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Chapter Three

I Feel Like Madonna

"I wonder who our new coach is going to be." Jesse said voicing the thought that was going through all of our heads at the moment. Our last coach was screaming at us about our terrible defeat and he suddenly grabbed his arm in pain. My mom said it was most likely a heart attack.

"We should at least try and practice until the new coach gets here. Make him think we at least try and work." Guy said trying to encourage his teammates. "Terry why don't you try and work with Goldburg some. Everyone else lets try and not.." Carp started to wobble and like a domino effect the entire team was on the ice on their bottoms. ".down."

We had been attempting to skate around for about fifteen minutes when I saw a grey limo pull up to the edge of the ice. "Who the heck drives a limo in this neighborhood?" I asked my teammates who had skated up around me. All of a sudden the limo pulled on to the ice and a man in his mid thirties got out.

"Hey! You must be in the wrong hood. This is a drug-free zone!" Jesse boldly told the guy. "I'll give you one chance to get outta here!"

"Not until I take care of business," the man said reaching into his jacket pocket. Oh no, he has a gun. Jesse's big mouth and I'm gonna die because of it. Guy hasn't even kissed me yet! Why is life so unfair? He pulled a piece of paper out. What was he doing? "I'm Gordan Bombay, your new hockey coach."

"Yeah and we have a chance at the state championships," Jesse spat out sarcastically.

"Sorry, dude, but I've got the roster right here. Averman, Dave; Conway, Charlie; Hall Terry." Gordan Bombay said reading the names. We realized that this stuck up was going to be our coach. Man why do we always get the crap coaches? "I hate hockey and I don't like kids."

"What, is this supposed to be inspirational?" Pete cracked from next to me. I laughed at good predictable Pete. He would definitely be the one to say that.

"How about you just scrimmage so I can see what you know" Coach Bombay said as he leaned against his limo. I saw Averman go up to him and say something. Probably something stupid knowing Averman.

We began to scrimmage and the team ended up in a pile at center ice. Once we all got up Averman stopped playing so he could announce things. My gosh he is so annoying. I decided to shut him up so I skated over to our new coach, knocking Averman down in the process. "Hey coach, I'm Connie. Do you play?"

"No, so what's our record anyway?" Coach asked me but his eyes never left the players as he intently watched them skate. I knew he was lying about playing because he seemed to know what was right and wrong.

"0 and 9 but we almost won one, only lost by five. We even almost scored a goal once too." I said brightly as the team started to gather around me again.

"So, coach, what do we do now?" Jesse asked his voice dripping in sarcasm.

"I don't know, what did your old coach have you do?" Coach Bombay asked us.

"Nothing, he just yelled at us. That's how he hurt his arm!" Pete answered enthusiastically.

"His arm?"

"Yeah one minute his screaming at us, 'Oh you little bastards, you don't even know how to play, ooh' then he grabbed his arm" Pete then demonstrated his arm grabbing and fall to the ground.

"A heart attack figures," Coach mumbled," Well if you need anything. fax me!" Coach laughed as he got into the limo.

"Man! That guy's a total ass. ummm jerk," Guy said as I gave him a look. He knows I don't like swearing, it's not a necessary to express strong feelings with swears I always tell him.

"Man she has you around her little finger!" Terry joked. "Hey lets have some fun!" Terry nodded to the limo. "One. Two. Three."

The entire team jumped onto the limo. Some of us started to shake it and Jesse even managed to climb up onto the roof. Goldburg open the door and we all piled into the limo.

"Wow, I feel like Madonna!" I said looking around the inside the limo. I had never been in one before and it made me feel rich.

"Yeah, you wish," Averman snorted and snapped back at me. I gave him my I'm-not-amused look in return.

"We want a ride, we want a ride, we want a ride," I began to chant and was soon joined by the rest of the team. Our coach looked like he was about to scream.

"Just take them for a ride! Anything!" Coach yelled back to his driver about something he said. I hadn't heard because I had two people screaming in my ears. We all started to cheer. Maybe this coach won't be so bad, he gives into us! All of a sudden a women marched in front of the limo with her arms waving.

"Oh no it's my mom!" Charlie cried with a sigh. Charlie's mom has been strict and very protective of Charlie for as long as I can remember her. The look on her face gave us a hint that she didn't approve of this ride.

"Out, everybody out!" She yelled at us as soon as she got to the door. The second Coach Bombay got out she pulled him to the side and started to lecture him about responsibility. I think she was overreacting! Just because he has a limo that he brings onto the ice where there is a bunch of kids, right?

"Okay guys I guess practice is over," Coach said with an annoyed look on his face. He turned to get into his limo.

"Sorry to ruin our fun guys," Charlie said with an apologetic look and then changed his gaze to coach. "So are you gonna be at the game on Saturday?"

"By order of the state of Minnesota, yes," Coach said. With a dismissive wave he got into his limo and left.

"Connie, I'll walk you home," Guy said grabbing my arm while the rest of the team made kissing noises. Guy look at me, rolled his eyes, and turned back around to the guys. "Hey, at least I have a girl losers!" The guys obviously didn't expect a comeback because all of their jaws hit the floor at Guy's boldness. I laughed the entire way home at the picture of their faces.

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