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Sasuke stared at his executioner who licked their lips with a face-splitting grin. Sakura was next to him trying to help the best way she could. Some Grass ninja appeared on a snake's head shortly after blasting Naruto away.

So they fought for Naruto and to gain a scroll from this single individual. It was a fight that soon turned into a fight for survival quickly. Even after barely landing attacks on this woman, their attacks did nothing and only caused them to move faster and punch stronger.

"I don't get it. Why is someone so strong still only a genin?" Sasuke turned to look at Sakura who was breathing heavily. "You retreat and find Naruto. I will hold her off while you escape."


Sakura didn't even look at him and kept her unflinching eyes on the opposing ninja in front of them. Her response was quick and her mind was already made up. "That would be suicide on your part for sure. You can hardly grip your kunai straight."

Sasuke turned and cursed his trembling arm. Sakura knew this because her arm shook openly for the ninja to see. Even with Sasuke's newly obtained double tomoe Sharingan, He was still being pushed even taking in his power up.

"What's the next move? Falling leaves?" The female mockingly asked them, tilting their head.

"Sakura, We need to trap her somehow and let me hit her with my most powerful jutsu."

"You think he's going to let that happen?"

"I don't know why she's here but it definitely isn't because of the scroll. This whole time she's been restricting herself from hitting us with everything. Blows I know can be fatal are just bruised or cracked bones."

"So She's looking for something. Maybe looking for you."

Orochimaru was impressed that the kids could bounce ideas off each other like that and come up with the right answer. From what he'd seen so far, Orochimaru was impressed and content that Sasuke could serve as his vessel. Though his eyes were not yet ripe he still had a lot of growing left to do.

Under his teaching, Sasuke would grow to be big and strong. Maturing his eyes to a point he thought satisfactory. Until Sasuke had surpassed his older brother and his unimaginably powerful Mangekyo Sharingan.

"It's like Kakashi said. Shinobi from other villages take powerful shinobi and study their bodies." Sasuke narrowed his eyes dangerously at the woman chuckling in front of him. The other villages would love to take his eyes and use them for their own goals. The world was like that, people operating to suit their own gain.

"So she's after your Sharingan." Sakura concluded. She moved closer to Sasuke to stand next to him with the unsaid message. "Okay, so I just need to protect you then?"

"Hmph." Sasuke couldn't get the smirk on his face to go away. He felt touched and appreciated her actions.

"Let's go!" Sakura moved off first.

Sasuke followed behind feeling invigorated as his bond with Sakura grew and forced them to fight harder than they had before.

Sakura winced as she reached for her left arm. It was sore and felt like it was ready to fall off at any moment. However, this pain was nothing compared to the pain in her heart. As laying next to her she could see Sasuke trapped in agonizing pain.

He groaned in agony on the ground. Currently, he was unconscious after being bitten by the revealed Orochimaru of the Sannin. They had lost from the start by fighting that man. Not even their sensei Kakashi, the strongest Jounin, would be a match for the Kage-level shinobi.

"Another loss." Sakura muttered under her breath. She clenched her fist and almost growled at the rage she was filling her heart. The girl was tired of losing and being weak. That was why she was training so hard.

To prove she wasn't holding the team back and that she could be something better. Sakura wanted to become a better version of herself so she couldn't sleep. However, right now she had to put her anger on hold and tend to Sasuke.

"Naruto, Get back here soon." She needed the blonde strength and leadership. Her heart went out to him as well. She hoped he was okay.

Outside, Sakura felt three foreign chakra signatures appear. She also heard the sound of her traps going off. No doubt about it, Trouble was headed her way.

Sakura looked outside to see three ninjas wearing the headband for the Sound Village. The one hunched over and covered in bandages only showing his eye spoke first.

"Some lookout you turned out to be. You look ready to drop." He mocked her and swung his arms as if they were limp.

"What do you three want?!" Sakura grabbed a kunai from her pouch and fell into guard.

"Wake up the Uchiha! We want to fight him!" He ordered as he finished with a chuckle.

