as easy a universe as I had originally envisioned, but I forcibly settled my rising fear.

Fine. So things may be different. I'll be ready, now I just have extra motivation.

Resolve schooled my features as I locked eyes with my 'father', the man's brows furrowing in consideration before I ended the staring contest and turned to my 'grandfather'.

Playing up the sweet grandson schtick I remembered Laxus having at this age, I hugged Makarov back. "Gramps, my throat hurts. Can I get some water?"

"Here you go child." Porlyusica said neutrally, handing me a tall glass. I quickly downed the hatch, feeling the revitalizing liquid cool my throat and soothe the burning sensation within me, before handing the glass back.

"What's going on, Gramps?" I asked curiously, it was a little weird dumbing down my speech to fit a five year old but I needed to confirm the situation.

Makarov frowned for a brief moment, his previous anger at Ivan returning once more, but he thought better of it. Laxus had just awoken from a coma, he didn't need to see his family at war with each other, especially at his age.

"Well my boy, we just gave you a little medicine to help ya!" Makarov replied cheekily, immediately dispelling what little tension remained in the treehouse. Ivan snorted at the jovial change in atmosphere.

"What kinda medicine?" I asked.

Makarov paused for a second, not quite sure how to explain it before continuing gamely. "You remember those stories I'd tell you by the fireplace?"

Memories unbidden rose up within me, showing me scenes of Laxus sitting beside his grandfather in an exquisite library with an aged tome between the two. Magical tales of regale flowed from the man's lips as he wowed the boy with flights of fancy.

"Mmhmm. I remember." I said.

"The tales I would tell about the great beasts with scales and wings, the original users of magic? Do you remember what they were called?" Makarov asked.

Inwardly I smiled at the train of logic, already knowing the answer but I played up my confusion. "Umm… what were they called again? Duuu… Duurraaa… Drakons?"

"Close my boy. Dragons." Makarov confirmed with a wink.

"Yeah! That's it!" I said excitedly.

"Dragons are very powerful creatures, Laxus. Powerful beyond all reason, there aren't any who can compare. Mages across all the ages have studied them, fought them, worshiped them, and cursed them, but we have always respected their majesty." Makarov sighed before continuing. "Kinda like them, you my child have been born with great magical potential, but alas your body couldn't quite handle the strain. Your father… in his infinite wisdom… decided that the power of a Dragon could save you from your affliction."

"Affliction?" I said, sounding out the syllables to make it sound like I didn't understand what the word was.

"Yes, Laxus. You were born with more magical power than your body could handle at your age and it was harming you." Makarov stated gravely. "When you were born you struggled to even breathe and it was an issue you never outgrew, leaving you frail and easy to tire. We'd feared you would never be able to access your magic without killing yourself."

I remained silent and nodded my head.

"In his travels, your father came across a magical artifact called a Dragon lacrima. Simply put, it is the essence of a Dragon distilled into crystalline form. All magical creatures are interwoven with magic, but Dragons push that maxim to the extreme. They are literally magic given form, making them strong in body, mind, and spirit. Ivan thought that by implanting a Dragon lacrima within you, similar capabilities would be granted and allow your body to properly regulate the magical power that flows within. Allowing you to experience life unencumbered." Makarov finished.

"Well that confirms it." I thought to myself, much more detail than in canon but the main gist of it is that I am the Lightning Dragon Slayer. "Did it work?"

"I don't know." Makarov replied honestly, this was uncharted territory. He had heard of humans who had been taught magic by the Dragons themselves but he knew little about Dragon lacrima. It was why he was so angry at Ivan for pulling this harebrained stunt, he was putting a lot of stock into a method with little information and a lot of risk.

"There may be one avenue." Makarov thought to himself, thinking about a man whose legend rang across the continent of Ishgar. There was rumor that his magic had some relation to the apex magical creatures, but he was reclusive and dangerous to find.

After all, one didn't just appear unannounced before the strongest man in Ishgar. The Rank 1 Wizard Saint himself: God Serena.

Despite being a Wizard Saint himself, Makarov knew full well that he was a mere pebble in the face of the Wizard Saints' upper four.

An S-Class Mage was a peerless colossus among wizards.

The Ten Wizard Saints were transcendent calamities even among the monstrous S-Class.

