Title: The Serpent's Pet (01/?)
Author name: claret345
Author email: quirky456msn.com
Category: Romance
Sub Category: Action/Adventure
Keywords: Draco's Mistress C/D Cho Draco
Rating: R
Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF, FB, QTTA
Summary: Cho will be the mistress of Draco in exchange for Draco's protection of Harry during the war...but what will she do when it's not only for the protection of Harry? [DMCC]
DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
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The hills of green have turned into a faceless waste

They fought for freedom - one more dream has gone

A hundred thousand victims have all died in vain

A hundred thousand corpses of a war insane

The wall inside their heads does still remain

The children crying on their fathers´ graves

All that´s left for them is but a lasting hurt

To live a life within a demon´s world

A thousand days are shattered in this slaughterhouse

The fury stains the faces of them all

Pitiless the leaders chase their men ahead

To fall for glory and for land

The ripper rages - he has no remorse

The angels scream in everlasting hysteria

Everthing is torn apart within their hands

To live within a demon´s land

Wake up my friend - the time to change the truth has come

To give a chance of hope to their sad eyes

The night will leave and turn into a better day

A reason will be there for them to stay

The torturers will turn into an innocent

The guilty will be judged by the restless souls

Beauty and belief will be the things to hail

Living in a demon´s world today

Demon´s World, Morbid Poetry




How does your life go from quiet and nice to a tainted and destroyed one; with no way out, no outcome except the present continuing until the end of time? How can your life go through hell in less than 24 hours? How can you get killed just seven hours after taking the exams? How can a child die in the womb of its mother when it hasn't even had a chance to live? How does a good kid go bad in just one moment? How can all these things, and more, happen? Don't people say you can have control of your life? But how is that when we don't have control over things like those? We don't even have control over trivial affairs like our feelings…No matter how much a shrink tries to convince you.

My point is: we don't have control over our lives.

Maybe it's wrong, but just listen to my tale for one second, and you might understand me better then.




This horrible life all began when it was Christmas Break; and I was on the Hogwarts Express. I had left the cabin that had my best friends to go to an empty one to be by myself. Yes, popular Cho does like to be by herself, and I'm not a ditzy social butterfly. I can't speak for all of my friends; that's a whole different ball game. A few of them are above average, but aren't the most intelligent intellectuals out there.

Me being a Ravenclaw also had a big influence on my love for studying with a butterbeer near my reach at all times, Ravenclaw tradition; instead of partying and being Gryffindor like. So you might say that most of us Ravenclaws are a bit anti-social and geeky. So sue me.

I went inside an empty cabin and settled myself in after putting my luggage away. I lied on the seat, falling into a comfortable position, and pulled out my book for a good read.

I yawned, and soon lost myself in the story; barely noticing the tall, lean blonde that was leaning against the doorway.

"Hello, Ms.Chang."

I jumped out off the seat, crashing on the floor with a great THUD! My bum was in pain, and I looked up irritated at the silver haired sixteen-year-old boy that had a large smirk on his face.

"Er—Hello, Malfoy?" I said softly; sounding more like a question than a greeting. I scolded myself in my head for being an idiot.

I climbed back on the seat, and felt blood rushing to my face. "What do you want?"

Draco chuckled, stepped inside, and sat gracefully on the opposite seat from mine. "Now, Ravenclaws, from what I've heard," Draco said leaning forward, and lowered his face like he was gossiping, "Are supposedly the diplomats here at Hogwarts."

"That we are," I stated, raising an eyebrow suspiciously, crossing my arms, and then narrowed my eyes.

This seemed fishy; Draco being in a cabin with me, and having a conversation; then bringing up my house's reputation. Something was wrong. Also, the conversation was irksome, and was going to be vexatious should it be followed without an argument breaking out.

"So there's no need to be cold to me," Draco said, and ran a hand through his silver hair—which I noticed—didn't have lots of gel like most times—and looked silky.

I stared at him, and then it felt like I was just meeting him for the first time or something, like it had just dawned on me. I think I looked like a goldfish that open its mouth then closes it, opens it, etc. "Right."

Draco smirked. "So-,"

But Draco was interrupted at that second by the old witch with the trolley. "Anything off the trolley, sweetie?" she asked, and smiled warmly at me.

I declined and was amazed when Draco stopped her from leaving and bought half of everything off the thing.

The lady chuckled, and I heard her murmur, "Oh I remember my sweetheart…" when she was done handing everything to Draco, and past our cabin.

"Merlin, Draco! How much more chocolate do you need to consume?" I asked, stunned at the 15 stuffed bags filled with Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Blotts Every Flavor Beans, Sugar Quills, Cauldron Cakes, etc.

Draco grinned evilly, and was about to say something when the train halted suddenly; and everything was black outside.

Unfortunately, when I got up (I'm the same size as an average English girl, but I weighed as much as a feather) I was sprawled over Draco's lap.

I gulped audibly as I looked up at him; seeing his smirk, closed my eyes as he began to lower his face, and felt his hot breath against my cheek. I was prepared for his mouth covering mine when I heard the door slide, and looked up to see Harry looking at me like I was You-Know-Who.

"Cho?" Harry asked weakly.

At that second I felt like a complete and utter monster like Umbridge. Harry's green eyes were sad but then narrowed, and Harry looked hatefully at Draco.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?" Harry demanded, striding in the cabin, and stood in front of Draco and me.

Draco smirked. "Couldn't get enough of watching Weasley and Granger snog, or did you give up your perverted ways?"

"You're going to pay for that, Malfoy," Harry replied, and reached for his wand.

Draco pushed me off him, stood up, and dropped 5 of the candy bags in my lap. Never once did he not stop staring at Harry hatefully. "I'll be leaving," Draco said coldly in Harry's face.

Harry gripped his wand even tighter so his knuckles were pure white. "Don't even think of running you coward."

Draco grabbed his wand and raised it. "Remember last time, Potter?" Draco said angrily, "That was a lucky shot. Not this time."

Harry shouted a sentence of curses but Draco had set a see through green shield around himself and me. Harry widened his eyes, and opened his mouth: but nothing came out.

'Now I'll be leaving," Draco called and slammed the door shut as he left.

Draco's footsteps could be heard down the hall, and then another door sliding open with his voice vibrating off the walls of the hall. Then dead silence once the door was shut. Harry continued to stand up, and had the same expression when Draco had been in the room.

"Harry?" I whispered. My stomach felt like rocks were slamming against it, and my head felt so dizzy, so very dizzy; Harry's face seemed to swirl around the room with different colors, and I felt like I was falling; spiraling into darkness.

"Cho?" Harry asked softly.

My head seemed to clear up suddenly, but Harry had two faces, and then everything looked double.

"W-what?" I asked, getting up, "Pardon?"

"No," Harry said, pushing me gently on the seat, "You need rest."

"No, really," I began, but stopped when Harry was leaving the cabin.

I could barely hear Harry's voice saying bye, and then I lied down reluctantly; like last time, getting comfortable, and sighed. That was the moment I lost Harry Potter. That was the first thing that had gone wrong today, and unfortunately, that was not the last bad thing this morning.