Sakura scowled. Another person here for Sasuke! Yes, he was totally cool, handsome, strong, extremely likable. But it felt like the whole world knew Sasuke's name already when he was only sixteen.

"I know Orochimaru ordered you all to get here. Does it have anything to do with this mark on his neck? And why are you waiting till now? Were you too scared to fight us beforehand?" Sakura scowled as the three in front of her must have thought she wouldn't fight back.

"Mark? I hope she doesn't mean a Curse Mark. But why would Orochimaru order us to kill the last Uchiha if he wants him?" Dosu's mind started being wrapped up in itself as he wondered what was going on.

"You think we are scared of a weak little girl like you?!" Their sole female with black hair yelled.

"Yeah! You're just lucky we didn't find you sooner!" A spiky-haired boy matched his teammate's energy.

"If you want my teammate, you will have to take him over my dead body." Sakura declared and readied to fight. She pulled out a small pill from her pouch and quickly swallowed it.

A soldier pill. They are used on missions that last long and often leave you up for days on end. They provide extra chakra and energy to your entire body.

Before any of them could rush forward and fall for the girl's trap. Dosu lifted up a piece of the grass that looked out of place. "This grass is too green and this dirt is freshly planted. Try harder next time." Dosu led the charge as he jumped into the air followed by Kin and Zaku.

Sakura cut the invisible wire next to her. They took notice as a snapping was quickly heard. A massive thick tree log that could smash a house quickly swung down from the trees.

"Such a shame, little girl!" Dosu extended his right arm which revealed a large gauntlet that had holes in them. He used his left for a ram handsign that sent the wood exploding into splinters.

"What did he just do? All he had to do was touch the log, I should do my best to avoid his right hand." Sakura acted quickly and jetted through hand signs and was about to finish her jutsu.

"Leaf Hurricane!" A green blur appeared from nowhere and easily knocked the three Sound Ninjas away.

When the sound team recovered and gained balance again, they could see a young boy with a bowl cut and in an all-green bodysuit with orange leg warmers.

"My name is Rock Lee, The Hidden Leaf's Beautiful Blue Beast."

He proclaimed in his stance ready to fight. Everyone could see from his strong body and well-built stature that Lee was strong.

"You're just a freak." Dosu spat.

"Sakura-chan, anytime you are in trouble I will be there to save you. Anytime." He scratched the squirrel's chin which had been posing on his shoulder. He gently placed it on the ground which allowed it to wave goodbye and scatter off.

"Thank you Lee, I appreciate the concern." Sakura thanked the blushing boy and held her kunai.

Dosu narrowed his eyes at the two and came to a decision. "Zaku, you kill Sasuke. I'm going to kill these two."

"Alright, I'll make things quick." Zaku also caught the scroll Dosu tossed to him. Must have been for safekeeping as he was charging right to the enemy.

Dosu moved to attack before the leaf Genin could come up with some kind of plan. Looking him dead in the eyes, Lee shoved his arm into the hard earth like it was just a liquid with how easily his arm went in. And he pulled out the thick root of a tree with one arm and threw it at him.

"I have an advantage. I've seen his jutsu before while I am still a mystery to him." Lee knew he was still at a disadvantage as it was a three versus one battle. This meant he had to fight seriously or be defeated which meant the death of his beautiful Sakura.

"Damn, he's just as physically strong as Naruto. Why are the small guys so strong?" Sakura was amazed as she watched Lee's strength.

Dosu was sent backward as the tree log came faster than expected. He thought he would impact into the tree behind him, but instead found his back being crushed by Lee's gauntlet of a leg. Dosu was flung through the air rapidly as he cratered the ground.

"That is one!" Lee landed gently and locked onto his next victim. He saw Zaku and moved to attack.

"Nuh-uh!" Zaku aimed his arms and fired a Super Decapitating Airwaves. A stronger variation of the normal jutsu.

