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The whine of sirens cuts through the city, a pair of police cruisers parked in front of a broken down house, an old couple covered in blankets, their eyes looking as if they just saw some of the worst things humanity had to offer while being led towards an ambulance.

Sitting on a bench, Bell kicks his legs out, resting the heel of his sneaker on the floor as he sips a soda, watching the news from his phone as he frowns, slipping a hand into his white jacket and wearing a black shirt with baggy gray pants. His eyes slid through

[Old couple harboring terrorists from the Outer Rim.]

As he read the bulk of the article, he couldn't help but frown, anyone with half a brain could tell that the article is horribly bigoted against the people of the Outer Rim, connecting them to the terrorist group [Heavenly Ascension].

It reminds him of a historical documentary he saw once, [The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez], where a Mexican-American was accused of killing a lawman in 1901 and he was forced to run for two weeks. During that time, he got help from fellow Mexican-Americans because he was 'one of them'.

Hell, the writer of the article uses 'them' a lot, rarely referring to the people of the Outer Rim as [people].

Regardless, Bell releases a sigh, frowning as he looks through the past two days after the whole [Coin Rush] debacle.

Marian found it in her to forgive him after hanging out a few times and buying her a few gifts. They've also been going to the Simulation Room to brush up on their skills. While that seems simple enough, both things usually take a while and leave him with little time for himself.

Marie and Isaac have also been a common couple to their outings in the past two days, with neither of them having anything against Nikkes and knowing some good spots where Isaac can exert his status as the Head of Security of [Coin Rush], to get some pretty nifty discounts.

Marie even informed them, via liberal use of hand-signs and pointing, that if he's pissed enough he'll even name drop the [Tetra CEO] and even call him if he's pissed enough as the two are good friends with one another.

Regardless, the past two days have been calm for Bell, and he doesn't really mind it, if there's anything that has him excited for today is the opportunity to get a gun from the armory, which is what he's doing on his own while Marian is getting a check-up, more out of habit than any actual need. Currently he's thinking of what kind of gun to pick.

He was stuck on either a revolver or a pistol. While one has more stopping power, the other is easier to reload and has more ammunition, not to mention revolver rounds usually come in single rounds instead of a magazine like a pistol. But…

He closes his eyes, a pitiful whine nearly coming out, so many choices and only one weapon is allowed to him. It's hard to choose.

In the end, he turns off his phone and begins to wander around the area, wondering what he could do to pass the time.

When the world didn't answer, he huffed, leaving him bored as he leaned back and glanced at the [Dome of Eternity], revealing a blue sky with sparse clouds.

Maybe he can contact Isaac and stop by for some lunch or something, he does say Marie is a great cook, it makes him curious.

As he wanders around, he misses the glance of teary eyes on a young girl, looking around and looking especially disheveled with messy brown hair and gray eyes, her clothes crumbled and dirty from mud and dirt. Finally, her eyes land on Bell's form, walking away as the phone in her hand vibrates, blinking, she opens it, her eyes widening and her adam's apple moving as she gulps heavily in trepidation. "Are you sure [Country Road]? That's a [Commander]!?"

The phone with the map open just follows the adult as it offers no explanation. It never did, but it also never led her astray, ever since her new home was raided by people calling her names.

She just wanted to be with her brother, but her brother wanted better for her, and now, he was in danger because of her.

If [Country Road] said she could trust the Commander, she can only try.

So, following the instructions of her phone, she trailed after the young man, listening to her phone as she evaded the people trying to capture her and the Commander's occasional glances back.

Meanwhile, Bell glanced back at the street he's going down, frowning as his instincts are going haywire, "What the hell?" He mutters under his breath, ever since he stood up from the bench he was on, he's felt like something's been following him and it's really messing with his sense of distance with people.

Frowning, he continues on as he tries to ignore it, maybe he should go to the armory now? No, Bell chose the last appointment to get as much time he needs to choose a weapon. The appointment is at seven and it's currently eleven in the morning. So it'd be rude to just pop in and ask for one now.

So, he should probably see what she wants.

Staring at an alley, he narrows his eyes at it, ever since his little scuffle, alleys are a lot more menacing than they are. But he has to do it if he wants to find who's [tailing] him.

So, quickly moving, he wills [To Pimp a Butterfly] into existence, as he enters the shadows of the buildings as the [Stand] places a spectral purple hand with a light blue butterfly on the back of the hand before forcing his fingers through. A second later, [butterflies] fluttered into life as they moved away and perched themselves in the surroundings. [TPAB] did it again, placing another handhold on the wall as Bell grabbed the groove and pushed himself forward, climbing up the wall until he got high enough and waited, a group of butterflies flying in a group in preparation of manifesting a chunk of stone used to make the buildings to drop onto his tail's head.

A second later, a disheveled girl ran in, breathing heavily as she looked around in panic, her long brown hair swerving from side to side as she brought out a flip phone, "He isn't here!" She frantically yelled into the phone as Bell's face scrunched up. He really hopes this girl isn't the one following him.

Then, the flip phone spoke, because the voice that came from it wasn't human. "[Look up.]"

Freezing, the girl gulps, as Bell does the same, preparing for the worst as she slowly looks up.

There, heterochromatic eyes meet with gray as hers widen in shock at what she was seeing. A man holding himself up on a wall, a spectral figure behind him with a purple body, lined with light blue butterflies and kaleidoscopic glasses. On the sides of its leg, cloth was bunched up and tied to resemble butterfly wings as she gaped while Bell was still reeling.

