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by Zuzanny

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Part 3


"As far as I can tell," Sally-Po said examining the x-rays, cat scans, blood tests, and other samples that had been taken of Duo. "there is absolutely nothing wrong with him." She looked across her office desk at a very grim Heero, who did not like this news at all.

"That can't be right." He said. "He wouldn't be unconscious if that were so. And missing memory apparently. OR seeing things."

Sally-Po frowned and flicked through the test results again. "His bloods have come back normal, no foreign substances or signs of disease. Stomach contents likewise. No traces of drugs or poison. No broken bones or head trauma. No sign of stroke or brain tumor or and disorder of the brain. Look at the results yourself."

Heero reached across the table and took them when offered, scanning every detail. "You must have missed something."

"The only thing I can suggest right now is waiting for him to wake up and tell us what is wrong."

Heero looked up with an expression of total fear. "But... what if he never wakes up?"

Duo floated in warmth and absolute comfort. Slowly he floated closer and closer to wakefulness, until he recognised the sound of organised chaos and his eyes shot open with panic.

/Shit!/ He thought. /I've been captured!/ He ripped the iv tube from the back of his hand and left it dangling and dripping clear fluid onto the floor. Looking around he found he was in a small, well lit cell... No, a room. A bed similar to design of a hospital bed. And hospital blankets, white and printed with the Sanq hospital logo. Duo frowned. What was he doing in a Sanq hospital? He pulled back the blankets and discovered he was wearing a light green hospital gown. He grimaced and jumped out of the bed. The polished white lino was cold on his bare feet. The door was closed but had a window he could look out. People in hospital uniforms of various kinds hustled and bustled about. Nurse station up the right a little. It looked like there were civilians coming and going freely. He didn't notice any guards on either side of the door, but that didn't mean there weren't any. He hesitated to try and open the door just yet and chose instead to scout the room for bugs and any potential assets. There was a door that opened to a toilet and shower recess with a sink and mirror on the wall. Some soap and a white logoed towel was all.

Or maybe they didn't recognise him as a Gundam pilot?

Duo froze at the mirror. His hair was clean. Well, he could feel that he needed to wash it, but it wasn't soiled with dirt or engine grease, or camo paint. It was also slightly longer than he remembered it to be. And his face was... different. Less gaunt and pale. More healthy and fed. Looking down he noticed he had a little more weight to him. Not fat, but again looked better fed. Healthy. Even his finger and toe nails were clean. Maybe he had been drugged? He didn't feel any sour taste in his mouth or nausea or head ache, or anything really. In fact he felt perfectly fine. Odd.

No, he realised as his stomach rumbled, he was hungry.

As if by magic, there came a knock at the outer door and and orderly came in dragging a trolley laden with food trays. Through the crack in the bathroom door Duo watched as the slightly plump woman hummed to herself and selected a tray to place on the rolling bedside table, ticking off paperwork as she did so. Then she was gone. Duo waited a few minutes, senses stretched to see if it were a trap of some kind, before cautiously creeping back to the bedside to look at was was under the covered dishes. A plate of roast meat and vegetables with gravy, a bowl of red jelly and ice cream, and a jug of coffee all waited there for him. Along with the implements to eat them with. Duo was thoroughly confused, with a good dose of suspicion thrown in. Reading the accompanying Patient Menu confused him further. It had his name on it. Filled out by handwriting that looked exactly like Heero's. And it was food that he liked. Surely if he were injured in a fire fight Heero would have given him a fake name? Besides... he wasn't injured. Just confused and... hungry.

Voices, and foot steps approaching the door. Duo grabbed the knife to use as a weapon and pressed himself against the wall by the door in readiness to attack.

"You can go on in a sit by him if you want." It was a woman's voice that was... vaguely familiar. Duo frowned trying to place her.

"Thank you." That was Heero! Heero pushing the door open and who's eyes widened with alarm when he saw the bed was empty. Heero who froze in place as Duo grabbed him and was able to put the knife to his throat. Heero who was taller, slower, softer, and... NOT the way HEERO should be.

"Who are you?" Duo hissed, dragging him away from the door and the startled lady doctor, who The Person put up a hand to stop her from calling an alarm. "Where is this place? Why am I here? Is it controled by Oz?"

