This is the last chapter. It was written a year and a half ago – I am really sorry I never put it up. I think I intended to rewrite it, but it never happened. So, um. Sorry? But yes. This is the end, the wild crazy, nonsensical end. The one that truly belongs here because it was written to be as crazy as all the other chapters. I think it's the end, anyway. I'm so gonna get flamed for this.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The more the masked Chibi on the ceiling watched all of this, the more disturbed he became. What twisted, sick, deranged, fiendish mind was doing this to the X-Men?

Shadowy looked up at him and waved.

"Yikes!" said the Chibi, scampering away to hide from the deranged Fangirl Authoress.

Shadowy giggled, then resumed writing in her notebook.

"Whatcha doin'?" asked another Authoress.

"Working on my phunny Phantom phics, trying to get them ready to post on ffn."

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" screamed the masked Chibi in horror, trying his hardest to get out of the room. He pounded on the door with all his might, finally causing it to tumble backwards.

The other Authoresses looked over, then squealed.

"Chibi-Spidey!" they shouted, then as one ran forward to cuddle him.

"NOOOO!" he cried. "I don't want to suffer any more of this crazy fanfiction nonsense!"

Shadowy grinned and waved her notebook. "Tough cookies. Fact of the matter is, fanfiction will NEVER go away!" She threw her head back to cackle maniacally, but was stopped suddenly as her Chibi-Erik snatched the notebook from her hand and flipped it open.

"Hey!" she protested.

"Run with it, Erik!" called Chibi-Spidey. But Erik, Chibi or otherwise, was never told what to do. He flipped through the pages, soon coming to one of the scariest things to come from Shadowy's mind.

"o.O;" said Chibi-Erik.

She took his surprise to snatch back the notebook, slammed it shut, and said, calmly, "I think my Chibis are revolting."

"Hey!" said every Chibi present, taking the word the wrong way. Shadowy pushed her way through the crowd of her fellow Authoresses and poked Chibi-Spidey.

"What did you do to them?"

"Nothing," said the Chibi, staring at her. "Why?"

"Something's making them all act weird about being near or in my fanfics. You've never done that before. And since you –" she poked Chibi-Spidey again, "are new, you must be the cause of it."

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Chibi-Spidey defiantly.

Shadowy snapped her fingers and a Chibi-Mary Jane appeared, tied up over a vat of steaming hot chocolate.

"Huh?" said Chibi-Mary Jane, looking down. "Oooh, chocolate."

The other Chibis gathered around the vat, sticking their fingers in it. Then they had to pop their fingers in their mouths. "Hot hot hot!"

Chibi-Spidey glared at Shadowy. "You really are deranged."

"Thanks!" Shadowy beamed, then went back to poking him. "Why aren't you like the other Chibis?"

"Because he's able to resist the pull of your ill gotten powers," said a smooth voice from behind them. Mythos went heart-eyed, much to the disappointment of Kurt, and rushed the Chibi that had just spoken.

"Chibi-Ock!" she shouted, cuddling him. "I love you!"

Shadowy turned around. "Wow . . ." She pointed at him. "I didn't create you!"

"No, you didn't, but someone did." Chibi-Ock chuckled, then had to cough and use one of his robotic arm-thingies to poke Mythos. "Excuse me, miss? Could you let me go?"

"No!" she said, turning to Shadowy. "Can I have this Chibi, too? Please?"

Shadowy shrugged. "Not really my place to say, but –" she grinned at the Chibi-Ock who wasn't hers, "– sure, why not?"

"Woot!" said Mythos.

Chibi-Mythos trotted over and waved up at Chibi-Ock happily. "You'll like staying with us," she informed him.

Chibi-Ock sighed. Meanwhile, the other Authoresses were still cuddling Chibi-Spidey, much to his dismay. Finally, when he was being passed around, he found his chance to escape. He quickly shot a web at the ceiling, swung upwards over the Authoresses' heads and escaped by a window that, now open, wasn't a minute ago.

"So long, suckers!" he called in a very non-Spidey like way.

The Authoresses gaped.

". . . That wasn't Spidey," said Krystal finally.

"No kidding," the others echoed. Shadowy looked over at where Chibi-Mary Jane was tied up, shrugged, then snapped her fingers. Chibi-Mary Jane disappeared, along with the chocolate.

"Can we get back to the play now?" asked Chibi-Pyro eagerly.

"Can you remember where we were?" Chibi-Beast asked.

Chibi-Pyro thought. "Um . . . no."

And of course he couldn't. After so long of sitting idly in this fic, they'd all pretty much forgotten everything.

"Shoot," said Chibi-Pyro.

"I hate it when that happens to the fics we're in," said Lance, who'd wandered in a minute ago.

Shadowy stomped in, sat down on the couch, put on her headphones, and promptly became oblivious to the world.

Everyone else stared in confusion.

"Wasn't she just standing here?" asked Chibi-Wolvie.

"How can she come in when she was standing in here a minute ago?" Chibi-Beast took a piece of paper and pen from a plothole that resulted from this and began scribbling, trying to figure out how it was done.

