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Butterflies are known to migrate during the cold season to warmer fronts. This isn't something that's strange by any stretch of the word.

[People] do this. Other animals do this, it's human nature to move to places where it's beneficial to live in.

A man standing in a set of jeans and white shirt stare to the sky, his mouth gaping open as he stares at the literal cloud of butterflies fluttering about in the sky.

His surroundings are decrepit, the perfect picture of [scorched earth]. Nothing is growing in the dry and cracked earth. Yet, in the sky is something beautiful.

How can something so...fragile fly so freely?

Slowly, the man extends a hand as the butterflies pass over him.

Slowly, one flutters down and rests on his finger, its beautiful wings out in the open for anyone to see.

Yet, on the scorched earth only one man stands as he looks around his ugly surroundings.

Is this place really worth fighting for?

The words pop in his head, confusing the man as the butterfly flutters away to his disappointment.

There, he realizes something.

...No. But I want to see the butterflies migrate without having to worry for my life.

On that day, an amnesiac woke up.

A laser passes by his face, nearly taking his face off before landing on the ground, smoke rising up as the amnesiac slowly turns to the origin of the attack.

A large creature, obviously mechanical but somewhat biological with a large red optic that glows and clearly aggressive.

And as the man closes his eyes, he opens them to reveal a pair of mismatched eyes, brown and green, with a messy hair brushed to the side, but unlike a few seconds ago, they were filled with panic. Wide with fear as he curses, "Shitfuck!"

The man hops back and begins to run back to the location he was presumably in.

"Damned [Kars], I'll fuck you up!" He yells to the sky, the young man spewing profanities as he runs away from the bio-mechanical horrors.

Clearly, the man is not the same as he was a few minutes ago, why is that?

Well, it started with a thrown lemon.

The name of the person in the body is [Bell Robbins], a teenager with a penchant for being petty. Petty enough to see the front of his house be replaced by lemon trees, wait for them to grow, grab the lemon, and throw it at the fucker who ordered it to happen.

What happens is a [bizarre] story for the ages usually reserved for a certain family in fiction.

Anyway, what happens afterwards is being hit by a meteor and finding myself in space.

There, he met the origin of the meteor, or [Kars] and different versions of him with things called [Stands], he felt a bit guilty about the whole meteor thing and...killing him.

So, he was told he was going to be sent to a new world and body to live the life out.

Well, that was if he'd survived being stabbed by an [Arrowhead].

So, when he opened his eyes, he didn't expect to be in a world full of bio-mechanical horrors. Maybe in some fantasy or sci-fi, but never in some random place with whatever those were.

Leaning on a tree, the young man swipes the back of his hand across his mouth and sighs. "Hell, those things look familiar as hell."

The young man tries to rack his new and tired brain to remember, but it simply can't, for some reason. "Damn it!"

Quickly patting himself down, he finds a pocket with a wallet. Opening it, he sees an ID with his name, [Bell DeVoe], anda picture of his face, bored and a bit tired, though, he did find it a bit strange that he wore lipstick and his fingernails were painted.

Taking a second to squint at the plastic piece he nods, "Yeah, I don't really like the lipstick, still…" he trails off, curling his fingers and turning them to him as he hummed,"...gray. I'm...not sure I like it. Maybe blue? Or black? I don't really like bright colors but isn't gray a little bit too drab?"

He feels the vibration before he saw it as his back presses against the tree he's leaning on as he covers his mouth. He calms himself forcefully and peeks around the tree.

A ways away is the horror, looking around with its beady red optic, glowing as if scanning for something. Bell returns with his back against the tree as he begins humming Poison by Bell Biv DeVoe. Though that thought does cause him to pause.

"...Is my name a reference to [Bell Biv DeVoe]?" Bell asks himself as he stares at the sky. He shakes the thought away, peeking once more around the tree as he notices the horror is gone.

He turns back only to see the red orb staring at him, something thrumming with energy as he gulps and begins to panic. He is also cursing [Kars] for sending him to this world that he finally recognizes.

[Nikke], and this [Rapture] is about to blast him with a fucking laser.

The first thing he saw in this world was something as beautiful as a cloud of butterflies, something he hasn't even seen in his original world, it...was weird. Trying to connect the butterflies to a world like Nikke. Though he did only learn about it via the scarce amount of fanfictions and videos.

How can something so beautiful be so fragile?

As he swallowed his spit, he didn't think about defending himself or anything, instead, his mind went to the butterflies.

I...I want to see them again.

He fell on his ass, his hand on the tree as he closed his eyes and waited for his end to come, quicker than it did in his previous life at least.

Only for him to land on a root as he slipped off, flinching as he rubbed his back and looked at his hand.

On it, was a group of butterflies, the same color as the wood and still flying as his eyes widened. Then, he heard a flutter of wings as he turned and so did the Rapture.

Where his hand was no longer had wood, instead [butterflies] of a wooden color fluttered about, leaving a large gaping hole on the trunk as the tree began to strain, falling towards the lack of wood as Bell scampers back. "Shit!"

