Snake gets Punk'd

"Hi I'm Ashton Kutcher, you may recognize me as that annoying guy who's fake releationship with Demi Moore is on the cover of every newspaper. Last night, I got a call from my good buddy, Otacon. He said Snake shot him in the leg with a crossbow, and he wanted to get revenge. Since all the celebrities I know (All 5 of them) have already been punk'd 8 times each, I decided to teach Snake a lesson with a poorly organized prank. Here we go."

The Prank begins... -----------

Snake walks into Otacon's house. He sees a puddle of fake blood on the ground.

Snake: Hmm...Why is there fake blood on the floor? Am I supposed to think it's real?

Otacon runs into the room, scremaing.

Otacon: Snake, Ashton Kutcher is dead!

Snake: Who?

Otacon: Ashton Kutcher, the actor.

Snake: Is that the guy from New Kids on the Block?

Otacon: No, he's that actor from That 70's Show. And he has a fake releationship with Demi Moore.

Snake: Oh, you mean Bruce Willis.

Otacon: No, it's Ashton Kutcher, and he's dead!

Snake: I'm not following you.

Otacon: Ok, famous actor Ashton Kutcher, has been murdered, and he's in this house!

Snake: Why is he here? I didn't invite him. He probably smells bad.

Otacon: Shut up Snake! I invited him. Maybe we should go look at his body.

Snake: Let me get a snack first. I'm starving.

Otacon: No Snake! We should go look at his dead corpse!

Snake: What's the rush? I've been looking at dead bodies all day, can't I take a break.

Otacon shrugs his shoulder and walks out of the room. He walks into the bedroom where Ashton Kutcher is pretending to be dead.

Otacon: He's not falling for it. I think he's on to us.

Ashton: Wow, he's good. Ok, let's pump up the volume.

Otacon: What?

Ashton:...Let's just keep going with the plan.

Otacon walks back out to the kitchen where Snake is sitting at the table, eating a sandwhich.

Otacon: Hey Snake, Ashton's bleeding on the floor. It'll stain.

Snake: I'm trying to eat here.

Otacon: Well, aren't you worried at all? Ashton Kutcher is dead in your bedroom.

Snake: No one's going to care? He's about as famous as a toilet brush.

Otacon: Actually, he's very famous.

Snake: Phhh, says you. If he's so famous, how come he wasn't in the movie Revenge of the Nerds?

Otacon: Snake, just because Booger isn't dead in your house doesn't mean you can get upset.

Snake: Sure it does. I want a dead Booger, not Ashton Kutcher.

Otacon: Snake, you'd better just come. If the cops come, they'll arrest you for murder.

Snake:....Fine, fine. I'll come, but I'm bringing my gun.

Otacon: Uhhh...ok.

The Prank Continues --------------------

Snake: Well, he is dead. I guess he slipped in that huge puddle of fake blood underneath him.

Otacon: Uhhh...yeah, I guess so.

Snake: So now what? Throw him in a dumpster?

Otacon: Maybe you should check if he's alive.

Snake: Should I shoot him? Just to make sure?

Otacon: No! Just tap him.

Snake: No, I think I should shoot him.

Otacon: No Snake, just poke him.

Snake: No, I'm shooting him.

Ashton screams and jumps up from the floor, a huge fake wound on his face.

Ashton: Woah man, this is just a joke. This is Punk'd.

Snake: Oh my god! He's a zombie!

Otacon: It's a joke Snake, you're on TV!

Snake: Otacon, get back! He'll eat our brains!

Snake shoots Ashton three times, he falls backwards.

Otacon: Oh my god! You killed Ashton Kutcher!

Snake: Hey, that isn't fake blood coming out of him, is it?

Otacon: No. No it isn't.

Snake: Now what do we do?

Otacon: Throw him in a dumpster?

Snake: You read my mind.

After the Punk ----------------

Snake: Hahahahahahaha

Otacon: What's so funny?

Snake: Hahahahahahahaha

Otacon: What is it Snake?

Snake: Oh man, I just got the joke! Ashton was pretending to be dead!

Otacon: Well yeah, but then you shot him, and now he really is dead.

Snake: Yeah, but man, that stuff before he was really dead was hilarious! That guy should get his own show.

Otacon: Well, you were on the show. The joke was for the show.

Snake: Oh...Hey, were the cameras rolling when I shot him?

Otacon: Yeah. And MTV already picked them up.

Snake: Oh crap...that's not good.

Otacon: No. No it isn't.

Snake: So what do we do know?

Otacon: Join up with a bunch of Portugese Circus Animals and flee to the Cayman Islands?

Snake: You read my mind.