Chapter 2 Improvements

3 Weeks.

That's how long it's been since Naruto became a part of Rias' peerage.

Since then he's become accustomed to his new devil life style.

Things like; Being able to use magic, handing out flyers to people then fulfill certain tasks that they give them, deal with devils that have gone rogue, and fly with bat-like wings devil wings.

Though for Naruto he had three sets of wings surprising everyone.

Then there was also the training he partook in.

Though it wasn't really training from Naruto's perspective. So he decided to take the reigns of it and show Rias and the rest real training.

At first they were against it and said they were strong enough.

Til Naruto practically beat the crap out of them.

And they were shocked he only used 20% of his power and skills.

After that humbling experience Rias and the gang took Naruto's training to heart.

And the results were very pleasing.

Rias was able to incorporate her Power of Destruction to her new hand-to-hand combat skills and show off her new strength, agility, and flexibility.

Akeno was the same as Rias and even add her lightning power into her hand-to-hand skills as well, even making lightning armor for speed and power. An idea he got from hearing about A the Raikage from Jiraiya.

Yuto now had strength to go with his speed and not become a glass canon. Not to mention he was able to get some swords ideas from anime and games thanks to Naruto and Rias who the latter got the former hooked on.

And Koneko was now a blur with her new speed, having the swiftness to match her power punches. To which she also got some moves from anime and games due to Naruto having ideas of certain martial arts and skills she could use.

And although they look the same Rias and the girls bodies changed a little to show off their newfound strength and muscle, though the girls breast sizes did go up a bit.

Rias was now DD, Akeno was E, and Koneko was B.

They each thanked Naruto for making them more attractive.

All the while this was happening Naruto was training his ninja skills and Boosted Gear. The former was thanks to the scrolls he still had from Jiraiya from the training trip and the latter he was able to make good progress in.

He was even able to activate balance breaker, the next level of a sacred gear, due to him already having training under his belt and can hold it for 6 hours. Normally it would be 30 minutes or 1 hour, but due to his ninja training, his massive stamina, and a little bit from Kurama Naruto was able to keep it active for far longer.

Right now Naruto was in the Occult Research Club playing a game on a PSP waiting on Rias and the gang.

"It still amazes me how far this world is in technology." Naruto said trying to beat the final boss.

"I know what you mean. Just imagine it being use in our world." Kurama said.

"It might be possible. Now that the Akatsuki is gone from your world along with whatever plans they have." Ddraig said.

"True. But we still have a few enemies like Orochimaru and his followers to deal with. Not to mention the possible backlash I'll have to deal with from Sasuke for stealing in killing his brother for him." Naruto said.

"True/True." Kurama and Ddraig agreed.

"Hey Naruto. Sorry for the wait." Rias said as she and the others came in.

"No prob. I had something to occupy my time. Oh yeah! In your face, sucker!" Naruto laughed having beaten the boss.

"You really like those video games, huh Naruto-kun?" Akeno smiled.

"One of the best things that was invented." Naruto grinned.

"I would imagine so." Yuto chuckled.

"Senpai." Koneko said coming to Naruto's side and leaning on him.

"Hey Koneko. How's my sweet kitten?" Naruto said rubbing her head.

"Better now that I can get my head rubs." Koneko smiled pleasantly, enjoying Naruto's touch.

"Rough day?" Naruto asked.

"My annoying fans." Koneko pouted.

"I feel that." Naruto agreed.

Thanks to his clones and wanting to actually do good in school, Naruto became one of the smartest people in the academy, being in the same grade as Rias and Akeno. Sure, people were put off by his hair and whisker marks thinking he was a delinquent, but his nice personality and kindness was able to change their view of him.

Which unfortunately got him a fanbase, with the students calling him the Wild Kind King of Kuoh Academy.

"It always amazes me how close Naruto and Koneko have gotten in just three weeks." Akeno smiled.

"It helps that Senpai is not a disgusting pervert." Koneko said.

"Not to mention Koneko is not the first person I've meet who has a blank face 247 hours a day." Naruto said.

"You talking about your friend, Gaara?" Yuto said.

"Yep. Even though he doesn't show much emotion, I can tell what he means by his actions. In fact me and him are practically brothers in all but blood." Naruto chuckled.

"I would imagine so." Rias giggled. "Now on to our mission for tonight. We have to hunt down a stray devil by the name of Viser. She's been spotted luring people in and killing them."

"What did she do?" Naruto asked.

"She killed her King." Rias said.

"Any particular reason why?"

"Doesn't say."

"Well she'll be just another stray that we slay." Akeno said.

"Hey that rhymed." Naruto snickered.

"Thank you." Akeno giggled.

"Anyway, we need to move out now before she takes anymore victims." Rias said.

"Right!" Everyone agreed.

That Night

Rias and her peerage walked towards the warehouse that Viser was said to be in.