As Bell moved to speak, the girl muttered first, "A [Stand User]…"

Bell moved, hopping off the grooves, landing as he stumbled forward, his eyes wide, "Ho-How do you know that?"

As he was about to grab her his world twisted as his foot swerved, arms tilted and fingers bent back as he stumbled to the side, "What the-?"

"Ah, I-I'm sorry!" She apologized, the feeling disappearing a second later as she came up beside him, "I-um, my-my name is [Jocelyn Torres], I-," she gulped, reeling into herself as she continued, her eyes tearing up and her face scrunched in fear, "I was born in the [Outer Rim], and I need your help!"

Bell could only blink as the girl's breathing intensified and her fear became more apparent. She was gritting her teeth and her eyes were narrowed as snot escaped her nose.

Reaching into a pocket, she flinches as she waits for what is to come, hoping that [Country Roads] can protect her.

As Bell steps forward, he feels the feeling return, his body losing its balance as he realizes something.

When he first tried to [grab] her, nothing happened. Sure, his fingers bent back to their absolute limit but it didn't hurt, even the fall was done in a way so he wouldn't be too hurt. Obviously, she was afraid and if she can see [TPAB] she probably has the potential for a [Stand] or already has one. With the phone in hand, it's probably not one meant for attack so is it messing with his sense of [direction]?

The closer he gets, the stronger the feeling is, but the way she's scrunched up, she's probably expecting to hit her.

Slowly, he presses a handkerchief to her face, wiping away some of the dirt on it as she blinks her eyes open, the feeling dispelling as the events the girl went through hit her like a truck. From living with the kind couple, occasionally meeting her brother, and then being pelted with insults and having their house invaded before having to run with help from [Country Road].

So while Bell gently cleans up her face, she cries, sniffling as her shoulders shake and hold onto the warm form of Bell, as he speaks. "What do you need help with?"

Sniffling, she explained, "M-My brother, he-he brought me here and was able to get me placed as a citizen of the [Ark]," she says, moving her hair to reveal the chip on her neck as Bell nods in understanding since he has one himself, "b-but he didn't do it alone, he used a way used in by a gang from the [Outer Rim], they said they could use it as long as he wasn't caught, but I was caught and-and-," she sniffled, as Bell placed the handkerchief around her nose as she blew into it.

"They said they were going to kill him." She finishes with teary eyes, "And-And I don't want that to happen! I love my brother even if he's annoying! But-But the aut-auf-police are looking for me to sell me!"

"Wait, hold up." Bell interrupts as he leans forward, "Sell-where did you hear that?"

"O-One of the c-cops said that I-I was going to go somewhere that isn't jail while I was hiding. That I would be used for something else." She says in between cries as Bell's expression hardens. "Br-Brother said they would turn me into a [Nikke]."

Bell's blood cools at that, cools enough for his blood to become ice at the news. Turning people into Nikkes against their will? That...is that worse than human trafficking?

Nikkes have to listen to their Commanders or they'll be scrapped, not to mention how Commanders aren't the best people, mostly hiding their true nature under the flimsy veneer of kindness. Then they have to fight against the [Raptures]…

Good lord…

But what can he do? Just some Commander who hasn't even gone out into the field. What can he do to help this girl?

As he stares into her eyes, he tries to go through his options. He could leave her in his dorms but then that'd bring up too many questions. Just leaving her somewhere will probably be worse and if he paid for her stay he'd get strange looks.

Then, he remembered someone, [Isaac].

Quickly reaching for his phone, he calls the [Head of Security] and waits. After the third ring, the call connects, "Bell? What's up?"

He glances down at the girl and sighs, "I...got into a bit of a situation...look, have you seen the news?"

"Hn? Give me a second, Marie!" He yelled, muting the call as he must be talking with Marie. Which is a bit strange to bell since he is the [Head of Security] for the largest casino in the [Ark], one would think he pays attention to the news so he could be better at it and look for any problems.

After a minute or two, he unmutes the call, huffing in frustration, "You mean the one about the old couple harboring terrorists? Yeah, it's a shame."

"Well," Bell starts, unsure as to how to word his new finding or if Isaac would even agree, "what if I told you I found the [terrorist] hiding in the house. Two guesses as to how old she is and nothing above fifteen counts."

Isaac seems to fall into silence, as if thinking about something before audibly cursing, "These fucks…"

"What's up?" Bell asks worriedly.

"…." He sighs before answering, "Bring them here, please."

With that said, Bell nods, grabbing the girl by her hand and smiling, "That was a friend, he'll take care of you while I go look for your brother.

The girl flips open her phone and looks at it before looking back up, anxious, "O-okay."

Bell was curious but he pushed it down, "Right, why don't you tell me your name?"

"[Jocelyn Torres]." She responds quietly as I begin to lead her out of the alley.

"I'm [Bell DeVoe], it's good to meet you, Jocelyn." Bell says with a smile as she looks at her phone. Before they could step out, she tugs his arm.

"Wait." She says, looking at her phone then outside, finally, she pulls him back in, "A patrol's coming through, can we go to the roof?"

Bell sighs, slightly regretting his actions.

Under the darkness and the smell of trash, a group of adults stalk forward, looking around at the decrepit and flimsy houses the residents of the [Outer Rim] call home. While ignoring the neon lighting up the street In the less than reputable storefronts.

Finally, one of them grunts, "Where is he?"

Another, skinnier, man answers, "No clue, the bastard messed up and now [Zack] wants him to answer for it."

At the mention of the name, the group shivers in fear, "Did you see what happened to the last guy?"

"Yeah, beaten into a wall before becoming a stain on it." One of them remembers as the rest fall into silence.