With a mighty thud, the tree lands on the Rapture, trapping it as Bell opens an eye he had closed. With a mighty heave, the Rapture pushed off the tree and seemed to glare at Bell as Bell seemed to freeze.

His back was on a decrepit car, rusted and broken down by age, his hands crossed and his mouth in a frown as his legs are crossed one over the other as butterflies rest on the car or on Bell himself, above Bell, coming from inside the car, a spectral figure pops out, its head twisted and leaning on the knuckles of his hand as it seems to sit on Bell's shoulders, it's heels on Bell's crossed arm and its elbow resting on its knees. It's humanoid form was lithe but fit, parts of its outfit seemed to be tied to resemble butterflies on the arms and down its sides, a purple body with light blue butterfly-like markings running down its legs and glasses on its eyes resembling kaleidoscopes.

With newfound confidence, Bell looks up, some of the butterflies on him fluttering off as the figure looks down to Bell, its emotions his as it seemed confident. "Who-No, I know that. But you need a name, right?" The figure said nothing, it obviously wouldn't but bell simply continued, "Hmmm, I know!" he pointed, a butterfly resting on the tip of his finger.

"[To Pimp a Butterfly]!"

The newly named [To Pimp a Butterfly] or [TPAB] for short, simply stares at the Rapture, Bell followed his gaze as the butterflies seem to move in preparation.

There was a thrum, a gun-like figure coming from itself as it began to charge up energy only to lose its target as the butterflies cover its optic.

A second later, the [butterflies] spread their wings as they began to connect, becoming wood once more but instead seemed to cover the form of the Rapture as it tripped, finding parts of its leg covered in wood.

After a bit of struggling, hitting its face against the floor, the wood broke off long enough to reveal something it never thought it'd see.

Sitting in the front seat is Bell, [To Pimp a Butterfly] beside it as both turn from within the pristine car, the only thing strange is metal-colored [butterflies] around the driver's door as a part of it is missing and the pure white butterflies [merging] with the car as it seemed to return to it's original state of a sports car.

With a mocking smile, he shakes his hand in farewell, the [butterflies] around the drivers door returning to it as the metal returned to its original space and revealing a pristine sports car as he turned forward. "Let's ride!"

Bell stepped on the gas as the wheels squealed against the tarmac his the sound causing shivers to run down his spine as he dashed away in a sports car using [TPAB]'s second ability.

The first, [Butterfly Effect] turns anything either Bell or [TPAB] has touched into a [butterfly] corresponding to the materials of the thing that's been turned into a butterfly, so if he was to turn a gun into a [butterfly] the butterflies would be made out of steel. It can either be sections of an object or the entire object itself. Touching a [butterfly] will either materialize the object or make the [butterflies] return to the location of the object and merge back into its original state. He can also make the [butterflies] gather around something and make the [butterflies] revert to its original material.

His second ability, the ability he used to bring the sports car back to it's original state and even improve it somewhat, is [Wesley's Theory], an [ability] that materializes white butterflies that [merge] with an object, either [improving] it to make it better, fixing damage, or returning it to its original state.

The amateur driver slows down when he checks back, seeing no Rapture following him as he sighs in relief, [TPAB] returning to his body as he lets the comfortable leather of the car and vibration carry him onward.

Now that he had time to relax, he begins to wonder. "So, I'm in Nikke, a fairly grim world with a lot of piece of shit people but that's irrelevant, am I the [Protagonist] or am I just some random person?"

Either or is bad, since according to multiple characters in [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] in entirely different universes, [Stand] users like Bell tend to attract one another, and [The Ark] is a very limited area, spanning a few kilometers if my knowledge/guesswork is correct. [Stands] are rare and have no solid form as to what they can be, simply molding themselves to the wishes of the users. So, this adds another question to the pile.

Are there other [Stand] users here? Is this the first timeline or is this the second? Maybe it's an entirely different one?

"The most likely answer is probably the second timeline." Bell tells himself, one hand on the wheel and the other reaching into his pocket towards the vibration in his pocket. "Summoning an alien race to devastate the world after [Josuke's] death, or maybe [Jodio's] sounds like something extra petty [Wonder of U] or [Tooru] would do. I wonder if the rock people are still alive."

Though, these questions do bring more. Like the [Rokakaka], I think is their name, or if the Joestars are still alive. Yet, the questions also answer themselves.

"Could the [First Commander] have been a [Joestar]? I mean, being contracted to fight a war against bio-mechanical horrors sounds like a very [Jojo] thing to happen." He mutters under his breath as he turns on the phone, seeing a bunch of normal apps and a chat that's been unopened on an app called BlaBla. Though his eyes quickly looked up as his eyes widened. "Could there be places like the [Ark] out there?"

[Stands] like the turtle, [Coco Jumbo] from Part Five, [Mr. President] was it's name Bell believes, exist not to mention Part Four's [Super Fly].

Maybe [The Ark] itself could be a [Stand]?

The thought runs through his head before scoffing, "Nah~, can't be." He glances at his phone as he reads the text that damns him.

