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Genre: Romance\Angst\Comedy\Drama
Set in ancient Egypt, this is a tale of Forbidden love between a Pharaoh and a slave, featuring lemons, limes and fluff. This will be a Yaoi, so... all you Yaoi haters can just GO AWAY... ok? ^_^ For those of you who stayed, I hope this will be one of the best fics I ever write, possibly even living up to the incredibly high standards set by WingedWolf, Mercedes and Neko-Chan! I really honestly hope you enjoy this, I'm sure I will!

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"Oh mighty Pharaoh Yamises! My divining is complete!"
The mighty Pharaoh - or Yami, as he preferred it - sighed heavily. To be quite honest, he didn't see how playing with chicken guts could tell High Priest Set that the 'mighty Pharaoh Yamises' was going to find his true love today. He knew that would be the result - it had been every birthday since he was ten years old. Which, last he checked, would make this Set's ninth attempt. Yami sighed again and gestured for Set to get on with it, already mouthing along to the speech as Set went.
"Oh mighty Pharaoh, the Gods have revealed your fate to me - today, on your eighteenth birthday, you are destined to meet your one true love!"
Yami sighed a third time and leaned heavily against his throne, turning his head so he could see out the window into the palace courtyard. Maybe something was happening outside that was more interesting - like someone was getting attacked by a horde of killer locusts or something. He let his mind drift, not paying Set any attention.

And because of this, he nearly missed seeing the youth who bore a remarkable resemblance to himself. He was between two guards and walked with his head bowed, wearing ragged clothes and… well, Yami couldn't be certain, but he was pretty sure that the - man? boy? - wasn't wearing any footwear and finding the stony paths hard going, if the limp was anything to judge by.
"Set" Yami murmured, interrupting. "Hiroto and Jou have someone with them. Go find them and bring them to me at once." Yami was intrigued - he had to see the youth closer. The resemblance was absolutely uncanny.
Set was clearly annoyed at being interrupted, but said nothing. Instead, he simply bowed and walked out.


A few minutes later, Set returned with the entourage. The guards threw the boy - who was manacled and the wrists and ankles - to the floor, and Hiroto stepped forward. "Pharaoh Yamises, this is your newest slave. He goes by the name Yugi." To emphasise that this last detail hardly mattered, Hiroto gave Yugi a sharp kick as he returned to his place next to Jou.
For a few minutes, no-one said anything. Then Yami stood and walked over to Yugi. "Stand up, slave."
As Yugi arose, Yami heard slight gasps as others noticed the amazing similarity. Yami looked the boy - definitely a boy of 16 or 17 - up and down a couple of times, circling him, taking in every detail.
There was something about the boy that intrigued him - that drew Yami to the boy. It wasn't just the looks either - it was like a magnetic field, or an invisible chain slowly being wound in. It was like the way he'd lusted over concubines in the past… only at the same time, it was totally different. Infuriatingly, he couldn't put his finger on it.
He suddenly became aware of the fact that he was breathing slightly more heavily than usual, and that he was running his tongue along the bottom his front teeth and almost staring at the boy. He hurriedly corrected himself, resuming a more dignified air, and stood tall and proud in front of the boy.
"Look at me" he commanded.
Were it not for the fact that he saw the boy's lips moving, Yami wouldn't have known there'd been a reply. "Speak up!"
"I… it is forbidden, oh mighty Pharaoh." Still the voice was barely above a whisper.
"Under whose law is it forbidden?"
"Yours, oh mighty Pharaoh."
"Well now I bid it. Look at me!"
The boy slowly raised his head, until he made eye contact with Yami. The eyes that met Yami were the most amazing eyes he had ever seen. The seemed so soft that you could fall onto them more easily than the royal bed itself, like a silk sheet that could mould itself to your every curve. They almost seemed to caress Yami as he gazed upon them, a sparkling violet touch that made him feel as if all his problems had melted away, a stroke of shimmering purity greater than the stars themselves. Even the shade of violet held in them was of unsurpassable beauty, the one shade that nature had spent so long perfecting and could never reproduce again. Yami felt his breath catch, as if breathing on those delicate petal-eyes might shatter them, and he forced himself to look away, looking at the rest of the boy's face. The boy's skin was so soft, you might well believe he had never spent a day exposed to the elements. His whole face, from the golden hair that trailed down it - a direct contrast to the jet-black hair behind it - to his lips, his ruby-red petal-soft lips, seemed to glow with radiant youth and hope, as though the soul behind those eyes were as pure as the Gods themselves.

The boy suddenly flushed red, and he stared at his feet, almost seeming afraid to hold the Pharaoh's gaze any longer. It slowly dawned on Yami that the boy had been staring at him almost as hard as he at the boy, and Yami felt himself begin to blush as well.
He hurriedly addressed the guards. "Where is the boy to be stationed?"
Jou stepped forward. "If you do not object, oh mighty Pharaoh, he has been designated to the palace."
Yami pretended to consider this, though secretly he was - for some reason - delighted. "I see no reason not to permit it. Very well… Yugi, was it?" Yugi gave a small nod in reply, which earned him a blow across the back of the head from Honda, nearly making him fall over.
"Yes, oh mighty Pharaoh."
"You are stationed to the Royal Palace. You will be expected to carry out orders as told and when told, else you will be punished accordingly. You will remain in your quarters during the appointed hours, will be fed at an appointed time and wear clothing issued to you. Do you understand?"
"Yes, oh mighty Pharaoh."
Stepping forward, Yami whispered in Yugi's ear, earning a look of disapproval from Set even though he didn't hear what was said.
"I hope to see more of you, Yugi."
Yugi blushed as Yami stepped away. Without another word, Yami gestured for Jou and Hiroto to take Yugi away. Ignoring Set's efforts to catch his eye, Yami returned to his throne, enjoying the lingering smell of Yugi's skin and sweat in his nostrils.


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