Summary: Hiro wakes to a shocking revelation… he has amnesia and thinks K is his boyfriend, not only upsetting Suguru, but because of the amnesia can't even win Suguru back… the end. No just joking, you'll have to read and find out. Don't curse at me or throw things… I thought that was a pretty funny joke.

Warning: Light lemon. Also, a little confusing in the beginning, but it's supposed to be.

Note: Ok, it's been a while, but for good reason. I not only had this chapter done a while ago, I rewrote it again and had that done. The first version was really depressing and I didn't like it. The second time I was just trying to get the story finished with. It was a pathetic attempt at ending things and was really cliché. I hope people like this ending, because I really don't want to write it a forth time. So, here you go and happy holidays to all.

------------------------------------------If Only I Could Tell You-------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------Chapter 10-------------------------------------------------

Heavy panting caused an ache throughout Hiro's chest as he felt anticipation serge through his body. He turned his head away, biting his lip with welcomed pain. The guitarist couldn't hold back a soft cry as K slid his hand down the underside of his thighs, down to his calves. He shuddered as his legs were placed on a strong set of shoulders. Looking back up into the deep blue eyes of the older man he felt his cheeks fill with heat. "Damnit Hiro, stop yourself now!" Despite his conscious trying to break through in his deepest thoughts, the only sound of protest he made was that of a passionate moan.

"That's it Hiroshi," K whispered, his voice saturated with lust.

Hiro quivered with a small whimper. Shutting is eyes tightly, feeling a concentration of bodily heat coming closer, he squirmed to get free. A hand on each of his thighs stroking gently, it took him a moment to hear the voice of a third party. He looked towards the doorway, his vision clouding. All he could make out was a short, lean teen with a wild head of hair.

"Hiro!" came what sounded to be Shuichi's voice.

Hiro sat up with shock, only to have K gently push him back to the bed. His blond manager dipped his head into the sensitive spot under his chin. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he tried to look at the doorway again.

"Hiro!" called a fourth voice. Hesitantly Hiro raised his head to look. His stomach twisted seeing Suguru's form. "We're here."

"Hiro, get up!" called Shuichi.

He tried to pull himself up and recover some decency, only to feel hands grasp him and shake him. Turning back to K he saw that the man was slightly upset. "Focus on me Hiroshi." At that moment his manager reached between his legs causing a yelp from him. Hiro took force, maneuvering out of his awkward position, though the blond made it anything but easy. He grabbed the bed sheet, wrapping it around his waist as he ran to Suguru.

"Suguru, please I…" he began, looking up at the keyboardist. He was bothered by the concentration in the younger boy's eyes in the direction behind him. He followed the gaze to the older blond. His throat tightened as pain collected in his chest. "Suguru?"

"Hiro, it's time to go."

Suddenly the young musician disappeared. Hiro looked around in a panic. Looking back at the bed he found his lover at the mercy of the man he had just escaped. He fell back against the door frame, his body becoming numb. Suguru lay across the bed, his back arching his chest against K's. Tears and frustrations welled up in him at the display.

"Hiro," Suguru called softly. Hiro looked at him, met with a blank stare as K pushed his body into the boy. "Hiro."

"Stop it!" he shouted through clenched teeth.

"I can't."

"Bring him or he gets left behind," K commanded with frustration.

"What?" Hiro asked with confusion.

"It's time to wake up Hiro," Shuichi said, dragging him by the arm towards the bed. The guitarist struggled to gather his feet, disturbed by everything taking place.

"Hiro, come on," Suguru said with a slight urgency. Hiro thought how he would normally melt for that voice, but now only found himself feeling sick.

At the moment he expected to fall into the bed his lover was being exploited over, he instead met a hard, rough surface. Blinking his eyes open to the brightness of the sun, Hiro looked around, seeing all the same faces, but quite a different scene. Getting up with confusion he first looked at Suguru who was smirking ever so slightly.

"You're quite a heavy sleeper when you want to be," he teased.

"Or when you're enjoying the dream, aye Hiro?" Shuichi hinted, jabbing his elbow into the guitarist's ribs. "I wonder what you were dreaming about." The pink haired singer signaled towards Hiro's pants.

Hiro looked down suddenly ashamed of his evident erection. Stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket he tried to hide it, stretching the jacket as far as he could. His cheeks rosy with humiliation he looked at K from the corner of his eye. It appeared the man was ignoring the three of them, but if the burgundy haired teen could say so, it was with force.

