"Unexpected Song" By: Eden la Mer

*Where exactly does Monica go after abandoning David?*


"Mama, I really did myself in this time."

Monica sighed in a weak whisper, Her dark eyes blinked as she let a few stray tears from her cheek fall into her lap. The sun beat down against her hair as her hand absentmindedly brushed back a few errant strands that had been tickling against her face in the breeze. The day was lovely for the late summer month and mostly the sky was clear, unlike the past few days where a handful of showers had drenched the town in it's dampness. She sat on the grass upon a thick towel and stared at the bronze grave marker before her.

"I did something bad, and I hate myself for it . I want to talk to
someone but they all will just laugh, except you."

Her fingers traced the raised lettering upon the fixture.


"I'm so afraid, of everything; afraid of going home, afraid of staying
away, afraid of going back for him, afraid of finding him ."

'David' is what she meant by saying 'him', but the word itself was too painful to say.

"Remember that song I performed, mama, I was fifteen in my high school
talent show?"

She sang the first few lines softly.

"I have never felt like this,
at once I'm lost for words
your smile's really thrown me.
This is not like me at all
I never thought I'd know
the kind of love
you've shown me."

It was from an old stage musical they had seen together when she was a girl; the auburn haired actress had belted it at full force with a sweeping wave of applause and cheers following. Monica remembered that moment when she saw what the power of voice could do, a voice she wished to one day have.

"He made me feel like that, just like that in every way."

She smiled at thought.

"He just came along one day and unexpectedly won my heart. He didn't
even need to try, as if he was born to do it."

Born? Lousy word choice, as with any mecha, he was indeed born eager to please his recipient.

" I never thought anything could win my heart after, well, the
situation with Martin. But it was true, as I believed; I was able to
love more than one child. The heart does grow and it fits every way
possible to accommodate others."

In a world of such strict population control, multiple children were highly discouraged. She knew though, years in the past, families were allowed as many children as they were able to bear. Now, she and other women were forced into mandatory birth control.

"Love hurts, loving someone so much can kill a woman, no ... to love
and lose, THAT can kill a woman. It can kill anybody. I could have
easily died today, mama."

She breathed out a jittery breath and stabilized her breathing. Shock and trauma still coursed though her body and she needed to regain herself before heading back home.

"Anyways, I'm just here to see how things are doing with you. I'm
sorry I have not visited but I'm sure you saw how busy I've been. How
happy I was for the first time in what seemed like eternity."

She smiled gently yet sadly, as hard as it was to do so.

"He really was my unexpected song, an unexpected song that only I was hearing."


*Note: Based on Unexpected Song from "Song and Dance - Tell me on a Sunday"

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Don Black* Do get a chance to read full lyrics, as I found them fitting, which can be found on any search engine on the net. Thank you for your time,
Eden La Mer