But those honored four?

They were leviathans that roamed the continent, supernovae above even the Wizard Saints themselves. Wizards who were to be seen as the pinnacle of human magical potential.

The Four Gods of Ishgar.

Deities who could challenge the very tenets of magic in a flight of whimsy.

Makarov was proud of the contributions he had made to his beloved art during his career. However, the honored four had individually advanced the magical arts more than ten-thousand wizards combined.

Now imagine that the aptly named 'God' Serena was considered to be in a class of his own even among the Four Gods. It was bone-chillingly terrifying to consider.

It was why it was so laughable to Makarov, seeing his son's futile attempts at clawing for every scrap of power and prestige he could get his hands on. The sooner he learned to be content with what he had the better, because there was always someone better, always a bigger fish.

Always someone who could eclipse your own ability and lack the shame to not make it look effortless.

But unfortunately, Ivan was a Dreyar and that meant he was doomed to learn the hard way. Living vicariously through Laxus wouldn't save him from the crushing despair that brought low those who chased power to the exception of all else. Makarov had made those mistakes in the past and that was why he now dedicated himself to the nurturing of young minds, it was his salvation.

"I grow weary of this idle chat old man." Ivan declared, making for the entrance. "Now that you've seen that the boy is fine, I shall take my leave. I have more important business to attend to."

Makarov shook his head wearily, disappointed but not at all surprised that he failed yet again to get through his son's thick skull. Porlyusica frowned at her unwelcome guest's departure, waiting for the removal of his presence.

I watched my 'father' take his leave from the treehouse, but just as Ivan stepped through the opening out into the forest he paused. Locking gazes with me once more, I could see an internal war of emotions play out on his face before responding, "Be well, Laxus."

I blinked at the uncharacteristic show of parental feeling from Ivan Dreyar of all people, but before I could make sense of the words the man had already made himself scarce.

"Interesting. I didn't think the bastard had it in him." I thought to myself. I definitely wouldn't let my guard down around the man, but I was curious to see if the development would lead to anything.

"Well then, I'll leave you to rest my boy. Porlyusica will take good care of you until you're ready to come home." Makarov said with a wink, before skedaddling back to the Guild.

"Oi! You conniving weasel!" Porlyusica raged, grabbing a broom and chasing after the fleeing Guild Master. "Get back here and take your brat with you! I don't run a hospital!"

I smiled at their antics and layed back down in bed. I found myself in a new universe but rather than feeling dread, I was excited for the future. There was a whole new world to explore, things to learn, and adventures to experience.

As I drifted off to sleep, I dreamed of unlocking my magic and smiting my enemies with the thunderous power of lightning.

Dreyar Manor, Magnolia Town

The tapping noises of my shoes clacking together filled the library I found myself in. I sighed in comfort on the reclining chair I lounged in, thinking back on the past several days.

Porlyusica had been stunned at the speed of my recovery. My father's 'harebrained scheme' as gramps had put it had been an unmitigated success. The uncomfortable burning sensation that I felt when I woke up as Laxus were the aftereffects of the Dragon lacrima destroying and reconstructing his body inside and out.

Laxus had been forged anew, his weak and frail musculature evolving into something else entirely. The process should have killed him. In the unlikely event that he survived, the strain of the transformation should have left Laxus bedridden for weeks at the very least.

"Then again, I guess you could say he did 'die'." I conceded to myself. "Seeing that I'm here and he's not."

While I was still wrapped in bandages, Porlyusica wouldn't take no for an answer, I was already up and about in mere days. Apparently the Dragon lacrima had drastically improved my new body's regenerative capabilities. In fact, owing to Makarov's stunned expression when I was running all over the house to test my new limits, Laxus was moving far better now than he had ever before.

"And this is only Laxus at five years old. No wonder he was such an absolute unit when he grew up." I thought in delight. "Well above six feet tall, over 200 lbs of pure muscle, the only people in Fairy Tail who compared to him in physique were Gildarts and Elfman."

Remembering Laxus' personality when he was initially introduced, the Dragon Slayer probably spent countless hours pumping iron to achieve his frame, especially considering how slim the majority of the cast were. But then, he was a pretty gangly teen during his flashbacks so he couldn't have started that early.