"You guys know where his sister is?" At the mention of the young girl, the man's face scrunched up. Most of them knew Jocelyn Torres, a girl who knows the [Outer Rim] better than some of the older people and even the [Underworld Queen].

"I don't know." Another answers, the answer resounding among the group, "Last I heard, the place she was staying in got fucked up by the usual."

"Damn." One of them sighs, looking at the others' masked faces, "You think she's fine?"

No one answers, all of them aware of what happens to people from the [Outer Rim] found in the [Ark].

But they had to know, so while they were here, they were on the lookout for…

They found her a second later, a well-dressed woman holding a hand to her ear with her maroon hair in a ponytail and gray eyes. She was beautiful, far more than any normal [Outer Rim] woman, but she also had access to news none of them had.

Slowly, they got closer as the woman turned to them with a quirk of her brow. "You the client?"

The others looked away as the tallest stalked forward, nodding confidently, "Yeah. Do you have what we're looking for?"

The woman looks them up and down as it lands on the case they were hiding. "Yes. One, [Jocelyn Torres], correct?"

They nod, anxious as she continues, "Can I confirm the merchandise?"

The man passes the case over to the woman as she opens it and hums. After a few tense seconds, she nods, "Goods confirmed. [Jocelyn Torres] is on the run from the A.C.P.U. but none of them have found her, neither have the more...aggressive citizens either." She adds as the men relax, "At the moment, her location is unknown."

While the news was good, it wasn't bad, one of them was about to talk but the leader stopped him. "Enough, we already know what we came here to ask." He turns back to the woman before continuing, "Has [Osborne Torres] left the [Outer Rim]?"

"No." She answers succinctly as she places the case to her side. "Pleasure doing business with you boys."

With that, the woman left, her rear swinging naturally in a way that attracted the men's eyes but quickly looked away. "There goes that."

"Yeah." Another grumbles, crossing his arms. "[Zack] isn't going to be happy."

"I sure am."

"Really?" One of the men says as they turn but stops when they see a man leaning on the wall, the neon light above it strangely bright as gray eyes bore into them with a smile. His white shirt dirty with oil and a strap of his overalls snapped and hanging from his shoulder.

"Thanks for that, now I don't have to worry about Lynn as much." The man says as he steps forward, "So Zack's looking for me, right?" He asks, with a dangerous smile, "I knew he'd do this. Paranoid fucker is worse than the assholes up top."

As the men pointed their guns at him, [Osborne Torres] simply shook his head, "You already know that won't work."

They hesitated but ignored the fear coursing through them and fired.

A second later they were unconscious, the bullets on the floor as Osborne sighed, "Damn it, I forgot to ask where Zack is?"

Looking around, he begins to run away from the location, unwilling to deal with any more of Zack's flunkies. Well, considering this is the [Outer Rim] this is probably the only thing they have an abundance of.

Zack is the complete opposite, with no aspirations aside from being the strongest without joining [Heavenly Ascension]. He just wants to rule the [Outer Rim] like some king and attack the [Ark] before taking it over.

Huffing, Osborne continued to hide away as he worried about his sister. "Don't worry Lynn, big bro's going to fix this entire thing."

In an apartment after leaping from building to building as per Jocelyn's instructions, Isaac and Bell watch Marie bond with Jocelyn despite only using hand signs, the young girl being led to take a shower with Marie as the two men turn to each other. "Sorry about this." Bell started, scratching the back of his head, "I-I didn't know what to do."

"It's fine." Isaac said, turning to the direction where Marie led Jocelyn, "So, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know." Bell admits, leaning back and looking at the ceiling. "But I can't let the kid just go through life without a brother while she's living the high-life. I'm not sure if you guys would even take her in."

"We'd be willing but I'd have to make a few calls first." Isaac said, narrowing his eyes, "Those vultures cause more problems, much less reveal the truth."

"Y-You sure?" Bell asks, blinking as Isaac nods, "I mean, like I'd be-."

"Bell." Isaac interrupts, "Marie has always wanted a child. While the situation is different to what she probably imagined, she would love to, and I don't think I'd be able to burden you."

"It's fi-." Bell starts, only to be interrupted by Isaac sternly.

"Bell. In the time I have known you, I believe I understand who you are, and [humanity] can not have you be burdened." Isaac reminded him as Bell blinked, "You are not the kindest commander I've met, nor the strongest, the smartest, not even the best tactician, if anything you're above average in all of these in comparison to some of the Commanders I've seen. But you have something they lack," he taps his head, idly looking back towards the young man, "[awareness], you are aware of the situation around you, aware of the capabilities around you and have the ability to step back and look at your surroundings and take it all in."

"...What about my [Stand]?" Bell asks with a bit of curiosity. Isaac just shrugs.

"It'll be useful." He just says before continuing, "Bell, [Commanders] usually just care about being [Heroes], about getting paid, or looking good. You don't."

"No, I'm very much looking to get paid, who told you I wasn't?" He quickly answers as Isaac gives him a tired look.

"We all have our places, it changes as we go through life, but you?" Gently, he slapped his shoulder with the back of his hand, "I have a feeling you will be someone far more than we ever will be."

"Are you done?" Bell asks shyly as Isaac gives him a pointed look, "What? You were taking too long."

Rolling his eyes, Isaac summarizes his words, "Let Marie take care of Jocelyn, let me take care of Marie, and go do what you want to do."

Bell hesitates, nodding as he leaves, "Tell Jocelyne I'm sorry for not staying."

"Okay, now go, you made me talk for too long." Isaac grumbles as he holds a hand to his chin while Bell leaves.

