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A precious life…precious moments

It was a fine night. Videl Satan could not sleep, but stood up and walked to her computer. She began to type an e-mail to her boyfriend Gohan.

Dear Gohan,

            You have always been there for me, through thick and thin, I hope you feel the same way as I do, but last night I wrote a poem. Please don't hate me….

Dreams and reality are always up and mixed,

When both combine as one it makes me vexed,

Reality shows how the real world works,

Dreams are just creed images that are out to lurk,

I stand to face how I got so far in life,

When all my existence I just sighed,

What so wrong when I fail at one thing?

Yet when I fail, you make yourself the king,

Everyone knows that your fame will decease,

Or maybe they are as thickheaded with such ease,

Do you know how many times I have cried?

I sat at night crying and wished I'd die,

You thought the love you gave would make me happy?

It only made the pain worse,

The worse part of being rich and famous,

Was living with your deception and heinous,

When I was alone I knew one day someone would be there,

And I was right; his personality has been with me when I needed care,

He swept my bitterness and hatred away,

And he didn't serve everything on a golden tray,

From the first time his onyx eyes,

Met my frozen violet glare,

He treated me as an individual,

Nothing more then a friend,

But as time grew on, we were more then just acquaintances,

We became closer to each other you were protective,

No…no, it wasn't a dream…he was really there,

Both of us together after a big deadly ordeal,

The monster that both split and brought us closer,

I hope you too feel the same way…

                           Love Videl.

"Kami, this is terrible, I shouldn't send this. He'll think I am crazy or something," Videl sighed. She stretched her arms and hit the keyboard on accident…

'Message sent.'

"What? Wait! NO! ugh now Gohan will think of me as a complete fool…" Videl sighed again.

Meanwhile with Gohan, he just got on his computer.

'You got mail.'

"Hmm really, lets see…"