She doesn't compare herself to other Slayers anymore.

There is no need. Her insecurities and self doubts are gone, and she knows what she can do. What she is capable of. She is in control of this weapon. It does what it must to kill them and keep her alive. It is enough.

There is no reason. She has done something none other before her has. She has died, and yet she still lives. Others rest once their Calling comes to an end, yet she fights on. Her short hiatus in Heaven will forever be with her, and she knows the pain of being alive will fade.

There is no point. She is no longer the one girl in all the world, Chosen to fight the vampires. There is another to share her burden, and she is grateful. None other has walked during the day with friends, and slain during the night with friends. She won't rest until she knows they are safe.

There is hope. She has someone- a vampire, no less- who loves her, who she can love. She has friends who watch her back, who walk beside her in the darkness. She is never alone.

She doesn't compare herself to other Slayers anymore.

The End

I can't believe it's over! After an epic 31 chapters (and drabble-like epilogue), this fic has come to an end. A huge thanks to everyone who left a review and kept me writing. You guys are the reason I post my stories! Special thanks to ms trick, Courtney37, PhoenixMoon13, DragonKatGal, Veggie-babu-chan and chazza. You guys rock!