With that done, Bell steps out, sighing, "Now, where do I even start?"

As willing as he is to save her brother, it's better to go in with a disguise.

His phone vibrates as he frowns, looking down at the phone as he sees a call incoming from an [Anonymous] source.

Accepting the call, Bell speaks out to his communicator in his ear, "Hello?"

A robotic and almost fake voice speaks, "[Head towards the ground floor.]"

Blinking, Bell looks at his phone to see the screen replaced with a map with the location set to a random place, but another near the street. The voice repeats its order and I ask, "What's your name?"

"[Country Roads]." The [Stand] responds before repeating its directions.

Shrugging, Bell follows the directions of the phone speaking into his ear as he turns the final place and spots a box. "[Open the box]."

Bell does as it says with a bit of reluctance, opening it to reveal a set of old and ripped clothes. "[Put it on]."


"[Put it on]." The [Stand] repeats with finality.

"No!" Bell quickly says before pointing at the clothes in the box, "Has it even been washed or anything? I'm not putting it on."

"[Put it on]." [Country Roads] insists as I cross my arms.


"[This is the only way to save Osborne Torres. Put on the disguise]." [Country Roads] elaborated as I scrunch my face. Sighing in resignation, I grab the clothes.

"Where do I change?"

"[Here]." The [Stand] declared as I sighed.

"This is to save someone else Bell," I tell myself, "just bear with it."

After changing, Bell leaves his clothes in the box, hiding it so no one would find it, according to [Country Roads], and finding himself with a set of fake glasses and a dirty green shirt with worn jeans and decrepit shoes.

Bell looked poor as he sighs. Internally apologizing to Marian.

Following [Country Road's] instructions, Bell manages to evade surveillance until he reaches the entrance he'd take to the [Outer Rim].

It was a gap that he'd have to crawl through, tight enough to give him [claustrophobia]. Gulping, Bell asks out loud, "You sure?"


Slumping forward, Bell gets on his stomach and grimaces as he begins making his way through the gap. "I hope Marian never finds out about this."

Sitting on a cot, Marian hums a happy tune, swinging her legs like a child as one of the [Elysion] engineers notice her mood. "You're in a good mood."

Nodding, Marian continues, "I'm just wondering what my [Commander] is up to."

"Bell DeVoe right? The one everyone has their eyes on?" The engineer asked and Marian nodded. "I've heard good things, has he been treating you right?"

"Yup." Marian confirmed with an upbeat attitude, "He's very polite and smart."

"Is he as handsome as I've heard people talk about?" The engineer asks and Marian's face bursts into a sea of red. "Really? From what I've heard he almost seems perfect."

Marian shakes her head, both ridding her face from the warmth and disagreeing with the engineer, "No, Bell is...prone to strange situations." She answers with a twitching mouth. "Very strange. Downright bizarre." She begins to pout as she continues, "And he always insists on doing it alone. It's very troublesome. Not to mention his lack of motivation to actually get out and his habit of-."

"I think that's enough." The engineer stops her as she shakes her head ruefully, "It almost seems like you're a newlywed housewife complaining about her husband."

"Hus-!" Marian starts with a flushed face as the engineer just laughs at the flustered Nikke. "We're not like that!"

"Whatever you say." The engineer relents, shaking her head as she continues, "Now, any problems you wanna talk about? Lag in between movements, glitches, anything?"

"No." Marian responds as the engineer just grins.

"Not even the abnormal beating of your heart when you see your Commander?"

"Stop teasing me!" Marian retorts as the engineer just shakes her head.

"Okay, now all you need is to go through a few tests and you should be fine." The engineer says as Marian sighs.

"Okay." She watches as the engineer leaves the room and she glances at the ceiling, wondering where and what Bell is doing at the moment.

On second thought, she'd rather remain ignorant, he's probably out there getting into trouble and that only increases the anxiety in her.

"Eugh!" Bell grimaces, looking down at his dirty shirt. "Disgusting." He grumbles under his breath, trying to pat himself off as he grimaces. He's fairly sure something with more than two legs fell into his shirt at some point and he's praying that it found itself outside his shirt.

At least he fits into the place better than before. He looks around, watching as the old and flimsy house shows no sign of life as he continues on, muttering under his breath, "Now what?"

"[Go straight]."

Grumbling, Bell listens to the voice, following its instructions within the nonsensical streets and passageways of the [Outer Rim]. He ignores the looks he gets from the residents while trying to keep his movements slow but natural.

Finally, after a bunch of moving and a lot of close calls, I reach the area that is pointed out. "You sure he's here?" I whisper under my breath to my communication device.

"[Open the door]."

Sighing, I push the door open, expecting to see someone surprised and a bit afraid at seeing some stranger invading his home.

Instead, a gunshot rings out as Bell falls back.

Lowering the gun, Osborne scoffs while stalking forward to try and get a good look at the man's face who invaded his privacy, "Who the hell-?"

He was too slow to react as Bell jumped up, his fist connecting with Osborne's face and sending him stumbling back onto his ass, "What the fuck?!"

"Argh!" The man groans as he looks into the heterochromatic eyes of Bell as he tries to aim the gun at him only to note how most of the barrel is missing. He's too slow to move as Bell releases a devastating kick towards the man as his head jerks back.

"Don't just shoot people, who the hell are you?" Bell asks as he gets closer. The last thing he sees is gray eyes glinting maliciously before an armored hand hits him back.

"None of your business you fucking rat! Zack probably sent you!" He yelled, a spectral figure with a neon color behind him resembling a knight. "I'll cut you to pieces with [Neon Knight]!"

