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Bonus chapter - Snippets

Early summer, 1998

Harry and Sirius walked up the steps to Gringotts.

Many wizards and witches stopped to watch the two extremely dashing aristocrats with appreciation. A Lord and his heir, a revered member of the Wizengamot and the Boy-Who-Lived. They were famous and so handsome!

Many a woman sighed.

Sirius Black was as handsome as he had been before his stint in Azkaban but more mature and poised, and Harry Potter had grown like a weed since his 5th year and had started to fill out a little. he still was rather slender, but he moved with such elegance!

"I heard Harry Potter got engaged! Did you know?" one witch said to another.

The other one looked startled, "Oh! To which one? The Lovegood girl? Granger? Weasley? There were so many rumors, and the Prophet is not reporting on it anymore!"

They both scowled.

"No, the older Greengrass girl, as far as I heard. Apparently, they have been a couple for two years!"

"No! But all the other girls?"

"Where just gossip, it seems."

"Bah! Interfering busybodies! All of them!"

Her fellow pillar of the community nodded sagely, "Yes, always waggling their tongues."

"Disgraceful, let me tell you! So, what do you think the two of them are doing at the bank now?"

"Well, Harry Potter might take up his Lordship, don't you think?"

"You are right! What will that entail, do you think?"

"No idea! Something about these rings, I guess."

Her friend nodded, "Right! Well, I must be off. I need fresh salamander tongues and they are always sold out first!"

"Good luck! And see you Saturday!"

Her friend waved and rushed off.

Meanwhile, the two wizards had entered Harry's account manager's office and taken the offered seats.

"Good morning, Senior Account Manager Grootknife! How are you?" Harry asked.

"Verry well, Mr. Potter, earnings are good. Yours, as well as mine. Now, what can I do for you, today?"

"Well, Sirius here is tired of manning our seats at the Wizengamot by himself and ordered me, to take up my lordship at last."

"Very well. You have been to the inheritance office to ensure the ring will not reject you, am I right?"

"Yes, two years ago. But I decided to wait as I had much to learn and wasn't considered an adult anyways."

The goblin nodded and answered, "Very well, as you are wearing a family ring already, so we can be sure no health issues will occur, here is your ring," with that he put a small ring case in front of Harry, who took it and unceremoniously put the small ring he found in it on his right-hand finger above his Black heir ring. The new ring resized to fit perfectly and grew as well, to resemble a signet ring, like Sirius was wearing. Just with the Potter coat of arms engraved in it.

Harry felt new but also familiar magic wash over him and then settle in his core. It bolstered him and gave him some knowledge about the properties, the Potters owned. There were more and bigger than expected. Additionally, wards were connected to him, from said properties.

"Oh!" he sighed.

"Quite the influx of knowledge, right?" Sirius asked. "Be aware, that some knowledge will only appear, should you need it. Like hidden paths and passwords."

Harry nodded, quite in awe of the wizards and witches of old, for managing to craft such amazing artifacts.

Harry started, "Right! That reminds me! I really would like to know, which knight of the round table I descend from!"

"Well, I can answer that, now that you have the ring," The goblin answered and grinned at the faces full of expectation on his clients. "The knight you do descent from was known as Peredur."

"Oh," Harry looked a little dejected.

"Which is the Welsch and the original name for the knight, also known as Perceval or Parzival."

"Woah!" Harry was wide-eyed now. "Percival – Peredur – Potter?"

"Indeed. He married into the Peverell family. A daughter or granddaughter of the third brother I think."

"Huh, I wonder how the name Potter emerged out of Peredur and Peverell?"

"The family journals will tell you, but I believe one of your ancestors had to hide during the 15th century and changed his name, to accomplish that. What was meant to be just temporary stuck, as he had started a family and fathered many children known as the little Potters, I believe."

Harry chuckled, "And so here I am, centuries later, still a Potter."

"You can always change it back to Peredur or Peverell if you want to, you know?" Sirius said.

"Hm, I will confer with Daphne about it. It would make sense to do it before we marry and have any little Potters ourselves. She already complained playfully that she was going to be Daphne Potter soon."

"Not as pretty-sounding as Daphne Greengrass," Sirius agreed. "Good thinking! It will affect both of you, after all!"