"She's in there?" Yuto asked his King.

"Should be. Naruto?" Rias asked him.

"On it." Naruto nodded closing his eyes and focused his sensory ability to feel for Viser, and after a few seconds he got something. "Got she's just up ahead. Though I feel something off."

"Off like how?" Akeno asked.

"Like her power is split in half. One if chaotic and the other is calm. They seem to be clashing." Naruto said.

Before anyone could say anything they all heard laughter in front of them.

"Oh, what's this? Does someone want to play and become a victim." The voice said from the darkness as heavy footsteps could be heard as Viser came out in the open to be seen.

Viser was a naked young woman having long black hair with grey eyes and a voluptuous figure with D-cup breasts but her lower body was gigantic, beastly, and centaur-like with four legs the front two legs featuring humanoid hands with red claws and the stomach area featuring a cavity with teeth.

"...Not gonna lie, the top part is hot but the bottom ruins it." Naruto said seeing Viser.

"Really?" Rias deadpanned.

"Hey I'm a normal healthy teenage guy. If I see something attractive, I call out on it." Naruto shrugged.

"Oh? What about me, Rias, and Koneko?" Akeno asked.

"I thought that was obvious, you three are beautiful. No question." Naruto said as if was a fact.

"Thank you, senpai." Koneko smiled hugging Naruto and rubbed her head against his chest making him chuckle.

"I quite agree with Naruto about Viser." Yuto said.

"You too?" Rias asked.

"Sure. According to my girlfriend I have good taste in women." Yuto said.

That made everyone pause.

"Come again?" Rias blinked.

"You have a girlfriend?" Akeno asked.

"Yep. We've been dating for a year now." Yuto nodded.

"Huh... I could've sworn from how you carried yourself you were... Nevermind." Naruto said.

"What you thought I was single?" Yuto asked.

"Well no... we thought you were into... y'know it really doesn't matter." Rias said trying to change the subject.

"Well it matters to me cause from the sound of it you all thought I was..." Yuto said.

"Are you ignoring me! I'll kill you!" Viser shouted throwing some debris at the group as they leapt out of the way.

"Oh look Viser is trying to kill us, let's take care of this and continue this conversation never." Koneko said.

"I agree." Naruto said.

"Totally." Rias said.

"Yeppers." Akeno said.

Yuto said nothing as he didn't know how to feel about the whole situation.

"Oh you're all pretty fast. But let's see how you do well against this!" Viser exclaimed as she started groping her breasts.

"Why is she doing that?" Naruto asked.

He got his answer as Viser's nipples erected and shot out lasers from them making the group dodge again.

"Nipple lasers?! Are you serious right now?!" Naruto shouted in disbelief.

"What kind of random bullshit is that?!" Kurama demanded at Ddraig.

"Haven't you and Naruto seen weird stuff in your world?" Ddraig asked.

"Yes, but we didn't have someone shoot lasers out of their nipples!" Kurama said.

"...I guess that's fair." Ddraig said agreeing.

"Okay everyone just like we advise." Rias said as she and everyone got up.

"Right!" They said.

They all charged at Viser who tried to crush them with her monstrous lower half.

Koneko with her newfound speed and Akeno incased in her lightning armor blitzed Viser sending a barrage of punches on her body as she staggered back with the two not giving her a chance to gain her footing.

Yuto then came in holding a sword that looked like Rebellion from Devil May Cry, but the size of a katana slashed around Viser's body in a fury of dark energy slashes before swift-kicking her across the face sending her down to the ground.

Rias and Naruto then slid underneath Viser and double-kicked her in the air before they gave their own barrage of punched filled with power of destruction and wind chakra before flying above her and double-punched her to the floor slamming into the ground below.

Everyone then regrouped to each other as they saw Viser trying to get up.

"Excellent maneuvers everyone." Rias smirked.

"We've really improved." Akeno grinned clapping her hands.

"All thanks to senpai." Koneko nodded.

"Indeed." Yuto smiled.

"You all put in the work. I just helped you guys get there." Naruto said giving them all a sincere smile that made them all blush in embarrassment.

"Help me..."

Naruto blinked as he heard something.

"Naruto? You ok?" Rias asked.

"Yeah. Just for a minute I thought I heard..." Naruto said.

"Help me... please..."

Naruto heard that voice again and used his senses to pinpoint it to where it was coming from.

And he was shocked to see it come from Viser.

"What the...?" He muttered.

"I want... to be free... from this prison... I can't... take it anymore..."

"Are these her thoughts?" Naruto wondered.

"Naruto." Kurama said.

"What's up?"

"You know how you felt her power was split in half, one chaotic and the other calm as if they're clashing?"


"Turns out the calm part is coming from her upper half while the chaotic part is coming from her lower half."

"What do you mean?"