[Mr. DeVoe, we are proud to announce your graduation is going to take place a week from today, please be there promptly and in your clothes on time. Congratulations.]

He curses, staring at the text as he sighs in exhaustion as he wonders where he is. He has to get to the [Ark] quickly.

Weirdly enough, my, or this body, doesn't have many memories, just a few that stand out like the [Military Academy], a [hospital] and that's about it. A few people come to mind but none really stick aside form a girl, and even then, there is no voice, just vague images.

Now, as we could guess, Bell has been looking down on his phone the entire time, his foot on the gas pedal and slowly speeding in an urban area. Already, if this was in his old world he'd have been arrested but it isn't, it's a world sent to shit by an alien race so the buildings are all empty. No one should have been around.

Well, there was, her form wasn't obvious from under her large hat but Bell noticed.

Bell's hand grasps the wheel as he swerves to the side and the woman's eyes widen in shock at seeing a pristine sports car.

She's also never seen a car crash.

That will be quickly rectified as the wall of a decrepit building comes in his peripheral. A building that seems to be on the verge of toppling. All it needs is one hit from something like, I don't know, a car upgraded enough to tank bullets going at eighty miles an hour for it to all go down onto him.

The woman knew this.

Bell kind of knew this.

[To Pimp a Butterfly] materializes, seated on Bell's lap as it extends a hand, white butterflies moving and going through the glass as they [merge] with the wall via Bell's orders while Bell simply wonders if the airbag is on.

Two firsts are had in the span of one moment.

The woman with the large hat sees her first car crash while Bell is in his first car crash.

Now, one might notice that this is not the first time the woman has seen such a strange [ability].

That is for later.

Regardless, the car crashes against the pristine wall, the airbag puffing up as the front of the car is crumpled and Bell groans.

Meanwhile, the woman outside gasps, both in horror and shock as she sees the car hit the weirdly pristine wall, the front of it crumpling as something seems to peel off of it, the color and beauty of the sports car demolished in less than a second as white [butterflies] seem to fly off the demolished part of the car and dissipate after a bit, the rest of the car still the same. Then, slowly, the color seems to peel off and become white butterflies, revealing a decrepit and broken down car without wheels, the rubber becoming white butterflies and revealing the truth.

Slowly, she extends a finger, her optics a level above the average due to her status as an experimental Nikke meant for close-quarter combat as they file away all the information as they cause her to flash to a different time.

'Huh? Repeat that to my face and I'll rearrange that picture you call a face...It was aimed at-That's the entire idea fuckhead! Fuck it, no one insults my [allies] and gets away with it!'

The memory causes her heart to warm, despite it not being an actual heart, before she shakes it away, her usual smile becoming a frown.

She sees the car, her frown twitching to a fond smile.

Even the [ability] is similar.

Her eyes became focused as she jogs towards the car crash, the wall the car hit becoming decrepit and returning to its original state without the extra damage.

She stops though, her hand resting on her sword, originally her sister's before she lost her, as she goes forward. "Dost thou find themselves alive or would thy assistance be needed?"

A second later, the door becomes a mass of [butterflies] a body hitting the tarmac a second later as the door returned to its previous solid state as the woman blinked. The young man, on the other hand, rested his hand on the floor and groaned. "Fuckshit."

The woman had to stop her mouth from twitching into a smile, the profanity familiar along with the voice as she slowly wanders towards the body. Bending over the body, her hat creating shade, the woman spoke, "Umm, young man, wouldst thou be alright?"

The young man looked up and both sides' eyes widened, Bell saw a woman with a large hat, her light brown hair and brown eyes bright with curiosity and shock with a light skin tone, she wore what seemed to be a large bodysuit that leaves open a breast window, which he stared for a bit, and a few cuts at around her hips with what seems to be white short-shorts covering her along with a sash by her waist with armor on it and a pair of swords. Or is one of them not a sword? Regardless, to Bell she reminded him of a wandering samurai.

Meanwhile, the woman was trying her best to keep tears from pouring as she stares at the splitting image, literally in this case, to the man [Lilith] fell in love with and that led her and her old squad. His short, messy brown hair, his fit and lean figure, sharp green eyes, and brown in this case, alight with hope and almost childish naivete. If she closed an eye she could see him, smiling at her after a job well done with that wide smile and excitement in his steps. In the end, her smile overcame her features as she released an amused breath while the young man grabbed her hands, helping himself up.

"Uh, yeah. I-I'm alive." Bell manages to stutter out, his eyes constantly wandering down to her exposed chest as she chuckles. Her chest shaking with her movements.

"What a wondrous occasion that is, is it not?" She said, her smile teasing and revealing as Bell looks away, blushing. "Now, what ist thou doing away from the [Ark]?"

Bell wish he could answer that. "Ummm...things?" He manages as the woman quirks a brow, clearly not believing him. "What about you?"

"Hmmm? Things." She said, with far more confidence than Bell would ever be able to emulate. Scratching the back of his head as she titters. "Wouldst thou happen to be lost?"