The airwaves from Zaku's gauntlet moved at the speed of sound as the attack was sharp sound waves infused with the rushing force of air. Lee figured that out as the mix of both airwaves and soundwaves knocked him to the ground.

It was enough to place him down though as Lee was up the next second and staring Zaku down. He remembered the lesson his sensei was teaching him about using the full strength of your body.

"Normally, A human can only use twenty percent of their muscle's strength. If you used everything, all one hundred percent of it. It would kill the muscle and turn it into nothing. So the brain puts a cap on how much the body can take. Get it? It's all just in the mind!"

"I understand Guy Sensei!"

"There is more to it though. This Jutsu is different and uses chakra which forces the brain past its limits. Allowing for continuous high-speed tai-jutsu. It's a secret technique that can draw out the complete power of the body."

"Guy-Sensei, There is something precious I must protect! Which meets the conditions of the Lotus!"

Lee used his right hand to perform a ram sign and disappeared from thin air. It caught all of them off guard as it looked like Lee was never even there. But really he was just too fast for any of them to see coming.

This is why when he landed his next punches on Zaku and Kin, it felt heavier as they had been completely blindsided. Lee was not done as Dosu had finally entered the battle again and Lee wasted no time in attacking him.

He appeared crouching under Dosu and quickly high-kicked him into the air. Lee vanished and reappeared behind Dosu in the air. He used his now loose bandages on his hands to trap the Sound Shinobi. Dosu tried moving but couldn't and only wiggled.

"Primary Lotus!" Lee and Dosu came spinning down. They were upside down which meant Dosu was going to land on his head and die from the force.

"Dosu, I've got you!" Zaku had to quickly recover and place his hands in the dirt and send rushing airwaves underneath them.

"That didn't feel right at all." Lee noticed as he landed next to Sakura.

From the large hole in the ground, Dosu got up and only rolled his neck a bit. "Man, you finally got that crack out for me."

Lee's eyes went wide and he held a face of shock. "How did you survive that?"

"That would be thanks to me." Lee and Sakura heard a voice behind them causing their blood to freeze. "Decapitating Air Waves!" Holding out his two arms, Zaku blasted them off right into the next wave of attacks.

"Don't leave me out!" Kin threw a dozen needles at the two.

Lee covered Sakura with his body and was stabbed in the back by all the needles. Seeing this, Sakura was once again amazed at how willing Lee was to go to protect her.

They impacted the ground and groaned for a bit. Sakura looked at Lee's back which resembled a sticky bug you'd find in the grass. "Lee, I'll do the fighting while you recover. I can heal you once this is over."

"No, Sakura-chan! You are too injured to fight." Lee still climbs to his feet even after the damage he just received. "If there is no pain then you haven't done anything!" So Lee clenched his back muscles which caused the needles to fly from his back.

"This kid is physically strong beyond belief. He's super tough, but it's not the outside I attack." Dosu rushed in which was followed by Lee who ducked under his attack. However, it was too late as Dosu had already activated his Melody Arm.

Immediately, Lee started to feel the effects caused by Dosu. His perception of the world became dizzy and he experienced a new kind of vertigo.

"You've got quite the fast jutsu there. But ours is even faster." Even when Dosu stood right in front of him and spoke directly to his face. His voice sounded warped and distant. "But our jutsu moves at the speed of sound unlike you. Effort by itself does nothing, remember that next time you face a superior opponent."

Lee tried to stand and he did. Only to fall seconds later. His body was sluggish and he was finding it hard to just function. The green suit-wearing ninja hunched over and threw up his lunch.

"See this." Dosu pointed to the gray gauntlet with holes on his right arm. "I call it Melody Arm. It lets me use sound to attack."

"You're using sound vibrations to explode the eternal eardrum." Sakura devised it quickly.

"Indeed. And the human eardrum breaks with sounds over one hundred and fifty decibels. And by going deeper and assaulting the semicircular canal which is the deepest part of the ear. I can upset your balance."