"Somehow she's basically a prisoner in her own body." Ddraig said.

"Then how do I help her?"

"Use my chakra. That should cause a chain reaction to separate the body." Kurama said.

"You sure?"

"Trust me, I've seen a couple of these things before I was sealed."

"Well okay."

"Well let's finish off Viser and-" Rias said before she was interrupted.

"Hang on Rias, I need to do something." Naruto said walking up to Viser.

"What do you mean?" Akeno asked.

"This." Naruto's body got engulfed in Kurama's chakra and he touched Viser causing her to groan from the feeling.

Rias and the others were wondering what Naruto was doing, until they got a shock that when Naruto pulled Viser's upper body it separated from the monstrous half showing off her normal human legs that were covered in goop as the monstrous half flailed around roaring in anger.

"Looks like it worked." Naruto said leaping away from the lower half with Viser in his arms as it tried to claw at the two. "Rias! Destroy that thing!"

"Uh, r-right!" Rias used her power of destruction to vanquish the monster half as it screamed in pain before nothing remained.

"Alright!" Naruto said before looking at Viser and shook her a little. "Hey, you alright?"

"Hmmm, huh?" Viser groaned opening her eyes that once showed anger and malice now show calm and gentle. "W-What happened?"

"You're free now, Viser." Naruto said.

"I-I am? I'm free of that nightmare?!" Viser gasped.

"Yes." Naruto nodded.

"Oh thank you!" Viser exclaimed hugging Naruto. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

"Um, hello!" Naruto and Viser turned to see the rest of the gang looking towards them with Rias looking as if she was demanding an answer. "Just what is going on?!"

"I'll explain everything back at the club house." Naruto said.

It was then when Viser looked among the group she recognized someone.

"Shirone?" Viser asked looking at Koneko.

Koneko stiffened at that name as Rias, Akeno, and Yuto were shocked that Viser knew that name.

"Shirone/Shirone/Shirone?" Naruto, Kurama, and Ddraig thought confused.

"How do you know that name?" Koneko demanded.

"I guess you wouldn't recognize me. After all last time we saw each other my hair was strawberry blonde." Viser smiled.

Koneko was confused by that statement and then imagined Viser with strawberry blonde hair, and when she did she was shocked of something.

"V-Vivi-chan?" Koneko stuttered.

"Huh?" Everyone blinked.

ORC Club House

"No way! You and Viser were part of the same peerage?!" Rias gawked as did Akeno and Yuto.

In the club house everyone was sitting around discussing on what happened. Viser was sitting between Koneko and Naruto wrapped up in a blanket.

"Yes. We were members of the first peerage I was a part of. She became something of a big sister to me." Koneko said before turning to Viser. "But how did you end up like that, Viser?"

"I ended like that cause of our former king. You may not have realized this, but our king was a heartless experimenter who hid behind a mask of polite devil nobility. He would be in his lab conducting all kinds of experiments to better himself and his name. Not caring for anyone he would hurt." Viser explained.

"Really?" Yuto asked surprised.

"Yes. In fact how I wound up as you all saw me today was cause I found out his evil plan for Shirone." Viser said.

"What do you mean?" Akeno said in concern.

"I found out that my former king wanted to turn Shirone into a crazed senjutsu weapon that only followed his command. I just managed to tell Kuroka before we were ambushed, and I took an experimental drug that was meant for her as I turned into that monstrosity." Viser said before looking at Koneko. "It's actually the real reason why Kuroka killed him, to protect you Shirone."

Koneko was shocked at what she heard about her sister and what she did for her.

"T-That's not true. S-She lost control of s-senjutsu and became a k-killing machine who a-abandoned me." Koneko stuttered.

"Shirone, is that what you truly believe, or was is something that our former king's peerage told you? Remember this is the same Kuroka who loved you and took care of you after you both lost your parents. She thought the world of you and did what was best to protect you." Viser said.

"B-But she-" Koneko tried to say.

"Think about it, Shirone. If Kuroka has taken you with her you would've had to live life on the road as a criminal being hunted down for the rest of your life. You're sister wouldn't want a life like that for you." Viser said.

Koneko was shocked hearing that and tried to deny it, but the more she thought about it the more it made sense.

Kuroka was the best sister ever that loved and looked out for her. For her to suddenly go crazy with power and abandon her didn't sound anything like her sister.

It was then that Koneko knew.

"S-She didn't abandon m-me... She l-loved me so m-much to protect me... e-even if I ended up h-hating her." She cried, a feeling of utter shame came over her.

"Shhh, it's ok, Shirone." Viser soothed hugging the crying girl in her arms.

Rias, Akeno, and Yuto looked at Koneko in sympathy as she cried her heart out feeling her let the pain she's felt for years.

"Rias, just what happened to Koneko?" Naruto asked lost on the whole thing.

"You see Naruto, it's like this..." Rias said.