The Person stiffened in his arms at the word Oz. "Zero two," He said firmly, yet quietly. Mission voice. "calm yourself. You are not compromised." Duo still didn't relax his grip or the knife, but waited. "You are safe. The war is over. Oz was defeated. You are in hospital in the Sanq kingdom."

"Why?" Duo hissed it out.

The Person then grabbed Duo's hand holding the knife in an unmistakable grip, easily pulled Duo's arm away and turned to look into Duo's widened eyes.

"Heero?" Duo whispered with shock, dropping the knife with a clatter on the floor. It WAS Heero. Only... a different Heero than he should be.

"Duo," Heero's expression softened as he breathed Duo's name. "You have lost a section of you memory. We don't know why. We are trying to figure that out, and the extent of the loss."

Duo blinked, shaking his head, then backed away until he touched the bed. "It's a trick."

Heero followed him, and clasped Duo's hands in his own. "Never." He said with conviction that confused Duo even more. The lady doctor cautiously entered then. "I know you are confused, but PLEASE... let us help you."


Heero flung his arms around Duo in a firm hug, that sent a shock a nausea through Duo. "Duo, Duo..." Heero breathed against Duo's neck while his body shook with emotion.

Duo made an uncomfortable noise, and put his hand on Heero's arm to push him away. Heero gave him a hurt look and backed away, which made Duo even worse than just nauseated. It hurt his heart too and he didn't know why.

The lady doctor moved in front of him. "Duo," she asked gently. "do you remember me? I'm Doctor Sally-Po."

He shook his head no. "No... But your voice is familiar." He started to feel fear creep up his spine. "Is it true? That I have lost my memory?"

She shone a light in his eyes, her mouth a grim straight line. "It appears so. What is the last thing you remember?"

Duo lowered his eyes. "I'm not sure. I think I was watching re-runs at..." He looked up, still not sure if he could trust completely. "A safe location. I think I fell asleep on the couch."

"Do you remember the date?" He rattled off a date that was a good six months prior. She didn't tell him that though. "Hmmm..." She checked his blood pressure. "Do you remember anything else? Anyone coming into the room? An attack?"

Duo shook his head. "All the, uh, guys where there already." Then his eyes lost focus. "I think I had a strange dream though." He said quietly.

"Could you please tell me about it?"

"I was at a funeral." He said still quiet as before. "This really big stone church was packed with people. They were all looking at me funny, and I thought they were at MY funeral, but, heh, I doubt anyone would miss me when I go, let alone fill a church like that to overflowing. Unless they'd want to make sure I was really dead."

Sally knew a number of people who would disagree with that statement, but she didn't say anything as she didn't want to distract him. Instead she said "Go on."

"Then you" he pointed to Heero. "came up to me, and you were angry at me. But I didn't know why." Heero inclined his head. "It was someone else's funeral. Someone everyone else knew and loved, but I had never heard of." Duo frowned and looked down to his lap. "I don't really remember much after that." Sally patted his shoulder.

"That's alright. You did well." She smiled at him. "How about I get you some more cutlery, and let you eat your dinner?" With that she left.

There was silence in the room for a while before Heero spoke up. "I was angry because I thought you were pulling a joke."

Duo raised his head in question.

"You said that it was a boy in the casket, not Relena's body. You were quite persistent about it." Heero watched Duo's face while he spoke. How his head tilted to the side a little, and his eyes unfocused, then widened as his face went white. "Duo?"

"It WAS a boy!" Duo said urgently. "With black hair! And out side there was- Uhn!" He was cut off like someone physically struck him across the face. Heero caught him as he fell sideways almost sliding off the bed in a pile of limp limbs.

"HELP!" Heero yelled, unable to reach the buzzer beside the bed while he was trying to support Duo's neck. People came running, pulling Duo's unresponsive body back onto the bed and checking him over as medical people do. Heero backed away, seeing Duo's eyes rolled up to whites, and feeling heaviness upon his chest. His back his the wall and he slid down to the floor, trying to figure out what was going on. He looked up as Sally rushed back in to join in the swarm around Duo, and felt absolutely helpless. Heero needed to know more about what was going on, about what had happened. He needed to do something.

"There was something out side..." He muttered to himself, then shot up as he realised. "There was something out side!" and he ran out the door to find a phone and call Quatre. "If we can check the security cameras... then maybe... maybe..."

to be continued...