The Sea Holds the Answers

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Summary: Will goes with Jack on an adventure that causes Will some problems.

The eerie quiet of night was not something new to Will Turner, having lived most of his life alone, but now after six months of wedded bliss to the governor's daughter he found their house felt very cold and empty without her presence. Will sighed and turned for the staircase which led to the bedroom. The day had been spent packing and tying up all his and Elizabeth's connections in Port Royal, and he was quite tired.

As he lay in his bed, made for two but holding one, he realized that Port Royal felt empty to him because it was. With Elizabeth gone he had no one in this city to call friend. Even Mr. Brown, the blacksmith who raised him had died several months ago, finally drinking himself to death. Will had grieved but not overly, it was not too tragic a loss, and he had had Elizabeth to help him. He sighed again, wondering why he had decided to stay behind and send her on ahead, it seemed quite foolish now. Everyone in his life always left him at some point; his mother, his father, Mr. Brown, Elizabeth and even .....

Jack Sparrows. The name came unbidden to his mind, along with a memory of the pirate. Will smiled as he remembered Jack's exuberant escape from the commodore, rudely interrupted by his fall from the tower. But Jack Sparrows - sorry, Captain Jack Sparrows - had left Port Royal long ago and Will doubted ever seeing him again. This thought saddened him, for he somehow had begun to consider the man a friend, despite his misdeeds.

A sound outside his window pulled him from his thoughts and put him on alert. It had been the sound of falling rocks, then a hushed curse in a voice he couldn't make out. Silently pulling himself from the bed Will moved to his closet and received his best sword, then pushed himself against the wall beside the window, hiding his form in the shadows of the room.

No sooner had he gotten into place than a hand appeared at the window ledge, then another. Together, both appendages were able to haul the rest of the adjoining body up as well. Soon the intruder was sitting on the sill, quite satisfied with himself. He crossed his legs and rested his chin in his hand as he looked about the room, seemingly searching and waiting at the same time.

"Where are you boy? I haven't all night you know." The figure announced. Will briefly thought he recognized the voice, but dismissed the notion as his "guest" moved further into the room, sauntering oddly. Will leapt from the shadows with a cry and brought down his sword against the intruder. But the man was quick, much faster than he seemed, and turned with his own sword drawn to intercept the attack. The weapons clashed and pushed hard one another, each fighting to gain the upper hand, and the pressure was not diminished when the two combatants finally made eye contact.

"Jack?" Will asked, pleasantly and awkwardly surprised. The captain hadn't changed at all. His dreaded hair hung freely about his face, his eyes were still caked with coal dust to guard against sun glare, and the same hat even stood upon his head.

"Who were you expecting? Peter Pan?" Jack asked with a flourish. Will smiled, glad to see him, and began to lower his sword, but the pirate would have none of that. Jack struck out at him, intentionally missing to give Will time to raise his weapon again. Will was up to the challenge and with a confident smirk on each face the two continued to fight for several minutes. Parry, thrust, parry, parry, lunge, parry. The fight went all around the room, with each man enjoying themselves greatly. When their swords were locked together once more, Jack pushed Will away to regain his footing and moved around to the other side of the bed. Will gave him no mercy though and somersaulted over the bed to land upright with his sword drawn on the other side. His eyes twinkling, Jack engaged him once more.

"I see you still practice three hours a day. But I thought you had followed my advice and gotten yourself a woman?" Jack pointed out as he fought so flawlessly it appeared he put no effort forth at all.

"I did, but she is not here." Will replied, twisting beneath Jack's blade.

"That was quick. The old romp and dump. Get what you want and then get rid of her, is that it?" Jack asked, blocking and seeming almost bored.

Will struck out harshly now, their blades clanging loudly in his anger, "Elizabeth, my *wife*, awaits me in England. We have decided that the Caribbean is not the most suitable place to start a family."