One Explanation Later

"...And that's what we were told." Rias finished.

"Unbelievable." Naruto sighed shaking his head.

Just because Kuroka killed her 'innocent king' the devils decided to practically genocide the whole nekoshou race out of fear leaving Kuroka and Koneko the only ones left.

To him it sound just like what happened to the Uzumaki clan with their war with Kumo, Kiri, and Iwa.

Typical paranoia.

"So now that Viser is free and we now know the truth about Koneko's sister, what do we do now?" Naruto asked Rias.

"I would need to talk to my brother about the situation. But rest assured Viser won't be touched now that we know what we know." Rias answered.

"In that case I'll prepare us some food." Akeno said heading to the kitchen.

"If you don't mind, I'll help." Naruto said getting up.

"Really? You cook?" Akeno blinked.

"Sure can. I may not look it, but I'm a real wizard in the kitchen." Naruto bragged slapping his chest.

"Well, if you're offering." Akeno giggled as she and Naruto left the room.

"Koneko, are you alright?" Rias as her Rook.

"I'm ashamed. I grew up with my sister and when things got bad, I doubted her. Kuroka never stopped loving me, even going as far as to be a criminal to protect me." Koneko sniffed. "How can I ever face her?"

"It's alright now, Shirone. You now know the truth and can be better for it." Viser soothed.

"She's right. And we'll do everything to clear your sister's name." Rias promised.

"We've got your back, Koneko. Those in this peerage look out for each other." Yuto said agreeing.

"Thank you, Rias, Yuto." Koneko smiled before looking at Viser. "And it's nice that we're reunited again, Viser."

"I feel the same, Shirone." Viser smiled.

Next Day

"Thank you again, Naruto!" A woman said from a house waving goodbye at Naruto along with her husband and two kids.

"No problem! Call me again if you need any help!" Naruto smiled waving at the family.

"Will do!" They responded.

Naruto decided to take a walk around the area to enjoy looking around Kuoh.

"So how many clients have I done today?" Naruto asked his tenants.

"A total of six." Kurama said.

"And you finished those tasks with quite efficiency." Ddraig added in.

"It helps that I had experience in dealing with these sorts of things from the d-rank missions at home." Naruto said.

"You mean jobs that some people were too lazy to do themselves?" Kurama huffed.

"Yeah, that too." Naruto agreed.

"At least those missions made you very versatile in odd jobs." Ddraig said.

"Yeah, can't deny that. Even Pervy Sage said those missions were good for me." Naruto said.

"Speaking of pervs, have you checked in on Issei? I would have figured he'd come back to school life by now." Kurama said.

That made Naruto stop.

"Yeah, about that. He's going to be gone for another week." Naruto said.

"Why?" Ddraig asked.

"Well apparently he and Mari had sex so much she wanted to show him off to her fellow succubus's back home." Naruto sighed.

"Oh jeez, is he dead or in a sex induced coma?" Kurama asked feeling a little worried.

"Neither. Mari performed a ritual on him turning Issei into a powerful incubus and they are going to crown him king of the succubus."




"Wait what?!" Kurama and Ddraig exclaimed.

"I'm serious. Look at my memories from the video message Mari sent me and you'll see." Naruto said being completely serious.

Kurama and Ddraig did just that and saw the video about Mari talking about making Issei into an incubus and is going to be spending the next two weeks at her home for his correlation.

"Correlation?" Kurama asked.

"Yeah, apparently if you're going to be the king of succubus's you have to spend two weeks having sex with the queen succubus's family that are all girls, and when the process is finished your king. Along with have said queen and family as your harem." Naruto said as Mari explained it to him.

"...I guess in a way you helped Issei achieve his dream." Ddraig said after processing this.

"And I have a feeling he's going to see me as his best friend for life." Naruto muttered scratching the back of his head.

"Gotta had it to the perv, he's going to be living large." Kurama blinked.

"Yeah, wait til Rias hears about it." Naruto snickered.


Naruto blinked and turned his head to see someone fall on the ground with their suitcase.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked going to the person.

"I'm fine, just tripped a bit." The person said showing it was a girl having long blonde hair with green eyes having a slim frame with C-cup breasts wearing a teal nun's clothing.

"Here let me help you up." Naruto said taking the girls hand and doing just that.

"Thank you very much." The girl bowed. "My name is Asia Argento." She smiled.

"Naruto Uzumaki, pleasure." Naruto smiled back. "Are you new in town?"

"Yes I am. I was just sightseeing to get myself familiar with the area." Asia said.

"Well, if you like I could be your tour guide." Naruto said.

"Really?!" Asia gasped.

"Sure." Naruto said.

"Oh thank you very much, Naruto! I'd greatly appreciate it." Asia beamed.

"No prob." Naruto grinned.

It looked like things were still looking up.