"There's two of me now," said the Shadowy from before, standing in the back of the group of Authoresses. Everyone jumped as she walked forward and pointed at her doppelganger.

"That's what happens when I write more than one self-insert at a time," she informed everyone. "Crossovers galore."

Doppelganger Shadowy waved, then turned up her CD player.

"Bravo!" shouted the CD player. Shadowy One nodded knowingly.

"That would be Raoul." She nodded again. "Just as I suspected."

"What?" practically everyone asked.

"That's the me who's writing this after seeing the Phantom movie."

"I'm confused!" said one of the Chibis.

"Granted, I liked it to a certain extent . . ." Shadowy One trailed off and walked over to Shadowy Two, whom she proceeded to poke. Shadowy Two paused her player and looked at her counterpart questioningly.

Shadowy One whispered in Shadowy Two's ear.

"O.O" said Shadowy Two. "You're kidding, right?"

"No," said Shadowy One. "Do it, or . . ." she trailed off again, grinning wickedly.

"o.o" said Shadowy Two again, before sighing. "Fine."


Shadowy Two turned her player back on at max volume.

"Come to me, your Angel of Music," intoned the CD player and Shadowy Two strode out, disappearing as quickly as she'd appeared.

Chibi-Beast ripped up his paper in frustration, being unable to figure out how she'd done it.

"I don't like your fics," said Chibi-Erik, partly because of what had just happened and partly because of what he'd read in her notebook.

Shadowy grinned. "I know."

"Look," said all the X-Chibis, who'd just gathered together, "if you're not going to continue writing about us, we're gonna stage a strike."

"NO!" she shouted, a little too loudly.

"Do it, fellow Chibis!" called Chibi-Ock, still being held protectively by Mythos.

"I wouldn't advise it," said Chibi-Syndrome, who just walked in via the plot hole he created just by being here. Does that make sense?

Shadowy's eyes turned into hearts and she snatched him up to cuddle. "I didn't create you!"

"No kidding," said Chibi-Syndrome, struggling to escape her grip.

"So who did?"

"I'm not telling you," he muttered, stopping his struggle to get away and attempting to think up a plan.

Chibi-Christine walked in, grabbed Chibi-Erik's hands, and began dancing with him.

"O.O" said Chibi-Erik.

Shadowy threw up her hands in exasperation, thereby dropping Chibi-Syndrome. Chibi-Syndrome scooted away, hiding behind the ultra-size comfy couch.

Shadowy plunked down on the couch in the exact spot her doppelganger had been sitting, put her head in her hands, and just groaned.

"This fic is beyond my control. I shouldn't have left it sitting for so long. They're rebelling." She sighed. ". . . And since when did I become such a big part in this? I was only supposed to be the Annoying Authoress who shows up occasionally."

When she looked up, about a minute and half later, she noticed that all the Chibis were organized and staring at her menacingly. Well, all the Chibis except for Chibi-Erik and Chibi-Christine, who were still dancing around.

". . . Um?" she squeaked.

"You should just end this thing," they said. "We want to go home."

She looked around.

The X-Men nodded, wanting to go back to their only semi-hectic lives.

The Acolytes shook their heads, because they enjoyed the chaos.

The Brotherhood, represented only by Lance, shook their heads, because, like the Acolytes, they liked chaos.

Shadowy stood up, which wasn't that big a difference.

"Is so," she muttered, then looked at the Chibis. "You do? I thought you liked being here."

"Oh, we do," said Chibi-Xavier. "But while you were off being crazy, we created a portal from Chibi Town to this Universe. We can come any time."

"Then does that mean I can write a sequel?" she asked hopefully.

The Chibis all looked at each other, nodded, then looked back at their Authoress.

"Yes," said Chibi-Xavier.

"Woot!" she said.

"Because we like crazy," said Chibi-Nighty. "But this -" he gestured around. "- this is too crazy, if you understand."

Shadowy nodded. "I do."

"And if you do write a sequel," Chibi-Cyclops piped up, "don't keep breaking the fourth wall like you've been doing." Pause. "Oh, and keep your self insertion to a minimum, too."

She sighed.

"We can still keep our Chibis, though, right?" asked the other Authoresses hopefully. Shadowy nodded. "Woohoo!"

The Authoresses left, dragging their Chibis with them.

"Fight for your rights!" shouted Chibi-Ock as Mythos left. The Acolytes and Lance left too, Magneto still in his Gandalf attire.

Shadowy looked back at the Chibis, who waited. She snapped her fingers, and the Chibis disappeared. Then she poofed away, taking Chibi-Erik, Chibi-Christine, Chibi-Syndrome, and any other non X-Chibi with her, and the big vat of chocolate, and the X-Men simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief.

"I really don't like that girl," Wolverine growled.

The X-Men looked around at the wrecked mansion, sighed again, and prepared themselves for the ominious task ahead.

But from behind the staircase came some giggles.

The X-Men blinked. "Oh, no . . ."

"We're back!" called the Chibis, walking out from behind it.

"Nooooooooo!" they all shouted in horror as Chibis kept coming . . . . and coming . . . and coming.

The End.