"Possibly." Bell says as he scratches his cheek.

"Then, how dost thou feel about making a deal?" The woman says, resting on the car as she turns to Bell with a smile.

"Depends," he says, his eyes narrowing, "what is it?"

"I point thou to the location of the [Ark] and thou...," she starts, in her old archaic way of speaking as she holds a hand to her chin, "what can thou do?"

Bell has to stop himself from laughing as he thinks the same, what can he do for her?

A white butterfly from the spots car moves, towards the woman as he shrugs.

"Well, how about you give me your BlaBla ID, if you have it, and…" He was about to reveal his [Stand] yet couldn't. It felt...embarrassing, like Norisuke Higashikata said, showing your asshole to someone. In the end, he simply said, "here."

[TPAB] didn't appear but the white butterflies of [Wesley's Theory] did appear and began to gather around her, merging into her as faulty systems and programs were fixed, her mechanical body returning to their prime as her smile widened. Once the crowd of butterflies was done, she felt it, she felt better than she ever had. "Wow~." She muttered as Bell puffed his chest out.

"Impressive, right?" He says as she simply nods.

"Mightily so."

Soon, she shared her BlaBla ID with him and pointed him towards the [Ark] giving her name as [Scarlet].

It was a very pretty name, fitting for a woman like her.

Regardless, he followed the instructions as he came across a large gate, stopping him from going in as he hums. "Now, how do I get in without being noticed?"

While Bell came upon this conundrum, the [Pilgrim] known as [Scarlet] was staring at her phone and one contact. Giggling as she continued to wander. "Hmmm~, how luck smiles upon me today." Yet, such mood quickly stopped as she was forced to come up with an answer as to how Bell can look like the [First Commander] yet he had no children. Not to mention the name.

Last Scarlet remembered, the [First Commander's] last name isn't 'DeVoe'.

Bell pops open a switch and pushes it, a hissing sound pops up beside him as air filters into the elevator, standing up, Bell looks into the interior of the old elevator as he gulps. "It-It can handle me right? This is the right spot?" He mutters, looking down at the phone with the picture of a map and a circled location. He puts it away, entering into the elevator as he bites his lip.

It dipped, it can't hold him, he's going to die!

The doors close before he can leave, as he stays still, his hand reaching to enter the floor number as the lowest as a series of instructions on his 'Notes' app on his phone dictate.

He holds it and lets go as it lights up, the small room moving down slowly.

Bell summons [To Pimp a Butterfly] and summons the white butterflies, merging with the elevator as he notices how [Wesley Theory] has a limit, when it comes to [upgrading] something it takes damage to be removed or his own will while [fixing] is permanent. [Restoration] is also dictated by damage and his own will.

Once the ride felt smoother, [TPAB] returns to its user, Bell releases a sigh of relief and soon he's going down the elevator. Tapping his foot against the floor as he waits.

Soon, the [Ark] is revealed in all its accursed glory, from the main section to the [Outpost]. Within this small area is the known remaining population of the world. All crammed into one two sections, one doesn't even consider the other to be human.

This is the world the original [Commander] wanted to save. All he knew crammed into one small area.

Bell isn't the Commander, he doesn't even know what he's supposed to do with this new life of his. He doesn't even know if the body he's inhabiting is the [Protagonist's] or just some random Commander. All he knows is that before Bell woke up in the new body, he escaped for some fresh air, got lost, and is now back.

But...the body does have something. A promise to keep, so he's going to do what he can to keep it.

And, if he's honest, the [Military Academy] from his memories didn't teach him much. Hell, he as a person with a moderate interest in the military when he was younger knows more than the original user of this body.

Yet, despite all the negative feelings coursing through him, he couldn't help but be a bit excited. He never played through [Nikke's] story so what he knows is next to nothing in comparison to [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] but there's nothing he could do but see how it goes and hope for the best.

The elevator opened and Bell ducked away before anyone could notice where he is. He looks at his phone and makes sure he's got it all correct. Admittedly, the information isn't too different from his old world.

Regardless he has to get to the dorms quickly lest his absence garner interest.

The dorm wasn't the most drab thing but it wasn't some five star hotel either. It was good, really good, but it didn't reach a five-star hotel level.

Regardless, Bell ignores the clamor of people who have family congratulating each other for graduating from the [Military Academy].

He ignores them, heading to the room he will be using until he's stationed somewhere. He's supposed to be getting a [Nikke] after the graduation but those usually take a while.

In the end, he reaches his room, inputting the code as he enters the practically empty room with a desk, a mini fridge, and a bed with a door leading to a bathroom. A small closet rests and Bell opens it, revealing it to be a bunch of clothes, mostly uniforms with a few hats and some more casual clothes.

The whole thing was...bland.

It left a bad feeling in his mouth.

The people, the clothes, the monuments, all of it was bland in a way he couldn't explain. It was wondrous but it didn't sit right with Bell.

He sighs, walking towards the desk and opening a cabinet to reveal a small music player. He grabs it, turning it on as he rests on the bed and huffs. "At least I had good taste."