Harry nodded, "Yes, we are equal partners in this."

The goblin nodded as well, "Was that all my lords?"

Harry blinked and then nodded his head, "Yes, I think it was, wouldn't you say, Sirius? The rest of my estate is in order, as far as I am concerned. Thank you, Senior Account Manager Grootknife!" Harry got up and bowed slightly to the goblin.

Deep in the bowels of Gringotts, Hagrid was taking care of their blind dragon. The beastie was doing so much better now, he thought happily.

He had arrived at Gringotts with Moody, who had recalled him from his mission of gaining the help of the giants, a couple of years ago. He had been so confused!

That was until goblin Basilroot had healed his feelings, which Albus had greatly messed with.

He had felt so betrayed and angry and had lost all his trust in wizards and so had asked the goblins if they had a job for him.

They did.

Harry and Daphne were standing in front of Potter Manor in Wales, which he just had learned he had inherited.

According to his godfather, his father James Potter had listened to Dumbledore and had never donned the Potter ring, and therefore never gained the Lordship after Harry's Grandfather's death and by doing so, had lost all knowledge of the estate he had rightfully inherited.

If they had hidden here…

But this was a happy day, so he pushed all thoughts about Dumbledore and imaginary 'what-ifs' out of his mind.

"Well, that is a pretty meadow," Daphne remarked dryly.

"Huh? Oh!" Harry chuckled and reached for Daphne's hand, so she could see, what was actually there.

"Ah, that makes more sense! Well, that does not look like the dwelling of a potter."

"Nope, this manor was built on the foundations of the castle of Peredur, also known as Perceval, knight of the round table."

"Sweet Morgana! That is more like it! Why the name 'Potter' then?"

Harry told her what he had learned that morning.

"So, you would not be averse to changing your last name?"

"Not at all. I mean, it's a new chapter in my life now, and 'Harry Potter' is such a household name for a child hero. And you will change your last name as well. Why not me too, to celebrate our union."

Daphne did something she rarely did, she beamed at him, "You are the best fiancé a woman can find!"

Harry blushed and kissed the knuckles of the hand he was holding.

She thought about it, "So you could either use 'Peredur' or 'Peverell', right?"


"Hm. Harry and Daphne Peredur. Daphne and Harry Peverell. I like both. Do you have any preferences?"

"Hm, I like both too. My gut says, better take Peverell. Maybe we can name one of our sons Peredur."

"Right. Children."

"You know we have time to talk about that later. I mean, we decided our wedding will not be before we are twenty-one and children are further along the line."

"I am so grateful for contraceptive charms and potions!"

"Oh yeah!" Harry had a silly grin on his face, making Daphne chuckle.

"Mind out of the bedroom! Say, how many children do you want to have, anyways?"


"Is that so?"

"Oh, it depends mostly on you, though, but I am happy with every child you are willing to carry!"

Daphne chuckled, "Good answer. Well, we would need one heir for the Potter, or better the Peverell name. One for the Greengrass estate and maybe one for the Black family name, depending on your godfather."

Harry smiled happily, "So three at least?"

"If we like parenthood, we always can talk about adopting more, but I don't think I want to carry any more than three."

"Understandable! But I am happy you might consider adopting as well! Davis from the Improper Use of Magic Office – where I started my internship, you know? – well, he told me, they are finding more and more muggle-born, who would have fallen through the cracks in earlier times. And most are in desperate need of a family."

"Let me guess. Dumbledore and a formerly incompetent Ministry at work again?"

"It surely seems so. Davis has had the job as office head for 2 ½ years now and says he still finds idiotic rules and procedures once in a while."

"Amazing! Good that Bones has the reins now. But anyway. Let's have a look at that 'little' house of yours."

Harry snorted and they walked through the gates, which opened for them by themselves.

'Don't be as stubborn as Johnson', had become an often used saying in the Wizarding World. It originated from Hogwarts and people knew it had something to do with Quidditch.

Angie, who rued the day she had let Harry walk off and then been too hard-headed to ask him back, changed her last name. All because of that saying.

She mellowed out a little, but not much since her dad whom only her abridged version of the story to work with, had praised her proudly.