"So he can amplify the impact of sound, blast it, and direct it all in one. But that's all. Outside of his arm, he has nothing." Sakura was now ready and figured out a way to combat Dosu.

"You're next girly!" Dosu dashed at Sakura who surprisingly rushed back head on.

Dosu swung, and so did Sakura who used her right palm to strike Dosu in his exposed ear. While she used her left arm to block Dosu's attack.

"Was that supposed to hurt? I didn't feel a thing, little girl." His deep voice mocked Sakura who grinned.

"Quit your yapping fool."

Dosu couldn't believe it. Somehow, he was getting dizzy and he found the world shifting. His legs gave out and he just stared wide-eyed at the grinning Sakura.

"What d-did you do? H-How can you reverse my effects?!" Dosu was on his knees and threw up. His brain felt like it was bouncing around in his skull.

"You're jutsu is not automatic. You must activate it yourself which meant I just had to hit you before you launched your jutsu at me. I targeted the same thing as you, just with my hands. You don't need a special gauntlet for it. Get back in the lab and think of something better next time." Sakura then proceeded to rock Dosu across the face which sent him skidding across the ground.

"Dumb bitch!" Zaku screamed. "Super Decapitating Airwaves!" Sakura had no hope of dodging as she wasn't able to move that fast. She was barely able to stay on her feet as the strong gust pushed her further and further back.

Kin appeared behind Sakura and took a handful of Sakura's hair and began to vigorously pull. "Such pretty hair you have pinky."

Lee stumbled to his feet and moved in to defend Sakura. "Leaf Hurricane!"

The attack was pathetic as Lee completely missed and ended up hitting nothing. This ended up using his strength which caused him to slump on the ground.

"Zaku! Hurry up and go kill that Uchiha!" Kin yelled to her teammate.

"Already on it!" Zaku yelled at Sasuke.

"No!" Sakura was about to move when Kin yanked Sakura's hair right into her knee.

"Don't move, just watch." Kin gave a cruel smile as she whispered in Sakura's ear. "Watch as you are powerless to do anything."

Sakura felt her eyes sting but she refused to cry. She didn't want them to feel like they won. She had trained to catch up to her two powerhouse teammates. It was killing her! This feeling. It must be what Sasuke felt like the night his family was killed.

She hated it! Sakura clenched her fist in the dirt and grit her teeth. "I am not going to be weak anymore. Everyone saving me, I'll protect you all this time. I am strong, I am the spark that brought light to the universe."

Sakura pulled a kunai and cut the hair Kin was holding onto, shocking the girl for a moment. Sakura used this to her advantage and decided to strike while she still could.

"Most ninjas use chakra to amp their bodies for greater effects during battle. Tsunade uses this the best, allowing her to go even further and destroy mountains with just her fist. This is done by channeling chakra at the point of impact and releasing it upon hit. But It needs to be perfect, in order to bring out everything!"

Sakura's right fist found its home on Kin's jaw who didn't even have time to feel the pain as she was knocked out on contact. The force caused the air to tremble and no doubt shattered Kin's jaw completely.

"The hell?!" All Zaku saw was Kin being flung several feet away into the forest.

He turned and saw Sakura running at him with clear intent to deliver the same treatment Kin received. "C-calm down!" Zaku released a blast of air from his palms toward Sakura who was further cut.

However, her position was replaced by a log indicating the use of substitution jutsu. This happened three more times as Zaku was fooled by the jutsu right after another. So with this next blast, he didn't even bother using much chakra as Sakura was going to use Substitution Jutsu.

Though when the girl above him didn't move. Zaku widened his eyes in fear. Blood splashed on his cheek which meant this was the real Sakura. Her fist was aimed back and ready to strike, a blow that would leave him in the same condition as Kin.

"Sound Drill!" Sakura was drilled in the side by a blast of sound knocking her off track. Dosu didn't waste time and crashed his foot into Sakura's gut. "Enough fooling around. It's time we put an end to all this."

"I agree."

They all looked to the trees to see two figures watching from a large branch. It was a Hyuga and a girl with brown buns.