"Stop, stop! Jocelyn!" Bell quickly says, recognizing the eyes, "Jocelyn sent me here, she was worried about the deal you cut with a gang to bring her there."

"How do I know you're not lying?" He asks, preparing to move only to be unable to as he looks down. Covering his feet, a mass of [metal] was keeping him pinned there as he tried to move. "Huh?"

Standing up, Bell wipes off a trail of blood dribbling down his chin, "Because you have no other choice."

As the two were about to fight, Bell's phone rang, surprising the two as Bell answered without looking at the name. "Hello?"

"Bell, point me to my brother!" Jocelyn says desperately, as Bell looks at the phone and sees Jocelyn's face, desperate as Bell does as he's told. "[Ozzy]!"

"Lynn!" Osborne says back, glaring at Bell, "What did yo-!"

"I asked him for help, Ozzy." Jocelyn quickly interrupts Osborne's heated ranting. "[Country Road] said so."

"Wait," he interrupts, recognizing the words as the name of a [Stand], "how did you get one?"

"That doesn't matter! Go with him and we can hide or something!" Jocelyn tries but Osborne just shakes his head.

"I can't, they'll just keep coming if I don't do something. I know Zack." Osborne says, looking aside while huffing in frustration. "He's not the type to miss making an example of someone."

"Ozzy!" She yelled, glaring at him before sighing. "Um, Bell…" She trails off to the curiosity of Osborne as Bell sighs.

"You want me to help him?" I turn the phone towards me as I sigh. "Fine. I'm already here, might as well go the entire nine miles."

"Huh? I don't need your help!" Osborne tries but Bell turns to him.

"You're hiding in a place like this dude. Just take the help you can get." Bell points out as Osborne sucks his lips in and pointedly looks away.

"I'll help too, even if it's just [Country Road], that should make it easier to find Zack." Jocelyn says as Osborne turns, eyes wide as he tries to stop her.

"No Lynn, I'll be fi-." She hangs up before he can finish, leaving the two of them standing there awkwardly.

Finally, Bell pipes up, "Need help with that?"

Sighing, Osborne shakes his head, "Don't worry, [Neon Knight]."

Quickly and leaving a trail of neon light, the [Stand's] sword cuts through the metal and disappears before Bell can get a good look at it as he stumbles out. "Guess we're stuck together?"

"You're not going to complain?" Bell asks as Osborne shakes his head.

"You don't seem like the type who takes 'no' easily. Osborne Torres. Only people I like can call me [Ozzy]." Osborne says, extending a hand as Bell nods, grasping it firmly while shaking it.

"Bell DeVoe. So," Bell says, looking at his phone, "we should probably ask this thing where Zack is, right." Osborne looks at the phone and shrugs, a bit reluctant to do so.

"I wouldn't know, I don't think his real name is Zack. Think it's more of a title than anything else." Osborne says, holding a hand to his chin in thought.

"Kinda dumbass title is [Zack]?" Bell asks, turning to Osborne with a quirked brow while Osborne shrugs.

"How am I supposed to know what the psycho thinks? I know him but I don't know him that well." Osborne points out as Bell nods.

"Right, then… uh [Country Roads], where is [Zack]?" Bell asks as Osborne raises a brow.

"It's supposed to know who that is?" Osborne asks as he peeks at Bell's phone, watching as a circle appears and then, to their surprise, options begin to appear.

"I guess it doesn't?" Bell asks as he narrows in on the most likely option, in the [Outer Rim]. "Think it's because Jocelyn knows who he is?"

"She shouldn't. I swear if she spied on my meeting with him." Osborne trails off before returning to the phone. "Still, Zack isn't a rare name, it's common in the [Outer Rim], so maybe it's not?"

"You recognize any of these buildings?" Bell asks and Osborne reads their names before shaking his head.

"Why didn't I think to check there?" He mutters under his breath. "Actually, I know why, that's [Underworld Queen] territory."

"[Underworld Queen]?" Bell asks as Osborne gives him a raised brow.

"You don't know who they are?" He asks incredulously, "They're the most feared and respected crime syndicates in the [Outer Rim] while also working within the [Ark]." Bell couldn't help but nod. That's a lot. "There's not much we can do to get in."

The gears in Bell's mind turn as he thinks of a way to enter a highly-guarded area like what Osborne is describing. "Where is he located specifically?"

"Underground in a gambling ring run by the [Seimeikai]. Why?" Osborne asks as Bell nods.

"Simple enough. What's our goal?" Bell asks as Osborne looks at him incredulously. When he didn't answer, Bell elaborated, "Want him dead, beaten within an inch of his life, what is it?"

"I'd like nothing more than to have my [Stand] run him through." Osborne said darkly as Bell nodded, ignoring the dark flame in his eyes as Bell elaborated.

"Are you sure?" Bell asks and Osborne nods darkly.

"Wouldn't be the first time."

Looking back at the phone, Bell nods, "Okay, now here's the plan. We can't kill him."

"Huh?" Osborne looks back outraged as Bell explained.

"We do that and you'll have more trouble than before. The overall goal is to keep you safe and away from trouble. Having some guy beat him up in whatever private room he is is probably a lot more damaging than straight-up killing the guy."

"But-." Osborne starts to argue but Bell cuts him off.

"He fucked you over, yes, did he or someone else call the cops on Jocelyn? Maybe. All that matters is getting revenge in a way that won't get you in trouble." Bell cuts him off, using as much charisma as he could to keep him from doing something stupid. "Look, according to the map we have five options, the cardinal directions or up top. Not to mention that there is a door that leads to a hotel in one of them. What we have to do is get into the hotel and funnel them in."