Ron scowled at the Daily Prophet in his hands. Damn! Harry was marrying that pretty Slytherin girl today.

What a waste! He had hoped, Harry would marry Ginny and become his brother-in-law. But no! Ginny had to decide that she liked girls better than boys and to become a Quidditch star and Harry had changed his famous name into a stuffy old one. The stupid idiot, the teenage part in Ron scoffed. The small adult part was just sad and resigned.

"Good morning Ron," his dad greeted him and sat down to eat the breakfast Ron had prepared.

Ron nodded.

"Anything in the papers, son?"

"Well, the Wizengamot and the Minister have signed the muggle-born equality act into law and Harry's wedding is today…"

"That is great to hear, son. Well, I must be off. Thank you for breakfast!"

Ron nodded and got ready to go to work in the kitchens of the Leaky Caldron.

At least he liked cooking now and thankfully had inherited his mother's talent.

Daphne and Harry Peverell had three children. Peredur Remus Peverell, Primrose Siri Peverell-Greengrass, and Pollux Severus Peverell-Black.

And their house became a home for many muggle-born children, which Harry collected in his work at his Office for Magical Child Services. They adopted quite a bunch of them themselves and Harry was always busy with finding good families for the rest. Rather successfully.

The Dursleys on the other hand did not have such a nice life. All of them landed in prison after they told about the child abuse of their nephew (Petunia), embezzlement of company money and sexual assault of a co-worker (Vernon), and physical assault and drug dealings (Dudley). Even Marge landed herself a prison sentence for animal cruelty and the physical and verbal assault of an animal-rights activist.

Sadly, no one ever thought to scan them.

Somehow, after Gringotts was checking everyone to the wizarding world's knowledge it didn't occur to anyone, and Harry had just wanted to put his childhood behind him.

Albus and Molly spend the rest of their days in the long-term ward of St. Mungo's Hospital, while their broken minds remained unfixed.

And Hogwarts? Well, it became the premier school for magic it always had claimed to be.

With a rather content Minerva McGonagall, a long-term Defense teacher named Remus Lupin, and the renowned Potions Master Severus Snape.

The last two could often be found at 12 Grimmauld Place visiting Lord Sirius Black, or at Peverell Manor, seeing their godsons and the rest of the huge family.


At Gringotts, the last person who had their emotional center messed with by Dumbledore was discovered and healed. Their scanning and healing process had been so improved by all the scanning they did, they had invisible scanners installed at all of their branches by now.

Much money could be saved that way. And the scanners made them money as well, as the governments of all magical nations had the scanners installed in their buildings, too. (After making sure they had now mind-bending effect on the workers and visitors of said buildings.)


Sirius heard the floo and the wards told him it was his blood brother and Severus, so he didn't stop pretending to be the dragon, Pollux, his little five-year-old heir was fighting mightily with his wooden sword right now. (Thank Merlin for cushioning spells!)

Sirius the Dragon roared and was whacked over the head with the sword and 'died' a dramatic death just as the door was pushed open and Remus bounded into the room, crowing, "We did it!" at the same time, Knight Pollux yelled, "Victory! The evil dragon is dead!"

The 'dragon' didn't know what to do. Stay in character or ask Remus what he was on about. Fortunately, Pollux decided it for him and yelled, "Uncle Sev!" and ran right past Remus to jump into Severus' arms. The man grunted a little but caught the child easily. He was quite practiced by now, after all.

"Well, two accomplishments at the same time, isn't that great?" Sirius grinned and got up from the floor, "You did what exactly?"

"We found the cure for the dark curse on the werewolves! A potion that works regardless of age and how much time has passed since they were bitten! Tested and documented."

"That is amazing! Congratulations!"

"We are on our way to the Patent Office right now. Are you still sure, you don't want any money for financing the research to make the recipe as inexpensive as possible?"

"Yes, I am sure. It's my contribution to the wizarding world, I think."

"Very good! Then let's go, Severus!"

Pollux had to accept that his favorite uncle had to leave again and soon was happily slaying an 'Acromantula' until they were interrupted again by Aunt Hermione and Uncle Blaise and their twins, Pollux's cousins, and best friends!

They had the best hair ever!

The end. Again.