K took the lead towards the hotel, the boys following. Hiro avoided looking at anyone, not due to his embarrassing state, but unable to look at any one of the males around him without his cheeks becoming crimson and his insides shifting uncomfortably. He was startled out of his concentration when an arm wrapped around his. For the first time since they started walking he dared to look at another person. Met with a small smile and blush from Suguru he couldn't stop his own lips from imitating the same smile.

"So, what were you dreaming about?" Suguru whispered shyly.

"Nothing really," Hiro answered with a frown.

"Nothing?" the younger boy giggled. "So why were you saying my name so much? You weren't…?"

"Don't ask me. I'd rather not talk about it."

"Well if it was that bad, it was only a dream."

"Yeah, it was just a dream."

(Later in the Hotel)

"Man, there's nothing to watch," Shuichi whined, holding down the channel changing button.

"How would you know, you never stop to look," Suguru stated.

"I have super fast vision," Shuichi responded with a know-it-all tone. "I can tell something sucks in one flicker."

"Yeah, what about the channels still going when you turn from the TV?" Hiro asked.

"I have eyes in the back of my head," Shuichi groaned throwing a pillow at the guitarist.

As soon as the pink haired singer turned back to the TV screen Hiro took the initiative to throw it back at him. Both he and Suguru laughed at the teen's reaction, falling forward, mostly with shock. Turning back with a glare the singer pounced at his friend.

"I thought you had eyes in the back of your head!" Hiro yelled as Shuichi straddled his stomach, pounding him with the same pillow.

Suguru watched with a sort of bored smile, one Hiro instantly noticed. Realizing the discomfort Shuichi's position on him was causing his lover he sat up, toppling the other teen off the bed. Suguru's eyes brightened a little with surprise, making Hiro smile a bit wider with a thought. Picking up his light-weight friend by the waist he led him to the door.

"Hey Hiro, what the hell are you doing!" screamed the singer, struggling out of the guitarist's grasp.

Pushing him out into the hall Hiro leaned out slightly. "Give us an hour alone."

Shuichi's eyes bulged with shock before falling half-lidded with a look of mischief. "And what if I don't?"

"I'll lock you in the van until morning."

"That wouldn't be very nice."

Shuichi tried to get back into the room, pushing against the door, to which Hiro responded kicking him in the knee and shoving him away from the door. The singer got off his butt yelling some slurs at his band mate before storming off. Rolling his eyes Hiro slammed the door shut. Turning back into the room he looked at Suguru still sitting on the bed furthest from the door. The boy seemed perplexed by the sudden shift in things. He stared at Hiro a bit, noticing the heavy look of his eyes. Feeling a bit of discomfort he tried to adjust his spot on the bed.

"Why did you do that?" Suguru asked softly.

Hiro closed the distance between them, not answering the question. Once standing in front of Suguru he leaned in, placing his knee between his legs. He could hear the sharp intake of breath before pressing their lips together. The teal haired keyboardist was surprised yet pleased. Opening his mouth, Suguru let out an arousing moan, sending sensations through Hiro's body.

"Hiro," Suguru gasped.

"He'll be back soon," Hiro panted between the kisses he was trailing down the boy's jaw line to his neck. "I just wanted… you… alone."

He started inching Suguru's shirt up over his head, extremely excited by the needy grasp the younger musician took on his head, planting a rather rough kiss on his lips. "Getting bolder?" That thought was further supported as Suguru gently urged him to sit on the bed, moving to straddle his waist. The guitarist smiled sweetly, brushing his hand over Suguru's soft pink cheek. He stared into those big brown eyes, overwhelmed with passion, and those lips, slightly parted and swollen. Before he could lean in to capture those lips again they came in to capture his. The energy and desire of the other boy was stirring the nerves under his skin and heated his already rushing blood. The mutual eagerness was all too thrilling, the younger boy normally having such a shyness about sex. Gripping the underside of the boy's thighs, Hiro laid them both on their sides. Never parting their lips, both kicked themselves out of their pants, Hiro nearly tearing his shirt off his back.

Hiro savored the soft suppleness of the other's body. He couldn't imagine anyone else being so soft or smelling so good even breaking a sweat. Kissing, licking, biting, and tasting a tender spot on Suguru's collar, Hiro hoisted one of the boy's smooth and soft thighs over his hip. With one push their bodies collided, connecting. Suguru tilted his head back with a low cry, hands gripping solid shoulders. Slowly Hiro set a pace. Like the ticking of a clock, with every thrust Suguru let out a pleasurable whimper or moan.