In the music player are a great number of older artists, like [Queen] or [Wu-Tang Clan], there's even a few that he likes that wouldn't be considered old in his original world but are in this one. There's not a single song he can't recognize. He smiles fondly, placing the earbuds into his ears as he rests on the bed, closing his eyes as he lets the music play.

Tomorrow is his [graduation], he should take the time to get to know the situation beforehand. He looks at his chats on BlaBla, making sure he's read all the things correctly. It's basically just a formality, being given a diploma and all that, there is no difference unlike the military of the [Central Government].

It shouldn't be too long. Just an hour with the preparations, not to mention the fact that original Bell didn't really talk, preferring to study rather than really interact.

In the end, Bell takes off his headphones, takes a shower, and heads to sleep.

The screeching sound of an alarm rings out in the small room. Filled from end-to-end with pictures, pictures of students yelling for mercy as they tried to drag themselves away from the one taking the picture. Some were strung up by their guts, others were crucified, some were even tied from their feet.

From under a blanket, a man stretches, "Finally, [Graduation Day]." He was attractive, with blonde hair and red eyes, his smile a constant regardless of the situation. "Just half a day, then I'll be able to do what I want~. But first, let's have a celebratory body!"

Reaching for his nightstand, the young man throws up a knife, catching it by the metal end, he throws it towards a target. There is a grouping of random pictures of people and it lands on a familiar face.

The young man smiles as he looks at the name.

"[Bell DeVoe]."

From behind, a spectral figure appears, mechanical, it lacks a human body and instead has a sort of metallic face, resembling a cyborg but with different mechanisms with what seem like string on them.

"I wonder what kind of things I can do to you with [Gimme the Loot]." He whispered under his breath, licking his lips as he shakes in anticipation. He opens his phone and begins making calls.

Meanwhile, Bell is off on a run, working out on the treadmill as he takes measured breaths, generally ignored by the scarce number of people at the gym. Which he thinks is a shame because there are a lot of things to do in the gym, not to mention the fact that he has to get used to the new body and its limitations. It's a bit surprising how naturally strong the body is.

Though given the situation, it isn't a wonder why some people would rather not work out.

After finishing his run, taking a sip from his water, he walks towards the barbells, adding a few weights before placing his hand on the bar and then raising it up. Left in his own world, he simply did the reps he planned to do for himself, ignoring the impressed looks from the scarce occupants.

Setting the barbell back, he stands up, taking a sip of his water as he gets up, grabbing his stuff to take a shower in the dorms. Though he does pause in the middle of his walk, looking at what was previously normal alley, he couldn't help but feel off as he looks at it. "What the fuck?!"

He reaches for his towel and swipes the sweat from his face. Looking around as the entire area does a job to ignore this specific alley.

Swallowing, Bell checks his phone and curses as he notices how he needs to get to his dorm quick or he'll miss the check-in for the graduation that is hours in advance for some reason.

Probably for a presentation as to how it should go and the whole process again.

He reaches into his bag, reaching for his water bottle as he opens it and takes a swig, placing it back and missing how its not closed well.

Regardless, showing up sweaty isn't a good look no matter how little he cares.

He begins to tread into the darkness, his bag held close to him as he tensed up. His muscles ready and prepared to fight as he walked through the alley.


Bell blink at the feeling of wetness on his neck, reaching back, he palms at his neck, wondering if someone threw water at him. He pulls it back, not expecting much but still getting the worse of what he expected.

There was blood on his neck. His hand was also bleeding. His eyes widen in realization as he looks around.

That was the wrong move, as more cuts appear on his body as he flinches from the pain. "W-what?!"

Then, he noticed his hand, a drop of sweat slowly running down his hand, leaving a trail of red as he flinches at the cut. "My sweat? What the hell!?"

He can't use [Butterfly Effect] on liquids it seems as his white shirt was painted red by the blood appearing on it as more of his sweat continues leaving deep grooves on his body, increasing the pain he felt as his breath deepens, quickening as he panics. "Damn it, where is the user?"

He looks around, hoping to find the user but no dice, no either the user is well-hidden or the [range] on his [Stand] is unbelievable.

At least he knows he's no longer the only [Stand User].

"A-Ah! Damn it!" He yells as he reaches for his phone, ignoring how the drops of sweat leaves scratches on his arms as he reaches into his pocket.

"Argh!" He screams, stepping back only to feel the sweat on his back dig into it, causing the scratches on it to increase as they dig deeper and he tried to keep his voice as quiet as he could, since he felt something worse would happen if he gave voice to his current pain. But that's unimportant to his phone on the floor, broken in pieces as his right hand continued to bleed, new lines across it as he stares at the phone in suspicion.

Then, it jumped up, the parts of the phone spinning in opposing side, the metal spinning at unnatural speeds while the glass screen spun the other like a buzzsaw as it flew towards him.

"[To Pimp a Butterfly]!" He said out loud, the purple figure appearing behind him as it jabbed at the offending piece of machinery as it scattered into [butterflies], but the force continued, cutting his face as he sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, the user of [Gimme the Loot] looks on in shock at seeing his first [Stand User]. "Hmm, how interesting. So, butterflies?" He scoffs. "Sounds pretty weak."

