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My name is Jake. I'm waking up in complete agony. Not the "Ouch Mommy, I got a paper cut" kind of pain, oh no. This was MUCH worse. It felt like someone decided to run me over with a truck and then skin me alive. It was only after I shifted myself to my left side that I realized I wasn't in my bed.

I was in a hospital. How did I know this? Well, it could've been because I was hooked up to an IV or maybe because I was in a sickening room with a guy hacking up something in the next curtain. But I think that the dead giveaway was the poster on the wall in front of me saying, "Welcome to the Hospital. If there's anything you need, simply ring the button you'll find on your table."

I moaned. This was not good. Being in a hospital was not good. They had just been about to ram the Blade Ship. We were going to win the war! And I was supposed to have died, yes it's scary but I excepted it.


I saw a nurse to my left who was fiddling with one of the many bags that hung on my bed. I opened my mouth intending to fully ask her what in the hell happened to the Blade Ship and if anyone else besides me survived but all that came out was a moan. It wasn't even a good strong manly moan, kind of wimpy, like a dying cat.

The nurse turned around and smiled. "So we're up I see." She a nice smile, strained but willing to do anything to make me feel as if I was the only person in the room (I wasn't as the man behind the other curtain so delicately reminded me by coughing up his lung).

The nurse came closer and grabbed my arm, checking my pulse with her fingers.

"What happened?" I asked her, pulling my arm away and straining to sit up. I had to know.

"You were hit by a car on your way home from the mall one night." The nurse looked puzzled at me. "You don't remember anything?"

Now it was my turn to look puzzled. "Of course I do! We were just about ready to ram the Blade ship. Did we make it? Are we ok? Is Earth free?"

My nurses face crinkled into a sympathetic look. "Darling, what are you talking about?"

My first thought was that she couldn't be calling me darling, mostly since I think I was older then her. My second thought was that she must have been locked in a closet for ages since she didn't know about the war. So I decided to ask her.

"You know, the war against the Yeerks?" The nurse stared blankly at me then pressed her hand against my forehead to check if I had a fever.

"There's been no war." Then she smiled as if finally getting it. "I understand. Sometimes, when you've been in coma for so long, as in your case, you tend to believe the things you see when you were out." She handed me a cup of water and indicated that it was for me to drink. "That's ok. There's some people here to see you, maybe they'll help jolt your memory huh?" She ruffled my hair and threw out the cup that I had emptied. "I'll go and get them for you." And then she left, leaving me to try to comprehend all that she had said.

She couldn't possibly mean it. There had been a war. I FOUGHT IN IT. This nurse probably just didn't want to tell me the truth. Nobody but me survived the crash. That was probably it, I thought as I felt my stomach sinking. All of the sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of being alone.

A knock on my door interrupted my thoughts.

"Come in!" I yelled and the man next to me coughed in disagreement. I ignored him and watched as my guest filled in.

What I saw amazed me. My mother came in first, wrapped in the beauty I haven't seen in years. Then my father, looking as a father should. After him came Tom. He shocked me. He looked more alert then he had in years. I never knew if Rachel killed him or not. My face paled at the thought. I had sent Rachel to her death. I was so shocked at seeing my brother that I ignored seeing the blonde hair behind him, until that is, my mother pushed the owner forward.

I choked on my spit. It couldn't be. She died. She was DEAD! Rachel couldn't come back from the dead. Could she? But she seemed real as she sat down on my bed, careful not to wrinkle her skirt.

She looked at me and merely said, "Hey cousin, you look like shit."

"Rachel!" My mom said sharply.

It was a comment that made me feel as if she knew exactly what was going on. Of course it was also a comment that made me feel as if she was being Rachel. But she was my only chance.

"Mom, Dad, do you think that I could maybe... talk to Rachel alone please?" I asked. Hey! It was worth a shot!

My mother looked at me funny, as if I just asked if I could have a bowl of black jellybeans (those were my least favorite jellybeans you see). I shot her a pleading look that I knew would make her give in. She finally nodded and ushered out Tom, fueling him with promises of many gifts from Father Vending Machine. Dad looked at both Rachel and I weird too but eventually left, leaving just me, Rachel and Mr. Coughing-Up-His-Lung-Man.

"Are you feeling better?" Rachel asked. "Want some water?"

I shook my head and decided to get straight down to business. I caught her hand when she was pouring it into a cup. "What the hell's going on? How are you alive? I thought you were dead."

Rachel stared at me. She had a look that said I was crazy. Then, her frown turned into a slow smile. And she started giggling. "You had me convinced there for a second. I actually thought you were serious." She laughed harder. It lasted for about three more minutes, then abruptly stopped. She saw my face.

"Did we when the war?" I persisted. Someone had to tell me.

"What war?" She asked.

"The war with the Yeerks." She was blank. "Tell me we won it. Tell me the Yeerks are gone forever. Tell me Marco and Tobias and Cassie are still alive."

"Tobias that weird kid from school? He's alive. They all are." She shook her head and took another sip of her water.

I grew frustrated. All I wanted was an answer. "Rachel! Did we or did we not win the war?"

She peered at me from underneath her perfect bangs and told me slowly, "There was no war Jake?"