Jack did not appear the least bit chagrined, but said, "I am sorry my boy, I did not mean to offend the dear Mrs. Turner, I was simply curious. But if she is in England, what are you doing here?" Jack barely dodged a quick swipe of Will's blade.

"I am simply ....." Will was cut off as the door of the bedroom burst open and half a dozen armed guards appeared, pistols drawn, stopping the combatants in their tracks.

"Drop your weapon." The chief demanded, his gun aimed at Jack's head.

"And you call me the cheater." Jack admonished as he dropped his sword and raised his arms in the air.

Will offered him an apologetic glance then turned to the guards, "It is all right, we were simply sparring. This is a friend of mine, he means me no harm." Will explained, hoping none of the guards would recognize the pirate for who he was.

"This man climbed up the building, broke into your room, and engaged you in swordplay in the middle of the night, and you call him your friend." The guard asked, astonished.

"I did not say he was a normal friend." Will replied.

Jack made an indignant huff behind him as he picked up his sword once more, "I'm not you know."

Will rolled his eyes, "All is fine, I assure you. You can leave us now."

The guards slowly retreated from the room, each receiving a friendly smile and wave from Jack as they left.

"What are you doing here?" Will asked after they were gone.

Jack stuck his sword into the ground and leaned on it then said, "Well obviously I appear to be here to see you. I must admit, I wished to see the lovely Miss Elizabeth once more as well, but that plan has also gone astray. Suddenly, I don't feel very welcome here. Perhaps I should just go, let you live out your life forever wondering what it is I wished from such a noble lord." Jack said as he made his way to the window once more. Will stopped him and pulled him back inside.

"Don't go Jack, it is good to see you again, but dangerous. What if you are spotted? I cannot save you again." Will reminded him.

"My dear boy, I have never needed saving, least of all from a scrawny blacksmith such as yourself."

"Uh huh." Will nodded, unbelieving.

"Well, maybe once. But the past is the past, and now we must look into the future. The future of my future, and your future."

"Jack, what are you getting at?" Will asked exasperated.

"I've come to rescue you from this life of torment and suffering. From the pain you must feel every moment, from your death so to speak." Jack said dramatically, sitting on the windowsill.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, and if you don't start making sense soon I'm going to ask you to leave." Will said, tired and not in the mood for Jack's games.

"Married life, Will. It's as good as being dead." Jack replied, his voice low and serious.

Will laughed and shook his head, "I like married life Jack. I love Elizabeth, I'm afraid you've wasted your time."

"No, you misunderstand me. Your affection for the very, very lovely Miss Turner is not in question by me, but I know you my boy, I know you better than you think. You need some excitement, something to interest you, because I know that making those lovely swords isn't doing it for you." Jack said smugly. Will opened his mouth to protest, but the words wouldn't come. He couldn't really argue with Jack, he had found being a pirate exciting. Dangerous and scary, but also extremely thrilling. It was hard settling back into the life of a simple blacksmith who happened to be married to the governor's daughter.

"I see Captain Jack may be bordering on the truth." Jack risked, judging by Will's reaction.

"And how do you plan on helping me with my problems?" Will asked curiously.

"You aren't nearly as bright as you pretend to be are you? I've come to recruit you lad. Now grab your stuff, the Pearl's waiting." Jack announced, beginning to climb down the window ledge.

Will stood shocked for a moment, then ran to the ledge, grabbed Jack's arm and pulled him forcibly back into the room. "You cannot just come strolling in here after six months, invite me to become a pirate and expect me to follow you without question. Are you mad?"

"No, but I am considerably drunk. I was not asking you to stay, but I've got a little mission and I thought you might like to join me. And after it's done I'll gladly escort you to England to be with your fine wife, and you can live happily ever after. Yuck." Jack grimaced at the phrase.

"A mission. You're pirates, I'm sure I do not want to be involved in any mission you are taking upon yourselves." Will said, resolute in not breaking any more laws with the captain. He would only be granted clemency so many times.

"You'll like this adventure young William. How would you like to find your father?"


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