Chapter 5 A Dark Destiny

Marek looks in the darkness of the throne room remembering when he had greater stature and some respect and fear - he even felt like family - that was ended the day Mai was born. She did take a liking to me at first but still treated me like a play thing - then when she was handed the power and the throne of the Negaverse she lost all respect for me and started treating me like a fool.- A jester something to get a cheap laugh out of. Marek thought to himself Mai will pay for what she has done to me. His Inner dark voices telling him his time will come where he will be king of the negaverse - He will spill the blood of the bitch queen, Marek "says to himself I have an idea one that mite get me the throne" Marek thought all I have to do is collect the piece of the Millenium Crystal,. Marek summons Odeon his loyal servent, Odeon appears beside Marek and says "yes Master Marek"' Marek turns and says " Odion I need you to pretend you are me so Mai doesn't notice Im missing" Odeon replys "yes master Marek". Marek says to Odion "You have to wear the clothes I always like to wear" Odion clothes change into a frilly pink dress, Marek scream not that clothes!! Marek presses his hand to his forehead panicing. Marek yells change out of that quickly before anyone see's you! Odeon changes into an outfit matching Mareks, "that's better" Marek says then vannishes laughing.

Jedite enters the throne all tired and freaked out. Mai looks at jedite as he enters and says your plan failed? "I know" Jedite replys, Mai says in a tone that surprise Jedite "ill let you live this time because you got enough energy to please the Negaforce, Mai expression suddenly goes from happy to angry as she yell at Jedite' "You better not fail me again" " yes my Queen" Jedite says' Jedite "I have a plain that a person with half a brain could pull off" that means you will mess it up because you are beyond brainless says a voices out of the darkness that makes Jedite growl Malachite!! Malochite smirks as he comes out of the darkness brushing off his dark gray uniform,. Malochite says with a mocking tone "why send this weakling of a loser" Jedite mutters himself "atleast I don't date Transvestites" Malachite yells I heard that! Jedite laughs and says, "I also heard from a good source you play with Barbie doll's? That is a completely untrue there action figure Malachite replies, Jedite pulls out a Barbie - I think this belongs to you? Malachite grabs its and says don't touch that it's a collectors Malibu Barbie. Malachite cress's the Barbie's head and says did the mean man hurt you - Malachite looks up to see Mai and Jedite staring at him - Malachite yells don't look at me and vanishes, Mai laughs and says "That was interesting" "Yes indeed" Jedite Replies. Mai "says go and do the mission you have planned" Jedite replies yes my queen and vanishes. Mai now alone siting in her throne yawns and says Marek come here. Odeon walks up to the throne and says yes my queen, Mai smiles and says it's time for you to decrust my toes - Mai takes off her high heel shoes to reveal crusty green fungus covered toes swarming with flies' Odeon shudders and picks up a bucket with a sponge.

Meanwhile in Central Zoisite is still searching for bandit Keith ' "come out come out where ever you are filthy human" Zoisite says. there came no answer to her call' she didn't know bandit Keith was following her jumping from tree to tree like Tarzan. Zoisite looks around the corner' Suddenly swinging from a Bandit keith grabs Zoisite' let go of me you gross human! Bandit Keith Replys as you wish and drops Zoisite face first in the lake' im gonna get you and make you pay. Zoisite screams then marches off muttering to herself I have to get changed now. -The next day- At school the bakeshop smelt like muffins. Tea and her classmates standing in front there finished muffins as Miss Haruna tests and grades them, Haruna takes a bite out of one and looks oddly at the student who made it and says "Bakura I told you that crack isn't an ingredient for muffin! Bakura replies "I thought you said add sugar" Bakura Replies' Haruna says "not that sugar god you kids will be the death of me I give you an F for being a moron" says Haruna' Bakura sighs and starts snorting crack. "What's is with that guy" Tea says' Heaven rolls her eyes and says Tea all the guys are on crack or they have to be to sign up for bake shop? "Oh you have a point heaven" Tea mutters'. As the school bell rings to end class, all the students in the room leave for the there next class, Tea sighs and says I hate Gym class! On the way out Tea is stopped by Bakura who is now grasping on her arm' Tea turns to face Bakura. Bakura says do you know the muffin man? in a dark voice that seemed to echo' in one of Bakura's hands he held a muffin which sprays green mist into Tea's face' Tea feels sleepy and passes out' Bakura picks up Tea and vanishes. Tea wakes up in the school infirmary rubbing her head saying "Where Em I", the school nurse walks in' it was the student Nurse Serenity who was also a classmate of Tea's, you worried me for awhile you took a nasty fainting spell in gym class' I went to Gym class? Yes you did said Serenity. Serenity looks worried at Tea and says you over worked yourself you shouldn't do that - Never do that again Tea you have to promise me? Tea replies "okay I promise I wont" Serenity smiles and says my duty's are over at the end of the day ill meet you at the ice-cream shop ill treat you and Heaven to some Vanilla hot fudge sundaes. "sounds good" said Tea' Tea says see ya Serenity bye and walks out of the schools infirmary as she left Serenity say bye. "Tea thought to herself that whole thing was weird" When did she go to gym class all she remembered was Bakura gasing her but maybe it was a day dream yeah that was it? Tea changes out of her gym clothes and heads to her last period class' In the hallway a shadowy figure watched as Tea went down the hallway and vanishes as Tea enters a classroom

- T o Be Continued-

(Sailor moon says) {Tea: what if I've been shot in the head today (Kaiba: a bullet through the head might be an improvement (Tea: shut your hole Kaiba (Tea: Sailor moon says hehehe