He looks back into the tablet as he smiles while [Gimme the Loot] tightens itself as the string continues to be tightened.

Back with Bell, he looks around as he tries to escape without aggravating his injuries further. "How does this [Stand] work, damn it!"

He almost missed the way that his bag was raised up and spinning as the straps grab his throat and begin to tighten to his horror. "Wha-ack!"

His [Stand] hits the bag, turning the bag itself into [butterflies] but leaving the partially opened bottle to land on his head, causing it to burst open and for water to fall from it and clean some of his injuries along with his sweat as he blinks.

"Wait, is this [Stand] manipulating what's [mine]?" He notes as he tries to move his hand towards his hip but feels the sweat on his left side still there and worsening his injuries as it seems to dig in this time. [His] sweat. [His] phone. All of the things that have attacked him are [his]

He flinches when he feels one of the drops of sweat dig deep enough that he's sure it's hitting the bone.

"Damn it! Think!" He curses only to realize something. Back with the car, one of the [butterflies] created by [Wesley's Theory] went to the gas, returning it to its original state as gasoline and oil. So- "[To Pimp a Butterfly]!" He says, the white [butterflies] from [Wesley's Theory] appearing as they dive into the bits of sweat as he flinches and inwardly prays.

A second later, he feels his body tense as he can no longer feel the drops of sweat on him keeping him there as he cheers. "Yeah!" He used the white butterflies to turn [his] sweat into [water].

His head was feeling light and he had to take a second to sigh as he laughed. "Take that."

Those were what he said before he felt [his] shirt twist, contorting as it seems to solidify as he comes to a realization. "Shit. [To Pimp a Butterfly]!" He said before he was twisted on both sides, his shirt gathering around his arms as they keep him still and in place as he could feel his body creak and is shorts do the same but the opposite direction, his blood coming out in a new flow as he growls. The pose was held for a moment before his [Stand] moves, turning the bloody shirt into a group of butterflies that left him shirtless.

"Oooh." The man crooned, looking at his fit and bloody body with a sadistic smile. "Maybe I should make a show out of it!" He begins to fiddle around, as he tries to show as many people as he can what's happening.

He's done this before but it usually loses its charm quickly, it feels a lot less personal, kind of like his first time killing his friend. Innocent and naive he came to him and the two played and he asked, "How else can I make friends?"

He answered, "Look at what they have and look into their heart!"

So he did, using [Gimme the Loot] to use what he had on him to reveal them at their truest. Though he did get kinda sad when his father said he could only do it in private without being caught. But that was fine.

As long as he had his [Stand] he was unstoppable along with his father.

He glanced at the screen once more, noticing how the [butterflies] that were originally his phone and bag were still around them but the ones of his shirt were gone. But he ignored it.

Finally, he managed to find the button to record and pressed it as others joined in quickly, he said nothing, he had no mic which he kinds of regrets but his view from the cameras is enough.

Bell growls as he tries to stop his shorts from ripping, and underwear as well. This was going horribly, at least he managed to get some help but first off, a new feeling popped up, stopping him from turning his shorts into [butterflies].

Like he was being watched. He looks around but finds nothing. His shorts continued to try and kill him only for his [shoes] to move as he performed the splits with ease but he yelled when he tried to go further. "Fuck! My shoes!" His shorts then proceeded to try and break his leg as he continues fighting it. "Shorts too? Fuck!"

In between the buildings and as deep as he was, he would most likely be ignored if he called for help and anyone could pop out from either the office or apartments on either side, so he needed to do this quick.

With an attempt, he mentally ordered the butterflies that were his bag to spread out above him and the ones that are his phone to stick close. They did so and he blinked but that quickly became pain as he was forced to do the splits further. Then his towel enveloped his neck as he coughed and [TPAB] turned it into butterflies as they joined the bag [butterflies] to find the camera.

Almost as if waiting for the right moment, his shoes began to move, forcing his feet to rotate in ways it shouldn't as he grit his teeth and his [Stand] turned his shoes and socks into [butterflies]. They joined shirt [butterflies] in gathering attention.

He really didn't want to turn his shorts and underwear into butterflies. He was praying not to do so. It'd be fucking embarrassing.

So he fought as hard as he could from having to do so or having it happen on its own. Frantically he danced around, looking like a loon and cursing anyone who'd manage to see this.

Finally, he noticed as the bag and towel [butterflies] began gathering around an area as [TPAB]'s eyesight latch onto what he's seeing and it was a camera!

He nearly cried as he laid his hand onto the floor, [Butterfly Effect] doing its work as they became butterflies as they flew towards the camera.

Meanwhile, the young man was having the time of his life interacting with his crowd, laughing at Bell as they mock him. "What an idiot!"

Then, a bunch of [butterflies] covered the camera before being followed by more as all of a sudden, the second round of [butterflies] begin to merge with each other, covering the camera entirely. "What!?" He yells.

