Chapter 10 "Clear as Crystal"

Tea stared out the window she was feeling better but some of the pain was still more then just Physical pain but mentally she was traumatized, she didn't want to be a sailor scout any more, its been days since she was freed from Jedites capture. Luna watched sailor moon worried that if Tea didn't get over what happened and continued her sailor scout dutys that the universe was doomed but way thing seemed Tea would never recover from mental scars she had received from that negaverse warrior named named Jedite. Tea was still staring out the window like when she first woke up after she was rescued.. suddenly coming in from the window a girl in a orange and white dress appeared, Luna gasped at the newcomer and said you're a sailor scout? Yes the girl said, Im sailor Venus says the girl as she walked over to Tea and waved her hand in her face, how long has she been like this? Asks Sailor Venus, 'Since she first woke up after she was rescued from Jedite', replies Luna, im gonna try something to see if it works says Sailor Venus, Sailor starts to glow and tranform into a normal blue school uniform and her hair turns from a blonde to a greenish blue, girls walks over and sits beside Tea and says its me Ryoko the new girl in your class. Ryoko pokes Tea and says wakey wakey, this isnt working says Luna, I know I know replies Ryoko, all of a sudden Ryoko tackles Tea and start tickling her, Tea breaks out giggles as Ryoko tickled her senceless, Ryoko stopped and waited. Tea turns to Ryoko and says what are you doing here, Ryoko smiles and says I was afraid I lost you in la la land, Tea laughs and says thank you, Your welcome says Ryoko, but how did you know I was, Before she could finish Ryoko pulls out something that looks like a wand with a weird looking symbol on it and says im a sailor scout like you. "Cool" Replies Tea. Next don't get yourself captured I mite be able to rescue like I did this time, you rescued me I thought Tuxedo mask did says Tea. He was on his way to rescue but I got to you first replies Ryoko, Thank you again says Tea, for some unknown reason Ryoko licked Luna and meowed, Artemis said to give you that for him, Artemis is with you says Luna with a surprised look on her face, yes he is at my house he was busy looking throw items found at the hotel which including organic traces of Jedite which means hes dead, Artemis is trying to find out what killed him. Tea suddenly yell whooo hooooo Jedite is dead, who ever took him out I like him already, that basterd got what he diserved.

Queen Mai looking a across from her throne sees a guy dressed in gray like Jedite but with long white hair. Malachite enters the throne room and walk up to the Mai and bows, and says Jedite has got himself killed by those sailor moon he was talking about. Either We have underestimated her Says Mai. Or Jedite was a complete fool interrupts Malachite in a mocking tone. That could be it but we can take that chance says Mai. So we should eleminate this sailor girl, yes but first we need energy for the negaverse and if that sailor moon shows herself kill her and don't fail me, I wont my queen I will not fail say Malachite, Malachite turns and vanishes as he walks out the thone room door, as Malachite left Odeon made his way into the throne room holding a tube of Preperation H, "Marik you know what to do" says Queen Mai. Odeon cringes and applys the Preperation H.

-The Tree house- Marik runs the crystal over Bandit keith still trying to figure out why its glowing, suddenly it starts glowing and bandit keith starts screaming and this bright light comes out of keith's chest and appears to a diamond, Zoisite gasps at the sight of it and then says it's a piece of the Milllenium Silver crystal, Marik says to himself one down and 6 piece to go, but they both soon realized badit keith was still screaming, Zoisite says "what wrong with him?" He turning into a shadow warrior because crystal had them I inside it it, Bandit keith turns into a shadowy thing and turns turns into a green barely dressed woman and jumped out the window saying im free atleast and im gonna terrorize something hahahahaha, "this is not good is it if that things path of destruction leads sailor moon here" says Zoisite. "No it isnt good" says Marik, we better make sure that thing doesn't far

-Central Park- Tea and Ryoko were talking about there trail and error as sailor scouts, Tea laughs loudly as Ryoko told the story of how she became a scout. And Artemis had the nerve to walk into a change room to give me this wand, Tea nearly falls off the park bench, He really a perverted cat says Tea holding her sides. Yeah I think so too replies Ryoko, did you your naked juring the sailor tranformation says Ryoko. Tea spits out what she was drinking at the time and says What. Ryokos says yes I had the bad luck to start transforming as a bunch of guys walked into the room it was so imbarassing, I would be too if that happen to me replies Tea with reddening face, in tuxedo mask saw me naked I would just die. as she said this a monster leaped out of a hedge in front of them and ran off, Tea and Ryoko and Tea says it sailor buseness I think, Ryoko Nods back and pulls out her wand, Ryoko says I don't think we should transform here if you get my dift. Tea hid behide a bush and says moon prism power And she tranforms, Ryoko hides too and says Venus power and shes transforms in a bright gold light, they started chasing the monster till it noticed them and stopped, the monster growled you and points it scaley hand at the both both at Sailor moon and Venus, Sailor Venus jumps over and kicks the monster in the head. The monster barely felt it. in the background Marik and Zoisite watch everything happening and he growls its too late they will follow the path of destruction to the tree house they both vanish. Sailor Venus yells Venus Cresent Beam smash a bright light shoots out of her hand and strikes the monster, the monster and and knocks Sailor venus off her feet in time Sailor moon, Sailor pulls off her tiara and is about to throw it but then Artemis leaps out of no where and says stop that thing is human use this , Artemis a wand with a cresent moon on it and say moon healing power, Sailor Moon nods and says moon healing power and a bright light envelopes the monster and turns into a naked man, wow instint sex change says Sailor Venus,. "You are weird" says Sailor Moon. Look its tuxedo mask yell sailor Venus, Sailor Moon says fanticly Where Where, Sailor Venus falls over laughing. Your mean says Sailor moon, they both detransform and walk to their homes laughing

-To Be Continued-