"How do we do that, not like we have pounds of metal in quick order." Osborne says, only to blink in shock when a spectral arm touches a chair, turning it into butterflies before it rebuilt itself as a chair. "Oh…"

"Yeah. That's [To Pimp a Butterfly]. We get enough metal, hide it somewhere, and we can cover all the exits except the hotel where we'll wait to ambush him." Bell explains as Osborne nods along.

"Hmmm, alright, alright. What about escaping?" Osborne asks, almost as if he seems to agree.

"We go through the way I came in and you can hide out in the Ark with your sister," Bell turns to him, adding, "your sister misses you."

Osborne just sucks his lips in, "I'll think about it. So, choke him out? The air conditioning down there is non-existent. Think we should smoke 'em out?"

"I don't have any smoke bombs with me." Bell admits with a regretful sigh.

"I can make some. Just give me half an hour. I'll show you where to get the metal. Just help me with it." He says as Osborne moves, "I'd like to finish this before the sun goes down."

"That makes two of us." Bell answers, remembering the appointment he has for a weapon. "Let's do this. First, smoke bombs, then metal."

"Right, here, put this on." He says, passing over a bandanna as I glanced at his face, barely hiding the excitement. "I've always wanted to do this."

"You seem prepared." Bell notes, placing the blue bandanna around his mouth and letting it rest around his neck while Osborne put on the red one.

"Then let's do this."

With that, the mismatched pair got to work.

Within a gambling parlor a blonde man cursed, running his hands through his hair as his red eyes narrowed at the game in front of him. He wore a hat over his hair as he placed it on roughly, watching the cards go against him as he clicked his tongue.

No news has gotten on Osborne since he told his men to go after him, which isn't strange, Osborne is good at hiding and even better at keeping himself and others he cares for safe. Like his act of leaving his sister in the [Ark] an act Osborne can respect. But having their entrance found out is troublesome for them and everyone.

Zack sighs, drunk out of his mind as he folds his current game and leaves, the alcohol getting to his head.

He stumbles towards the hotel, excited to get back with the girls he paid for, some [Nikke] and some human. While currently, his wish to rule is nothing but a delusion, something he'd openly admit, it won't be for much longer.

Yes, the Crow said so herself.

A second later, as Zack stumbled up, the guards began to report a blockage at the end of each tunnel and another one stopping the drain from moving. At first, they gradually began to escort the guests out, that was until the smell of rotten eggs invaded their noses along with a wave of multicolored smoke as the guests trampled over each other.

Meanwhile, a pair of women wait in Zack's room, the two girls looking away from the door as they wait.

Finally, a mop of blonde hair comes in smiling, "Ohh, so it's only two? I can't wait to try you out."

"Finally, thank god." A male voice came from the girl as Zack kept his eyes on the woman as her skin began to fold, fluttering as they became white butterflies and then melded into the man.

"Hello Zack." A familiar voice spoke, as Zack jumped. The other girl's body also began to flutter, revealing Osborne in all his glory. "You know, it's a lot easier to pay off someone when you have something worth giving and you're in the [Outer Rim]."

The two stood, revealing their clothes hidden by the sparse lights as the two wore bandannas over their mouths.

"Osborne! What the hell are you doing here? How did you know I was here?" Zack asked as he tried to open the door only for something to dash at surprising speeds, cutting through his arm and piercing the wooden door to reveal the gleam of [metal] covering the outside. "...A [Stand]?" Zack mutters imperceptibly under his mouth, smiling maliciously as he turns tot he two.

"Well if it isn't the [incompetent] and his lackey." Zack notes out loud with a mocking tone.

"...Am I the lackey?" Bell asks as Osborne quirks a brow.

"Well, I don't want to be [incompetent]." Osborne says as Bell whirls around to him.

"I sure as hell…" Bell trails off, looking up and humming. "Actually…"

"Well I'm not being a lackey." Osborne finishes as they turn to Zack, "So let's-where is he?"

As the two were talking, they suddenly found themselves in an empty room, no sound, no Zack, just Bell, Osborne, and the deafening silence.

"Where-!" Before Osborne could finish, he was interrupted by the imprint of a punch on his cheek as Bell's eyes widened.

"Osbor-!" Like Osborne, Bell was sent flying, his back hitting the wall with a groan as he looked at the mark he left on the wall while holding his cheek.

The two sit in silence, taking in everything that just happened. The punches were strong but not unbelievably so, it didn't knock them out but there was something behind the punch. Something they both knew.

A [Stand].

The punches only came when they spoke, so is Zack not only invisible but blind? Can he only react to sound?

That was quickly disavowed as Bell's head was grabbed, [To Pimp a Butterfly] appearing and attempting to punch the offending limb but hitting nothing as he was dragged towards a window. Frantically, Bell moved, "Shit!"

Finally, he reared back an arm and swung, hitting something solid as he could hear their target groan.

"Zack!" Osborne yelled, manifesting his [Stand], neon armor gleaming with its sword out in a slash, a neon line glowing before Zack cursed, blood spurting despite the fact that Bell couldn't touch him with [To Pimp a Butterfly].


Reaching towards the bed, the entire thing became [butterflies] fluttering in the room, except for three areas. Where Bell is, where Osborne is, and a third opening.

Bell quickly yelled, "Osborne! It's physical! Hit him with your fists and then your [Stand]!" Before he could add anything else, he was kicked forward, his body flying back and hitting the glass as it cracked but didn't shatter.

Osborne didn't answer, instead, he rushed forward to the gap as he reeled an arm back.

