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Summary: This is the sequel to 'Life has it's moments'

Life's moments

Chapter two: Risk for love

For an hour straight Gohan read the email Videl had sent. 'Is this some kind of joke?'

Gohan was confused, did Videl really like him, and was it true? Sure he was happy, but Videl wasn't the emotionally stable. He noticed that she took so many risks, but only one's that involve danger. The one risk he noticed she couldn't take was one she was afraid of…


He noticed this the first day he had set his eyes upon Videl. It was terribly sad, but with the divorce of her mother and all, how can she love again? How can she give it a chance?

"I need to show Videl, that this risk is a good one," Gohan said to himself.

For a while, Gohan had typed and typed, but nothing seemed good enough. He decided to respond the same way she wrote…a short poem. He thought of some words, and finally smiled…it was complete.

'Message sent.'

Gohan was happy with himself he smiled. "I know she's the one."

Satan household

Videl had fallen asleep at the computer, and sadly was waiting to see if Gohan would call and laugh, or send an email. Her head was in her hands, and she was snoring lightly. Finally her computer beeped…

'You got mail.'

Videl looked up, and her heart stopped. What if it was a pathetic pity letter of something? This is crazy. Videl clicked on the folder, and was right…it was from him.

She sighed and was battling with herself of whether to open it or not, but she would just have to confront him on Monday.

"I hope it isn't embarrassing…" Videl hoped, and clicked, 'read.'

Dear Videl,

            I got your letter, and I read it over and over for an hour straight, and all I have to say is…I feel the same way. I wrote you something short, and hope you will take a risk on what I have to say…here you go…

If my love were like a lake,

And you were afraid of water,

Would you stand staring at the sand?

Or take a risk and leap,

Would you just dive right in?

And not think of what might happen,

Would you left the gentle mist touch your skin?

Or would you walk away from the ocean…

And let the haze of darkness overcome you,

Just let my waves and water touch your heart,

Jump in the soft ocean mist…like love,

Take that risk, and don't think anything of it…

See, I am not very good, but it is the truth Videl. You're a risk taker, and you jump into jeopardy, and peril, but love is different. I love you Videl, and there is nothing to it. Please let go you your hurt, and let love heal your wounds. Let me heal your scars that run deep inside you. As I said before, I do feel the same way…


                                       Son, Gohan.

By now Videl was practically in tears…she found her number one crush. Her first and true love, and he was her best friend… his name…Gohan.


Kat: There you go, the end! The poem is mine, I wrote it sometime ago, and it is published.♂♀♪♫