"With Laxus' insane genetics and my plans to fucking cheat my ass off, I'm gonna be even more ridiculous than he ever was." I mused, which is what brought me here.

Happy for his grandson's miraculous recovery, Makarov left me to my own devices while he attended Guild business. Familiarizing myself with Laxus' original memories, I took the time to wander the Dreyar family manor and stumbled upon my grandfather's personal library.

A veritable cornucopia of artifacts and reading material encompassing scores of magical subjects furnished the shelves that encompassed the walls of my grandfather's library. As a Wizard Saint and master of a reputable guild, Makarov possessed a well-endowed collection of texts attained throughout his legendary career.

The library was Makarov's pride and joy within the small manor he owned in the outskirts of Magnolia Town, but the man himself spent little time at his official residence. Makarov's various positions gave him many responsibilities to attend to, so he often stayed overnight in his office within the Guild Hall.

"Leaving me free to use the library to my heart's content." I celebrated with satisfaction. "No pesky adults getting in the way."

Dreyar Manor was a family home that both Ivan and I belonged to, but Ivan's relationship with his father was strained to say the least, so the surly man maintained his own private residence in another part of town. Little ol' Laxus on the other hand was very close to his beloved grandpa and lived in the Manor, his favorite pastime sitting beside his grandfather in the library as the Wizard Saint regaled him with tales of adventure and intrigue.

That was only when Makarov was available however, which wasn't often and although he loved his grandson, Laxus was often left to himself since his father couldn't be bothered to make time for him either. In the past, Laxus would usually make a nuisance of himself within the Guild Hall to spend time with his grandfather but thanks to the incident, I could take advantage of my need to 'recover' and change that habit.

"Speaking of the incident." I wondered to myself. "For what reason was I sent here? It's been days and not a sign in sight."

I decided not to get myself too worked up about it. No rhyme or reason maybe, but I had died and I was here. Dead was dead and there wasn't really anything I could do about it so I might as well keep moving forward in the present. If there really was no higher purpose for me being sent here, then goddamnit I was going to make one.

The first step was unlocking my magic and learning how to utilize my Dragon Slayer abilities. But that was only the beginning, the power of lightning was mesmerizing to me and I had lots of ideas to steal from lightning users across anime and other media.

Characters like Sasuke Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, and Ay from Naruto, Killua from HunterxHunter, God Enel from One Piece, Hajime Kashimo from Jujutsu Kaisen, Vergil Hawkins from Static Shock and many more.

And who better to experiment with than Laxus Dreyar himself? As the Lightning Dragon Slayer, not only would I be able to wield Lightning like no other, I could consume it from almost any source to replenish myself and possessed virtual immunity to the element. A great safeguard in case I fuck up while training new abilities.

Honestly, other than Enel whose Devil Fruit actually makes him lightning itself, Laxus probably has the greatest attunement with it.

I plan to push Laxus' potential to the limit. I'm talking about auto-targeting attacks that can't be avoided through connecting positive and negative charges between myself and my opponent.

Using lightning to alter the electrical signals within my brain, muscles, and nerve endings to enhance cognitive function, memory retention, learning ability and physical performance. Electrifying my cells to energize them into an accelerated state of development and high-speed regeneration.

Manipulating the weather to summon natural lightning and smite my enemies at one-third the speed of light. Employing thunder to create shockwaves that increase the power of my blows. Manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum to levitate and fly, attract and repel matter.

Develop sensory abilities that far exceed human capability, and so much more…

Which is why I was currently sitting in the library reading, in hand a book on the Basic Theory of Magic and to my side a stack of selected texts with topics ranging from Ethernano: The Source of Magic Power, Core Tenets of Magic Power Control, Lightning Magic for Beginners, Understanding Weather, Controlling Electricity, Manipulating the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and so on.

I can literally feel the electrifying power coursing through my veins, Laxus' already substantial magic potential being amplified by the crystallized essence of a Lightning Dragon within me. But as things stood I didn't quite know how to tap into his power yet…

Excuse me, my power yet.

But I would learn… and I would take my first steps into becoming the most powerful mage who had ever lived.

East Forest, Magnolia Town

The wind tickled my nose as I sat cross-legged in an open field at the entrance of East Forest, a nature preserve along the outskirts of Magnolia Town. The forest is home to a variety of fauna and animals, the warm climate and abundant moisture giving sustenance to lush vegetation and a dense mist.