Meanwhile, Zack just smiled from behind Osborne, gun ready to shoot him. His [Stand] can turn him invisible and intangible as long as he's silent, in return, his [Stand] can be felt by normal people and that's why he felt Bell's punch and bled when it was cut by Osborne's own [Stand].

Finally, he could finish it. Pointing his gun forward, it's kicked aside, clattering to the shock of Zack as he saw Osborne look at him as he swung forward. Little did he know that Zack was the one who had to secure the entrance while Bell set up the smoke grenades and walls, so he had [Country Roads] with him and it told him where he was.

Zack reels back as he grunts, becoming tangible and visible as he looks at Osborne. The knight behind him with its shield and sword ready, "W-wait, let's-." He couldn't answer as the edge of the shield met his stomach.

He tried to call back his [Stand] but flinched when a fist hit his face, turning to see Bell grabbing it and keeping it from moving. Bell let go, the [Stand] returning to him as Bell and Osborne appeared in front of him, their respective [Stands] looming over them like a pair of wrathful gods.

"Now, I'm sure you're willing to stop your little manhunt, but for now?" As one, [TPAB] and [Neon Knight] reared back their arm and weapon respectively. "We'll make sure it sticks."

"Shit." Zack whined before a first landed on his face and a sword cut up his side.

"[Fushhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!]" [TPAB] cried out while landing a barrage of punches on him.

"[Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!]" [Neon Knight] yelled while cutting him up and down.

With a final cry, Zack hits the wall, thoroughly tenderized as he twitches as Bell grunts. "He looks alive."

"He is. He's got to answer for one more thing." Osborne huffs as he goes forward, stalking forward as [Neon Knight] follows him. Thrusting his sword forward, [Neon Knight] pins Zack to the wall, "Why did you snitch?"

"Huh?" Zack asks, blinking as he looks at Osborne incredulously.

"Don't give me that fucking look. Who did you call to get the cops on Jocelyn's ass? [Seimeikai]? Answer!" He punctuates with an open handed slap as Zack spat to the side, coughing as he looked at Osborne confused.

"I didn't! Why would I do that?" He asks, panicked as he holds onto Osborne's hand desperately, "You have to believe me, I thought you fucked up!"

"Wha-? I can hide right under your nose if I wanted to! What makes you think I'd be caught?" Osborne asks, confused as Zack reels back.

"I-I don't know, I thought it was weird but I'm a man of my word. If it was found I had to kill you." Zack admitted, "But Jocelyn? Are you insane? Do you know how fast everyone'd be on my ass if I did anything to hurt her?" Zack asked as Osborne turned to Bell as even he seemed confused, "Jocelyn is amazing with maps, she knows how to get to places without even being truly aware of where it is. She's helped numerous people in this bleak place and you think we'd do something to mess up a chance to get out of here? Are you crazy?"

"The house Jocelyn was staying at was attacked by protesters and then found by the police." Bell quickly steps up as Zack's eyes widen, "They only knew that because someone published an article calling it a place where [terrorists] were hiding at. You weren't the one-?"

"No! God no, that's why you're beating my ass?" He directs the last part at Osborne while Osborne turns to Bell.

Taking the cue, Bell shook his head, "He's innocent. Scared as shit."

Osborne looked at Zack, the [black flame] in his eyes dissipating until it was gone. Closing them as [Neon Knight] disappears. "Fine, sorry about the, you know-."

"No, i-it's fine, I'll heal." He says, flinching as he sits up, looking at the two before continuing, "Is she alright though?"

"She's as safe as can be." Bell assured him, "She found me while she was running."

"Oh. Okay." He sighs, leaning back as he looks at the ceiling, "This sucks, getting my ass beat by a pair of men instead of enjoying my time with women."

While he regretted his life, Osborne whirled to Bell, pulling him aside as he asked, "What now?"

"We leave, that's what." Bell says, as he crouches down. "I'll turn parts of the floor into butterflies then put them back, we can leave him here but if they find him here then a lot more questions would be asked."

"Yeah, I'd rather not have that happen." Zack says, stumbling towards us as Osborne looks at him.

"So, you know nothing? Like no clue?" Osborne asks as Zack sighs.

"I wish I could help you. Jocelyn's a joy to be around, so happy and shit. She deserves to be somewhere else. All of these people do." Zack says as he shakes his head.

Osborne just shakes his head. "I did a bit of scouting and the room under us should be empty, we leave him there and be on our way."

They heard someone bang on the door as the three turned in unison. "Here we go!" Bell said before they could react, a circular area disappearing into butterflies as the three went weightless for a second. Then the hole was gone, the three landing on the floor as Zack lands on the bed and bounces off, landing on a heap with a groan.

A few white butterflies land on him and meld into him, healing his injuries as he turns to the man in a blue bandanna. "Here, just say you were drunk and got in the wrong room. The cameras should be blank at this time so don't worry."

As the two left, Bell turning half of the door into [butterflies] as the two left, Zack couldn't help but wonder who the man that helped Jocelyn and Osborne was. He didn't speak like someone from the [Outer Rim], so could he be a citizen of the [Ark]?

Whatever, he has a story to corroborate and sleep to catch up on.

With that, he falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Osborne and Bell run away from the location, both of them with a lot to think on. Once they got far enough, Osborne leaned on a wall, "Haah. This was a fucking mess."

Bell could only nod, he could see that Osborne was right about Zack being a bit of a psycho but he had his good parts. Though this does open up a new question.

Who snitched on Jocelyn and Osborne?

"I think it's time I head back." Osborne said, walking away but stopping once Bell grabs him.