"Take your sorry excuse of a team and get lost." Neji crossed his arms and looked down on the weaklings.

"The Hyuga." Dosu felt nervous now. If Neji and this other girl decided to jump in and fight him and a weak Zaku, it would not be easy and they might die.

"Are you the ones who did that to Lee?" The girl asked glaring.

"He just got in the way." Dosu then felt his cheek be cut and saw blood drop to his feet. A kunai rested at his feet with his fresh blood dripping down the weapon.

Quickly and suddenly, Everyone felt an evil chakra creep into the field. They all looked to see Sasuke standing as a murky dark purple wisp of chakra floated off his body like steam. They all felt their bodies tremble with raw primal fear as a monster had risen from its slumber.

Sakura trembled vigorously as she saw burning marks spread from Sasuke's neck all the way down to his left hand. Sasuke raised his head and took notice of everything going on as his blazing scarlet Sharingan gazed around with a sharp understanding.

His half-closed eyes landed on the brutally damaged Sakura, and only for her. Only long enough and hidden adequately for Sakura to be the only person to take notice of the special look they shared for each other. Sasuke's eyes showed concern and worry for her condition. But it was quickly washed away and replaced by a fierce anger.

"Sakura, Who did this to you?" The question was icy but soaked with hot rage.

Sasuke didn't even let anyone answer as he moved into action and kicked Dosu through the dirt.

"Uchiha prick!" Zaku aimed his arms at Sasuke and channeled his chakra.

"H-he has a curse mark. Why would Lord Orochimaru send us after him then?! How did he even survive?!" Dosu lay on the ground shaking in fear as the monstrous form of Sasuke reminded him of Orochimaru and his terrifying presence.

"Extreme Decapitating Airwaves!" This was by far the most powerful attack Zaku possessed in his small arsenal of jutsu. The current of air ripped the ground to cinders at the speed of sound to ensure nobody would be able to dodge.

"Was that your best?" Zaku paled, his skin grew cold, sweat caked his face and his heart raced. He wasn't even able to put up a fight when his arms were pulled behind him and they began to be pulled.

The only thing Zaku was able to do was scream at the top of his lungs. "S-stop! L-l-let me go!"

Sasuke pulled hard and caused Zaku's screams to rise. "You seem quite attached to your arms." Zaku and Dosu knew what came next. Zaku tried escaping and using his body, but Sasuke only stomped his foot on his back until Zaku was face-first into the ground.

Sakura watched in surprise as she had never seen Sasuke so brutal before. And the markings clinging to his skin, It must have been affecting him. Sasuke was stronger but also more cold and ruthless. It was all in the evil aura cloaking his body.

A part of her had now been desensitized to the brutalities of the shinobi world as she had seen bloodshed and mutilated bodies. A part of her figured she had just killed Kin with that punch moments ago as she hadn't held back.

Though, the other side of her. The girl, fangirl, and head over heels heroine wanted to run out and leap onto Sasuke and cry about how he wasn't being himself and he needed to stop. Maybe if Sasuke was out of control and couldn't control himself, she'd jump in.

However, The brief look they shared clearly made her realize Sasuke was okay and in control of his own actions. So with Sasuke's actions taking place before her eyes, Sakura knew his emotions were being amped by the Curse Mark covering his face.

"Oh my god. Is this how the Uchiha truly is?" Tenten was slightly put on edge as she was surprised by the cruelty at which Sasuke was dealing his just revenge.

Unlike most girls her age, Tenten had already shed her innocent skin as her pile of dead bodies climbed higher with each mission she went on. Though her kills were normally quick and never drawn out and nobody on her team enjoyed inflicting suffering on others.

"That power…it isn't his."

"What do you mean by that?"

Tenten turned to her teammate Neji who was using his Byakugan. "The power is coming from the mark on his neck. It's taking in chakra from the surroundings or nature to be more specific."