As was custom between them their eyes met and locked on one another. Hiro grinned slightly at the pained expression of his lover, quickening his pace. All of a sudden Suguru pushed him away, keeping his leg wrapped around his hip tightly. Hiro took this as an order for him to lay back. His head blanked. With the weight of thoughts absent from his head it began to spin and swirl. Staring up at those affectionate, almost lustful, brown eyes as his lover rocked his hips into his caused orgasmic chills to shoot out from his groin. Sitting up he grabbed onto the sides of the slender form on top of him, stroking them soothingly. One tender kiss between them before their foreheads press together, mouths slack with heavy breaths.

All sound lost from their throats as the force of their bodies burst into one another. Feeling his peak approaching Hiro took what was remaining of his energy and applied it to Suguru's hot, aching flesh. Receiving fingers digging desperately into his shoulder blades, Hiro cued his hand into a vigorous stroke. Suguru remained silent, though his fingers pressed into Hiro's back harshly, making marks that would last a while. Tipping his head slightly Hiro gave Suguru a few greedy nips on his lips. With an climatic shudder, both wrapped tightly around one another. Hiro fell deadly still while Suguru continued to rock and squirm before fallowing suit.

Falling back against the bed, both took in deep breaths. Just as Hiro closed his eyes he heard soft giggling. Cracking one eye open Hiro looked at Suguru, the boy falling into a hoarse fit of laughter. Rubbing the smooth, sweat soaked back he let out a husky laugh himself.


Still basking a little, Hiro couldn't wipe the smirk from his face coming out of the bathroom. He trailed his fingers through his damp hair taking a seat on the bed Suguru and he would be sleeping in. Suguru sitting on the other side was still carefully towel drying his hair. The guitarist folded his arms behind his head lying back on the bed with a deep sigh as his boyfriend crawled snuggly between the sheets. Peaking out the corner of his eye Hiro thought back to before their little physical exertion.

"You're not, jealous of him, are you?" Hiro asked with a sly smile.

Suguru's eyes shot open, their look instantly shifting into a glare turning to the guitarist. "You mean Shuichi!" Hiro leaning on his elbow, cocking his head to the side giving the keyboardist a questioning look. "No, I'm not jealous. I just don't see why he has to climb all over you."

"He really doesn't mean anything by it. We were just like that as kids and he hasn't grown out of it."

"How would you feel if I was always straddling someone else?" Suguru asked with a slight pout.

Hiro almost didn't think twice about it. However, images from his dream flashed back. He saw K all over the young boy, groping, thrusting, and panting. Swallowing the lump in his throat he looked the boy in the eyes. "I would hate it."

Suguru's frown softened becoming more serious. "I guess I'm just insecure. Worried someone will want you and have more to offer."

Hiro brushed the back of Suguru's neck with his free hand. His fingers trailed down the soft shoulder and arm gently, finally taking a strong grasp on the slightly smaller hand at the end. "What if I told you someone does and did offer themselves?" He paused looking at the panic in those beautiful eyes. "But I refused." Suguru's expression barely changed, only difference was the obvious conflict of keeping eye contact and struggle on whether to show happiness. "Who could offer me anything I'd want more than you? Suguru, I'll always want you, even if you find yourself not wanting me back."

Tears started building in the rims of Suguru's eyes. Cupping his cheek, Hiro leaned in to plant a kiss full of affection and love on the younger boy's lips. Parting Suguru looked thoughtfully at Hiro. "Who was it?"

"It doesn't matter. What matters," Hiro began with a smile, "is that I lo…." Before he could finish he was cut off by a finger to the lips.

"Don't say it. You don't need to tell me. I know." Suguru smiled at the slightly stunned Hiro, planting a meek kiss on his lips. "But they better know they can't have you."

Suguru lowered deeper into the sheets, reaching to turn off his lamp. Hiro watched him closely for a moment before doing the same, wrapping an arm over the boy's small waist.


Shuichi dragged himself into the room. Under his breath passing the two other boys he grumbled curses and mocking imitations of the two. With an over the top yawn and stretch he kicked off his shoes and stripped down to what he would wear to bed. Turning on the lamp next to his bed, ready to pull back the sheets and get in he looked the bed over.

"What the hell Hiro!" Shuichi cried.


Ending Note: Done! I was going to end it with Hiro and Suguru, but I thought it would be hilarious for Shuichi to return to a rather messy bed, especially messy in that way. I've had other ideas for Gravitation stories, but who knows if I'll pick any to work on. But I do have fanfiction and original pieces I've been gradually adding to. Maybe I'll be able to start posting something soon. I'd like to have the time to write like I used to starting February, but we'll see. Thanks so much for reading and telling me what you think. I'd like to continue writing things people enjoyed like this. And I apologize again for the wait on this last chapter. If you're all not so mad I'd like you to review this as well.