"Where are you going?" Bell asks as Osborne quirks a brow.

"Home?" He points out.

"The same home we used for the metal?" Bell asked as Osborne blinked, scratching his cheek. "C'mon, Jocelyn is waiting for you."

Almost reluctantly, Osborne nodded, "Fine, how'd you get in?"

"Do you have claustrophobia?" Bell asked and Osborne was already regretting it.

A woman saunters towards the sewers, smoking a pipe and flanked by groups of suited men as she looks around, she wears a kimono and has her hair tied up, delicate skin belying the danger this woman exuded as she took a drag from her pipe. "Hmmm," she hummed as she looked at the wall of metal, "it seems like someone did our jobs for us."

For a while, she said nothing else before whirling around. "Bring it down, and quick please." The men bow as some stay behind while Sakura, the head of [Seimeikai], returns to the surface.

"I'm sorry for the trouble." Osborne says as Jocelyn rests on his shoulder, gently holding her hand as she speaks to Isaac and Marie. "I hope nothing happened."

"A few things did happen, it seems like someone found out she was here." Isaac says as Osborne's blood freezes. "But, I made a few calls and most of them were arrested or blacklisted in a variety of activities sponsored by [Tetra Line]. The ones that tried to get physical…" He trailed off, leaving the statement open for interpretation.

The two settle into a comfortable silence as he sighs. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine, nothing happened, and if anything, I should blame Bell for putting me into this situation." Isaac grunts as Osborne chuckles.

"For a Commander he's pretty chill. I heard all of them had a stick up their asses." Osborne says as Isaac rolls his eyes.

"Worse. They have problems." Isaac points out as Osborne barks a laugh.

"Guess Bell is way different?" Osborne asks as he calms down so as to not wake up his stirring sister.

"Incredibly so. I've never heard of someone going to the [Outer Rim] to save one of its residents." Isaac says as Osborne shakes his head.

"He's going to be interesting, that's for sure." Osborne points out while shaking his head, "That guy's got a head on him."

"Yup." Isaac nods, "Still, he's quite childish. So, what are you going to do?"

"I dunno." Osborne said, scratching his head, "We've gotta check up on the couple I was supposed to leave Jocelyn with and I'm laying low from the [Outer Rim]. Might get a job or two to get an apartment."

Isaac just nods, "Then you can stay here while you're looking for a job. If Jocelyn wants to go with the couple, then she can."

Osborne blinked in shock as he smiled. "You know, you're not that different from Bell."

"I shudder at the thought." Isaac quickly retorts.

Before they could continue, the door was forced open as Bell yelled, "I got a [gun]!"

"Bell!" A second voice, more feminine piped up. As the two walked in, Bell used his foot to pull out a chair and sat on it with his legs on either side and his arms on the back. In his hand was a pistol, semi-auto, and seemed to resemble a hand cannon rather than a handgun.

"Damn." Osborn notes, "Thing looks like it'll break your wrist with one shot."

"It doesn't, Osborne-." Bell starts but Osborne interrupts him.

"I think Ozzy is fine." Osborne said as Bell seems shocked before his face explodes into a smile.

Soon, all of them would go back to their homes and the next day would come.

A/N: Here we are! A new chapter in celebration of Nikke's first anniversary! Hopefully with this I can spread out my updating schedule better than before but I find that hard to believe.

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Generally, it'll either be Isaac or Ozzy that'll be the protagonists when Bell is busy or out of commission, who are my take on Okuyasu and Koichi respectively.

Now, let's get onto Stand Stats:

Stand Name: Neon Knight

Musical Inspiration: Neon Knights by Black Sabbath

User: Osborne (Ozzy) Torres

Power: C

Speed: A

Range: D

Staying: D

Precision: B

Potential: C


The Sword- Neon Knight has the ability to project its cuts a certain distance, usually shown by a neon line following its slash.

Stand Name: Country Roads

Musical Inspiration: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

User: Jocelyn (Lyn) Torres

Power: E

Speed: E

Range: A

Staying: A

Precision: C

Potential: B


Take me Home- Country Roads can lead people anywhere or to anyone, as long as the user knows the person. It can even lead one to victory if the user wishes it so.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Country Roads can also distort people's sense of directions and mess with people's bodies. So if someone were to attempt to do something that the user doesn't want to happen, once the person is within a range, they'll start to lose control of their body but not fatally. The caveat is that if the user misreads the intention of an enemy, then this ability will not activate, like if the user doesn't want someone to follow them but they were coincidentally going in the same direction.

There, I'd introduce Zack's [Stand] but Zack didn't play much of a role here. Maybe later.

Now, onto a short for the anniversary!

The flutter of a wing can cause a typhoon on the other side of the world. That is the Butterfly Effect. The greed of one man sparked a rivalry that spanned decades, and even dimensions, that constantly clashed with the fate of the world.

Overlooking a group of girls and one man, a green-eyed man tapped his notebook, filled with sketches and scribbles as he kept his distance with a smile.

He was fine with this. To begin with he's not the one who's supposed to be the Commander of these ladies, but just an extra that tagged along. His mission has always been different from these girls.

Admittedly, he's fine using his ability for their convenience, even if it's only used in the most dire of situations.

A name was spoken, his eyes trailing down to a beautiful woman with a buxom body, stars for eyes and white hair. She smiled at him and he returned it, returning to his notebook a few seconds later.

He missed how the woman pouted before dragging him along with them to join them.

Before anything else could be seen, Bell wakes up, peacefully as he stares at the ceiling in confusion.

Outside of his view, a spectral butterfly flaps its wings before disappearing.

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