"Nature? Like Nature Energy? The same thing the Toad Sanin uses?" Tenten saw fit to study the Sanin since she wanted to surpass not just Tsunade, but all of them. And with this intense studying came complex knowledge other Genins wouldn't know.

Neji nodded. "But he can't control it. His body seems to just be drawing all of it in without his permission. I'm surprised he hasn't lost his mind from the dark chakra. I think this deathly forest is making him stronger as it's covered in negative chakra."

Down with Sasuke, He pulled hard one more time until everyone heard a popping sound. Zaku screamed one last time before his head was kicked into the dirt.

"All this…" For a moment, Sasuke just stood in place and tuned out all the distractions as he relished in the power. "This power is just what I needed. I feel like I can do anything with this kind of power. My goal has just become easier."

Sasuke began walking, in the direction of Dosu who trembled on his feet. His knees were shaking and he wobbled in place.

He was about to be devoured by a monster!

"Sasuke-kun, you can relax now. We've won. They don't want to fight anymore." Sakura walked in front and gently placed a hand on his chest.

Sasuke grinned. The opposite of what he normally did. He was all for smirking in condescending ways but never so broadly showing his metal like this. "Of course not, unless they want to die."

Everyone felt a shiver run up their spines at the clear threat. Nobody moved to challenge his might. Not even Neji, who Tenten figured would say something.

"Tenten, Their other teammate is coming, so we won't engage."

"So that's why. Hehe, I don't think he knows it. But he acknowledged Naruto as a threat. Same with Sasuke, He's not turning his nose or taunting them like he normally does with those beneath him." Tenten was surprisingly joyful at this.

Sasuke took another step, but Sakura increased the pressure on his chest and made Sasuke pause and he finally looked at her abused face. She had a lump forming over her left eye and her cheek was bruised. Her messy pink hair waved in the wind while small scratches marred her body.

Their eyes meet again drawing attention to one another. Sasuke began calming down instantly thanks to Sakura's touch. His amped emotional state began to wear off, but not before he acted once more.

He raised both his hands and cupped her face and his eyes showed carnaval desire.

Inner Sakura was losing her shit.

Sasuke let the mark fade back into his shoulder and everything about him returned back to normal. His hazed-over expression was now back to its placid visage.

"Are you okay now?"


"I don't have a clear picture of all this. But I'm gonna get out while I still can." Dosu threw up his hands in surrender. "Hey, I give. Let's make a deal, shall we? I'll give you our scroll and you let me and my team go."

"Get lost. Next time you won't be walking away." Sasuke glared, getting back to his feet to remain an image of strength.

Dosu laid his scroll on the ground slowly so as to not provoke any hidden rage. He then moved to Kin, who had unfortunately been killed. This meant they failed this part of the exam and could not go on any further. It didn't matter anyway, he just grabbed Zaku and walked away with his head down.

Sakura then moved her head and looked at Team 10 still waiting in the trees. "And what do you two want?"

Tenten jumped down. "We're just going to collect our lost teammate."

For a reason unknown to Sakura. Tenten was carrying a large expectant smile. It made her look really beautiful with how her cheeks lit up with a healthy fit of life and sparkling brown eyes.

Tenten collected Lee and vigorously shook him awake from his cat nap. It seemed to work as Lee blinked a couple of times before grogley speaking.

"Tenten? Is that you?" Lee reached out and began poking her face.

"Yes, now stop poking me." Annoyed, she moved Lee's hands from her face.

"What happened to the sound ninja?" He looked around and only saw the remains of their battle.

"Sasuke drove them off." Tenten looked at the Uchiha who was glancing at his own hands and slightly shaking. "That power must have left his body in shock. We could easily take them out now just me and Neji."

"That's amazing, not even I could do that."

"Why did you hold back so much against that team anyway Lee? They shouldn't have done so much damage to you." Tenten pulled the teen up who stumbled for a brief moment.

"You told me it's best not to lay out all your moves in the first battle." Lee said.

"Yeah, but if you're about to be killed it's best to just use everything you have."