From what I remember of canon, Porlyusica's treehouse was located here and Natsu and Happy spent a lot of time hunting and fishing in the rivers and trails. There were numerous glades inside that Natsu used for training and even deeper still reside magical creatures and plants that I was eager to test myself against in the future.

But that was for the future. Venturing in there as I was now would get me killed. Today's goal was to unlock my magic.

I sat there meditating, centering myself to experience the flow of Magic that resides within me. I continued to marvel at the magic power that circulates through my system, astounding even my loftiest expectations. The rivers upon lakes upon seas upon oceans of magic that resided within Laxus' core was absolutely breathtaking.

Dreyar genes are complete bullshit.

Furthermore, the Dragon Lacrima functioned as an amplifier to this energy, acting as a continuous positive feedback loop. My magic power whirled like a constellation in orbit around the crystal, the energy being absorbed by the artifact before getting amplified and then emitted back into my body once more. The newly released energy became denser, more potent, more ferocious, encapsulating the characteristics of the apex predator that gave it form. Flowing throughout my body once more and then repeating the cycle ad nauseum.

Only a week had passed since I had awoken from the incident and two days since I had gained the ability to feel for my magic. Yet I could already tell the stark difference in my power between then and now.

What would I be capable of as a fully matured adult?

Especially with the plans I had to completely gain the system and achieve power far in excess of what the original Laxus did in canon.

"Well, there's only one way to find out." I resolved, standing with purpose.

I brought my fists forward and then extended my pointer fingers across each other with a little space in between.

"Lightning is the element of power. Lightning desires to flow and stream. Lightning despises containment. Lightning is power to be directed and channeled, and its user must possess the force of will to guide it forward with no fear…" I recanted to myself.

As I verbally actualized the object of my desire, my magic power responded in kind. Magic Power emitted from my fingertips to create a constant stream, positive and negative partitioning into two poles.

"...Magic is the physical embodiment of the spirit, while born of reason it ventures beyond to realize the will of the user and through faith it will spark." I continued, my brows furrowed in concentration.

It happened in an instant. A flickering light and a deep hissing sound emerged as electricity crackled and then flowed between my fingertips, illuminating my face as I broke out into a maddened grin. But I quickly centered myself and maintained focus, lest I lose control.

Slowly I expanded the distance between my pointer fingers and then extended the others until five streams of lightning arced between my palms. Emboldened by the success, my impressive aptitude for lightning likely due to the lacrima within me, I increased my output as far as I could go.

My yellow hair spiked upwards as I brought my arms all the way outward, a field of electricity forming an arcing halo of power around my body. The sensation of lightning coursing through my veins was intoxicating, I felt like I could run up and down an entire mountain without stopping.

After enjoying the euphoria for a few more moments, I finally cut the stream of power. The immediate loss of energy made me feel slightly lethargic and I fell flat on my back with a long sigh, but glowing in satisfaction.

Yes, my magic power efficiency was complete shit if I tired out this easily. Even with my massive reserves.

Yes, as impressive as the light show was, my magic power output was probably so weak that any serious adult mage could shrug off the effect and kick my shit in.

Yes, even with my immense magical potential if I didn't develop considerable physical prowess to match I would run into trouble very quickly.


Those issues can all be worked on, but the fucking fact that I could summon lightning was a bliss that I didn't think I would ever tire from.

"I'll take this world by fucking storm." I said, staring up into the sky and daring the heavens to challenge my declaration.

"Let There Be Lightning."

A/N #2: And there's the Prologue. I haven't written in years although I've stayed on the site and read many more fics. My previous works make me cringe but I decided to try again. Hope you liked it!

So like I said in A/N #1, there's going to be massive changes to the universe. Worldbuilding, Characters, Motivations, etc. SI Laxus is going to be the main character but I have other prominent ones in mind. Also to get this out of the way because I hated it in the original canon.

In this story: Natsu is not END. Natsu and Zeref are not brothers. Natsu and the other four first generation Dragon Slayers are not from 400 years in the past. There's other changes but these are the most egregious to me that I needed to call out. If you don't like, don't read. Otherwise, stay tuned for Chapter 1.