Why Won't It End?

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Okay read this now.

Damn it why wouldn't it all end?

All the pain and sorrow? The doubts and pressure?

They all have to follow him around like a lost puppy.

Some savior, couldn't save his godfather from falling through a bleeding gate!

A GATE! His godfather passed through the gate! And he was stopped from following and for what reason?

Just to learned he was going to be murdered by Voldemort? The most evil git around these days? Or wait, this was better, HE was going to kill Voldemort!

HA! Like that was going to happen.

He couldn't stop Voldemort from getting into his head, and he couldn't kill the bleeding bastard.

Well, his life was going to include murder, no matter what. Why not minimize the damages now?

Harry took out his wand and sharpened what was left of the blade to the knife Sirius gave him. He just as well kill himself. Murder himself. That way he could finally be in peace. Finally be with his family.

He cut deeply into his wrists and let the crimsom liquid flow over his hands loosing so much until he finally got too dizzy to stay upright and fell over.

At last, peace, he thought closing his eyes not hearing the gasp from the stairwell.

Darkness overcame him and he floated off.

He stayed there for quite a while not really wondering where his parents were. Where Sirius was, then suddenly there was light.

And the room he was in was white, with Madam Pomfrey in the corner of the room.

Damn it. It won't end. Why the hell won't it end?

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