Gunsmoke and Bounty Hunters

"Today on The Bounty Hunters, we look at this man," said the man on TV, holding a picture of a man in a long red coat, with spiky blonde hair, and a large, silver gun, "His name is Vash the Stampede," the man went on, "and he is worth $$60,000,000,000 on the planet he is supposed to be on. For all you bounty hunters out there, that is $3,000,000,000 wulongs in normal currency. Don't you all rush at once," the man said, just before the TV flipped off.

Spike Spiegel lit his cigarette and lay back on the couch. "So what do you think, Jet?" he asked his long time partner.

"Lot of money for one man. Where is this out of the way planet, anyway? They don't have space travel, but they have recently discovered space communication. Guess they needed help catching this Vash the Stampede," Jet replied.

He quickly downloaded some info on how to get to Gunsmoke. Then, he checked the few known records on Vash. "Wow!" Jet exclaimed, wide eyed.

Spike raised his eye brow, and said, "What?"

"He, by himself, blew up two towns, and a hole in the fifth moon of Gunsmoke. That's one dangerous guy."

"So, want to go, or not?" Spike questioned Jet.

"ED, get ready for a ride!" Jet yelled up, to the young girl hanging in the ceiling rafters.

Spike smiled. He was finally on an interesting job.

"I'll take thirty donuts," said the tall man in red.

"Anything for you for saving our town from those bandits, Vash," said the woman at the donut shop.

Behind him, two middle aged girls stood watching him. "Hey Vash, hurry up! The Sand Steamer is leaving in five minutes," shouted Meryl Stryfe.

"Yeah, hurry up Vash!" the other girl, Milly Thompson shouted.

Vash gave a grin, and, as soon as his bag was full, he ran after them. He had some trouble, as he grabbed up the cross-gun that his late friend, Nicholas D. Wolfwood had given him, after he died. They jumped through the doors of the Sand Steamer just as it was about to leave. They handed their tickets to the man at the door, and went to find their cabin. As they walked down the halls, people gave warm greetings to Vash and his companions. "Let's hope we finally have a safe ride this time," said Meryl, recalling their last experiences on The Sand Steamer.

"Just relax, insurance girl," Vash joked.

Meryl gave him a slight punch in the arm, and laughed. Meryl thought to herself about all the fun times they had had, although there were also dark times. Meryl knew she loved Vash, but still hadn't had the courage to tell him. She assumed he knew, but couldn't tell with that mysterious man. Oh Vash, she thought to herself. She would tell him soon, she promised herself, and then, she couldn't think of what would happen.


"Damnit Spike, why did you leave me with her?" Jet muttered, as Spike rushed off.

Ed stood perfectly on the top of Jet's head. "I see no one here!" Ed exclaimed loudly.

Jet jumped and threw Ed off his head, and walked to his ship. Ed landed head first in the sand, and stuck there. Ein ran over to his buried friend and barked at her, almost tauntingly. Jet climbed into his cockpit and took off after Spike, bringing his ship to its speed limit. Ed watched as Jet took off quickly, and shouted, "Hey! Jet, why don't you want to call Faye!" Ed continued to shout, but realized it was futile, and said to herself " Looks like we're on the case too, Ein. Let's go!" She said, grabbing the little dog into her arms and running into the desert.