Before Lee could answer back. The ground began to tremble and it only picked up, placing everyone on edge as the vibrations rumbled the forest.


Boisterous laughter came from the forest causing the two members of Team Seven and Tenten to smile knowingly. But the odd thing about the laughter was that it didn't come from just one person.

Rushing from the tree line was a blonde army of Naruto clones who were all dirty from the woods. They didn't have time to ask questions as a monstrous-sized bull larger than buildings came rushing from the trees after Naruto.

"O'lay!" Naruto was on top of the bull and backflipped off it landing on the ground. "Come on big bad."

The bull blew smoke and charged directly at Naruto who caught the bull by its horns and grinned. He performed a feat that left their mouths hung open. He picked the bull up with minimal effort and threw it hard into the trees.

Naruto jumped and dropped like a falling comet onto the bull which died from the impact of Naruto who had cloaked his body in chakra for more power.

Naruto turned to grin at everyone. "Who wants some protein?"

"Hmph, that bull must have been fake. No way a shrimp like you could have done that."

"See this blood? Smell it? All real." Naruto moved to place his bloody hand in Sasuke's face. "And who you calling shrimp? I'm way bigger than you are!"

"If it helps you sleep better."

"Wanna be put to sleep?!"

"Can you two just kiss already?"

"Sakura, that's gay." Naruto turned and gave her a deadpan.

Her brow twitched. "And here I was happy to see you."

"Well, I'm glad you guys are okay. I tried following your guy's chakra but my sensing skills still need a little work. I just barely felt Sasuke's chakra spike." Naruto grinned at his rival. "Man, you've gotten strong! I didn't know you had that kind of power inside you."

"Yeah." Sasuke didn't meet Naruto's eyes as he recalled the feeling of that overwhelming power inside of him.

"Naruto-kun!" Tenten jumped on Naruto's back smiling.

"Hey! I'm glad you're okay." Naruto returned the expression as Tenten got off, still smiling.

"Did you help out these two?"

Tenten shook her head in the negative. "Lee did, We only just showed up."

"Really? Thanks Lee."

"It was my pleasure! I saw Sakura-chan in need and had to help her!" Lee saluted.

"Oh, Sakura-chan?" Naruto's face grew into a devious grin. "Hey Sakura, I didn't know you had charmed Lee. Say was he your knight in shining armor? Did he come in and swoop you off your feet?"

Before Naruto could continue on, Sasuke stepped in to save Naruto from the clobbering he was about to get. "It doesn't matter. What does matter is this scroll I got."

"He's definitely jealous." Naruto and Tenten shared the same look and thought. Causing both of them to chuckle together.

"That's great Sasuke, because I got a large supply of scrolls." Naruto pulled out a plain scroll. "Release." Out came a healthy amount of scrolls. "Shadow clones go a long way. I was basically my own mini village in the forest. No team stood a chance."

"Wow." Tenten's eyes lit up and she leaned up against Naruto and blinked her eyes cutely. "Heyyy, Naruto-kun. Do you mind if I can have a scroll? I'd really appreciate it. I'll even make it up to you later?" She put a blush on her face and felt along his arms while making direct eye contact.

Naruto looked away and started stuttering. His boxers started getting tight causing him to freak and blush. "What the hell Tenten! She's turning me on!"

Tenten internally grinned and knew she was about to win. So to wrap this up, she tilted her head and smiled cutely. "Got him!"

"Yeah, go right ahead."

Lee looked confused and looked from Tenten to Naruto.

Neji frowned. "Pathetic."

"No way Naruto." Sasuke sighed and shook his head.

"She made that look easy. Maybe I should try it on Sasuke."

"Thanks!" Tenten leaned up and kissed Naruto on the cheek quickly. "See you at the tower!"

Naruto blinked still blushing and felt his cheek.

"Need some lotion?"

"Shut up!" Naruto was knocked out of his stupor and sealed the scrolls back up. "Let's just head to the tower! We don't need to spin another night here!" Naruto left without waiting for the other three.