As soon as the cement of the second round of [butterflies] hit the camera, [TPAB] turns his underwear and shorts into butterflies as they stick close, covering his crotch as he blushes. He really wants to bring his clothes [butterflies] back but he couldn't, he has to wait. Wait for him to fuck up. And he needs an incentive for him to do so, so he orders [TPAB] to recede.

"What the fuck are you doing!?"


"Oh my~."

I'm dead.

There is genuinely nothing else to say as three feminine voices ring out from behind, one far younger than the other two as they focused on the fact that he's naked.

"Wait, why is he bleeding?"


"Are you oka-?" The most feminine sounding one asks as she steps forward, worry clear in her voice.

"Don't take a step closer!" He orders with as much charisma and authority in his voice as he could. "Just, wait."

"What the hell are you-?" One of them asks with the harsher voice as his ears hear the spinning of something.

Shit. He doesn't answer as his credit card spins at him at great speeds, [TPAB] would be too slow to bring back and he can't bring up his own hands to stop it.

So, he lets it. The spinning card cutting into his neck as he turns to the three girls, their eyes wide in horror both at his nakedness, the blood on him, and the fact that he just had his own credit card cut through his windpipe and neck. But only the right side.

His phone goes flying to the side, cut and broken into pieces as he summoned the phone [butterflies] to converge around his neck and materialize, so instead of having his head loped off, he instead now has half of his neck cut off.

He coughs out blood as he stops them from moving, "Wai-kouff!"

"You idiot, what are you-!" Then it happened, the [butterflies] disappeared around him, converging around a window. But the gathering of butterflies didn't stop the black-haired girl from talking, no.

It was the look in his eye, one that spoke of painful and absolute revenge in the form of a literal dark flame in his eyes.

One second he was there with a hand on his throat, the other he was touching one of the girl's guns, a pistol as it became [butterflies] that moved from its holster before materializing in his hand.

He turned, aiming the gun at the area where the [butterflies] are gathered as he disengaged the safety and unloaded the entire magazine into the area, the gunshots loud in the quiet alley.

A second passed in pure silence before being interrupted by an agonizing yell.

"Fuck~!" The young man cried out, holding his side as [Gimme the Loot] used its [ability] to keep his skin together. "That fucker!"

He was supposed to just peek out from the office he was on, make sure that the last attack didn't kill him but he didn't notice the large number of [butterflies] outside the office window. Nor did he think he'd have a gun!

He growled as he moved, the fucker wouldn't be able to catch him, he's heavily injured, naked, and not only that, his [Stand] is unstoppable from close-range.

"Hey." A voice spoke and he froze.

It should be impossible, this is the third floor, even if he ran up the stairs he'd be too slow. So why, why is he naked with not a butterfly in sight and right in front of his exit bleeding a river through the numerous lacerations? How is he talking with the cut on his throat?

"What the hell are you doing naked?"

"What are you doing watching a naked man? Jealous?" He growls out as he steps forward.

He tries to ignore the weapon in between Bell's legs and he instead points at him. "[Gimme the Loot]!"

With a heavy punch, the mechanical [Stand] lands a punch right on his heart. The blonde smiles. "I won."

A second later, Bell opens his mouth, and out come a veritable flood of [butterflies], solidifying into their actual form of clothes and such. "Your [Stand] it allows you to manipulate things that the target [owns], making them spin or keeping it in place. You can also do things like mess with people's internal organs if you touch them, but I hid my [butterflies] inside myself, right where my [heart] is located. And instead of pulling out my heart, you pulled out my [butterflies]."

"H-How? I-." He began, panicking as he began to hear the yelling of the trio consisting of the famous squad [Absolute].

"Also." He started, stopping right in front of him as he smiled, his eyes alit with a desire for revenge. "You're in my [range]."

This confused the blonde for a second as he noticed the space between them. "Shit, [Gimme the Loot]!" he said, summoning the [Stand] as it sent a strike towards Bell, this time aiming to pull his dick from the tip inside himself then off and out of his mouth.

"[To Pimp a Butterfly]!" He yelled, the purple figure of [TPAB] appearing in all its purple glory, its arms lined with images of butterflies along with his legs as it glares at the [Stand] before lashing out with a punch of its own, faster as [TPAB] smacks it away and stronger as he sends a straight right into the opposing [Stand's] face as blood spurted from the blonde's forehead as he crumbled back in pain.

"O-Okay, I-I give up!" He tried to plead. "I-I swear I won't do this anymore, I-I'll even tell you where to find the valuables of my previous victims, eh?"

"I suggest you start praying." Bell warns, right in front of the blonde as he growls out, "'Cause no matter what you offer, what you say, or what you think," he steps forward, hand on his hip as an absolute cloud of [butterflies] behind him as he points his finger down to the ground, "I'm turning you to a broken mess!"

His eyes widen in horror.

"[To Pimp a Butterfly]!"

With a deep breath, the spectral figure of [TPAB] appeared, as it reared its arm back and sent it right into the blonde's arm, slowly breaking it as the blonde could only try and rationalize it. "[Fusha~!]" It cried as it landed its first hit before continuing on with an absolute rush of punches. "[Fushaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!]"

By the end of the [Stand's] rush, the other guy was a broken mess, the last punch sending him through the cubicles as it broke under the force of [TPAB]'s punches and the weight of the blonde.

Slowly, the heat dissipated, leaving him exhausted but fulfilled. "Finally." He mutters, his [butterflies] converging around him as he touched them, the [butterflies] merging together as they became his stuff and he sighed in relief as he was back in his clothes, even if his shirt was still bloodstained.

He turned when he saw the girls that tried to help him walk in to see bell leaning on a cubicle and the blonde looked like he just went through an assault. "God, took ya girls long enough." He said, his mouth in a smile despite his rough words. "Jesus, I thought I was going to die-ah." He said while stretching, but at that point, he was exhausted, lacking in blood, and generally lacking in much else to give now that the enemy is down. So he fell on his back, eyes murky as he fell unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Nikkes, who originally returned to the [Ark] after completing another mission, came upon a cloud of [butterflies], that clearly aren't normal, before following them onto an alley where they saw a man nearly naked, the only thing keeping his dignity in tact is a cluster of [butterflies] around his waist, before having a credit card fly at him, cutting his throat, having a gun taken from their leader who was sure it was strapped securely to its holster, following after him as he ran in and coming tot he current scene. The leader could only say, "What the fuck?"

Truly, what a beautiful statement.

A woman huffs, watching a video through the eyes of her Nikkes of the event as she shook her head. "Tell me, why haven't we run most of the [Stand] users out of the Ark? Most of the time all they do is cause problems."

"Because they're citizens and most of the time they're simply a nuisance. Not serial killing psychopaths with a father with enough pull to hide his crimes." A man responded on a tablet, tapping away within a hospital room, Bell sleeping on the bed.

"I know, it was a rhetorical question. We can't place them with the anti-terrorist unit either, or they'll cause more problems." She groans as she runs her hand through her brunette hair. "At least this one is more calm. And his ability isn't the most destructive."

"Truly, the ability to turn any solid inorganic material into [butterflies] and manipulate it as well as [upgrade] and [repair] anything that is also isn't completely organic is very weak." The man mutters under his breath as the woman turns to glare at him.

"Compared to the fuck that went on a killing spree, yes, that's not very destructive." She growls as the man simply hums.

"I'll let [Mighty Tools] know you said that if it turns out he can turn one of their walls into a bunch of butterflies." He says as the woman simply huffs.

The two turn to Bell on the bed, watching him sleep calmly as she huffs. "Still, butterflies? He never struck me as the type, I thought if he did get one it'd be a lot simpler."

"Shows us what we know." The man mutters as he pushes off the wall. "I have a meeting in a few minutes, tell me when he's awake."

He walks out of the room as she sighs, "You're talking like I don't have anything to do."

For one, she has her best squads asking questions she'd rather not answer and the people asking why they let such a psychopath into the [Military Academy], though thankfully its the [Central Government] taking flak for that one.

She looks through Bell's profile. "Average all across the board." She taps her fingers on her tablet, "Could someone who was able to not only get [Absolute] to stop in their tracks, but to outsmart an experienced [Stand] user really be considered [average]?"

There's also another thing.

She glanced up, watching as a singular white [butterfly] rests on the top of her tablet. A small smile on her face, "It's been a while since I saw a butterfly."

It fluttered away, she watched as it returned to the user and merged back into him. Glancing back at the tablet as it showed two separate files. Nothing was too off except for one simple thing. She sighs as she scratches her head. "How did he not notice losing nearly twenty pounds in a day?"

Seems like the white [butterflies] come from him, using his own muscle mass and skin to create them. How this correlates to being able to [upgrade] and [repair] things is something that has no explanation.

"Fucking [Stands]."

She compiled the information from what she saw from the cameras into files and left.

Stand Name: Gimme the Loot

Musical Reference: Gimme the Loot by Notorious B.I.G

User: Stephen Rune

Power: C

Speed: D

Range: B

Staying: A

Precision: B

Potential: C


Gimme! - Gimme the Loot is a Stand that can set a target and manipulate anything the target has that is [theirs], things like their phone, sweat, clothes, cards, etc. If the target is touched by Gimme the Loot, the Stand can manipulate things like internal organs but not skin directly.

Stand Name: To Pimp a Butterfly

Musical Reference: To Pimp a Butterfly album by Kendrick Lamar

User: Bell DeVoe

Power: B

Speed: B

Range: E

Staying: A

Precision: B

Potential: B


Butterfly Effect- Anything that Bell or his Stand touches can be turned into [butterflies] made out of the same material they touched. It doesn't work on organic things. He can manipulate the [butterflies] to return to their previous form or to become the original material anywhere and on anyone/anything.

Wesley's Theory- Bell materializes white butterflies from his own body mass to [upgrade] anything, whether that be upgrading a broken down car to its original form and then some or upgrading his sweat to become water.

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